N.Korea Issues Standing Order To Execute Former S.Korea President

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Two days ago, Japan’s Asahi Shimbun newspaper reported that former South Korean President Park Geun-hye had made plans to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, adding that Ex-president Park, who was impeached in a corruption scandal earlier this year, signed a document approving a “leadership change” in North Korea back in 2015. According to the Japanese outlet, South Korea’s intelligence agencies were to prepare operations to carry out the plan.

The report noted that the plotters considered arranging accidents, with a car accident or the derailment of a train carrying Kim Jong-un on the table. Park’s administration also reportedly considered staging a coup in North Korea.

The military activities of South Korea’s communist neighbor, including its nuclear arms development programs, apparently motivated the alleged plot, Asahi Shimbun notes. Tension between Seoul and Pyongyang spiked in August of 2015 as the countries exchanged fire after the North fired a projectile at the border city of Yeoncheon. However, the plans to assassinate the North Korean leader were not picked up by President Moon Jae-in’s administration after Park’s impeachment, the daily reports.

One month ago, North Korea accused US and South Korean spy agencies of plotting to kill Kim Jong-un with some “biochemical substances,” the country’s Ministry of State Security said, as quoted by AFP.

Turns out he was right. And, as of today, he is out for revenge.

According to Reuters, North Korea has issued a standing order for the execution of former South Korean President Park Geun-hye and her spy chief for a plot to assassinate its leader.

The North's official KCNA said "revelation showed" Park had masterminded a plot to execute its "supreme leadership" in 2015 and it was imposing the "death penalty on traitor Park Geun-hye".


KCNA did not disclose the source of the revelation but a Japanese newspaper reported this week that Park in 2015 approved a plan to overturn the North Korean regime of leader Kim Jong Un.

While recently Syria had once again stormed to the front line of nations who will be attacked by the US next, following Monday's cryptic White House announcement that Syria was preparing a chemical attack, interpreted by many that Trump was about to launch another ballistic missile attack, should Kim continue with such aggressive statements, North Korea's odds of hosting operation "wag the dog" will surge. That said, somehow doubt that the impeached former South Korean president is too concerned about the Kim's latest bloodlust.

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Death by kimchi...

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The south might want to rethink those THAADS.

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She is just colluding with him in order to get justification for a free lifetime security contingent.

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Is this really all just a plot from a Woody Allen movie?

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Something seems to have twisted Sponge Kim Square Head's knickers.

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Cripes how I wish I had that depth of elocution.

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... "N.Korea Issues Standing Order To Execute Former S.Korea President" .... is that why Kimmie's 'developing HYDROGEN BOMB capable of causing blast as hot as the Sun' ?

... >>> http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/822118/North-Korea-Kim-Jong-Un-nucle... ...


wildbad's picture

Wildbad just decreed that there is a standing order to kill the glorious leader of North Korea!

svayambhu108's picture

>Is this really all just a plot from a Woody Allen movie?

Actually, is all just a plot from a Wood Alien movie!

PeterLong's picture

Like finding out the impeached, and now incarcerated former head of S Korea was trying to have you assinated?

Vimes's picture

I was thinking along the lines of Austin Powers. Perhaps they are preparing the "laser"

Erek's picture

They're being trained by the Hillary / DNC hit squad.

Overleveraged_and_Impatient's picture

No matter who dies in this spy vs. spy scenario, one of the Fed members will hop on the mic with a comment like "We feel there is no further need for rate hikes at this time, and are currently re-evaluating our strategy based on new incoming data" and it will send stocks to brand new all time highs.

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Do those stupid looking hats double as but-out bags or what?


38BWD22's picture



But, those stupid Stalinesque hats do make one wonder if the NORK armed forces are as whacked-out as Kim Jong-Un, or are just political hacks.  Many armies have their leaders chosen by the Top Dog with the idea that loyalty would prevent Coup d'Etats.  I wonder what those guys in the funny hats really think of their chubby Lil Kim.

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

The NoKo's need to kidnap Hugo Boss, he knew how to make a nice military uniform.


Winston Churchill's picture

Shut up Kim, you already won, don't snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Or are you considering a Senate run ?

Arrest Hillary's picture

See what appeasement gets ya ?

SmackDaddy's picture

And this is news in the Western world because??????????

Meanwhile our leaders are importing thousands of invaders every single day....

Never One Roach's picture

isis claims is has sneaked into Europe over 20,000 of it's "soldiers' by way of the rapefugees.

There's that, also.


shovelhead's picture

And that was just last weekend.

Dubaibanker's picture

Invaders are only allowed in the West!

Russia, China, even Japan or Iran or East european nations, most Asia, most Latin America, wish to preserve their national identity, culture etc.

But the powers that be want to ruin the entire concept of advanced countries which is what made them advanced because they had a nice culture, identity and need for foreign immigrants because they created more jobs than they had people. Today entire planet in the West is so homegenous whether you look at hotels or retail or food or whatever....

With things in reverse (less job creation) and thus no need for immigrants, West needs to throw out past immigrants and block new ones. But why is Europe allowing millions is beyond belief?!!

Are Europeans really so dumb?

Vimes's picture

When we emigrate or emigrated it is deemed to be fantastic. When others do so it is bad. I don't think the Native Americans were overjoyed when the immigrants came and put them in reserves. Nor do I believe the Aborigines in Australia are jumping up and down with joy. The problem isn't the immigrants, it's the retarded government employees that totally fuck this thing up. And as they are not prepared to take the blame for their clusterfuck, they will blame you instead (you have something-fobia) and in the end the immigrants who are not integrating at all.

fleur de lis's picture

You should read up a bit on the pre-Columbian American natives.


Theta_Burn's picture

I bet those guys could actually get airborn in a modest headwind with those way-to-big hats...

LawsofPhysics's picture


"Orders" that cannot be executed are much like "laws" that cannot be enforced...


dogismycopilot's picture

Fat Boy has learned that President Trump isn't going to touch him. Fat Boy has learned that the world has given way to his threats.

Really, how fucking hard is it for President Trump to create foriegn policy? All he has to do is PARTNER WITH THE RUSSIANS TO KILL ALL THE RADICAL ISLAMIC ASSHOLES.

For this, I can promise that President Putin would have GLADLY THROWN FAT BOY INTO A MEAT GRINDER in order to keep Russia safe from Radical Islamic Assholes.


This isn't rocket science. I guess we leave that for North Korea to do.


They sent him a fucking dead US Citizen as a big FUCK YOU for the world to see and President Trump just took it up the ass.


earleflorida's picture

'The Nuclear War that almost WAS against NK over the Pueblo!?!'

Realize this[?], that the Korean War under MacArthur was a huge blunder on the part of Truman which Eisenhower nerver forgot(forgave) Truman! It was in early 1953 that Truman had to pull MacArthur out of the War because he wanted (had ABombs ready to drop) to 'NUKE' China!   

August 15, 1948 the Soviets grant full independence to NK!

On Aug.29,1949 the Soviet Union test a moar powerful Nuke than the USSA!

Korean War 6/25/1950 --- 7/27/53  (Note:   Timeline)

Ref:       https://www.thoughtco.com/cold-war-uss-pueblo-incident-2361195  

Note2:  'The Pueblo 'Spyship' Incident' in Jan/1968 was during LBJ's Vietnam War,... that was raging through SE Asia,... and the Soviets were moar than happy to start WW3 if need be???

GREAT History lessons for today....

tuttisaluti's picture

Kim is playing Donald really good. Lmao

dogismycopilot's picture

I do say, Fat Boy has just owned President Trump. I bet Fat Boy used that copy of "The Art of the Deal" that Rodman gave him to wipe his fat ass. WHAT THE FUCK IS PRESIDENT TRUMP THINKING!? All he had to do was work a deal with Putin to kill Radical Islamic Assholes together and Putin would have given the US Fat Boy on a silver platter with a fucking apple in his mouth.

Supporting this administration is like being stuck on a fucking roller coaster. Up, down, up, down, up, down, dark, dark, down, up.

If Syria kicks off between the US and Russia then I am 100% sure we-are-all-going-to-fucking-die because I think the time Putin CAN back down has passed.

Winston Churchill's picture

Not to worry , all the politicians and bankers have DUMBs, so the will be fine.

Hard to see how Syria doesn't escalate into WWIII at this point.

Putin can no longer turn the other cheek.Its crunch time.

HRClinton's picture

But maybe he too could be more flexible after the election. 


shovelhead's picture

Drama Queen shrieking fits?

Try decaffeinated.

Fake Trump's picture

The Art of The Deal = The Art of Losing in 2020.

Boomberg's picture

Trump has learned that he has no say whatsoever in foreign policy. If he does say anything contrary to the neocon MIC he will be removed.

Fake Trump's picture

Trump can't even beat that young kid. How is he going to deal with Putin and Xi?

Fake Trump's picture

Trump started off like Rambo on North Korea with threats like preemptive strikes, sending a powerful Amanda of aircrafts carriers to North Korea but at the end of the day nothing happens. Trump withdrew those aircrafts carriers home quietly. As I have said I don't pay any attention to what Trump is saying or tweeting now. All are bullshits.

TheNuclearGenie's picture

When are we going to have a limited nuclear war as advocated by Henry Kissinger already in 1958? We can now see how intelligent that proposal was when we have this lunatic in NK threathening to kill world leaders of the free world.

RagaMuffin's picture

If the SK government grants bail to the former president, he might want to think about that            ;-)

European American's picture

Where is this news coming from? ... The CNN studio in North Korea?

Chaos_Theory's picture

Archduke Ferdinand Version 2.0

taketheredpill's picture

 "That said, somehow doubt that the impeached former South Korean president is too concerned about the Kim's latest bloodlust."


He should be very worried.  The guy who comes up with the winning death plot gets a bigger hat then everybody else.

PeterLong's picture

She is now in jail so safe for the moment.

AG17's picture

New script for Bond25!?