One Ohio Politician Has A Simple Solution To The Overdose Problem: Let Addicts Die

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Across the country, opioids killed more than 33,000 people in 2015, more than any year on record, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As we have noted numerous times, the epidemic is ravaging populations across racial and socioeconomic lines, according to The Post's Joel Achenbach and Dan Keating. Spurred by overdoses, the death rate for Americans rose 8 percent between 2010 and 2015.

And Ohio and other Rust Belt states are at the center of the epidemic. Opioid-related deaths in Ohio jumped from 296 in 2003 to 2,590 in 2015 — a 775 percent jump, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

There's also an economic toll: One study estimated that the cost of the prescription drug opioid epidemic costs American society $78.5 billion.

And one Ohio city council member has a solution...

As The Washington Post reports, under a new plan, people who dial 911 seeking help for someone who's overdosing on opioids may start hearing something new from dispatchers: “No.”

In response to the opioid epidemic that swept the nation — including the small city of Middletown, population 50,000 — council member Dan Picard has floated an idea that has been called more of “a cry of frustration” than a legitimate solution.


At a council meeting last week, Picard proposed a three-strikes-style policy for people who repeatedly overdose: Too many overdoses and authorities wouldn't send an ambulance to resuscitate them.


Picard told The Washington Post that he sympathizes with anyone who has lost someone to drug abuse, but said that responding to an ever-increasing number of overdose calls threatens to bleed his city dry.


“It’s not a proposal to solve the drug problem,” Picard said this week. “My proposal is in regard to the financial survivability of our city. If we’re spending $2 million this year and $4 million next year and $6 million after that, we’re in trouble. We’re going to have to start laying off. We're going to have to raise taxes.”

The proposal also calls for the city to create a database of overdose victims who paramedics have responded to.

“We'll have that list and when we get a call, the dispatcher will ask who is the person who has overdosed,” Picard said.


“And if it's someone who has already been provided services twice, we'll advise them that we're not going to provide further services — and we will not send out an ambulance.”

Solutions, Picard told The Post, require out-of-the-box thinking.

Still, he said he has received dozens of angry emails, phone calls and Facebook messages as news of his proposal spread.

But he said his worst critics don't understand how bad the heroin problem has gotten in his community — with no sign of abating.

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Spine of Ruprecht's picture

No, I've been voting against it almost all my adult life.  Absolutely freaked out when our nominal debt hit a $trillion.  That was years ago.


It was depressing when there wasn't an internet to bring some consensus to these problems, and now you want to act like you can solve them?  Do it.  What's the solution?


Big time FUCK YOU, Pastor Douchebag, yer preaching to the choir.



Spine of Ruprecht's picture

Bingo.  And these stupid fucks probably laughed at the Ron Paul voters like me.

msamour's picture

Go ahead, try it! See what the courts will say. Your country wanted to be the leaders of everything! America the Greatest! don't mess with America cause we'll deliver freedom to your country with bombs, don't ya know!

Want to know why your country as an opiate problem? You ever stop for a minute and think just what the hell those soldiers were doing in Afghanistan between 2001 and today? You still think a bunch of Jihadis in a cave planned the terrorist attack on your "Great Nation"? Poppy fields in Afghanistan under the Taliban almost went extinct. Who the hell do you think asked the government to go over there and re-establish the opium culture fields? Here is a short answer for you the Pharma industry in your own fucking country!

It is not the junkies dying on the streets that should be cut off of resources. You should all be collectively hunting the head of every pharma corporation and tie them neck first to a lamp post. When one CEO is done, move on to the next company until the the fucking princes in their ivory towers come out and admit they themselves created that problem. As Americans you all know what is needed to fix the problems in your country. The founders gave you a hint some 250 years ago. "The tree of liberty must sometimes be refreshed from the bloods of patriots and tyrants."

Your unwillingness to step up and actually change things just make you the same as everybody else-Fucking Coward! but still you gorge yourselves on ribs and beer and shout for your favorite NFL team every February. So what about you Mr. Wiseguy, what happens to you if you drink a glass at a bar that someone spiked and you are thrown on the sidewalk in the middle of an overdose? I bet the dispatcher will just sorry man, we don't have the funding. Wouldn't that be poetic justice.

thisguyoverhere's picture

Excuses, quite a bit can be done on a shoestring budget.

What we lack is problem solving and a lack of insight, not money.

The level of blindness in this nation is staggering, an enslaved and decieved population.

Spine of Ruprecht's picture

You speak as though no attempt whatsoever is made to preserve an OD.  Give your last penny then, and let us know how that works.  Otherwise, you're virtue-signalling.


You don't seem to understand, we ain't got the money, honey.  Some people are going to run to destruction, and no amount of intervention will help.  In fact, some folks get really angry when you try to intervene.


Have a nice evening.  I get to (smell) and watch the guy in the next room down drink himself to death.

Spine of Ruprecht's picture

And secondly, I noticed you haven't qualified yourself as a law enforcement officer or a health care worker.


I'm (almost not) married to some of that, and she's a god-damned wreck from all the drug cases that stumble in on her grave-yard shift.


You are leaving out the human toll on the people that have to deal in this exercise in futility; chronically reviving chronic OD's.

Ntoxic8ingWave's picture

Its called legalize, educate, and allow the society to curb the use of a recreational drug...

Chris88's picture

To save more money you could legalize drugs, too,buit then again the politicians would lose a lot of police and corrections union bribes.

az_patriot's picture

The unfortunate truth is that most drug addicts are addicted for life.  Because they choose to.  One way or the other, they keep falling back into their addiction and do in fact clog up the emergency response system.  These people are committing suicide, but in the process they're tying up first responders and endangering other people and the resources of their communities.  Sadly, I can't disagree with the solution. 

UselessEater's picture

Actually there is a lot of suppressed evidence that high dosage vitamin diets are needed for addicts... but guess who does not like vitamins prescribed in high doses to sure simple and complex ailments?

Since you have also experienced the bad side of addicts in ones life (my assumption from your tone), you might find this site and research interesting - especially if you have kids and want them to have great physical and mental health...

(He does not recommend any brand or product just what vitamins have helped people in what doses)

ipso_facto's picture

Sounds like his solution is more like 'In the Box Thinking'.

EndOfDayExit's picture

And this is exactly why any form of Republican version of health care reform will not fly - voting public today has too much empathy and very little math skills...

Sam Spayed's picture

"people today have too much empathy and very little math skills"

Only when it comes to other people's money. If they had to pay for it themselves it would be a whole different story.

Dark Space's picture

The real problem is that his municipality is paying for any part of the treatment. Healthcare isn't the job of the government. I volunteer for a not-for-profit advanced life support ambulance service, and guess what - the patients still get a bill and have to pay for the service.


Obviously he's insane too - we might as well stop providing services to obese people and others who clearly have caused their own illness by his reasoning. Stop the drug war, get the government out of healthcare completely, and let adults make decisions on how to lead their own lives as long as they aren't hurting others in the process. It's fncking simple.

Hikikomori's picture

Portugal had the worst heroin problem in Europe in 2000.  In 2001, they dramatically changed their approach, and have had the best success dealing with drugs and addicts of any country on the planet.

az_patriot's picture

Portugal is a tiny country, roughly the size of Indiana.  Their solution was to decriminalize virtually everything and establish a national treatment system.  Do that in the US and we'll go broke overnight.  There isn't enough of other people's money to do that, and just one major city alone would be a deal breaker.

PitBullsRule's picture

Finally, a politician with a good idea!  Give them that crap for free, charge it to the taxpayers.  I would gladly give them enough to O.D. each one of those useless eaters, much cheaper than chasing them around all their lives trying to clean up their disasterous crimes.  Actually I would prefer to shoot them, but that is socially unacceptable.  So this is a happy compromise.

PitBullsRule's picture

So then you're pro-drugs?  Hard to get your point when you don't know how to communicate, maybe try school?


I have great idea to solve this problem. First lets attack our own cuntry. Kill 3000 people. Blame it on some retards living in a cave. Invade the cuntry said cave is in. Wage war on practically nothing for no reason. Steal from the ussa tax donkeys to fund the war. And to subsidize the goat fuckers that farm the cash crop. And to pay the military to protect the goat fuckers growing the cash crop. And to pay the see aye aaa to export/import the cash crop to the "homeland". And to pay the cops to arrest/harass/beat/tase/shoot the people using/selling the cash crop. And then pay the same fuckers we blamed the attack on to fight us. And to be in a perpetual state of war. And and and......wouldnt that be GREAT!?  Now wouldnt it? I know I know; id make a great jooo with all this thinkin im doin. Obviously im superior to all ye goyim. Bow down hethens! Shalom!

By the way. The state of the union is just fine. No, really. We didnt need those buildings anyways. Or those people. Or.....anything but our smart phones, teevees, fancy cars, mcshits and everything else ON DEMAND!

moonmac's picture

The freedom to make terrible decisions is the greatest freedom man has. It teaches everyone else a valuble lesson on what not to do which cannot be learned in any school. Why we try preventing God's Free Will is beyond me. It creates 100 times more problems than it solves.

Volaille de Bresse's picture

Hey Picard how about grilling the ass of the CEO's of the big pharma corps who make sure the "stuff" is freely available in the streets of Murica (while it's strictly controlled and regulated in Europe)?


You're a politician and a politician should hit on the big guy and protect the little guy, right? In the present case "the little guy" is the poor sod who's addicted to the crap made by the "big guy"/big pharma.


Picard your "let'me croak" 3rd world "solution is a disgrace.


brushhog's picture

I say thin the herd. Especially when we're talking about junkies. A junkie is the lowest a human being can sink in the world. A junkie is NOT a human being, a junkie is a demon in human form. They will steal their mother's last penny, run over their father, and suck the neighbor's dick for a fix. The soul is possessed by the junk and they are no longer whoever they once were. A junkie brings pain, heartache, and woe to everyone within their sphere for as long as they stay alive. The vast majority of them are better off dead. The sooner they die the sooner their loved ones can begin to heal. Sounds harsh but it's a truth Ive learned from extensive experience with family members.

Page's picture

Demoncrats won't like it because it is part of their voting base.


newmacroman's picture

You text like a democrat votes....

Three times over

Page's picture

Demoncrats won't like it because it is part of their voting base.


Page's picture

Demoncrats won't like it because it is part of their voting base.


Xena fobe's picture

And if it was legal and cheap?  No crime would need to be committed.

Team_Huli's picture

"A Simple Solution To The Overdose Problem: Let Addicts Die"

I can live with that...

Page's picture

Also kill the drug dealers.

Henry Chinaski's picture

Another symptom of affluenza.

SgtShaftoe's picture

That's what happens when the pusher man is the CIA.

Shay216420's picture

Lorain county Ohio is pretty bad too, as well as the Toledo area. People are dropping like flies.

DirtySanchez's picture

The time may very well come when the addicted must be allowed to simply die, with no treatment or aid from anyone.

First, we should kill every pharma executive and their families, if they are involved with this illicit and amoral opioid industry.

Second, each and every legislator and their families should be killed if they have any connection whatsoever to this opioid industry.

slwsnowman40's picture

I like his thinking.  I don't know how you keep from being given different names, but I like it.

SgtShaftoe's picture

Maybe they could start by shooting down the CIA planes bringing the shit in first. They are creating addicts as a matter of public government policy.

Robert A. Heinlein's picture

Charles Darwin would be proud. Survival of the fittest and improve the gene pool.  And, just think of the new additions to the Darwin Awards show every year.  Might even have to make a special catogory: 'Most Unique Drug Over Dose'.  


skippy9's picture

A politician with balls and a brain. "Let them die." That's been the solution all along.Bravo, Mr. Dan Picard.

nevertheless's picture

which is more than anyone can say about you...


so it takes balls to say let drug addicts die, it takes balls to say no to Israel, wall street and war



Xena fobe's picture

How about locking everyone in a padded room for their own safety, you control freak?  That way, no danger from car accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bites, skin cancer. You could have dieticians feed them so no danger of high cholesterol.  The room would have to be soundproof so they don't hear upsetting news 

roadhazard's picture

As a marijuana user I agree.

samsara's picture

Close MENA Ak.  CIA airport.....   well that would have worked in the 80's/90's

Get out of Afghanistan,  Close the CIA and we are on our way.....

bluskyes's picture

none of the government's business in the first place

nevertheless's picture

they are the ones that import, so how is it not their business, it's ONLY their business...

Secret Weapon's picture

Sometimes you just have to let Mr. Darwin work his magic.

Albertarocks's picture

That's such narrow selfish vision.  It shows that you don't really understand that all these drug users, every single one of them, is a victim of a vicious plan put into action by the government itself.  All this drug addiction is caused deliberately.  Once caught by these drugs most humans are powerless to get away from it.  Do you think 'any' of them wants to be trapped like that?  Do you think 'any' of them enjoys the agony they are in when withdrawal occurs?  No sir they don't.  They need help desperately.

Don't get me wrong, it infuriates me to see them on the streets shooting up and causing crimes in some cases.  But the horrible excruciatingly sad fact is that they are not there because they want to be.  Yes, it's their own fault they took the first hit.  But it's not their fault that they had no idea that they would be ensnared so damned hard.  You'll change your mind when your best friend's son or daughter dies from Fentanyl.  I promise you... you'll start to see the light the day you find out that some good solid person who you have known to be a superstar their entire life has died from taking Fentanyl.

nevertheless's picture

Yeah, starting with you, any animal that kills it's own is best let to die, so get on with it. 

knotjammin2's picture

The folks not doing drugs are not responsible for the ones that do.  You want to shoot up and take your chances that's a personal decision.  Why should someone else pick up the tab for your stupidity.  You can't and should not try to save them all.  That's what got us in this mess to begin with.  

amadeus39's picture

Mr. Darwin's magic is dead. Destroyed by our ability to alter and control the evolutionary process. The goal is to allow everyone everywhere to live and procreate regardless of fitness to do so.  Where this new evolutionary process will lead is anyone's guess.

Brave new world here we come.