One Ohio Politician Has A Simple Solution To The Overdose Problem: Let Addicts Die

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Across the country, opioids killed more than 33,000 people in 2015, more than any year on record, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As we have noted numerous times, the epidemic is ravaging populations across racial and socioeconomic lines, according to The Post's Joel Achenbach and Dan Keating. Spurred by overdoses, the death rate for Americans rose 8 percent between 2010 and 2015.

And Ohio and other Rust Belt states are at the center of the epidemic. Opioid-related deaths in Ohio jumped from 296 in 2003 to 2,590 in 2015 — a 775 percent jump, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

There's also an economic toll: One study estimated that the cost of the prescription drug opioid epidemic costs American society $78.5 billion.

And one Ohio city council member has a solution...

As The Washington Post reports, under a new plan, people who dial 911 seeking help for someone who's overdosing on opioids may start hearing something new from dispatchers: “No.”

In response to the opioid epidemic that swept the nation — including the small city of Middletown, population 50,000 — council member Dan Picard has floated an idea that has been called more of “a cry of frustration” than a legitimate solution.


At a council meeting last week, Picard proposed a three-strikes-style policy for people who repeatedly overdose: Too many overdoses and authorities wouldn't send an ambulance to resuscitate them.


Picard told The Washington Post that he sympathizes with anyone who has lost someone to drug abuse, but said that responding to an ever-increasing number of overdose calls threatens to bleed his city dry.


“It’s not a proposal to solve the drug problem,” Picard said this week. “My proposal is in regard to the financial survivability of our city. If we’re spending $2 million this year and $4 million next year and $6 million after that, we’re in trouble. We’re going to have to start laying off. We're going to have to raise taxes.”

The proposal also calls for the city to create a database of overdose victims who paramedics have responded to.

“We'll have that list and when we get a call, the dispatcher will ask who is the person who has overdosed,” Picard said.


“And if it's someone who has already been provided services twice, we'll advise them that we're not going to provide further services — and we will not send out an ambulance.”

Solutions, Picard told The Post, require out-of-the-box thinking.

Still, he said he has received dozens of angry emails, phone calls and Facebook messages as news of his proposal spread.

But he said his worst critics don't understand how bad the heroin problem has gotten in his community — with no sign of abating.

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SMC's picture

Make sense. Only a fool dials 911 anyway, lol.

Democrats should support this they will count each vote for decades after death... lol.

truthalwayswinsout's picture

Geee..... why not make them legal and let people shoot up in drug dens where they can buy their fix... the rest of us can stop paying such high taxes and insurance and living in a police state with drug crimes running rampant???


nevertheless's picture

do you think before you type?


drugs are not the focus of American taxes, the Federal reserve is, foreign wars are, not the so called drug war

BeepBeepRichie's picture


are we there yet's picture

Opioid Recovery with treatment is low, the expense of opioid treatment is very high.

nevertheless's picture

Oh shut up, why is money only an issue when it comes to helping America, but paying for Jewish wars in the Middle East, the sky is the limit. 


take the $38 Billion for Isreal and spend it on Americans!

knotjammin2's picture

That's the problem.  Everybody has a place they want to spend taxpayer's money.  How about letting the taxpayers that earned that money spend it instead of rehab for a addict.  It's way past time to stop supporting addicts, single mothers that entered the welfare system with one or two childrem and now they have five, six, eight at the expense of the working class.  Time to stop giving away social security money to those that just moved to this country.  I could go on but with 95 plus million workers sitting on the side lines there is not enough to go around.  We need term limits so these worthless politicians stop buying votes with our tax dollars.  Well you get the point.  It's time to stop the free shit and let the ones that earn it keep most of it.  And no more earned income credits.  Only in America can you get a refund when you never paid in.  Disgusting.

ZeroBeek's picture

the destruction of US civilians  is accelerating

and  I welcome it

nevertheless's picture

Those who are being destroyed are not the ones who should be destroyed. 


Washington is run by war mongering Zionist globalists, the last ones to be effected and the ones who will just move to a new host when Ameirca dies.


You should really hate your foes, not your allies. 

are we there yet's picture

West Baltimore needs this attitude. West Baltimore in its entirety would make America better if its residence just disappeared. If you have ever traveled through that area you will understand.

nevertheless's picture

Zionist Washington is the disease, not the American people, what is wrong with you?

nevertheless's picture

big surprise a unsympathetic asshole...Chump is that you?

besnook's picture

the usa is so much more civilized than the phillipines where they kill the drug dealers extrajudicially. the usa lets the addicts kill themselves to take the market away from the dealers.

Wahooo's picture

Dumbshit. I hope his kids become addicts. Fucker from Ohio, we have the stupidest politicians. Why doesn't he use his clout to end the highly profitable war on drugs or the highly profitable MIC run poppy fields and processiing facilities.

nevertheless's picture

Exactly, that creature which down voted you must work for the MIC...or is a Zionist.

indio007's picture

The fictional person must live and the real person must die!


Humanity is fooked.

psyclone's picture

an opinion from Middletown Ohio

two repsonses from a community in distress, under a calamity, enduring a disaster - offer contempt or compassion.

what's interesting is how the division between the two repsondents is being exploited - as it is here.

we know who distributes and benefits from the current opium war.

we know who guards the poppies, processes the opium and delivers it to us.

we know that cannabis is schedule 1 because it competes directly with the state monopoly on opiates - both legal and otherwise

we know the state is waging war against us.

some of us know better than to blame each other.

Blurb's picture

Yes, raise the taxes to take care of your druggies. Good idea. 

King of Ruperts Land's picture

This is a scam.

Stop paying taxes.


Burn down the "first responders" station.

That is how you "save the people"


This is "Problem -> Reaction -> Solution" meant to break us and implement a totalitarian state.

Give them a "Reaction -> Solution" they did not anticipate. Burn their asses! Send them to hell!

Those people speaking about this on the news and urging solutions are your enemy! Fight them!

nevertheless's picture

Some great comments and some typically Zionist America hating comments, that basically say it's OK to let Americans die...



Usura's picture

Purdue Pharmaceuticals


ZeroBeek's picture

The easier opioids are available

the more people will die.

Isn't it?


SummerSausage's picture

No. There's a limit on the percentage of people who willinly destrou their lives with drugs or alcohol.  If we enable by paying for their drugs (as we do when we give addicts Medicaid and they take care of their housing, food and clothing.) the percentage is higher but there's still an upward limit.

FrankDrakman's picture

Saw a study the other day; 30% of Americans never drink, 30% have 2 or fewer drinks a week, and 10% drink 75 drinks a WEEK. All the alcoholics come from that last group, obviously. 

So, the question is, if heroin was legalized, would you have 10% of the population become abusers? Or, given the highly addictive nature of heroin, would the percentage be even higher? Even if the 10% figure was the upper limit, that's 30 million hard core heroin users. Now, if it's legal, it's relatively cheap and it's true that in between the initial charge and withdrawal, heroin users can appear to be completely normal (i.e be able to do many jobs). Are we prepared for another group of closet drug addicts to go with the alcoholics and the inevitable weed burnouts?

honest injun's picture

Legalize everything.  Let the users die.  If one distributes poison to a minor, they get the death penalty.  If one is endangering others, they get cold turkey for one month in a bin with others in the same condition.  This the way to end the drug problem.  No profits = no new customers.

Gab Timov's picture

Instead of working on opiates, they could have been working in factories HAD NOT the US shipped the factory and peripheral jobs to other countries and are still doing it. What does it mean to be an American? It doesn't mean anything anymore.

Angry White Guy's picture

The biggest anti-drug that can be provided is to give people legitimate hope for a better future.  That means things like upward economic and social mobility, a just judiciary, affordable cost of living, a culture that promotes normal familiy formation, and sound money.

Now look at the US as a whole and tell me honestly if our 'culture' is providing any of the above.  

The general public has lost hope of a better tomorrow.  'Deaths of despair' I think it was referred to earlier last year.

Now, I know lots of you on here are of the mind to just let these 'losers' die off.  I agree to an extent, because I recognize in any society 4-5% of people will be addicts of some sort.  Okay, but the current scale of the problem has grown exponentially.

It's a sign people have collectively lost their way.  The common person in this country is MISERABLE.  People know they are LOSING..and LOSING BIG...while nothing is done but to make the situation worse and it really doesn't matter if they admit it specifically, they FEEL it subconciously.

Sad doesn't even descibe what is happening to many, many, otherwise well intentioned people in this country due to the loss of hope.



RabbiWood's picture

I had a tooth pulled once, wasn't planned, and they gave me an Rx for 30-40 of the damn things.  I took the Rx and burned it.  2 Ibuprofen and it was off to the trails on the mountain bike.  The lady I was with was shocked that I didn't wan't anything for it.

My ex girlfriend was hooked on the stuff, snorting it.  Percoset and Oxycontin.  We she woke up, after coffee, was the nicest person you'd ever meet.  But after a bit, she'd hide out in the bathroom and snort a pill.  She'd come out a completely different person.  

Now she says she's quit the stuff, but still has access to heroin.  I didn't ask.  She wants me back, but I just can't handle drug abuse like that.  A shame, kinda was my solemate before she snorted.


chosen's picture

I've had teeth pulled and needed no pain drugs.  If the oral surgeon knows what he is doing, most teeth extractions are fairly painless.  I suppose wisdom teeth are different.

TrustbutVerify's picture

This may sound weird but this "solution" reminds me of the debt crisis. Our debt and entitlement promises are to the point they will inevitably grow out of control. Only serious cutbacks, not only in our present payments, but cutbacks in future promises will save us. And every time any amount of spending cutback is suggested - even cutbacks in the growth of payments - is met with loud and angry response by those that demand to continue as dupes. I use "dupes" because, just like this crazy no-response suggestion, the costs for which are not sustainable, at some point we simply will not have the money - whatsoever - to spend on this and a thousand other things we presently feel is a social requirement. Our national, bankruptcy and associated social implosion will supersede the perceived prosperity and security in our lives.

Americans just don't understand Ponzi schemes. And so many of the up and coming hipsters (not to mention so many of the aging addicts of government monetary heroin) keep voting for those that scream the loudest when even minor cut backs are suggested - as has been the case for 5 - 6 decades. (And let's not let off the hook 95% of the news media that also side with them.)

King of Ruperts Land's picture

Uber should switch to running reliable high quality mobile opium dens. With good dope and quality supervision, problem solved.

Ms No's picture

Just disband the CIA.


cosimdm's picture

  I am 100% in favor of this idea.  Here in California, we have a 3 strikes law for violent felonies.  If a druggie hasn't learned after two OD's to stop, why should our tax money bail these people out?

P'Od_Accountant's picture

Couldn't agree more.  If junkies overdose, let em die.  

Ink Pusher's picture

Most ODs these days are caused by the mixture,misuse or abuse of "drugs" made by distilleries,breweries and big pharma.

All of which are overpriced and over-taxed for corporate and government benefit to begin with.

In most instances , law enforcement usually arrests and prosecutes the 'source' of the drugs, but in this case it seems that the 'users' are to become expendable so that the source will remain intact and unchanged. .... how convenient, what a business model !

*Yes, alcohol is a drug. FYI : It is classified as a central nervous system depressant . 

Mixing alcohol with synthetic opioids or barbituates is esentially the same as playing russian roulette.

There are two types of drug users. Users & Abusers. 

You know who you are and it's obvious to all of us who have witnessed you whilst you were "under the influence".




steelrules's picture

There's no saving some people and many don't want to be saved. The only tradgey in drug deaths is when a young person unknowingly dies from taking something they didn't know was in the drugs.

Atomizer's picture

Bravo! I grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland. The place is a cesspool. Best advice I've heard in a long-time. Let these people self distruct. Ohio was a great place to live 30 years ago. You can't pay me to live there today. 

SummerSausage's picture

This would save hard working taxpayers a LOT of money - in Medicaid, Section 8, SNAP, Police services and so much more.  

Darwin had a theory....

Kagemusho's picture

From 1789 to 1914 this country had no nationwide drug laws, and the ones in particular States were aimed at minority populations, such as the Chinese in California. Since we had no overweening, paternalistic government punishing drug users and adults were supposed to act as such and take responsibility for their actions,  we had considerably less crime.  It wasn't until the do-gooder 'progressives' started their social engineering programs that we got the law like the Harrison Narcotics Act of 1914

19-fuqqing-14. We've had a drug war in this country since 1914.  And all it has done is make the problem worse.

Legalize it all again like it was long ago, and let the idiots kill themselves, preferably before they can add to the gene pool. We don't spend hundreds of billions on trying to stop drunks from drinking themselves to death; is a doper's life more valuable than a  drunk's?

Old Dirty Bastid's picture

And why did it take a Constitutional amendment to ban alcohol, yet a simple act of Congress to illegalize everything else? Still can't fathom that...

rlm1966's picture

If we can only find a way to implement some similar fate on career politicians and about 2/3 of government workers then I am all for it.

Catahoula's picture

I offer to you Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Nuff said

amadeus39's picture

Evolution as Darwin described it is obsolete. Mankind has now usurped the process of survival of the fittest. Snowflake compassionate philosophy requires that  all abnormal, weak, freakish members of our species should be protected and encouraged to propagate. We can now control our own evolution and it seems our goal is a little fuzzy.


Patriot's picture

Close the Gun Show Loop hole Now

yarpos's picture

Bit of a nonsense really isnt it?   the first things the callers will do is say they dont know the persons name,  then what?