Saudi Deny Deposed Saudi Crown Prince Barred From Leaving Kingdom, "Confined To Palace"

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In the aftermath of the recent surprising Saudi succession, overnight the NYT reported that the recently deposed Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Nayef, has been barred from leaving the kingdom and confined to his palace in the coastal city of Jidda, citing to four current and former American officials and Saudis close to the royal family.

The paper adds that the new restrictions on the man who until last week was next in line to the throne and ran the kingdom’s powerful internal security services sought to limit any potential opposition for the new crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, 31, the officials said, speaking on the condition of anonymity so as not to jeopardize relationships with Saudi royals. It was unclear how long the restrictions would remain in place.

However, this morning, a senior Saudi official on Thursday denied as "baseless" the NYT report, and a Saudi official told Reuters that bin Nayef, a veteran interior minister, was continuing to host guests and there were no restrictions at all on his or his family's movements.

The senior Saudi official expressed shock at the report, which he described as a "fabricated story" and suggested that Mohammed bin Nayef may seek legal action against the newspaper.

"What was published by the New York Times is untrue, completely false, and baseless," the official told Reuters, responding to a question on the New York Times report.


"His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Nayef and his family is moving freely and hosting his guests unrestrictedly. Nothing has changed for Prince Mohammed, except for stepping down from his government positions," the official said.

The Saudi official said Mohammed bin Nayef was "entitled to bring legal action against the newspaper and anyone who defames his reputation by publishing such false news about him".

As a reminder, Mohammed bin Nayef, who was admired in Washington for quashing an al Qaeda insurgency in the kingdom between 2003 and 2006, was relieved of all his duties a week ago. In his place as Crown Prince, King Salman appointed his son Mohammed bin Salman who also serves as defense minister and leads an ambitious reform agenda to end Saudi Arabia's over-reliance on oil.

Mohammed bin Salman's promotion ended two years of speculation about a behind-the-scenes rivalry near the pinnacle of royal power, but analysts said he still has to win over powerful relatives, clerics and tribesmen.

To be sure, so far the promotion has proceeded unexpectedly smoothly, with royal family members, senior officials and clerics participating in a traditional ceremony held in the Muslim holy city of Mecca in which they pledged allegiance to the new crown prince. Saudi state media, eager to show the change was going smoothly, repeatedly broadcast footage of the young Mohammed bin Salman kissing the hand of Mohammed bin Nayef, as his older cousin offered him congratulations.

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Wow, all the ZH Putinistas, Mud People, and Buchenwald Oven Operator Union members are right, the Jooos are the Masters of the Universe.

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Now that is funny.  Let's see how many down votes you get.  :)

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Well... At Least they didn't chop off his Head...

FatTony7915726's picture

cryptojews playing games with the infidel or is it GOYEM!!!  No difference same bloodline from Abraham!

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i dont trust anything until its officially denied or ridiculed

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I'm sure his detention has nothing to do with financing jihadist's.

So carry on!  ;-)

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You believe anything on TV?  I think the allegory of Plato's cave applies here.

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Isn't a red hot poker enema more traditional.

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Yet. But a good photoshopper can work miracles. Well,not that kind of miracles.

Ave Reg Nuklhed's picture

Yes, that's Grade A trolling.

And Grade A trolling- from anybody- must be acknolwedged.

Actually, make it Grade A-, instead. Because we all know "Joo" only has 2 'o's in it- not 3.

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Not even the holohoaxers and their Shoah racket have Buchenwald as an extermination camp.

Still would have preferred to see them all gassed myself.

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In the Hebrew scriptures, Abraham and Sarah his wife, went into Egypt and decieved the Egyptians by saying they were brother and sister.  Why?  Because Abraham feared he would be killed because his wife was very beautiful and would be desired by Egypts top families.  Abraham preferred lying and saying she was his sister.

To make a long story short, Sarah caught the Pharohs eye, she became his concubine and Abraham her "brother" got many riches, cattle, oxens, horses, sheep and lands.  Millions!  When the Pharoh discovered that they were husband and wife, he banished Abraham and Sarah from Egypt.  Did The joo Abraham leave all the wealth given to him in Egypt?  Nope!!! Abraham took it all with him, except the lands because they were immovable! lol   The Pharoh got Jew'd!!!  

The cryptojews called the house of saud are no different, they want it all!  All the wealth the can take from their neighbours and the world!  Fuck them!



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Cant vote you up or down as None of that makes any sense.

Maybe Elmo can explain it better for you?

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So True, these stupid fuckin Zhedgers who see joos at EVERY TURN hedged on common sense and LOST..LMFAO..

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Sand Nigger War.. get the popcorn!!

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bring legal action?... now that's fucking funny!... just for saying the ptb are making him stay home, and reporting it?... what a bunch of inbred, goat fucking, asswipes!

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I knew that the NYT is a bunch of inbred asswipes, but are they goatfuckers like the Saudis, too? Gee, who'd a thunk it.

IMO, the NYT should be held responsible for every sentence they print. I don't care if it is a scimitar beheading inbred that sues them into oblivion, print shit, they die.

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Have they issued a suicide alert?

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I like the guy in the red beret. Do I salute this guy or not? " Hey Abdul, whose in charge today? Don't want my head rolling for supporting the wrong guy"

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White House Prepares Another Chemical Weapon False Flag Attack in Syria

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re Saudis Deny... blah blah blah...

Don't believe anything it until it's been officially "what"?

(Hint -> "d-n--d" )

Answers on a postcard please. To avoid disappointment, mailed no later than the outbreak of WW3.)

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Nameless American officials. 

There must some guys out there working for the government that have no name at all. You have to drop your name before you can work for them: The Order of the Nameless American Official. 

Only then can you leak and run your mouth. 

I wonder if they ride horses? Ya know, through the desert.

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They have SEIU numbers instead of names.

MsCreant's picture

I had a little white and red herringbone table cloth...

Where did I put that?

I really wanted to set the table for us for lunch...


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'Ol Sal better get busy with the Wahabi Headchoppers Appeasement Tour or he may get Arab Springed himself. Wahabi Joe and the crew ain't exactly "reform minded" folks and can field 100,000 Al Akbars at the roll of a head.

This is a tough neighborhood to be in while playing Game Of Thrones.

Those extra guards around Mohammed, the ex next Mr. Big, are in case the rumors of enraged Democrat operatives in the area are true because there's nothing more humiliating to be gunned down by a Bernie Sanders supporter.

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Fucking legal action? Legal action should be taken against the media for not publishing everything they have on these venereal disease infected shitbirds. Your valtrex script is ready, your highness.

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The New York Times published another false, phony, untruthful, fake, libelous article and now they are getting sued by the Saudis?



The NYT is on its back heels facing bankruptcy, lay-offs, and its demise.

The lawsuit line-up to kill it (as it currently) is the real story here.

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This Fat Saudi Prince shaming has got to stop even if it takes legal action.

gunzeon's picture

You'll see ...

Off with his head!

problem solved !

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The NYT owners will not like this and calls would have been made to Israel for "support".

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Qatari Gas feild being set up to become sudi arabias  new cash cow.

Qatar started to deal "too much in  YAUN", the yanks dont like that.. there already looosing   bids on the $US by iran , russia  dealing in  non-US denomination currencies.

THe US cant bomb iran nor russia for this  indiscretion.. they have  nuclear weapons.

Tp bad  Qatar didnt buy some Nuclear "assets" when it had the time.... silly of them to think that 16 tanks in the wharehouse was enough to ward off an invasion.


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Saudi arabia becomes rich again... the US continues as ever.


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Woe is me. Restricted to my palace. At least the harem is still accesible

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Anyway, fuck it!  Just send MORE American troops to their deaths in the middle east for their rulers in Saud!

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Deep State is brewing in Saudi Arabia. 

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Must be a nightmare for the guy.

Saddest Philipino I ever new was half Saudi. Born in, and unable to leave, Ryad - no right to Saudi passport and no support from his mother's country.

Why he was sad? - he had just had a son.

(He'll not be singing any national anthem with enthusiasm)


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JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, attributed, The Neglected Period of Anti-slavery in America

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"Confined to palace"???  Geeze, it must be tough . . .

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That must be some kind of first World problem. Being confined to your Palace.

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Fuck the Saudi's! We should nuke every Royal Palace. Seventyfive percent of Middle East Turmoil will end the next day. I promise you that...

Also, US Military suppliy Corporations will lose fifty percent in profits. That does not suck...

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"My grandfather rode a camel, my father rode a camel, I drive a Mercedes, my son drives a Land Rover, his son will drive a Land Rover, but his son will ride a camel"

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He isn't confined to the palace.. He just doesn't know how to leave the palace.. Doesn't know how to book a flight or call for his own ride...

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Why doesn't the filthy rag head simply slip on a burka, and make his quiet escape?

Don't really know where a disenfranchised terrorist finds safe haven with w bush and bozo out of office....

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I'm thinking he's going to come down with severe head-detachment syndrome.