Furious China "Outraged" By U.S. Sale Of $1.4BN In Weapons To Taiwan

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One day after the US announced it would sell $1.42 billion in weapons to China's offshore nemesis Taiwan, Beijing lashed out at the United States, saying it was "outraged" and demanded the US revoke immediately its "wrong decision", saying it contradicted a "consensus" President Xi Jinping reached with his counterpart, Donald Trump, in talks in April in Florida.

The proposed U.S. package for Taiwan includes technical support for early warning radar, high speed anti-radiation missiles, torpedoes and missile components.

The sales would send a very wrong message to "Taiwan independence" forces, China's embassy in Washington said in a statement. A U.S. State Department spokeswoman said on Thursday the administration had told Congress of seven proposed sales to Taiwan, the first under the Trump administration. "The Chinese government and Chinese people have every right to be outraged," the embassy said.

Besides token bluster, however, this time China also warned that Trump's action was counter to the agreement reached with Xi in Palm Beach, suggesting retaliation will likely be imminent. "The wrong move of the U.S. side runs counter to the consensus reached by the two presidents in and the positive development momentum of the China-U.S. relationship," the embassy said.

This was the second major diplomatic escalation between the US and China in just the past 24 hours, with the US announcing late yesterday the first sanction imposed on Chinese entities for ties with North Korea, a move which likewise was slammed by the Chinese press.

As a reminder, one of Trump's initial diplomatic snafus was to implicitly recognize Taiwan when he spoke over the phone with its president Tsai Ing-wen shortly after the election, in the process infuriating Beijing. China regards Taiwan as a wayward province and has never renounced the use of force to bring it under its control. China's Nationalists fled to the island after losing the civil war with China's Communists in 1949.  The United States is the sole arms supplier to Taiwan.

In the meantime, China's Defense Ministry said Taiwan was the "most important, most sensitive core issue in Sino-U.S. ties", warning the United States to end such sales to avoid further damaging peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

Trump's relationship with China has been quite complex: Trump was initially critical of China during his successful 2016 presidential campaign but his meeting at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida with Xi raised hopes for warmer relations. Trump later played up his personal relationship with Xi, calling him a "good man", and stressed the need for China's help in reining in a defiant North Korea's development of nuclear weapons and missiles.

And now, according to the latest report, Trump is allegedly preparing to go back to square 1 and unleash trade war on China and others.

As Reuters notes, China's anger over the U.S. plan to supply Taiwan with weapons risks undermining Trump's attempts to press China to help on North Korea.  Beijing's relationship with Taiwan has been frosty since President Tsai Ing-wen took power in Taipei last year. Tsai leads an independence-leaning party that refuses to recognized Beijing's "one China" policy.

* * *

Asked about the sales at an event on Thursday evening in Washington, Chinese Ambassador Cui Tiankai said the United States was "incorrigible" when it came to Taiwan, the official Chinese Communist Party People's Daily newspaper reported on its website.

"But we should still continue to instruct (them) and continue advancing on the right track of China-U.S. relations because this is what truly fits for both countries' long term interests," the paper quoted Cui as saying. The sales, which require congressional approval, would be the first since a $1.83 billion sale that former President Barack Obama announced in December 2015, also to China's dismay. The previous package included two navy frigates in addition to anti-tank missiles and amphibious attack vehicles.

Trump is expected to meet and perhaps chat with Xi Jinping during next week's G-20 meeting. Since Putin will also be present, and will meet with the US president, there will be plenty of drama.

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Ruck You Ronald = Winning!

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Playing the role of Samuel Colt. Trump is the great equalizer.

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China's government - NOT the people - is a dispicable Maoist INTERNATIONAL COMMUNIST regime with the blood of 50M - 100M of it own citizens' on its hands. To date, the Maoist monstrosity has not disavowed Mao, has not renounced Mao's bloody Great Leap Forward, and has not compensated the MILLIONS of families that had members slaughtered in the name of atheistic Communism. Instead, they have lied, cheated, circumvented, manipulated, and undercut the US at every turn in their quest for global economic dominance. China IS the problem. GIVE TAIWAN ALL THE WEAPONS THEY NEED to defend themselves against these tyrannical GLOBALIST REVOLUTIONARIES.

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 Donald must be getting a cut from these deals. This along with the largest ever deal with the civil rights violator saudis. At 10 percent commission, Donald Trump is probably diving into piles of gold Scrooge McDuck style.

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Yea, and Eskimos are stock-piling ice.

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I'm stock piling popcorn and vodka, watching US fail is going to be amusing.

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Otlichno Comrade ... dlya vsego yiest perviy raz.

null's picture

Okay, now you are just being silly.
Best regards ... kudos on the Vodka!

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US training ain't what it used to be. ;)

null's picture

The Country has been without a Leader.
It absolutely does now, albeit a bit rough around the edges ... but then again Vlad was just a billionaire KGB Colonel when he got the gig and I hear he does really well.

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Napoleon also thought he was a leader, and so did the fools who followed him ;) He died destitute and in prison....much like as is happening to the US :D

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Those silly white country men who elected Trump screw themselves so much... that it is just funny to watch!

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Those sites are gonna mess up your Lenovo.
But I respect the fetish ... carry on!

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My stocks are up, liberals are in tears, blm is in hiding, and my granddaughters don't have to share the restroom with faggots. That's called winning, dipshit.

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Xi-riously...China indirectly finances MIC by sitting on $2T U.S. IOU'$...
Don't like it list 'em on Alibaba/ebay. Perhaps Yellen makes good for .10¢/$

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"The United States is the sole arms supplier to Taiwan."

That's not exactly true.  Taiwan's air fleet includes Mirage 2000s, and its navy has French frigates as well as Dutch submarines.  The French used to like doing arms deals with Taiwan because a lot of money in kickbacks slushed around under the table.  When the massive corruption of the last frigate deal came to light, though, a lot of the Tiawanese folks involved got suicided or accidental-deathed.  So it goes.

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Because Hillary was so much better?

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Tonight!... on this exciting episode of "The Games You're Playing with North Korea has Consequences"...

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And your cut for your stupid posts is?????

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The US Government these days is MUCH more Communist that the Chinese Government. A more accurate analog is that China is run by a mafia of oligarchs who pay lip service to Mao and Communism. At the street level, Chinese proles likely have more freedumbs than their American counterparts...

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Why don't you take a Facebook poll of Chinese citizens to see what they think? Maybe they can find the poll using Google.

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What to the Chi-coms expect, they cant control N. Korea so we need to protect Taiwan.

null's picture

Can't control their own politburo is Probably more like it ... same result.
But they just love to attack USA in unison ... how brave and cohesive of them.

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One single deep breath and Taiwan vanishes in Chinese lungs.

null's picture

Correct. They will choke, right?

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if it were that easy they'd have done it by now... obviously it's not that easy

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How'd they do against the Vietnamese?

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That's not what this is about. More like, "you won't do the Norks the way we want you to so take this".

Concern for Taiwans safety has zero to do with it.

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Controlling the South China Sea involves crushing everyone who lives there.  The Phiilippines rolled over when China created the offshore military bases out of nowhere.  Now China will fish all that lives under the sea off the Phillipine coast and drill for oil and gas that rightfully belongs to them. Vietnam has the courage to try to fend off the Chinese despite being so much weaker.  And all China does is say this is a personal matter and YOU, the US, stay out.  They have crushed Hong Kong and violated all the agreements that were made to return soverignty to that city.  Their Silk Road is an effort to crush the economies of Europe by flooding it with Chinese products. They pollute their people with dirty, coal-fired boilers while calling themselves an emerging economy thus putting the burden of climate change on out backs and wallets of the American people. Little to many know China is funding and buildingcoal fired power plants in Africa. So much for the climate thing.

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The Chicoms could put the squeeze on North Korea at any time.  They choose not to because it is one of the cards they can always play.

Americans got bamboozled, starting with Nixons diversion from domestic issues and Clinton's wink-wink, nod-nod, show me the money bribery scam.  China would still be a backwater using human dung as fertilizeer if America hadn't been tricked by its dirty politicians and rootless corporations into birthing this Chinese monster.

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maybe a little Robster Sauce will help? Cream of Sum Yung Gia?

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Many people enjoy Trumps erratic behavior because it annoys the libtards. But it also annoys heads of state and whole countries.  He is completely inventing a new sort of diplomacy, if you can call it that.

aliens is here's picture

Who cares. For the world leaders dipolmacy is we give them money. F them.

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"Who cares. For the world leaders dipolmacy is we give them money. F them."

I care. I want to MAGA and that, in my mind, requires some success. 


As for "For the world leaders dipolmacy is we give them money."

I just dont see it. I think we mostly give demands backed by force. That method appears to be failing as the petrodollar declines and our oh so underfunded MIC cant keep up with all the wars it has going.

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<< He is completely inventing a new sort of diplomacy, if you can call it that.>>


Yeah, maybe he should bring Horseface Kerry back or War criminal Madeline. Kerry has to be the dumbest secretary of state we've had in my lifetime. He typifies the Libtards---weak, incompetent and crooked.

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"Yeah, maybe he should bring Horseface Kerry back or War criminal Madeline."

This is a false dichotomy. No, we should not bring those idiots back.

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For all the chaos around Trump, at least he offered China the opportunity to stop North Korea first.

China is a big problem but remember it is the Chinese that peg their currency to the USD, not the other way around.

When the Chicoms depeg and freely exchange the renminbi for physical gold, let me know.

null's picture

Fair point but I would say it is unique to him ... similar to Phelps not having invented a new swimming method but a Winning Method that works for him.

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"imilar to Phelps not having invented a new swimming method but a Winning Method that works for him."

If this turns into winning, then you have a good point. I just dont see bombing Syria on a clear false flag and winning with Putin and I dont see chocolate cake with President Xi while informing him we just bombed Syria as inspiring confidence and reliablity. We shall see if his unique style works. In the world where I live individuals who annoy everyone they are dealing with generally do not succeed. 

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The chinks deserve to be annoyed, at the least. If you can't do the right thing and stand giving out some annoyance, you'll never get anything done.

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We need to bleed China's economy now. I am sick of they get rich off our backs and acting so arrogant. Thumb down makes you a commie sympathizer,

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You name wrong reasons:

Chinese are smart, USA are stupid. Take it as it is and stop whining, US  pussies.

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Okay, grab away potty-mouth-smarty-pants.
C'mon ... hurry up while the smartness has not all relocated to Cali.