MSNBC's Donny Deutsch Calls Trump a 'Disgusting, Vulgar Pig' In Response to Morning Joe Tweets

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Donny took the low road, because that's what gentlemen of his caliber do. Whilst attempting to teach America's youth about decorum and how to handle adverse conditions, Mr. Deutsch decided to scorch earth his teevee career and partake in a vulgar rant against the President.

Fun Times.

BONUSI: Moron in the background cheering him on.

BONUS II: He challenges his to a schoolyard fight too!

Mark Levin's take on this kerkuffle, saying MSNBC has a problem.

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overmedicatedundersexed's picture

the dead young female intern on the floor of Joe's office should just continue to be ignored..then he got hired by nbc..some might just think that strange, right Joe?

pparalegal's picture

Good job Donald. You even got their third string million dollar drama queen darlings panties all twisted up. And you did not even include them in a tweet. 

jmack's picture

you know, all these people complaining about a tweet would have  much more credibility if they had, still do defended clinton getting a blow job in the oval office from a 19 yo intern.  Just trying to put this in perspective.

SoDamnMad's picture

Hahahahahahahahaha That was good.  How about a Clinton fashion line of blue dresses with stains on them?

Pvt Joker's picture

I thought Deutsch was dead.

StephenHopkins's picture

Success is not knowing who those people are. Well done!

Usura's picture

Jews, jews, and more jews; a hideous race of people discussing what they apparently consider to be a lack of physical attractiveness in Donald Trump.

Maybe these jews are fags.

AKKadian's picture

Donny Douche looking for 15 min. of more fame. I think most people believe Donny is Homo.!!!

Rufus Temblor's picture

I love Trump's tweets. He just gave those dimwitted dems something to get all lathered up about. They clearly demonstrate that they have no real interest in important events going on in the world.

ronaldwilsonreagan's picture

I don't know who this fucktard is but Trump is a vulgar pig so he isn't wrong. Trumptards are all vulgar pigs and Drumpf gives them licence to act as they do. Enough is enough. 

pilager's picture

I like big T''s tweets and glad he called out that loud mouth bitchie cuntface. 


That library duchbag just trying to feed his show.... giving advise to woman on men. He's a weak vagina. If it wasn't for he's dad in production he's George mcfly. 

pilager's picture

I like big T''s tweets and glad he called out that loud mouth bitchie cuntface. 


That library duchbag just trying to feed his show.... giving advise to woman on men. He's a weak vagina. If it wasn't for he's dad in production he's George mcfly. 

tangent's picture

Vulgar yes. Pig, no. Of course you are worse than vulgar because you think you can take a word and add "tard" to the end for some kind of insult. The US presidency office had too much prudish formality any way, don't you understand that?

shovelhead's picture

Comfort puppy on aisle 5 ...STAT.


Lol. Bitch boy ronny has been triggered again. Enough of you on zh! Faggot.

Thom Paine's picture

MSNBC doing exactly what helps Trump.

They go  lower and lower, until they are seen as irrelevant by the public.

So in the end any message they may have come election time has little impact.


  • Its called credibility - and Trump is getting the MSM to trash their credibility.
JailBanksters's picture

Donny Deutsch really Donny Deutsch !, what kinda stupid name is that.

Gawd, If had a name like that, I'd change it.

Something like: Ima Deutsch, at least then people will always remember your name as soon as they see you.

Catahoula's picture

Trump gave CNN the rope to hang themselves. They did. He has now given the rope to MSNBC to hang themselves. They will. 

mike_king's picture

(((Donnie Deutsch))) isn't even a real American; he should be expelled to Israel.

Cumulus Nimbus's picture

Maybe, or back to Deutschland.

mary mary's picture

And MSM journalists tell us that they are "professionals".  Hulk Hogan is a professional.  MSM journalists are not.

chosen's picture

The kikes are starting to pile on Trump.  Trump is clearly moving in the right direction.

Reaper's picture

Was Bush's no-response praised by those same swine?

sacredfire's picture

He's a deutsch bag for God's sake!

UnKeynes's picture

Hey Donny Douchebag!

We know how you and all of the other "elitist wannabes" on your set think that this all works.  You bait The Donald into responding in kind, then you get to vent in ways that would be unthinkable, even for slime like you.  That gets Joann Scarboro and Mikhail Brzschuschnikislaw air time on all of the other DSM (Deep State Media) channels (all four of them), where they get to do their rehearsed and scripted NeoSnowflake routines and momentarily artificially pump up their ratings.

Well, get this Joann & Mikhail, there are a lot more of us than you, and our numbers are growing daily.

And we ALL share The Donald's love for this country, AND his "rules of engagement":



blindfaith's picture



The media 'personalities' are not good enough to work on a 2PM drama show in Mexico, or game show in Venezuela any time of the day or night.

Pathetic excuses for honorable representatives of their corporations.


It is just sad.  They are so bad they couldn't get work in Summer Theater Shawnee Mission, Kansas (no offense Kansas)

bardot63's picture

Mika's plastic surgery is the wrong FACE OFF for media to fight with Trump.

Rufus Temblor's picture

She had plastic surgery and she still looks like shit.  Bummer, Joe Scarborough.  You're fiance looks like a man and has a crap attitude.

mary mary's picture

All I need is the before and after pictures.  And I bet they are going to surface soon.

flacorps's picture

Joe & Mika are heard by the chattering classes and I'm sure there has been pressure from the higher-ups to undermine Trump and that's just what they've done. The narrative is that he's changed, since nothing else justifies abandoning a friend. The idea is to paint him as demented so that the 25th Amendment might be invoked. Trump sees through it. America sees through it. Like all the other schemes it will fail. If they want him out they'll have to kill him.

deoxy's picture

The Morning Joe show's ratings will spike over this and then evaporate to nothing. However, it will expose Mika and Joe's vulnerabilities, of which there are many. All this talk about the National Enquirer is just a door opening up for the audience to see inside their house. It is not going to be pretty.

deoxy's picture

‘Morning Joe’ Ratings See Massive Spike After Trump Tweets []

Part 1 complete.  


MrBoompi's picture

LMAO  I enjoy seeing the idiots get all upset on Morning Dump.  Sometimes when you spew non-stop shit some gets splashed back in your face.  

oncemore's picture

Jewish zioo naàzi.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Cunt punt Donny Deutsch!

ebear's picture

"Mr. Deutsch decided to scorch earth his teevee career and partake in a vulgar rant against the President."

Said the guy whose own vulgar rants appear regularly on ZH.



The_Real_Fly's picture

It's true. I'm chill now. I took my meds and do not need to toss 4 letter words at you holy rollers anymore.

ebear's picture

Be as vulgar as you like.  Have I ever called you on that?

I called you on the hypocrisy, not the vulgarity.


overmedicatedundersexed's picture

the fly is alright by me,  I think da bear needs to show us examples of you got a lot to point to ..the fly not so much..

fuk progessives fuk dc swamp snakes and mostly fuk the nwo global free trade elites..

soros much?

Colonel's picture

"Said the guy whose own vulgar rants appear regularly on ZH."

An asswipe SJW talking out of both sides of his mouth. Go figure.

espirit's picture

Sometimes I have to double-up, then I'm okayyyyyyyyy...

Colonel's picture

STFU asswipe and GTFO. This is fight club. Fly toned it down and surprise its still not good enough for you leftTARDS, you sound like a fucking bitch.

ebear's picture

Fight  I swear, some of you people can't function without attaching yourself to some sort of heroic mythology.  So, what are you going to do, Colonel Fanboi?  Call in an airstrike?  Punch me on the internet?

Anyway, like I said, I called him on the hypocrisy, not the vulgarity.  I don't give a flying fuck if he fancies himself the vulgar boatman of ZH.  I just don't like hypocrites.

Colonel's picture

Meanwhile back at the ranch you worship any POS pol with a "D" after his name. Called you out on YOUR hypocrisy. Thanks for trying to play.

ebear's picture

Show me where I EVER supported a dem (Tulsi Gabbard aside) on this site or anywhere else.  I have nothing to do with your weak-ass party of SJW's.  I'm not even American. 

Go read my posting history before you start throwing accusations around. 

Fucking Lying Asshole.

6 years and you haven't learned a damn thing.

Fight Club my ass.  The Fly doesn't need your help, Fan Boi.


espirit's picture

Yeah! What you said^.