San Francisco Awards $190,000 To Illegal Immigrant Over "Sanctuary City Violation"

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The tax payers of San Francisco, courtesy of a plea deal negotiated by the City Attorney's Office, will soon be handing over $190,000 to an illegal immigrant, who had a warrant out for his arrest mind you, after he filed a lawsuit alleging that city police violated 'sanctuary city ordinances' by handing him over to immigration officials.  No, you've not lost your mind, this is real life.

The incident all started when Pedro Figueroa-Zarceno visited a San Francisco police station to report that his car had been stolen.  In the process of filing the complaint, officers discovered there was a warrant out for Figueroa's arrest but apparently they were unable to track down further details.  Figueroa was eventually allowed to leave the police station through a side exit where immigration officials were conveniently waiting for him.

Here is more from the San Francisco Examiner:

A man who San Francisco police turned over to immigration authorities in violation of The City’s sanctuary ordinance is set to be awarded $190,000 in a settlement agreement reached with the City Attorney’s Office, which his lawyer hopes will push police to obey such laws.


Pedro Figueroa-Zarceno, 33, sued The City on Jan. 17 for violating its sanctuary city laws when officers at Southern Station allegedly cooperated with immigration officials. Figueroa-Zarceno, an undocumented immigrant and native of El Salvador, went to the station at 1251 3rd Street in Mission Bay in December 2015 to report a stolen car.


But instead of helping him find his car, officers called immigration authorities, who took him into custody outside of the station.


Police reports and case documents previously obtained by the Examiner showed that officers at the station detained Figueroa-Zarceno after they ran his name and found a warrant for his arrest. But they were unable to find details on the warrant, so Figueroa-Zarceno was released from a side door, where he was then arrested by immigration officials. Those officials had been notified by San Francisco police.



All that said, Attorney Saira Hussain wants you to know that it's "really important" that San Francisco's sanctuary city laws are protected...other laws, not so much.

“It’s really important for San Francisco to remain a sanctuary city not in name only but also in practice,” said Saira Hussain, a staff attorney at the Asian Law Caucus, who represented Zarceno.


City law, the Due Process for All Ordinance, bars law enforcement from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement, among other federal immigration officials, except in a few exceptions when violent criminals are involved. Part of the law’s purpose was to encourage immigrants to report crimes they may otherwise not report because they fear law enforcement will turn them over to immigration authorities.

Of course, none of this is particularly surprising given that, as we recently noted, the city of San Francisco launched a whole new group in the Public Defender's office specifically dedicated to representing illegal immigrants.  As an NBC affiliate in the Bay Area noted, the new office is expected to handle just 50 clients per year of the 1,500 detained immigrants that currently have scheduled court dates.  

Unlike in criminal court, immigrants are not automatically entitled to legal representation in deportation proceedings. However, studies have shown that detained immigrants with attorneys are six times more likely to win their cases.


While San Francisco also provides funding to nonprofits specializing in legal aid to immigrants, the public defender's office is intended to serve those already in detention, a demographic the nonprofits generally don't serve.


The unit's attorneys are each expected to handle around 50 clients per year -- a small portion of the estimated 1,500 detained immigrants who currently have court dates in San Francisco, around 85 percent of whom do not have attorneys.

If cities get to randomly pick and choose which laws they're going to enforce, can we kindly request that someone create a 'sanctuary' for those wanted for grand theft auto?  Some of us are in the market for a couple really nice Lambo's but are somewhat 'economically challenged' at the moment...frankly, it's just not fair and we're feeling 'triggered'.

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VWAndy's picture

 As if anyone in government worries about blowing money. Integrity is pretty easy when its not your money.

earleflorida's picture

alas the matrix is real and the blink is but a placebo synapes

Croesus's picture

What else is new? It's the merry-go-round of sodomy in this country, if you're honest, hardworking, and principled.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

The answer then is honest and principled are passé.  Hard work is still useful though.  

Moe Hamhead's picture

Council:  Mayor, what are we to do?

Mayor:  Well, I'm not sure. Let me ask Jose, my gardener, he's been in this country only two days -- he'll have a fresh perspective.

Manthong's picture

“Bend over taxpayers!”

San Francisco city motto?

.. but that’s what they literally want.

Is the next city council meeting going to be held in a bath house?

Or was that the zoning bored?

You know the drill.

Jim Sampson's picture

This should scare the hell out of people. The law can and will be changed anytime they want. Soon will be Cultural Appropriation. When this hits expect a Civil War.

Déjà view's picture

Should have gone back south of the border looking for his car...

The_Juggernaut's picture

He'll be able to live life me a king on that kind of money in El Salvador (until MS13 kills him and takes it).

playit's picture

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drgizmo's picture

This is way worse are paying criminal with tax dollrs to break the law...

WTF ... This would never happen in ***** America ... is just this law or all law you get piad to break 



NoDebt's picture

Just a personal opinion, but I think sanctuary cities are opening themselves up to HUGE legal liability in coming years.  This is only the start.  



knukles's picture

Sanctuary cities are gonna be cut off from Federal funds for not enforcing the laws, misappropriation of funds .
Whole lotsa shit will be flowing downhill.

BarkingCat's picture

I would start charging these elected officials  and bureaucrats with conspiracy to violate federal law.

Many other chargers would not stick but I think this one should.

I would also charge the mayor as an accomplice to any federal crime that illegal immigrant commits.

chunga's picture

Wow, talk about a govt run amok. Illegal immigrant awarded a bunch of money after his car get's stolen, then that same money get's seized by civil forfeiture?

Holy crap, that's right off the charts mental.

edotabin's picture

Institute the snowflake tax and have them pay for it. Law repealed in 3 days.

waspwench's picture

Who decides that a city is a sanctuary anyway? I live in a sanctuary area and no-one ever asked me, or any anyone else as far as I know, whether I wanted my area to be a sanctuary. This nonesense costs taxpayers money but we are not being asked to vote on it

Illegal immigrants are breaking the law so surely a sanctuary whiich protects them is also a breaking of the law.   It is, however, impossible to enforce the law when we have judges who actually rule in favour of lawbreakers.   This is beyond outrageous.

drgizmo's picture

It is in fact insane 

JamesBond's picture

It's certainly  one way Trump can expedite the financial collapse of CA; keep arresting illegal aliens and making cities pay out huge awards.



eatthebanksters's picture

This piece of shit wins money and Kate Steinle's parents get their case tossed out of court? Fuck me, there are no laws anymore.

jimmy c korn's picture

The taxpayers in SF Cal keep voting these scoundrels into office. As far as I'm concerned they can lay in the bed they made for themselves.

Kidbuck's picture

If you accept the premise that faggots should be allowed to marry, you can accept any perversion of logic and decorum.

new game's picture

the wheels are coming off the wagon...

society unhinged.

bad shit maynard...


earleflorida's picture

another blink in the matrix

cognitive dissident's picture

Couldn't happen to a more deserving city

Bigly's picture

While I live in a glass house state, this is full retard and unbelievable. Taxpayers are getting totally raked over the coals 

Zorba's idea's picture

More proof America is becoming an Idiocracy. USA! USA! USA!

JamesBond's picture

Maybe so, but I say bleed this city dry.  Keep the arrests coming.



earleflorida's picture

wnen i come home to SF[?] (sing it Tony!) what will i find but homeless chicagoians/chicos

BarkingCat's picture

Too bad it wasn't 190 million.


Now the federal government needs to seize that money as a asset derived from an illegal activity.


That would be a great win. San Fagcisco gets to payout some money and the undeserving fucker does not get any.

Even better. He gets nothing after getting all excited and mentally spending his windfall.

sunkeye's picture

This story CANNOT be real.

Then again a store owner in Seattle just got 8 years for shooting dead a shoplifter. The USA I've finally realized, is in the midst of dying and these two unbelievable - in any SANE world - stories provide staggering evidence of it.

new game's picture

if the usa is a racoon, it will take several shots to the head before it dies. but oh, those eyes, watching while reloading...

death will not come easy...

CrabbyR's picture

sanctuary cities will become walled cities with death squads shortly with those kind of payouts...LOL

oDumbo's picture

I love it!  The city of LA just approved a $2 million tax payer fund to give convicted immigrant criminals access to defense attorneys to make sure they can stay in California and stop the evil white folk from trying to keep them away from their families.  Fucking loathsome scumocraps.    

HRClinton's picture

SF tax payers should organize a coalition, to NOT pay city taxes. 

Money talks...

Kaiser Sousa's picture

"im rich...bitch..."

bardot63's picture


Cabreado's picture

The "law"yers will be fine.

Lost in translation's picture

There are a few who cringe in shock when I insist that CA must be burned to the ground, have its foundation jackhammered out, and the earth beneath, salted.

This story is but one illustration why I advocate for such things.

Yet still I am forced to wait, seeing IL crash, CT stagger, and ME seize up. CA continues to escape...

LetThemEatRand's picture

I'll bet this article gets 10x more comments (at least) than the earlier article, even though the prop trading return is monumentally more important to all of us than what the idiots in San Fran are doing.

SilverRoofer's picture

Fuck you sanFAGsico

And Fuck you spic you are a criminal

Hulk's picture

and yet the ninth circus rules that Kate Steinle's family cant even sue the city.

This is just unfucking believable...

forestgump227's picture

That might pay for a month of rent in San Francisco 

scoutshonor's picture

It's even worse than you think.  I was a pediatric nurse at U.C.S.F.  As a nurse there are things--such as suspected child abuse--that I was required by law to report.

Unless, undocumented--then sanctuary city trumped reporting requirements.  I found this out while I was on hold waiting to talk to a case worker at social services and a hospital social worker disconnected my call and informed me I couldn't report because, undocumented.

Shocked I asked her, "so if you or I did this a nurse would be legally required to report it--but if this guy from El Salvador does they can't?"

Short answer--yes.  Some really are more equal than others.

Lost in translation's picture

State-mandated reporter, behold the Super Citizen.

Pure, unfiltered insanity.

mary mary's picture

Fools and their money are soon parted.

Aubiekong's picture

As long as the san fran voter/tax payer is the one who is on the hook for the payment then I say good job illegal invader...

FoggyWorld's picture

But right now, one way or another, those protected by their very special status are receiving dollars from those of us who do not live in a Sancturary City.

In order to support this notion that means that we who do not have those protections will be either taxed more or watch our own cities and states decline.   Someone has to pick up the tabs. 


truthalwayswinsout's picture

I am changing my name to "Mahmud bin ali abin faud Nigger" and moving to SFO to get my share too. I am going to live on Hacabaca daka laka street.

Actually just about every illegal in the country will be heading there too; which is absolutely fantastic.  They deserve it.

While I am here I just can't resist:

What is a 60 year old homosexual?  A slo mo

How do they separate the men from the boys in San Francisco? With a crow bar.