29 States Refuse To Give Data To Voter Fraud Panel, "What Are They Trying To Hide" Trump Asks

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Together with lashing out at the anchors of Morning Joe, slamming "garbage" fake news CNN, and suggesting that Greta Van Susteren was fired because she "refused to go along with Trump hate", President Trump on Saturday blasted the 29 (and rising) states refusing to comply with his election fraud commission's request for voter data to a commission he created to investigate alleged voter fraud, asking "what are they trying to hide?"

Last Wednesday, Trump's Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity - which was formed to investigate his claim that millions of illegal votes cost him the popular vote in the 2016 presidential election - sent a letter to all 50 states asking them to turn over voter information including names, the last four digits of social security numbers, addresses, birth dates, political affiliation, felony convictions and voting histories.  The request was for information publicly available under each state's laws. And while some states are providing part of this information, many states immediately raised concerns and voiced their opposition to providing the information, and as of Saturday morning, more than half of all US states - 29 at last count - had refused to comply with the commission's requests, saying they are unnecessary and violated privacy, according to statements from election officials and media reports.

"This commission was formed to try to find basis for the lie that President Trump put forward that has no foundation," Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes told Reuters previously in an interview.

Among the states refusing to comply with Trump's request are both Democratic and Republican states.

* * *

Echoing Trump's skepticism, Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, the vice chair of the commission, had a similar response to the president on states refusing to comply.

“Frankly, if a state like Kentucky or California won’t provide available information, one has to ask the question, ‘Why not?’” Kobach said Friday during an interview with NPR. “I mean, what are they trying to hide if they don’t want a presidential advisory commission to study their state voter rolls?” he asked.

Several states replied to that question, as the Hill reports.

"There's not enough bourbon here in Kentucky to make this request seem sensible," Kentucky's Democratic Secretary of State, Alison Lundergan Grimes, said on MSNBC. "Not on my watch are we going to be releasing sensitive information that relate to the privacy of individuals."

Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann, a Republican, also said he won't turn over any information to the panel, telling members of the voter fraud commission to, "go jump in the Gulf of Mexico."

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, took a similar line, calling the Trump investigation an attempt to suppress the vote.

Election officials from both sides of the aisle expressed skepticism about Trump’s claim of voter fraud:  “In Ohio, we pride ourselves on being a state where it is easy to vote and hard to cheat,” said Jon Husted, Ohio’s Republican secretary of state. “Voter fraud happens, it's rare and when it happens we hold people accountable. I believe that as the Commission does its work, it will find the same about our state." 

Several states, among them California and New York, said participating in the attempt to compile voter data would only serve to legitimize the false and already debunked claims of massive voter fraud,” according to Democratic Secretary of State Alex Padilla. On the other hand, by refusing to participate in the first place, they force Trump himself to question what it is they are hiding.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, both Democrats, said their states would not provide confidential information. “New York refuses to perpetuate the myth voter fraud played a role in our election,” Cuomo said in a statement. “We will not be complying with this request.”

Even Kansas, where Kobach is secretary of state, will not share voters' Social Security information with the commission. “In Kansas, the Social Security number is not publicly available," Kobach told the Kansas City Star. "Every state receives the same letter, but we’re not asking for it if it’s not publicly available."

Officials in Connecticut, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Utah and Washington also expressed skepticism and said their states would withhold nonpublic information. North Carolina will provide all but the last four digits of Social Security numbers, dates of birth and driver's license numbers.

Rhode Island Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea (D) took her criticism further, saying Kobach was unfit to lead the commission, given his record of strict voting laws and a recent court fine for failing to produce documents related to a lawsuit over voting laws. 

* * *

Trump has made such allegations of voter fraud before, including claiming that that millions of people voted illegally in the 2016 election.

Kobach says he does not know if such claims are true but the commission is investigating them. He is an advocate of strict voter identification laws, which he says are necessary to combat fraud. Opponents say those laws hinder access to the polls primarily for elderly and minority voters.

Meanwhile, the Hill reported that officials have raised questions about the commission’s discretion obtaining the confidential documents.

“State statutes permit the [Wisconsin commission] to share confidential information in limited circumstances with law enforcement agencies or agencies of other states,” Haas said. “The presidential commission does not appear to qualify under either of these categories.” 


Trump appointed another voter identification supporter, Heritage Foundation fellow Hans von Spakovsky, to the commission Thursday. Von Spakovsky, one of Kobach’s mentors, has long advocated for stricter voter access rules.

As of noon on Saturday, the states who have refused the Commission's demands are: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

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Bigly's picture


We all know what happened here.

We are waiting for perp walks and reform. Tick tock

FrozenGoodz's picture

Speaking of witch hunts ... what other lies of his should we create a panel to validate

Elections are handled at state level, do not need corrupt facist Feds poking around

AVmaster's picture

This is a real problem.

The laws are on the books but states are not enforcing them.



localsavage's picture

The number in CA alone will shock the whole country and create demands for change.

Ghost of Porky's picture

Dead people and illegals have no constitutional rights.

macholatte's picture


Obama expresses an opinion, “There’s no vote fraud.”
It’s immediately gospel. Praise the Lord!

Trump expresses an opinion, “There is vote fraud.”
He’s immediately labeled a liar and crazy and unfit.

Facts we all know tell us there absolutely is vote fraud. We just don’t know how wide spread it is. But the facts are not as important as the delusion that the Ruskies hacked the election or the constant stream of verifiable lies coming from the MSM and the Blue Team or the total failure of the government to insist on voter ID laws.

The less well informed must have their brains scrambled every time they attempt to sort this shit looking for some truth. 

shovelhead's picture

Nobody wants to admit that Mickey Mouse appears to be a registered voter in 29 States.

Whoa Dammit's picture

Just charge the governors of all of the states that refuse to comply with Federal voting fraud. Then the burden is on them to prove they are not guilty of hiding the fraud.

Mr. Universe's picture

I'm willing to put up a silver dollar that in at least one precinct (probably more) that more illegals voted than citizens in California.

DeadFred's picture

I don't know about Mickey but I do know my dear departed mother has registered twice as a Democrat since she died. The first time my father went to a great deal of effort to have her deleted after he started to receive Dem voting material for her (California). After being deleted she re-registered and he gave up. Fraud is a possibility but one shouldn't discount the possibility that once she reached heaven she realized the error of her lifetime republican ways and has repented of being an evil capitalist swine. I doubt it though.

playit's picture

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shivura's picture

aren't all of you the assholes who believe in "states rights"? my guess is you guys can't fathom hypocrisy and thus run from it. Now explain to me how Obama asking for your SSN, voting history, name, DOB, etc...is something that you are dying to give to him...exactly...you guys would be screaming about Obama but in-line to suck Trumps chubby duck. Thus, you actually don't believe in anything.

LibertarianMenace's picture

The items just mentioned should be readily available, save the names. More than half the database is already accessible to the Federal government. SSNs? Please.

Now for the tricky part: the actual names on the voter rolls. Trump's right, he's hit a very very raw uni-party nerve: THE NAMES.

Sorry, the names in attendance  for voting in Novemeber can be provided w/o violating anyone's rights as they're presently interpreted by .guv minions.

If not, then let's chuck all of the legal precedents that emboldened Federal intervention all the way back to The War of Northern Agression and call it a day. Make the point moot. Eliminate all Federal influence over my life and then I could not care less about who the fuck voted on Election Day. In that case it WILL be entirely meaningless. How's them apples, proggies? No Deal? Thought so.

dark pools of soros's picture

Dead on..  these fascist progs need to be dumped back on their parents lawns until they are ready to face an opposing view without crying

sdot54's picture

The utter absurdity of the politicians claiming citizens rights and privacy rights is hilarious. Mainly the Marxist left, but same goes for the deep state treacherous rhinos (establishment republicans) that are to trying fuck with this inquiry. All of this info is widely available to the people in congress. How can they claim SS is a great thing for the poor old folks, have no problem making you carry this SS number around until you die (via SS numbers the government can track u everywhere) then to decry this is unamerican (the inquiry)and not befitting this republic??? It's akin to the feminazi's trying to make the contention that Islam is a religion with feminists ideals ever since it's genesis and should b seen as supporting women's rights even today....Let that sink in, they believe this. The sheer audacity to assume people are that fucking gullible! 60% of the country wants this looked into...30% know something is up...10% are useful idiots. American citizens vote every 2/4 years to have their voice heard and that process is twisted by the state run media to make you vote the way they want you to. Top it off with actual illegal voting by millions of votes (possibly) facilitated by the very people in charge... claiming to you that it's your god given right and duty as an American to get to the polls. Fuck these governors, fuck that, fuck this system....I believe in this republic and our ideals...but its high time we take back the power as citizens of a federalist system where states have an equal right. Inside each state the citizens decide for themselves what they want in terms of local leadership. Once elected that individual represents the citizens/and thus the states rights and wishes. They might b out voted fine...but they should have that vote...this disgusts me...

True Blue's picture

Since Federal Offices are no longer determined by the State Legislators, but by general election; this is a justified Federal issue.

stinkopower's picture

You nailed it. Cuntservatives are all about states rights and privacy until now. Suddenly they want the bumbling Federal government pissing away tax payers money proving some bullshit Trump came up with to satisfy his ego. He condemend the electorial college until it benefitted him, and can't accept he got less votes.

States can take care of themselves or do we need Momma gov telling them how to run things like education, voting and gun laws.



researchfix's picture

but...but...the dead people cannot speak for themselves, so they need someone in this world to defend their rights and to vote for them


Mr. Universe's picture

California just hired 100 Attorneys at a cost of $50 million to defend dead people voting rights.

Vageling's picture

You are aware that... The constitution applies to the gub? Not to the people. It's function is to protect the people from the gub? There is civilian law for the people. Which also applies to forgeiners on US soil.

Bes's picture


orange jesus just can't stand to have lost the popular vote


trump = the most triggerable snowflake president to date

a sore winner

don't forget Cheeto Jesus loves Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, the Police State, Foreign Wars, Israel, and Saudi Arabia

and him and his billionaire buddies could give two shits about you. 

is that winning? 

wildbad's picture

dear president trump.


i suggest you count every holdout state as 100% voter fraudulent until they prove otherwise with verifiable stats.


fixed it.

tmosley's picture

I never would have thought your tears would still taste so good after all this time, but they do.

Like a fine wine.

Bes's picture

that's trump's load your tasting

enjoy   : )

U4 eee aaa's picture

you really are not in touch with reality are you?

LibertarianMenace's picture

He doesn't have to be - when there's a shareblue paycheck and Brock's sphincter to sniff after.

Bigly's picture

Hahahaha. Loser!

He is 71. Try again or get some other meme! :)


Spine of Ruprecht's picture

Your porn addiction is showing, and your little down-arrow is sagging.  Friend, your Blue Pills aren't working anymore.

Inzidious's picture

Man I love the internet. Funny stuff. 

lasvegaspersona's picture

After completing grammar school you'll have that spelling and usage thingy down pat.

(its contraction you seek not the possessive.)

meditate_vigorously's picture

English is not the Hewbrews first language.

Bigly's picture

You can settle for their tears. I prefer their extreme hypertension.

An aneurysm or two makes me laugh....

Spine of Ruprecht's picture

Orange Jesus is better than


Black Messiah or White Misandrist.


But all the same, my racist friend, you'd love to exterminate me.... I know.  I know.

MalteseFalcon's picture

President Trump didn't lose the popular vote.

The President was ahead when the election was conceded.

Hillary "activists" in blue states, especially CA, kept on counting "their" votes for a month after the concession safe in the knowledge that their "work" would never be audited.

When illegal aliens, dead voters, double voters and felons are knocked of the rolls, America is going to be a very red country.

And that is what this is all about.

Abaco's picture

A review of the voter roles in California would prove Trump won the popular vote among people lawfully entitled to vote. That is what shitheads like you fear.

Blythes Master's picture

Winning would be you, firmly placing your lips back around Obozos' cock.

peippe's picture

taking excepton to your 'orange jesus' phrase-

that sandal wearing hippie never owned a building, a business, a plane, or ran a country.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ AV,

Tyrannical Lawlessness.

jimmy c korn's picture

ignore him because he meant to say...

"Health Insurance is handled at state level, do not need corrupt facist Feds poking around"

Bigly's picture

+1 jimmy crack corn and i don't care

butchtrucks's picture

Trump is right of course. The details of ALL people who vote should be made available to a Federal agency who can then check the bona fides of each and every person. To ensure consistency this should include name, DOB, full address, social security number, current employment, RACE - and ideally criminal background checks. The agency can then use this information to crosscheck everyone out and find out WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON, particularly in certain 'neighbourhoods'. If that means looking up people's social media posts etc to determine voting intentions etc. then so be it. If certain 'neighbourhoods' are found to have prevalent voting fraud then those areas should lose the right to vote in future elections. It's the only way of ensuring the integrity and legitimacy of the system going forward.

Of course I see snowflakes on social media bitching that this is wrong because Trump won't release his own tax returns. Two answers: 1.- what the fuck has that got to do with voter fraud. 2.- Some of his tax returns got leaked and they were fine.

Also, don't call this proposal 'voter suppression' because that's bullshit. It's voter cleansing - a totally different thing.

LetThemEatRand's picture

"Elections are handled at state level, do not need corrupt facist Feds poking around"

It's pretty rare, but I agree with you on this one FrozenGoods.  If Obama had requested this information people here would have screamed bloody murder, droned on about states' rights, and so forth.   Voter fraud is already a crime.  The power of the federal government needs to be reined in, not expanded.  

wildbad's picture

then let an independent dick of your choosing do it..inquiring minds wanna know.

tmosley's picture

If a state government were mass murdering black people and the Feds wanted to investigate, would that be a violation of state's rights? Note that we have secretly recorded video tape of high ranking officials admitting to these crimes, and they have professed in the same videos that they aren't about to stop now.

I don't think the states have a right to violate the law. But then, I'm no professor of constitutional law like Obama, or FrozenGoodz.

Bigly's picture

I am not a lawyer and did not stay at a holiday inn express last night but....

If a state itself wants to go full retard with their local elections, would that be a separate nuance from a national election? Would there be different standards and how to handle? I think the burden of compliance in a national election is greater as the state is not autonomous per se

HalinCA's picture

I worked at several CA elections ... they use the same standards for national as the others ...

U4 eee aaa's picture

Annnnd how do you propose fixing it?

Abaco's picture

Collect the data from the states.  Make it public. Imprison EVERYONE voting fraudulently.