Gunmen Open Fire On Crowd Outside Mosque In Avignon, France

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A shootout erupted around 10:30pm on Sunday night in Avignon, southern France, when two gunmen opened fire on a crowd outside the Arrahma mosque leaving either people injured, La Provence newspaper reports.

According to initial reports, two hooded men were seen arriving aboard a Renault Clio. One was armed with a handgun, the second a rifle. As a crowd oe people were leaving the mosque, one of the armed men, who had got out of his vehicle, opened fire.

La Provence adds that at least four people were injured at the time, while subseqeuent reports said the number is at least eight. About fifty meters away, a family of four who was in her apartment on the second floor of a building also received shrapnel. A 7-year-old girl was slightly injured.

Police in Avignon are now searching for the suspects who fled the scene.

The police have said they do not suspect terrorism is a motive behind the attack. The permanent magistrate at the Avignon parquet, Laure Chabaud, said the working hypothesis is a settling of accounts or a quarrel between young people.

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Obviously, the French are still just as good of riflemen as they were in WWI and WWII.  They don't have a chance against Muslims born with a rifle in their hand.

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Money on its muzzie on muzzie violence...

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Ask yourself WHY Israel does not practice the DIE-versity lies the 95% jew run media preaches...

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Why are you talking about Israel?  This article has nothing to do with Israel

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only according to very ignorant folks like yourself.



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On the plus side, Hellen Keller was immune to flash-bang grenades

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Don't tell me she was a joo too!??

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"These things happen in a big city. You'll just have to get used to it."

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Drug gangs at war, this is very common in europe.

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Immune to gang bang? Impressive skill to have, especially in Sweden.

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Total babbling nonsense. Look in the mirror. There is the source of your hatred. YOU

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Oh little Hasbara.  We are aware of your whisperings and your underlying intentions. 

Is it ignoble for he or I to want to retain our heritage?

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Your ignorance is sadly typical of many folks who get their news from the 95% JEW RUN MEDIA

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You have a bad case of it.


Idiocy, that is.


“This reminds me of anti-Semitism,” Putin said. “The Jews are to blame for everything. An idiot cannot do anything himself, so the Jews are to blame. But we know what such attitudes lead to. They end with nothing good.”

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Putin has Jewish grandparents, and likely Jewish mother.  He can emigrate to Israel as Jew

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Anti-semitism used to be about people who hate Jews, now it's people (Zionist) Jews hate.

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Israel/JWO/Mossad are the sum total of everything that's wrong with international politics, every conflict throughout the MENA region and the racial/religious tensions now occurring in Western lands.

Yes, let me reiterate that.  They are the sum total of the problem.

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Yes, of course.

It couldn't possibly have anything to do with the USA, worlds most exceptional nation, because we're all that's good in the world, so it has to be those meddling Jews.

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Still can't  decide  if, I do hate their treasonous & willfully ignorant gentile upper management  more. Hating  those  who identifiy as Jew, or Hebrew is a lot like "nigs will nig".

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Because "the joos" occupy settlements in his brain.  Rent free of course, because he is not jewish, and so is too stupid to charge rent.

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Hey Jackass, remember France 1306, 1394, 1501,1615, 1683?

 How about those other European countries? Ya worship Molech, you are going down. Read some history and remember that fact.

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Tommy Robinson is Zionist Jewish scum who moonlights for MI5 - People are waking up to the "Jews run both sides" shit.  

Jews import Muzzies - Soros - Barbara Spectre etc.

Then we have Jews to point out the problem - without ever mentioining the word Soros or the Jewish involment.


Pogrom now!

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Ask yourself WHY it's OK for Israel to build a new anti-semitic (look up the word semite dummies...the jew media is lying to you) border wall, but the 95% jew run media says Trump's (fake) border wall is "rayciss"...

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You should ask yourself how long Tyler will put up with you.

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The TYLERS are informed enough to know I am 100% right......which is why so many ignorant cowards call me names and say ridiculous shit to you just did.

Scrimpy's picture


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Scrimpy, you have to educate people like JLee, that don't understand Jew connections.  

Paul Craig Roberts Article is pretty good at describing the situation.  Google also Oded Yinon Plan.

So, Yes, Muzzy's in Europe very much have Zions imprint:


The Third reason has to do with Israel’s need for the water resources of Southern Lebanon. Twice Israel has sent the vaunted Israeli Army to occupy Southern Lebanon, and twice the vaunted Israeli Army was driven out by Hezbollah, a militia supported by Syria and Iran.

To be frank, Israel is using America to eliminate the Syrian and Iranian governments that provide military and economic support to Hezbollah. If Hezbollah’s suppliers can be eliminated by the Americans, Israel’s army can steal Southern Lebanon, just as it has stolen Palestine and parts of Syria.

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lol, you're a stupid fucker


the Arabs attacked Israel multiple times, many countries coming after a very small country standing alone....


that's where Israel got Palestine & parts of Syria you fucking inbred motherfucker, spoils of war- they're lucky Israel didn't take their entire countries


Arab nations fault. The fact that there are Palestinian refugees still to this day is the fault of the fucking Arabs. Invite them into Jordan, Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia....but no, we won't take care of them, we'll just let them fester in the dirt and say it's Israels fault that's where some of this Jew hate bullshit is coming from


Now I DEFINITELY don't like that fucker

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The victors write the history books.

Now lets talk about the Nakbah, how jews poisioned wells and genocided entire villages.  Keep in mind that was not even half a decade after they fled central Europe.

Lets talk today how they demolish people's homes in order to build settlements of their own, how they will build walls between villages and where those villages draw water, farm crops and graze their livestock, thus making life and living impossible.  To get to work your commute consists of hours long waits replete with full body searches.

Would you not throw rocks were that all you had?

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Please, get back on the meds.

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I normally don't get Involved with the whole Jew-bashing, paranoia thing, but.... Israel: a nation founded by terrorists, built on the principles of terrorism.

It turns out that the 6day war was STARTED by Israel, and hardly the incredible success against overwhelming odds that we have all been led to believe.

In other words, probably everything you have ever heard about Israel is propaganda, not fact. Makes it tricky to find out what is really going on.

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why is it you pro israelis with the persecuted jew complex always, always, always resort to ad hominems insted of sound reasoning to make your point? you do nothing to rehabilitate your reputation and stereotype using that method.

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We still remember the (so called) Jewish slave traders and the Jewish carpetbaggers here in the South, so take your B.S.  elsewhere. We are not buying into your lies in America.

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Khazar nazi zio jew go to the hell.

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Stop the blame game and stop acting like a victim. Grow up and be a man. That is what you need to learn.

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You seem more interested in neanderthals than men

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Neanderthals were men. Shows how little you know

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Do not believe everything your mother told

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Whoa, nevar woulda thunk you were pro israel... hmmm. And here I thought we were just disussing psar flips, adx's, and sma's. 

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Your kind went extinct with Hitler. You are a dinosaur in search of a home. Get lost.

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And how about your kind?  Are you not Hasbara?


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Take your nonsense elsewhere

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>Dinosaurs in search of a home

>Nazis want dinosaurs for dinosaur cavalry


All Jews deserve to die in the dinosaurocaust.

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The Tylers WILL boot us& keep the  J Lees& the  last trumps ...just sayin. .

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Ah boo hoo. Gunna go running for the mods? Fuckin sook.

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Don't need to, the mods will clean them up in no time. Which is why they have multiple aliases to green arrow themselves and keep having to re-join.