One Day Before The Saudi Ultimatum Expires, A Defiant Qatar Is "Ready To Face The Consequences"

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Two days ago, when previewing the showdown in the Qatar "diplomatic quagmire", we reminded readers that "Qatar only has until July 3 to comply with the 10-day ultimatum of 13 demands imposed by the Saudi-led bloc", a list which the Saudis described as non-negotiable, with Riyadh's foreign minister Adel al-Jubeir saying Doha must “amend its behavior” or “remain isolated."

Fast forward to just one day before the Saudi ultimatum expires, when Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed Al Thani said his nation is unwilling to concede to any demands that threaten its sovereignty or violate international law. The small but wealthy Gulf emirate said it was prepared "to let pass the deadline for complying with 13 demands set down by the bloc", including shutting down Al Jazeera and cutting back ties with Iran, Al Thani said in Rome quoted by Bloomberg, where he met the Italian foreign minister. 

“There is no fear from our direction. We are ready to face the consequences,” Al Thani said. “There is an international law that should be respected and not violated.”

And while Al Thani repeated that Qatar is willing to sit down and negotiate under the right circumstances, he repeated that the ultimatum issued June 23 was made to be rejected.

As a reminder, nearly a month ago, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the U.A.E and Egypt severed commercial, diplomatic and financial links with Qatar saying they were isolating the sheikdom over what they see as its tolerant attitude to Iran and support for Islamist groups, which is ironic since Saudi Arabia is widely acknowledged as the world's premier supporter of offshore terrorism. The group’s demands also include Qatar severing relations with the Muslim Brotherhood and ending Turkey’s military presence in the country. On June 23, Qatar was given 10 days to respond.

Meanwhile, not mincing his words, Al Thani accused the blockading nations - it's clear who he was referring to here - of themselves having ties to groups and individuals accused of terrorism.

“As for the countries that accuse Qatar of financing terrorism, they have the same problems as Qatar, more so, they are on top of the list in that area,” he said. “There are financial institutes in these countries involved in financing terrorist organization and financing terrorist operations in western countries.”

The coalition presented Qatar with its requirements to end the standoff after U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson urged the Saudi-led bloc to lay out its demands. In a statement on June 25, Tillerson conceded that Qatar would find it “very difficult” to comply with some of the requests. On June 27, during a visit in Washington, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir called the demands non-negotiable.

As previewing the outcome of the ultimatum, earlier this week Citi said that unless the demands are met by July 3 "then this situation is likely to get a lot worse before it gets any better."

Meanwhile, Citi added, there has been a continued lack of reaction from ‘the West’: there is also confusion as to the stance of key historical players in the Middle East, such as the UK and the US, who have either said very little – Trump once called Qatar a “haven for terrorism”, while Rex Tillerson has twice upbraided Saudi Arabia’s approach. Last Friday, a White House spokesman told the Guardian: “The United States is still accessing the list and we are in communication with all parties. As we have said, we want to see the parties resolve this dispute and restore unity among our partners in the region, while ensuring all countries are stopping funding for terrorist groups.”

* * *

And while the US is still trying to decide on whose side it wants to be in the ongoing conflict, Russia wasted no time and as Reuters reported yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin had telephone discussions with the leaders of Qatar and Bahrain, stressing the need for diplomacy to end the dispute between Qatar and several other Arab states.

Moscow is trying to tread cautiously in the dispute, since it wants good relations with both Qatar and Saudi Arabia. Russia backs President Bashar al-Assad in the six-year-long Syria conflict and is close to Iran, which has fraught ties with the Saudis.


Moscow sold a stake in its state oil champion Rosneft to Qatar last year and has been coordinating oil output cuts with the Saudis as part of a global pact to lift oil prices.


The Kremlin, which announced the phone calls with the leaders of Qatar and Bahrain in two separate statements on its website on Saturday, did not say when they happened. It clarified that they happened on the initiative of Qatar and Bahrain.

"Vladimir Putin stressed the importance of political-diplomatic efforts aimed at overcoming differences of opinion and the normalization of the difficult situation that exists," said the statement on the talks between Putin and Qatar's emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.

And the punchline: "the Russian and Qatari leaders also discussed cooperation between their countries in energy and investment." In other words, as the Gulf region copntinues to split itself apart, and the strategic role of the US in the region remains unclear, Russia is more than happy to step in and fill whatever power void has been created. We look forward to Russian hacker being blamed for yet another tactically prudent and rational move by the Kremlin.

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How convenient is it that we already have military bases in Qatar?  I mean that's like THE most convenient thing ever!  Usually we buid them afterwards, but man, what a stroke of luck.


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Thats the advantage to having bases darn near everywhere

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My bet is KSA will back down. "I have have a pair of jacks and I so I call, I think your bluffing". It's entertaining to watch but I don't have a dog in this fight.

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China, Russia & the SCO have taken the stage in the Middle East. Saudi's protestations are flaccid, their deadline will expire without note. Donald & Rex have said little because little needs to be said. Trump, Xi, and Putin have been coordinating since before the inauguration, and all the 'WW3 is near!!!' fireworks are purely for entertainment to keep the rabid Left at bay until they can knock the blocks out from the financial system and start the Global Monetary Reset. But by all means, continue to play the same broken record, fellas. Nothing gets my chair rockin' like that golden oldie, "The Jews are Evil and WW3 is Nigh". Classic.


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I never forgot! Probably most of your readers don't even know what that refers to, but I do. Since I never forgot, who is the "we" that you're talking about? Ball games are a Yankee invention, as are hot dogs.

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Unfortunately Trump and Tillerson have several women Secretaries of State with over 16 years worth of humiliating Muslim leadership in the MidEast
To get around. In the meantime Putin and Russia, along with China, are walking away with the region

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So, will all the countries who support and use terrorists, attack each other with terrorists?

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All the pieces in the Gulf are being re-positioned.

I wonder why ;) 



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Putrid: Rotschild, you do know what you're doing, right?

Rotschild: Hmmm...Damned if we do Putrid...Damned if we--

Putrid: Just don't kill all life on Earth!!

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I have wondered the same. The plan appeared to be to build a pipeline from Quatar to Turkey... alliances shifting perhaps?

So far as whatever law Quatar seems to think is to their benefit... laws are made and enforced by those with the guns. They are only as moral as the men who are holding the fire power... no safe spaces in this world...

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Star Date 2017. Captains Log

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The War Kings have a temper tantrum. Rednecks are happy (not sure why). They intuit (unconsciously) that the War Kings wanted war criminal Hillary so they could go ahead and nuke Russia. They are right.

The Banker Kings  permit Cryptos. Thinking to stabilise the market during The Reset. Among other things.

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China and Russia watch closely.  Syrian war is wound down. Qatar is neutralised. Saudi needs revenue. Iran is happy. Almost ready.


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Sometimes power shifts and those pesky war crimes have no expiration dates. Are you listening, Kissinger and Bushes and Clinton's and Obamas?

Trump, you and Rex are not immune either, so tread lightly.

So, is this the reason you have Sessions in cold storage, you are going to go rogue yourselves?

My hopes are waning.

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Because China wants moar oil from the Chosenites perhaps.

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"There is no fear from our direction. We are ready to face the consequences" Qatari Foreign Minister Mohammed Al Thani said. "There is an international law that should be respected and not violated."

Well it's certainly a good thing that Qatar knows something about the "rule of law" and how to enforce it!

Because it certainly won't be coming from the UN members that control it in Washington, London, Riyadh and Tel Aviv who are unfortunately THE ONLY ONES THAT MATTER...

Until someone says otherwise!

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give them more guns, better training and fence them in. problem will be solved shortly.

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Good idea.  Build a wall.  And make Saudi Arabia pay for it.


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Saudi Arabia is another ISIS with a lot of money and they bribed the USA a long time ago.

Let them have at it, stand back and watch or go home.

When they all run out of USA munitions, don't sell them any more that can be used against North America

Just remember this when the firecrackers pop on July 4th , congress is the enemy,.

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the mic/deepstate/police will be the enemy when the wheel comes off the wagon.

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Someone should ask Trump what he thinks of this comment:


“As for the countries that accuse Qatar of financing terrorism, they have the same problems as Qatar, more so, they are on top of the list in that area,” he said. “There are financial institutes in these countries involved in financing terrorist organization and financing terrorist operations in western countries.”

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Refer this dispute to the UN (United Muslim Nations) for their Shariah arbitrage service ?

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Qatar and Iran got the pipeline goldmine and Saudi & Co. get the shaft.

Saudi's serve up a big nothingburger as the Ayatollahs are ready for a rock and roller.

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Germany signed up to that very same Deal above, with US/UK Military Bases of Cooperation on its soil to encourage its enforcement (LoL). If it's good enough for Germany then what's so special about Qatar? heavy duty sarc.

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Germany since 1945 is forced to obey criminal USA, France and Limeys.

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Racist, anti-semitic Israel just finished their new border wall...





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Wake Me when one side or the others decides to "Go Hot" with actions instead of words

until then...blah,blah,blah 

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I was wondering about this just yesterday thanks Zero Hedge for always coming through!

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I predict an airstrike on some portion of their nat gas production or export infrastructure.   If it is an attack on human assets, the war may be a real thing.  If it is merely on hardware with minimal unimportant people dying, it is just a ruse to jack prices. Qatar will retaliate in some way on Saudi Oil infrastructure, and bingo bango, no more production cuts , and oil over $60.

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you forget, that their gas field ist from both nations Iran an qatar.

Iran only waits for Saudi turds to make such a mistake. It coud the have been their last one for a real long time.