In America, Nobody Trusts Anything Anymore

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President Donald Trump’s penchant for occasionally saying things that are demonstrably untrue has eroded trust in the president, according to a poll conducted by Marist College for National Public Radio, which showed that only 37% of Americans trust the Trump administration.

But here’s the thing: Americans trust Congress and the news media even less than they trust Trump. According to the polls, only 30% of adults said they trust the media either “a good amount” or “a great deal.”

Meanwhile, 46 percent of Americans say they don't have very much trust in Congress, while 22 percent say they don't have any trust in the legislative branch. In fact, just 6 percent of Americans have a great deal of trust in Congress, while 23 percent say they have a good amount of trust in it.

When it comes to who trusts what, large disparities exist across party lines: 56% of Democrats say they trust the media, but that number falls to just 9% for Republicans, according to the data.

“How much Americans trust the Trump administration, the media and public opinion polls is deeply divided along partisan lines. Just 30 percent of all Americans have some degree of trust in the media, while a 37 percent plurality say they don't have any trust in the media. However, among Democrats, 56 percent say they trust the media, but only 9 percent of Republicans say they trust the press, while 59 percent say they don't trust it at all. Just over 1 in 4 independents say they trust the media, with 35 percent saying they don't trust the press at all and the same amount saying they don't trust the media very much.”

But will publishing these discouraging figures help prod these institutions into taking steps to earn back the public’s trust? Maybe, but probably not, because, as the survey found, 6 in 10 Americans say they don’t trust public opinion polls like this one.

“There's similar distrust of public opinion polls, which just more than 6 in 10 Americans say, to some degree, they don't trust. Half of Democrats, however, say they do, while just 28 percent of Republicans say they trust surveys. Thirty-four percent of independents say they trust public opinion polls, while 63 percent either don't have much trust or any trust in them.”

It seems the only US institutions that intelligence and law enforcement agencies like the CIA and the FBI engender much goodwill, with 60 percent saying they have some degree of trust in them.
Welcome to America in 2017: Where nobody trusts anything, or anyone, anymore.

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Who says that "a majority of Americans distrust" the President?

Fake polling, don't cha' know?

order66's picture

Huckabee: The champion of fringe political ideas no one gives a shit about.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

When I saw the data, I LMAO!!!!

IC and COURTS at the TOP?? Who does these polls? What a piece of TRASH!!!

Oldwood's picture

Whenever ANYONE asks you for your opinion, you know they are either trying to promote their own, or just selling you something. Nobody really cares what you think...unless there is something in it for them. Polls are designed to procure a specific answer or they wouldn't ask in the first place, just as the hockey stick climate change graph was the product of goal seeking programing.

The simple promotion of a poll result tells you what it is they're selling.

Insurrexion's picture


Doesn't your well-laid argument question the essential purpose of Zero Hedge?


Are we just opinion venting fools to an uncaring world?

Croesus's picture

The USG is a criminal organization.

Let's see how many here agree with that statement.

omniversling's picture
"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." Wiliam Casey, CIA Director 1981-1987


Program is complete, time to disband...

swmnguy's picture

I don't know about you, and I wouldn't speak for anyone else, but the only reason I come to ZeroHedge is to vent my opinions to an uncaring world, like a fool.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

No more or less than the MSM, and we are not being paid seven figures to disgorge our opinions. Congress should be ashamed of itself. The Founders designed the House to be "the closest to the people." HaHa, what a joke that has become in the era when there is a lobbyist on every corner, and every congressman leaves a millionaire. It is the same with the corporate media and POTUSES, selling the office for $3.2 million per speech.

Between the timespan when Truman and IKE retired modestly in a country with a healthy and widespread middle class and the democracy with a For Sale sign that prevails today, America's middle class has narrowed dramatically due to policies that mostly benefit the top 20% and the pandered-to, welfare/taxfare poor. It can't be coincidence that politicians are in one of the groups benefiting from these policies.

RightLineBacker's picture

No. You and I are special.


new game's picture

exactly. when i meet someone that truly cares what i have to say, it is a door opened to trust and possible friendship.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

TRUST requires FAITH and there is no FAITH.

Pretty simple.

Definition of FAITH: Sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Trust also requires non-predatory behavior, not just family pageantry. America has abandoned principles for emotional pageantry on many levels, both in the political system and in life, in general.

For instance, constant reminders that people engaging in cutthroat behavior have families does not change the nature of the behavior. There is a lot of that in America's family-friendly, absenteeism-gang, crony-backscratching workplaces. Some of the churning, bullying and game-playing is not even necessary for the players to solidify their job security.

Many of these nice family people appear to do such things not just to get ahead of others by means other than hard work and production, but just for the h** of it--just to see people whose rent and groceries depend on the job squirm.

There is nothing trustworthy or nice about it. At least, when people do things for strictly money-making purposes, it is coldly logical. Many people today appear to be driven by emotional, ego-driven things.

Most of it is rooted in the personal lives of the employees, with little of it ever having to anything to do with the customers or the business. The same thing is true in politics, where serious issues are almost always subordinate to jousting trivialities.

America was founded by reason-loving, second sons of affluent, British families, the ones who in those days could not depend on birthright $$$$$. They set up a country which was not supposed to be dominated by set-in-stone, aristocratic lineages or factional-group interests, like the country they left behind and its neighbor across the channel.

Nor was it intended to be dominated by emotional and tribal loyalties, but by reason and hard work. The people still believe in the system set up by the Founders, but do not believe that the gatekeepers believe in it anymore.

kochevnik's picture

Wrong.  Trust requires verification.  Trust networks can be built from nothing more than cryptography signatures

maxblockm's picture

With crypto, isn't that proof, not trust?

DeathingerStar's picture

Trust me! I'm a ....

navy62802's picture

Mostly because we have a nation of unthinking rubes. Anyone who comes into adulthood with that level of naivete deserves to have his/her hopes and dreams crushed in living colour. And if they don't survive the crushing of their dreams, then they didn't really have a place in this world to begin with.

shimmy's picture

Like that is going to get the media to change. They'll just claim those that don't trust them are racist, sexist, and every other "ist" as hey, they couldn't ever be the problem. 

To hell with the media.

new game's picture

remember the media is just fellow humans. mostly liberals...

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

The MSM is a consortium of career climbers, paid shills, power grabbers, back stabbers, black mailers, propagandists, whores, liars, drugggies, pedophiles, failed journalists, political pundits and CIA lackeys. They are lower than whale shit.
Only our politicians, are held in even lower esteem.
Ask yourself a question.
Why are these dumbshits still in charge of anything and what are you prepared to do about it.

RightLineBacker's picture

Not true.

The MSM media has been brainwashed by their Progressive Liberal Schools of Journalism & Propaganda.

The MSM media are walking-dead Progressive Liberal zombies.

The MSM media trust level is ZERO by all true Americans.


Insurrexion's picture

No kidding.


What happens when no one believes anyone?


Distrust is essential to dividing and conquering a population.


Think about that for a minute.


Nekoti's picture

I'd give more than one up vote....but I don't trust you.

Oldwood's picture

That is the purpose of chaos

Insurrexion's picture


Governments, Religions, Media, Tyrants, and Devils need you to believe in them.



They get angry when you don't.

Dancing Disraeli's picture

Social trust erodes as homogenous societies become 'multi-cultural.'

In areas where there are still overwhelming majorities of Whites, social trust is still high, as crime is low and Whites are inherently altruistic for the most part.  This is undoubtedly true for many Asian homogenous areas as well.

Loading us up with a hodgepodge of unassimilated third worlders has been one of the most effective methods for dividing us and lowering social trust.

Insurrexion's picture

I agree.


There is a reason why the Third world is called the "third" world.


"Politically correct lies" will not make that go away.

847328_3527's picture
Dr Mitchell Says Main Stream Media, Not Trump, Hurting Democracy
Yars Revenge's picture

A majority of Americans distrust Trump


Nekoti's picture

It was touch and go at first. But I believe The Don is getting it together.

Insurrexion's picture



Put yourself in his shoes.

10mm's picture

He opted his own shoes.

DeaconPews's picture

Pure propaganda.

Source; NPR/PBS Newshour

Sonny Brakes's picture

They've finally caught up to how I've felt all of my life.

Insurrexion's picture


Then, do something about it.

European American's picture

It's a phenomenon that is sweeping the globe. What is "Real" and what isn't "Real". For far too long we have believed what we have been programmed to believe. The whole system is, media, movie industry...and guess who runs those?

Now we are experiencing the "Great Awakening". More and more are realizing they were duped, since birth.

Who to trust and who not to trust?

Ignorance is no longer "Bliss". Ignorance of the Truth is painful.

SO, this is what is in store for ALL of us. Starting all over again by questioning everything. It can be a lonely path at times, but in the end, richly rewarding and spriitually fulfilling. It's an inner voyage, now, finding the Self.

swmnguy's picture

A lot of our cultural mythologies no longer match up to facts as we see and experience them firsthand.  We tend to cling to those mythologies and rationalize away the reality gap for a lot longer than would seem reasonable, but eventually it can't be explained away.  Our next step is usually to find an external scapegoat and construct elaborate and complicated theories of villainy to explain why things don't work they way we'd come to expect them to.

Eventually we realize it really isn't some grand malevolent scheme designed specifically to get us individually.  Something has changed and our system no longer works.  Which is why the "conventional wisdom" is no longer accurate.

It really is a lot harder and more time-consuming if we can't rely on assumptions.  Driving a car would be damn near impossible if you couldn't assume oncoming traffic would stay on their lane.

But even though the cognitive dissonance is very painful, and it's very scary to have to develop new ways of interacting and dealing with each other, it's becoming plain to see our system isn't just failing, it's falling apart.

MaxThrust's picture

"It can be a lonely path at times"

It sure can be. I am surrounded by peole including my brother and sister who think I am loosing it.

Truth and Reallity are hard masters but impossible to ignore.

brushhog's picture

I havent believed a word they said since the towers went down. Not one word.

Insurrexion's picture



Good for you.

You shouldn't believe liars.


911 was a poorly executed, inside job.

new game's picture

it couldn't have been anything but poorly executed. best 'jobs' are done solo with no loose ends.

walking on air would help, lol...


bugs_'s picture

another fake premise - nice try