Facebook's Solar Powered Drone Has Successful Test Flight: Potential Internet Access To Billions

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Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk.com,

Four billion people on the earth have no internet access. That will change if Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s solar powered drone plan works.

A previous trial of his drone ended with a crash landing, but a May 2017 Test of the Aquila Drone was a huge success.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s long-term plan for the drone, called Aquila, is to have it and others provide internet access to 4bn people around the world who are currently in the dark.


“When Aquila is ready, it will be a fleet of solar-powered planes that will beam internet connectivity across the world,” he wrote on Facebook.


The drone flew with more sensors, new spoilers and a horizontal propeller stopping system to help it better land after the crash in December. It was in the air for an hour and 46 minutes and reached 3,000ft.


The drone weighs about 1,000lbs and has a longer wingspan than a Boeing 747. It runs mostly on autopilot but there are manned ground crews to manage certain maneuvers.

Aquila Drone Video

If this is a success, and I expect it to be, it will not only bring free or extremely cheap internet access to the world, but also free or extremely cheap phone service.

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Looks cool, actually. Can't imagine how well it will handle any sort of wind.

froze25's picture

If you are going to use this service make sure to use a secure VPN tunnel through a reliable service. You know FB will be censoring and monitoring your internet surfing.

CuttingEdge's picture

Great for daylight surfing and viewing - probably not so hot later in the evening...

HillaryOdor's picture

Just imagine the targeted ads:

"Come to America (but not the gated communities).  We have free healthcare, free housing, free food, free white women.  We are so rich from exploiting you poor innocent Africans.  Come one.  Come all.  Come get your reparations.

The boat will meet you off the coast of Liberia.  5 miles out we will send a distress call and SJWs in the US Coast Guard will come out on a rescue mission."

CuttingEdge's picture

Message to Zuckerfuck: Don't you think that while satellite internet (already functional) is a bit less eye-catching and publicity-seeking, it is a level of magnitudes more practical than a fucking drone?

Or am I missing something?

froze25's picture

Good stuff or dirt?

Perimetr's picture

With Hellfire missles included for non-subscribers

and protestors

yomutti2's picture


Zucker says that 4 billion people on earth have no intertnet access. Why the fuck should I care? They're illiterate little monkeys who can't pay. Hence, no internet access. And trust me, the place is better off without them.


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Erek's picture

If someone smacked the stupid out of you, there would be nothing left.

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

what sovereign country would allow a whole fleet of (((NSA))) drones on their sky EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME?

can those be hacked to crash on somebody's head?

Automatic Choke's picture

Please be sure to hook up a few more Nigerian Princes to the net....I'm getting a little low on cash.

CurveBall's picture

1000lbs 200ft wide guided missile, or when they fall from the sky and become dumb bombs...


PrayingMantis's picture

... no surprise here, the (((Mark))) of the beast even declares facebook a "religion" ...
>>> ... " ... Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said last week in Chicago at the first Facebook Communities Summit that the two [facebook and religious church] are similar in the way they create community and bring people together."

... >>> http://religionnews.com/2017/06/28/how-facebook-is-like-church-according...

Dabooda's picture

Instead of reading Religionnews.com, read Zuckerberg's actual speech, here:  https://www.facebook.com/notes/mark-zuckerberg/bringing-the-world-closer...   He does NOT say Facebook is a church, only that it has a few qualities in common with them.  He says the same thing about the military -- you figure we ought to worry about the dreaded Facebook War Machine?   Grow another IQ point before the other one dies of loneliness.

gatorengineer's picture

This will allow the CISISa a much bigger audience to recruit from.  No running water, or sanitation, but they can now follow the kardashians.....  

PUNCHY's picture

The place would be far better off without Zucker as well.

As to the 4 billion figure make it 6 and then maybe I'm interested, and I don't mean with regards to the internet thingy, I mean WITHOUT THEM, as IN poof, gone, vamoosed, deleted with extreme prejudice. Geddit?

I'm not in Germany am I? Could there be a 3am knock on the door from the Zuck cops?

virgule's picture

Actually,  it's more striking than that.  Probably half of those 4B don't have access to stable electricity or even  running water, and most likely don't have any use for anything remotely close to a computer.

It will be cool though, to be friends on facebook with sahara bedouins, mogolian uighurs, PNG head-hunters, savanah bush hunters or iceland eskimos.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

The world of web cam modelling sure will become more competitive!

83_vf_1100_c's picture

  4 billion more 3rd world monkeys running 'I make $7k a month at home on my free internet' posts and Nigerian email scams. Yep, great idea.

  Is FB gonna buy them laptops and smartphones?  I can hardly wait til I get my first likes from Congo-ites. Congoleans, sounds like that brand of vinyl floor covering popular in 70s kitchens. I see money to be made, riceforless app that tracks rice vendors and live pricing in your area of the jungle/desert. Scales easily to AKs, 7.62 rds, used Toyota pickups, etc. New website, CongoBrides4U.com. Start up a new ether currency, Congo Coin. Money to be made. I'd throw in a sarc tag but it will likely happen. Billions of new gullible muppets to be fleeced.

Scuba Steve's picture

And the Central Bank of Africa to the rescue for financing ....

Dealer: "Hey Dikembe, you need a pimped out Chevy 4x4 to herd those starving cattle across the Serengheti, step on up fella ... No job, No credit, No Rhino tusks to trade, no problem. We will get you into that vehicle, you'll be the talk of the tribe during circle jerk circumcizions and vagina piercings.

Dikembe: "But wot aboot gas?"

Dealer: "First tank is on us, after that you are on your own"

Dikembe: "ok, lets do it ... where do I make my scratch with the lion's tooth?"


stinkypinky's picture

Hey I've got an idea! Let's modify the human genome so that anyone with brown skin automatically grows a wifi dongle inside their left asscheek on their 18th birthday, turning them into a mobile wifi hotspot!

froze25's picture

I tan in the summer, do I get to grow a wifi dongle?

froze25's picture

What you don't want to bring in endless ways of immigrants so that they can build their mud huts in rural America? So that when they are horny they can rape our women and blame it on a cultural difference? Sounds racist to me.

Nexus789's picture

Once they get access they will then want to come and live in your country. Poor sods really as all they get is fraudbook. 

booboo's picture

Many an African noog village will have a community center built out of the wreckage.

Erek's picture

No stems. No seeds. Just bad-ass weed.

Lumberjack's picture

He's just feeding from the (remaining) Obamatrough.

The Five Biggest Failures From President Obama's Stimulus Law


tmosley's picture

Launch costs. Basically inaccessable for maintenence.

Satellite internet is very expensive.

Lumberjack's picture

Zuck might have a trademark/copyright problem.


Go get him!!!!

bamawatson's picture


there are no free launches

nailgunner44's picture

Tell it to the controlling shareholders of the Federal Reserve.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

We need a UBI for starving central bankers!

NotApplicable's picture

Satellite internet also sucks major ass due to lag and bandwidth capping.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

Yep but out here in the impoverished East Texas boonies it beats dialup. Streaming movies is pretty much a no go and you get an enforced break when it rains.

MEFOBILLS's picture

This is basically iridium, but with lower satellites (the airplane).   Some sort of device to focus the 1/2 watt of cell phone energy upward would be likely required.  Iridium died because the phones were always too big, and they had a huge antenna that had to be unfolded.  Iridium was non-competitive with cell phone towers, as the towers close proximity to phones allowed said phones to be miniaturized.

Africa is to have 4 Billion Negroids by 2100.  That is a negro-apocalypse, and they will swarm out of africa coordinated by ((zukerberg)).



A cell phone has a maximum output power of about 1 Watt [W]. In actual operation, the peak output power is less than 0.5 Watts. [Technicality: Some people will quote 1-2 W for peak output power. However, this is for signals that are not transmitted more than they are transmitting. Taking the average over a brief period, say 250 milliseconds, the peak output power is less than 0.5 W.] Now, suppose this antenna is right up against your head. The antenna is radiating, but less than half the power will be directed at your head - most radiates in all directions away. In addition, theantenna efficiency will be 50% for a good antenna that is held directly up against a head (the head actually detunes the antenna and makes it less efficient). Hence, of the 0.5 W of output power the phone transmits, there is a loss of at least 50% for the antenna efficiency, and at least 50% for the radiation that is not directed to your head. Hence, we can safely take 0.125 W (=0.5*0.5*0.5) as an upper bound for the power absorbed by your head.

StychoKiller's picture

Lots o'folks need something to energize their brain cells (which might explain smart phone popularity!) :>D

zippedydoodah's picture

Iridium died??

"Today, January 14, 2017, marks a historic day in Iridium history – the first payload of ten Iridium NEXT satellites have been launched and deployed into low-Earth orbit (LEO) by our launch partner, SpaceX."

Scuba Steve's picture

Unless it was expendable and I needed to collect my capital back via insurance policy ...

Dormouse's picture

Only if it turns out that all "satellites" are simply groundbased tower technology.

medium giraffe's picture

spreading the anti-intellectual flat earth message via satellite communication huh?  keep it up champ. 

83_vf_1100_c's picture

At the time I read this the vote tally was a reciprical. Flat earth boy has 4 accts methinks.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

Take a drive out in the boonies where there is not a line of sight cell tower for 40 miles and explain how your GPS knows where you are. Go out on a dark night with some binocs and wonder what all those shiny objects are as they move quickly across the flat sky. Or, are you just part of some weird new flat earther anti tech movement? A troll? Just that fucking stupid?

zippedydoodah's picture

On Zerohedge there are fucking stupid people everywhere. The flat earthers seem to outnumber everybody else who actually has a brain.