Nikki Haley: Warmonger Extraordinaire!

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Authored by Antonius Aquinas,

It must now be a prerequisite of those who become an American ambassador to the UN to possess certain characteristics and traits, the most important of which are rabid warmonger, child killer, and outright liar.

Remember it was Madeleine Albright when asked about the US blockading Iraq which prevented medicine and medical equipment from entering the country that resulted in the estimated death of a half a million children who coldly responded: “I think that is a very hard choice, but the price, we think, the price is worth it.”  Then there is Colin “Weapons of Mass Destruction” Powell who told a bald-face lie about Iraq’s nuclear capabilities which paved the way for the US destruction of the country.

In her brief tenure as UN ambassador, Nikki Haley is fulfilling these requirements quite nicely.  Her latest crazed outburst came on the heels of the bizarre White House press release about another supposed Syrian government gas attack which warned President Assad that he would “pay a heavy price” if carried out.

While the State and Defense Departments were apparently caught off guard by the White House action, Ambassador Haley was not (probably given advanced notice) and issued an even more provocative tweet:

Any further attacks done to the people of Syria will be blamed on Assad, but also on Russia & Iran who support him killing his own people.

Not only has Haley appointed herself judge, jury and executioner of the Assad regime, but her wild accusation includes reprisals to the neocons’ ultimate targets of Russia and Iran.  Her ridiculous statement has now given Syria’s enemies the green light to conduct another gas attack which will be blamed on Assad and his allies, Russia and Iran.  Nice work, Nikki!

From a diplomatic perspective, the entire affair was bungled and amateurish, confirming once again that the Trump Administration is out of its league in conducting foreign policy.

That Haley was even chosen to become part of the Trump Administration has been odd from the beginning, but as things have unfolded quite telling.  Haley was a vociferous critic of the future president.  She, and the likes of another war-monger and Russophobe, Lindsey Graham, were consistently attacking candidate Trump for being “soft” on Russia and his immigration stance especially his wildly popular border wall proposal.  To Haley and Graham, Donald Trump was out of step with the Republican Party’s values such as diversity as represented by Haley who, herself, is of Indian heritage.

Yet, despite all of the vitriol heaped at candidate Trump, the newly elected president, in a surprising and ominous move, decided to make the South Carolina governor, UN ambassador.  This, and a number of other selections to foreign policy posts, signaled that President Trump would abandon his promises and vote-garnering campaign talk of peaceful coexistence with Russia, a reduction of US presence in the Middle East, and in other hot spots across the globe.

While Haley has been an ardent warmonger from the start, President Trump did not have to select her for the post.  There were other more competent and surely less belligerent candidates available.  More than likely, the choice was probably a nod to his “advisor” daughter Ivanka, to curry favor among feminists.

While President Trump’s pick of Haley was an implicit betrayal of a large segment of his base, his foreign policy actions since becoming chief executive have been an explicit rejection of putting America first which he spoke of at his inaugural.  From escalating tensions with puny North Korea, dropping the mother-of-all-bombs on Afghanistan for no apparent reason, to making multi-billion dollar armament deals with the despots of Saudi Arabia among other troubling endeavors, Trump’s foreign policy is little different than his infamous predecessors.

While it looks like President Trump may have won the war, at least temporary, over the press and the anti-Trump Congressional forces about the fake Russian election involvement, he and his bellicose UN ambassador are now using the same underhanded methods to instigate a conflict to depose President Assad.  While the alternative media rightly showed how the mainstream press and politicos made up and manipulated stories to undermine President Trump, it should now be intellectually honest and call out the president and his UN ambassador for what they are doing in Syria.  In doing so, it may prevent the outbreak of WWIII.

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Weren't we told that with women in charge the world would for sure become a better place?

Pol Pot's picture

Yes that is true...but only if they conduct foreign policy from behind...

BorisTheBlade's picture

Are you alluding to strapon diplomacy?

Save_America1st's picture

just another meat puppet

99% of all these scumbags are sociopaths and psychopaths. 

C'mon all know this by now. 

Maybe he hired scumbags like her to expose them for the scumbags they are. 

Trump's next move should be to fire the bitch. 

wildbad's picture

i vote for a safe drop from the 7th floor!

Erek's picture

We spend billions of dollars searching for life on other planets, and trillions of dollars killing life on this one.

land_of_the_few's picture

Does she have some alien autopsy pics too, maybe that Piltdown Man skull as well, just ask the museum nicely ...

AVmaster's picture

I dunno about you guys, but...


I'd tap that bitch, hands down...



land_of_the_few's picture

Totally. She is extremely cute. Even better that she looks a little Persian as others were suggesting ;)

And gee, what a job to have to do, not her fault really, same role in every administration regardless of the holder.

Sikhs are cool people, they want to fight everyone, they are pretty fair about it :D

fleur de lis's picture

An absolute dearth of historical knowledge is a mandatory requirement for US Ambassadorship at the UN.

Haley's reach is far, far beyond her grasp.

It seems like every UN Ambassador outdoes the preceding one in stupidity.

Imagine what the next one will be like.

We'll be lucky if he/she can read.



agNau's picture

So you're saying the next would have completed four years Haaaaavaaaard?

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


So you're saying the next would have completed four years Haaaaavaaaard?

Oh, at the very least. It's going to take a lot to beat Nikki's years of experience at Waffle House.

TuPhat's picture

Being governor of South Carolina was far beyond her grasp.  She screwed that job up and got a new one at the UN.  Trump is failing us.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

Well, she got some major manufacturers to locate in her state, employing a lot of citizens. That is the sort of thing America needs to spend its energy on, not on drumming up heated passions in the service of controlling countries around the globe that will not be controlled and that only drain American resources.

scraping_by's picture

Given the amount of subsidies corporations demand from state and local governments, it's normally a loss as far as state economics go. And they almost always pull out the day the subsidies expire. So, window-dressing economics. Big Dog Clinton was famous for that as governor or Arkansas.

veritas semper vinces's picture

It is tradition in Jewmerica:the current administration is worse then the prior one.Regarding this disgusting bitch,she is even worse then Samantha Powers,which says a lot.

jeff montanye's picture

it's hard to know what trump's strategy is.  it would help a great deal to know how much control he actually has of the investigative, prosecutorial and clandestine forces of the u.s. government.  yes i know he is commander in chief.  the congress also has the exclusive power to declare war.

perhaps as he finds out more about the i.p.c. forces and how they can be brought to heel, it is helpful to have (radioactively hot) people (with excellent waist hip ratios, sitting on hair trigger nukie) warmongering at top volume at the united nations, a notoriously impotent and nearly useless symbol of an all but bygone era.  distracts the neocons.

not that that era shouldn't be brought back, maybe starting with some new nuremberg trials for the last two u.s. administrations.  have to bust seth rich then 9-11 but then it becomes a possibility.  at least south africa style truth commissions.

veeger's picture

trumps strategy is;     lie like hell to become the next president......then do exactly the opposite of all the promises he made to the people who voted for him.............

Mango327's picture

Jeff, you just won the game. How to do implement a strategy when being fired upon from all sides? Go with multiple strategies, all at once. Interference patterns to confuse the shit out of whomever is tracking you. False trails to lead deluded people to their own preset conclusions, only to flip the switch and yank the rug out from them. Also, for those who don't remember news from a couple months ago, all military posturing has pretty much been put in Mattis' hands. Trump is just playing the reality TV show to cover for the real operations. For all the Joominati shills, here's Mossad crying about Trump's lack of a neo-con foreign policy:

scraping_by's picture

A president, like any top executive, implements policy through his people. He never had a rolodex of like-minded people to appoint to staff positions. Or was too lazy to look up the academics, executives, and specialists he could persuade to join.

The question is whether the stable of neocons and neolberals he's currently chosen are his idea or someone else's. Difficult to say. True, he could be the new Nixon ignoring or perverting every public position he's ever taken, or he could be the new Jimmy Carter, trusting the reasonableness of the people in Washington. By Carter's time, they allowed the President to do only what they wanted so his neoliberal deregulation went through while his human rights foreign policy didn't.

This is not to give him Obama's excuse of being too dumb to know he wasn't preforming as promised. And not Shrub's obvious role as a brain dead figurehead. It's just nothing's certain and surprises await.

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

Do a bit of research on these people before you comment on them.

land_of_the_few's picture

I did. You don't like Sikhs for some reason? You want me to tell you about Amritsar, Operation Blue Star and so on? So knowing some and working with some doesn't count? Or is it more the political action at the UN you meant.

I don't know much about her tenure as Governor of course. And if you think I approve of insane warmongering she may be doing like her predecessor then you are mistaken. But it could just be for show, theatre.

land_of_the_few's picture

OK, is this like the one time I was nice about Comey, not making that mistake again :D

thestarl's picture

Yeah right up her butt

chrbur's picture

Dude....Nutty Nikki is soooo past her 4 am after drinking a sixpack.....she could be a 10.......

Vatican_cameo's picture


Letting women vote was the "Beginning of the End" for this country.  Their thought process is the basic road-map for Liberalism.  Women base 99% of their judgement on Emotion and the other 1% on God knows what.  Hundreds of Thousands of Refugees have flooded and destroyed most of Europe, but the only thing they see is one dead child floating in the surf.  Trumpster should kick this one to the curb (as well as keeping his Liberal daughter out of the White House).  Nothing good ever became of a "Bleeding Heart" with any Authority.  Perfect example right here.

jeff montanye's picture

right where?  nikki haley?  seems like all the bleeding she's involved with is to be done by other people, like the syrians, the russians and the iranians.  probably wouldn't mind some pakistanis but that's just a guess.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

The other 1% is directed toward driving women out of the workplaces who do not fit in their reigning, backscratching work social cliques, which are often based on mutual motherhood, but sometimes are youth cliques. It is called high school reasoning. It is a form of herd group-think. You just do not understand. Men have their own version, but tend to separate home and private life from work more often, although the mass entrance of women in the workforce is changing that, more and more. That is the feminist plan: to turn men into women.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

The other 1% is directed toward driving women out of the workplaces, when they do not fit in their reigning, backscratching workplace social cliques, which are often based on mutual motherhood, but sometimes are youth cliques. It is called high school reasoning. It is a form of herd group-think. You just do not understand. Men have their own version, but tend to separate private life from work more often, although the mass entrance of women in the workforce is changing that, more and more. That is the feminist plan: to turn men into women.


I think the only reason we are searching for life on other planets is because we might find new customers for the MIC to sell weapons to.

Manthong's picture



Rename her UN Ambassador title to “US Deep State Shill”.

Thanks a lot Trump…

We’ve now got a dark-haired, slightly better looking version of the detestable Samantha Powers in there..

veeger's picture

masculine alldyke , crazy colin , pussy power , and now nukie-nikki........what a crew.........

Endgame Napoleon's picture

She should use her time there to try to bring more hostages back to the USA. There are probably people in the UN with influence in those regions where US hostages are being held. That is the business of the USA. You can say those Americans were nutty to be in the dangerous countries to begin with, but the globalist mentality has encouraged it over the years.

Freddie's picture

Also everything out of South Carolina is shit. Lindsay Graham runs the SC GOP-e.  The GOP-e in SC might as well be Democrats.

Loads of foolish conservatives over at Free Republc which is filled with Isrihell-Bibi firsters prattle on about Trey Gowdy.  He has done nothing especially Benfgazi because Graham and McCain were totally involved with Hillary-Soros.

McCain is another Soros puppet and I am sure Nikky Gupta Haley is a Soros puppet too.

HowdyDoody's picture

Haley has been given the full Samantha Power treatment in Israel - the Holocaust, the Terror Tunnels, Iran, the works. This was overseen by Danny Danon, her counterpart in Israel someone who makes Netanyahu seem reasonable. She is now a fully certified Israel Firster.

Netanyahu has also made a visit to one of Israel's aircraft carriers, the USS George HW Bush, as it docked near Haifa.

veeger's picture

american military power under isreali control = world-wide destruction..................

Déjà view's picture

Wait until Abbott has FDR aspirations...

Gov. Greg Abbott flew to Israel Saturday on a plane belonging to Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino owner and megadonor active in Republican national politics.

A spokesman for the governor confirmed that Abbott flew on Adelson’s 737 after Jewish Insider and The Dallas Morning News first reported it Monday.
Adelson is a top spender in Republican politics known for his fierce support of Israel and his friendship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Abbott met with Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Monday to discuss the Texas-Israeli relationship and reiterate Abbott’s opposition to Iran — a nation whose relationship with Israel has long been tense.

It was discussed with the prime minister, as well as other leaders in Israel,” Abbott said. “… I made very clear to the prime minister that he has no greater ally on the globe than Texas.”

veeger's picture

i wonder how the people of texas feel about their govenor kissing nuttanyahoos ass.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

I read many of the comments oncluding the article and WANT TO PUKE UP ALL OVER THE FLOOR!!!!!!

This CRAP has been going on for at least the last 28 years. So before everyone decides to share their wisdom (or lack their of) with the rest of us which included the JACK ASS who authored this article, it would be beneficial to examine the the crimes of both the BUSH and OBAMA ADMINISTRATIONS.

The TRUMP TEAM is simply trying to CLEAN UP A MESS left by the last two administrations to say the least.

The atrocities committed by the OBAMA adminsitration, the IC and Clinton make the TRUMP team look like a bunch of boy and girl scouts!!!

I see only TRUMP discussion and that is truly sad. What a bunch of perverts including the author Antonius Aquinas,

By the way, remember AGENDA 2030 ( UN sponsored programe where the POPE spoke at the UN)? Nothing here about that crap which is a shame BECAUSE IT IS ALL CONNECTED!

Antonius Aquinas ... You stated "While Haley has been an ardent warmonger from the start". Really???? What a piece of SHIT COMMENT!! Are you an American Citizen? Probably not!  Just another ASSHOLE with PEN and a PERVERTED MIND!!!

small axe's picture

re: "...been going on at least 28 years"

see your 28 years and raise you 28 years, and it's still not enough, that only takes us back to 1961 and the beginning of the Vietnam episode of US empire. At least you said "at least"... been going on a LONG time.  



Giant Meteor's picture

If only Old Hickory could have prevailed eh?

Now instead of old hickory, we get the knotty pine, chemical fiber, wood veneer, and flaming Chinese toasters. I'll call with a Jekyll Island and the feral reserve act, 1913, although as pointed out, that battle has been raging a lot longer back before then even, although I believe it is safe to say they've had a good run since then ..

With the dishonest fiat debt from nothing, "usury system" , backed by nothing, except force of law and jack boot thuggery, none, and I mean none of this gross malfeasance, incompetence, lying, corruption, global bullying and posturing nor constant war mongering, could exist on the scale as is presently is made plain   ..

The money changers rule the joint, and make all manner of national and global dysfunction not only possible, but assured. They will not rest, and will not be satisfied until total domination by debt enslavement is achieved, or the death of us all .. whichever comes first ..

Smoke em if ya got em and party like it's 1929 !

7thGenMO's picture

+100.  Your comment gets to the root cause - the oligarchs that control the money system and own The Fed want a global society of control -  iTotalitarianism.

scraping_by's picture

She's probably a Koch brothers puppet, like Pence. It's way underreported how much success those sneak thieves have had manipulating state governments with the usual program of bribery, propaganda, and slander.

discopimp's picture

Trump's next move should be to fire the bitch.  


Trump's next move should be to 'order a Firing Squad for' the bitch. 


There Fixed it for you!

Pol Pot's picture

If you must call it what it is....then YES.... and when it cums to the UN Uncle Sam wields the biggest strapon of all....a multiheaded medussa fed by free $$$$.....ready to insert itself into the backside of any nation that exerts any sign of free will....

HRClinton's picture

Irrelevant. Digression. Distraction from relevant issues, unless you're into "Look, there!  Unicorns shitting Skittles!"