This Is What A Hunger-Games-Society Looks Like

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The burned out shells of vacant buildings and crumbling infrastructure, the mobs of dispossessed youth wandering the streets, the constant violence and threats of violence set against a soundtrack of car alarms, bumping car stereos, and the distant hum of an electric transformer buzzing like a swarm of electric flies feasting on the carcass of a once thriving city-at a cursory glance these places seem ungovernable, or at the very least ungoverned.

But here lies the ultimate irony: the citizens residing in these districts are possibly the most intensely governed people in the country. From birth until death, they are shuffled through an almost constant stream of government institutions: government housing, public schools, welfare, the penal system-the list is almost endless.

Indeed, last weeks announcement by President Trump announcing that he will be sending federal agents to “clean up” Chicago indicate that the most intensely governed among us will be subjected to an even more proximate relationship with the government that they already depend on for nearly every facet of existence. Dad is either dead, or locked up, or running the streets, while Mom rules the household with the State as her sugar daddy. Destruction of the family is essential, because the State is a jealous god who allows no reliance upon any other institution. While the 20th century saw the collapse of the extended family and the rise of the nuclear family, the 21st century has seen the destruction of the nuclear family and the rise of the fully atomized individual who is disconnected from any support system other than the state. This was always the intention.

The live feed of violence and inner city debauchery broadcast to the Capitol and the surrounding districts functions as both entertainment as well as a threat-yeah it’s shocking and violent and sometimes funny, but if you f*ck up too badly, you might end up there too.

Chicago Man Murdered While Recording Himself on Facebook LIVE

Guy Has a Shoot Out On Facebook Live With LAPD

In the 1990s it was COPS. Now it’s Worldstar Hiphop, Facebook Live, and Liveleak broadcasting a constant stream of no-budget sadism-as-entertainment to satiate the curious and the bloodthirsty in real time, direct from the deepest corners of the most depraved, impoverished districts. And while we, the spectators, marvel in awe and disgust at the fights and robberies and suicides and murders that we watch live onscreen, we forget that we, too, are denizens of a similarly curated and managed ghetto environment: the digital one.

Whereas the actual, physical ghettos are the product of 1960s utopian ideas about government spending being the answer to social ills gone awry, the digital ghettos are also an inverted utopia, albeit one crafted by the rogue programmers of the 1970s and 1980s. These programmers imagined a world where personal computers and the emerging internet would literally connect the world; where ideology would wither away as the postmodern World Wide Web would force all of us to confront a myriad of foreign ideas and foreign people, all from the comfort of your home office.

These technologies have not connected us, or at least not in the ways that these computing pioneers imagined. We, too, have been hyperfragmented and atomized into our own digital ideological echo chambers. The 21st century collapse of the nuclear family that we discussed earlier was perhaps intended to redefine one’s sense of self in relation to society as a whole rather than in relation to one’s immediate or extended family (you know, the whole “It takes a village” nonsense that people liked to talk about a couple of decades ago). But what we’re seeing now is a sort of fragmentation of the self, facilitated by these digital technologies, where there is a disconnect between one’s online self and one’s physical self-a sort of “social schizophrenia” that threatens to destroy the very societies that these technologies were supposed to solidify.

Now back to the districts: what the Capitol fears most is an uprising of the district that bleeds into the Capitol. We call this The Fourth Turning: S?ummer of Rage and the Tot?al Eclipse of the Deep St?ate. Provincial wars are fine, as long as they are kept far away from the ruling elite. Periodically, though, rival factions governing the Capitol enlist mercenaries from the districts to cause trouble at the doorstep. We see this regularly with the astroturf Black Lives Matter, Occupy Wall Street, and other seemingly ‘grassroots’ franchise protest movements erupt in American cities every few years-these dispossessed citizens of the district, unemployed or underemployed with little to no job prospects, saddled with debt, and very little to lose or gain are shipped around from city to city, given some protest signs, and proceed to yell, fight, burn buildings, and disrupt traffic.

A genuine uprising would be terrifying to the ruling elite, because it would be a refusal to participate at all in a society that exploits you solely by your participation in it. Non-participation is much quieter than the manufactured type, and doesn’t lend itself as well to dramatic photo ops. It’s impact, however, would be much more significant. Certainly, in the digital realm, this refusal would look very much like Bitcoin and other cryptocurriencies, whose very existence threaten the hegemony that the international banking cartels have over global finance. This is the same idea: our non-participation in corrupt institutions is their death knell. These are the quiet weapons for quiet wars, and I believe that we will win.

Conclusion: Your districts are the body. The capital is the beating heart. A refusal to participate is a disruption in the flow of the lifeblood to the capitol. Prepare for heart-failures...

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zipit's picture

Kinda sick of seeing that same video featured in like 20 different ZH blog posts.

New_Meat's picture

Life in the Capital District is mighty good.  Don't cha' know.

vato poco's picture

gosh, if only some smart guy or gal woulda warned us about the stupidity & danger of going all Great Society & shit ... 

LBJ sucks cocks in hell, right there with his fat drunk comrade, Teddy 

SWRichmond's picture

So the whole point of this post was to pimp Bitcoin?

Oldwood's picture

If it terrifies the ruling elite then you can bet it will be destroyed. Bitcoin will be destroyed if it can't be co-opted into the rulers paradigm.

Anything that appears as an alternative has been placed there for that purpose. All responses are anticipated.....and desired.

Herding us into our little camps of "resistance", no one trusting any other, crypto wealth hiding on a thumb drive when "money" really isn't even real....just another alternative made available to us.

The one thing that  nobody wants to talk about is TRUE self reliance. Settlers coming to this country didn't rely on gold or crypto, they relied on their skills, abilities and primarily their willingness to endure great hardships to establish their INDEPENDENCE.

On the eve our our celebration of INDEPENDENCE it should be a moment of reflection on if we should instead be celebrating DEPENDENCE on "The Crown" to provide for us that which we cannot derive for ourselves, or I should say WILL NOT derive for ourselves.

goober's picture

completely agree and I live it all far mroe than most who simply talk shit !

Eager Beaver's picture

...and other crypto-currencies. Tango Monero?

hangemhigh77's picture

A bazooka would have at least taken out the helicopter. Come on now.

mary mary's picture

Quit paying them to pump out babies and this problem will disappear.  (Give them contraceptives and access to vasectomies, too.)

There will never again be as many jobs as there were after WW2.  It is stupid, and mean, to pump out babies when you know there won't be jobs for them.

Oldwood's picture

Leaving people to suffer their own consequences is the ultimate in transparency.....which is WHY we have state instituted delusion, as consequences WILL illuminate EVERYTHING that they are doing.

waterwitch's picture

Mandatory contraceptives for anyone on government assistance. Anyone--male or female. 

Al Armed's picture

For every lovely on the dole,

Mandatory birth control.

Kobe Beef's picture

And a home on The Reservation, located on federal lands, far from human civilization.

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Anyone on government dough need to be sterilized

goober's picture

Worse yet, when we know there will be no parenting no matter who they live with ? Anyone who has lived in an inner city environ knows one constant axiom from negros, "niggas gotta have da pussy, ya no dat !" and this is how they live and think and act in every matter and event ! It is part of being a chimp in USA today and a very destructive part that conrtrols them completely, both males and females l They take it all to the extreme and the children do not matter at all, except as a method of payment from the gov. The cycle never ends and only gets worse when you throw in drugs and alcohol as the norm. Remember Mikey the thug drinking his mixture and toking daily ? Gotta wonder how many chimps Mikey created before his own demise ? What a fucking mess has been created and how many millions are out there and coming up in society ? It is not much different with illegal aliens as well and the supposed refugees on welfare and other forms of assistance ? Assistance to do what ?

montresor's picture

Ways you can refuse to participate:

1.) Housing: See Tiny House Movement. The architecture is better too..

2.) Financial Sector: Buy Gold and Silver. Pretty Simple..

3.) Healthcare: Do the work of finding a cash only practice. Find young doctors growing their practice who can give you a discount. Take care of yourself..

4.) Auto: Know how a car works. Keep yours on the road. Don't borrow to buy them uniless it's for business.

5.) Employment: You're a smart guy figure it out..  Just stay off the control grid.. If that means bagging up sawdust to sell as cat litter do it..Get it done..

hangemhigh77's picture

Where are all the "good" cops defending the innocent civilians with their guns?

Gen. Ripper's picture

Time to trim down or move feral negroes to Germany.

Fourth Horseman's picture

Fuckin kikes have no use for congroids over there in kikeistan. They only use them in other countries to destroy white society.

Fuck the kikes and fuck their useful groids, the niggers!

HRH Feant2's picture

I say move them to Liberia. It has a Harvard educated black woman as president, Ellen Sirleaf. Perfect place for feral blacks. There isn't much welfare but at least they would be back in da homeland.

vato poco's picture

They could dance on the streets and have block parties, free at last from dat awful awful racism dats been holding dem back fo' de las' 5000 years

treefeller's picture

Really? A Harvard grad? Haven't we just come off a binge of Harvard that couldn't find his way to prosecute one perp for a good ole tomatoe throwing adventure by the walking dead that have had their life blood sucked out of them by the squid. Fuck Harvard and all the graduates thereof.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Any country that receives foreign aid or defense money from us should also be required to take a percentage of our feral negroes

goober's picture

Better yet stop foreign aid , and all forms of welfare to include corp and MIC

Hikikomori's picture

Obamaland.  Nothing that a good community organizer couldn't fix.

Cordeezy's picture

wait till they have the universal basic income, things will be interesting with gangs extorting people for their monthly check.



hangemhigh77's picture

This is a business op for Lockheed Martin. The civilians could have been much better armed. Like I said a bazooka could have taken out the helicopter or maybe a stinger missile. I think a nice flame thrower or some rpg could come in handy. Some drone bombs, etc. Every raghead in the Middle East is getting this stuff why not us. This could help Lockheed execs get bonuses for the next 5 years.

War and Fleece's picture

They don't want bodies and fire on the home front.

Not a good look.

Arm the enemy and let them consume their futures in warfare.

Come collect resources as you offer "relief" post-destruction.

Blankone's picture

Black women substituted the govt for black husbands. They went with the most secure income provider, EBT and other assistance.

White men (some) started to wise up and saw that there was about a 65% chance of divorce, the women in the divorce would get the kids and half the assets (including pension) and that they (the men) would have to pay child support, housing, college, alimony (sometimes for life), piano lessons etc.. While only getting visitation every other weekend. The stigma of divorce was removed for white women as it has for others and now being divorced and bleeding the ex is being a strong woman.

Take the red pill, there aren't any pink unicorns, only some you can provide enough for so they stay. It's dangerous out there. Or put on that yolk and hope your driver is generous, and does not work you to an early grave or abuse the whip excessively.

War and Fleece's picture

So much accuracy. My own mother was "entitled" to 50% of my father's blue collar retirement pension.


That's not child support. That's lasting financial ruin.

How alimony can ever be so massive and permissible baffles me.

I do believe in the pink unicorn yet. It's not all a shit reality. Sometimes the trick is morphing our reactions. Adaptation is simpler than submission in many cases. Learning how to play the system can be rewarding, although in some ways it can outwardly seem like donning the Ole yoke.

rejected's picture

In the 1950's many women had no skills or training. They for the most part were Mothers and took care of the home. When the man left them they were really in bad straits.  So came the alimony and child support.

Today is a different story. Many women can find jobs faster then men. Alimony isn't needed but today it's the women leaving the men. The government is keeping the alimony and child support laws to reduce the governments  payouts it promises to the women.

There are many men doing time because they cannot pay the money. While in jail the money they 'owe' keeps piling up. When they are released there is no way they can pay the back money and back to jail they go.  They will end up doing life.

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Alimony is rarely given now a days, usually only given to women that's born in 50s where their career are still limited to wifely roles, if you don't want women to have alimony then you should support women for getting jobs in the society.

Now if you don't want to pay child support then get a vasectomy early on and it will save you a lot in the long term. If you refuse to get vasectomy even after you have been warned of child support law and not using condoms, then you deserve to be rape by government! Your brat is going to be on government dough because some men refuse to pay, those government dough are my tax dollar so why should I pay for your share of brat? Either you pay your own fair share or yes, you are going to jail for pulling Houdini on my tax dollar for raising your brat.

Blankone's picture

Not only is alimony still given today but is often given.
A friend of mine recently got divorced. He has to pay his wife alimony and his lawyer told him he needed to not let the proceedings drag out because the was right at the edge time wise where he would have to pay her LIFETIME alimony.

Alimony was so standard that the judges have some formula they used that included years of marriage and filing for divorce did not stop the clock.

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

How old is this so called friend of yours? When I'm talking about 50s, I'm taking about women that's born in 50s which would be 60s today which meant in their lifetime, they weren't given any chance of having a career thus are forced to rely on men, and thus men in that age group will have to pay if he wants divorce.

All these alimony stuff are because women in those times are discriminated against for holding jobs, if men doesn't want alimony then it is time for you to stop supporting traditional family that force women to stay at home, in fact women should be encouraged to work just as much as men, thus in the event of divorce it will not be that short of split in communal property. If you read up those wealthy pop stars that divorced from their husbands, it was women that end up paying alimony, did you hear any women crying out foul? Not a chirp.

Blankone's picture

They are in their late 40's. And the chart the judges use has nothing to do with the age of the woman getting a divorce. It is the same for those of all ages. It was also the second marriage for both, the woman had a job but due to her never taking responsibility she never developed herself to where she got a good job.

Just like "child support" the judge looked at pay differential to determine the amount of alimony. Then the judge looked at time together (being separated did not stop that clock) to determine how Long the alimony would continue.

He just missed the LIFETIME sentence. Kids will be not only out of high school but out of college and he will still be paying for her.

No one forces women to not get a useful college degree. Even in 1980 men did not force women to stay home and not work, they did not even WANT them to stay home most often. That was the young families of 1950's (not BORN in 1950's). The women just chose to use a man to fund their lives and wish to have children. Women in their 20's today are quicker to divorce the man instead of waiting for the kids to get to high school. Use him, divorce him, make him pay support for 18 yrs until the kids are out of college. Such strong independent feminist.

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Then you see its beneficial for men to have women working, and to ensure the pay gap will nonexistent in the future that there won't be any need for alimony. It's win win situation for equal opportunities for everyone and no more biased payment like alimony. Good thing your friend kids are alll grown up, but if he were to remarry, you need to be sure to remind him of potential child supports, or divorce alimony consequences. Or just remind those who doesn't want to pay to play, don't play marriage at all.

What I'm seeing here is cavemen still asking for good old boy days where women stay at home and only men work for their economic status, thus if they still ask for such then these old men need to be prepare to pay the heavy price for what they want.

Blankone's picture

There is no pay gap, women should earn their keep by working a paying job, women should get no vagina pass, women should be required to register for the draft, etc.. In divorce assets should be distributed based upon how much each earned, no child care support for either - if you cannot provide then the parent who can gets the kid.

I talked to my friend about the need for at least a prenup should he get married. But he is the type who believes there are unicorns, he is in love again, there are signs, oh well.

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

There is a pay gap, it's called glass ceiling, not a direct way of stating same job but refusal to promote women and instead promote men for roles that women may have more experience in. Those studies actually did taken into account for same job position, same years of expended and same age group, it happens women are being pay in soft positions, while in engineering positions they are equal.

Men should not be getting any dick pass but in financial institutions those are done a lot of times in old boys network. And of course your friend is going to be screw but you can't blame anyone except for him being a moron that he is, maybe you should tell him to get a vasectomy.

You men have been warned of consequences of divorce if you don't held up your end of bargaining in marriage, don't blame women for your divorce when feminist are here to warn men to go mgtow. If you don't take feminist advice then blame it on yourself if you ever get divorced and pay the consequences. Just remember it's your decision so blame yourself for any consequences.

As feminist I wrote to my senator in support of draft for women and I am very thankful that bill has finally past for women to be draft just as men. Starting 2018 all girls born that year will be required to register for service. So now men can stop hoping this won't be the case and use reserve service as a trump card in getting more right than women and you can now stop using that as an excuse on why men should get their way on things.

Fourth Horseman's picture

Cunts today are cuck making machines. Wake up and get with the program.

Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Retard today are retard posting machines, a wake up call for men like you, as feminist I encourage you to join mgtow groups and hopefully that takes your mind off anything related to women. Which also includes discussing any topic relating to women or bitching off at women for your own failure in life.