China Issues Dire Warning On North Korea, Sees "Out Of Control... Disastrous Consequences"

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Authored by Mac Slavo via,

While the world watches in jest as Japanese residents prepare for the possibility of a confrontation with North Korea by panic buying nuclear shelters and air purifiers, we may soon realize that their efforts to desperately acquire protective gear and equipment for nuclear disaster were quite prescient.

Yesterday, North Korea successfully tested what is reportedly an ICBM (Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile) capable of striking Alaska from the Korean peninsula. Coupled with their purported advancements in nuclear technology, North Korea may now have the ability to launch devastating attacks on their southern neighbor, Japan and even the United States. And if they have not yet achieved the ability to fit a nuclear warhead on an ICBM and deliver it effectively to its target, they are inching closer by the day.

So close, in fact, that Chinese Ambassador Liu Jieyi’s recent remarks on the matter suggest that we are nearing a dangerous breaking point:

“Currently tensions are high and we certainly would like to see a de-escalation,” Liu told a news conference at UN headquarters as China takes over the Security Council presidency in July.


“If tension only goes up … then sooner or later it will get out of control and the consequences would be disastrous,” he said.

Earlier this year President Trump deployed three carrier strike groups to the region, signaling the real possibility that the United States will no longer follow what Secretary of State Rex Tillerson calls a policy of “strategic patience” employed by Trump’s predecessors.

Though the threat seems to be muted by global media, China and Russia appear to be taking it very seriously, with both having reportedly deployed tens of thousands of troops and equipment to their respective borders with the North.

All of the signs suggest that military action is about to occur. And while most Americans may think that North Korea would be another Iraq, wherein the battle could be won in a matter days, the fact is that North Korea has a massive military and now, as confirmed yesterday, an ICBM capable of striking long-range targets.

Now may be a good time to imitate the Japanese by preparing for the worst, because the moment the world realizes that war is imminent there will be a run on banks and grocery stores that will likely leave shelves and ATM machines completely empty. Following the Fukushima nuclear disaster, the price of government recommended anti-radiation pills skyrocketed from $15 to over $200 per unit. We expect to see a similar effect in coming weeks and months for preparedness equipment like gas masks and NBC body suits as tensions on the Peninsula heat up.

War is coming. President Trump has made this very clear and North Korea does not appear to be heeding his warning. All bets will be off once the missiles start flying.

Because all three of the world’s major super powers will be involved in one way or another it is not only possible, but quite likely that things could spiral out of control very quickly.

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south40_dreams's picture

Nuke the bastards 'til they glow

Nexus789's picture

Which bastards as there is such a wide choice?

NugginFuts's picture

The ones in DC, obviously.... Oh wait, that's the home team, right?

BaBaBouy's picture

China wants those islands/waters, Thump wants them too...

China using NK as distraction.

Perfect Fucking storm.

And Magically its ALL Bullish for Stocks, brought to you by the Fed...

froze25's picture

The Chinese economy could implode very quickly if the US wishes it and they know it. There will be pain on both side but in China you will probably have a revolt pretty quickly if things go south.

PrayingMantis's picture

... keep beating that stray dog and it will surely bite you ...

... ((( de Rothschilds ))) must be high-fiving each other ...


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dot_bust's picture

Are you making $7k per month selling anti-radiation pills to the Japanese? Only then would I believe you. 

Caloot's picture

History... we start nuclear ww3 over the claim and possibility of a rogue broke nation starting nuclear ww3.   WHAT A SCAM.    One strike from North Korea would leave it's land mass a nuclear fallout, from the retaliation of the rest of the world.   This whole military posturing was rendered obsolete, you know the whole reason for the nucs  in the first place.  This is all about a war to cover the money printing.  Same as it ever was.  And any warmongering such as this fucking article serves that purpose.   

weburke's picture

Total orchestrated lies

Handful of Dust's picture

USA should welcome all Japanese who want to immigrate to our nation. They are hard working, non violent and in my experience, good to work with.

4freedom78's picture

They will go to Australia o New Zealand

Déjà view's picture

64 candles since 1953...or 64 Cruisin' For A Bruisin' missiles for pugsly to view through his high tech binoculars...

Time for Mr. T to put BRICS back into their CRIBS...

Luc X. Ifer's picture

China is actually leading a master chess game from which they expect to pull NK as the newest China's province - it is a historical desire of the Chinese empire. Chima rots for and leads NK sliding into  war with US so that China gets a legitimate strategic cause to overtake the whole Korean peninsula and this just in preparation to move further east to Japan.

CoonT's picture

Japanese... non-violent? Un-fuck yourself, pronto!

old naughty's picture

now someone finally point out the truth...
follow the ''money'', right?
But then, everything is orchestrated these days, no?

Krungle's picture

I'm pretty sure the US economy will implode whether the US wishes it and China knows it. Also who can survive on a bowl of rice a day? China can survive that shit, soft Americans not so much.

We're at the terminal stage of empire and Americans are still trying to prove they have the biggest dick on the block like anyone gives a shit....

cheech_wizard's picture

>Also who can survive on a bowl of rice a day?

I'm turning Japanese
I think I'm turning Japanese
I really think so
Turning Japanese
I think I'm turning Japanese
I really think so

Standard Disclaimer: Been there, done that, didn't like it all that much.

Creepy_Azz_Crackaah's picture

Down voters have no taste in "music."

Offthebeach's picture

Just  a reality check....." trying to prove"?  Like, who else is even close?  Factually we are the biggest.   Fact.  Done..  For real.

As to caring, the Chinese care.  The Japanese care.  Russia cares.   The EU cares. Poland and the Baltics. Israel,  the Saudis, the Iranians and the Syrians care, So too the Indians and Pakistanis.   

Maybe in the distant future mo, but for now, yes.

Try not to let your feelings color reality. 


new game's picture

absolutly we care!!! if one cherishes life...


flapdoodle's picture

What few Americans realize is that China in short order could return to a Maoist command economy similar to the one they had 40 years ago... with the difference that they now have a whole bunch of modern factories and know how among their engineers and workers they didn't have 40 years ago.

The US? The knowledge base is dying off in droves and the Frankfurt school has succeeded in creating a population of passive zombies which the (((Deep State))) can exploit like so much goyim cattle...

Very sad for the US - all it has left is its arrogance...

general ambivalent's picture

lol, the Frankfurt School was 60 years ago. And they actually preceded the Alt-Right's critiques of liberal society and degeneracy. The focus on the Frankfurt School conspiracy was a zioconservative trick to keep their culture industry going.

Their ideas are certainly worthy of critique, but the memes you see on the internet are based on lies and never discuss what the authors themselves studied.

343 Guilty Spark's picture

I agree and most people don't realize that around 50% of China's food comes from the United States. China won't go to war with the United States.

aurum4040's picture

I tend to think the risk of US unrest is far greater than unrest in China. The Chinese, much like Russians but not quite as strong, are used to scenarios and living conditions that would make 90% of the US piss it's pants. The Chinese can evolve quickly to deal with such a situation, we cannot. 90% of US citizens have no clue what difficult living conditions can be like. If our economy implodes,, you will see social unrest at a level this country has never seen. 

HoyeruNew's picture

actually it's USA using NK as a distraction. You're only half right. As the article. The article mixes fake news. No ICBM but middle range.

DosZap's picture

If it was capable of getting to Alaska or Cail coast that's where the shoe drops FOR ME.I am tired of getting black mailed by NK, with fat faced bad haircut NK nutjobs for so called leaders.This CAN has been kicked down the road for 45yrs!!! time to end it WHILE we can.(NO AMERICAN TROOPS added),pre-emptive attack(tell China first) and DO IT.

flapdoodle's picture

Word to the wise - in any war, every military has things two to three years advanced to what they are showing, even if in a prototype phase. During WWII prototypes were thrown into the struggle just as soon as they were available by all sides.

Bottom line - if the Norks report and have proven that they can already reach Alaska, they likely have stuff up their slieaves RIGHT NOW that can reach California or beyond.

caconhma's picture

NK is a China's client-State! Any war against NK will be a war with China.

Neither Trump nor his groupies understand that geopolitical interests are NO NEGOTIABLE!

America is in a disarray without either a FUNCTIONAL President or the Congress. Consequently, the USA cannot get involved in any serious geopolitical confrontation specifically like China or even NK.

Japan is in a panic since it realizes that America will not go to a nuke war defending Japan. It means that Japan will search a deal with China at expense of the USA.

25 years ago, USSR disappeared and the USA became the only superpower. America at that time could disarm Soviet nuclear capabilities and China was nobody. But Bush, Sr., Clinton, Bush, Jr., Obama, and the US Congress and their Zionist Banking Mafia owners have fucked off EVERYTHING! America is in a deep shit and there is no way out.

DosZap's picture

If it was capable of getting to Alaska or Cali coast that's where the shoe drops FOR ME.I am tired of getting black mailed by NK, with fat faced bad haircut NK nutjobs for so called leaders.This CAN has been kicked down the road for 45yrs!!! time to end it WHILE we can.(NO AMERICAN TROOPS added),pre-emptive attack(tell China first) and DO IT.

earleflorida's picture

lets do a prisoner exchange...

Clinton MR & Misteress, Bush, 'CHENEY', Obama, and 'Dip Shit Orange Pop'....

for --- KIM

sounds reasonable to me

45North1's picture

The true home team doesn't have a ticket to the bunkers....

yogibear's picture

China should just replace UN before the fat bastard starts a war. Replacing UN and opening the North Korean market would create more demand for China.

North Korea is the last foothold of the old communist regime.

07564111's picture

He fails to realize that in Japan and South Korea there won't be a single American left alive if his wish comes true. :D

earleflorida's picture

the dragon and bear can swallow the eagle nest whole....


then what... recruit some american indians what's left to fight your burrito wars

therover's picture

If the eagle flies away beforehand, all that dragon and bear have to eat are feathers and sticks.

Déjà view's picture

Chicom could end DPRK...Mr. T makes a few very Xi-rious statements concerning debt/trade...Chicom in their best interests has ONE choice...

earleflorida's picture

go fuck yourself, ... gereral couch potato

Xredsx's picture

How about you go and sign up so your government can send you to Korea and use you has cannon fodder. You might just realize that you have been fool by propaganda, believing that the Koreans will be push overs. That is a very large determined army that knows their land better than anyone. They will give their all defending their territory.. And don't think for a second that they won't send an army of suicidal koreans to the west like the Muslims.

shovelhead's picture


froze25's picture

If you want to make a meeting very awkward eat that about 8 hrs prior to it. It will give you some of the best farts ever.

Offthebeach's picture

If I remember, Sadam had the worlds 3rd largest Army.  So how'd that work out?  N. Koreans Air Force would be gone in hours.  Air Defense would take a few days to be ineffective.  

Bums rush south has been N Koreas go to strategy for ...well since the start of the Korean war.  Maybe the secret N. Korean invasion fleet can bypass the  land problem of the gamed to the centimeter DMZ and avenues of approaches. 



Xredsx's picture

And what was the cost of defeating Iraq in open dessert? But there will be a very interesting battle against the Korean Submarine fleet though. 

Offthebeach's picture

I would expect the very good S. Korean General Staff have gamed, thought and know the N. Korean military to the"T".  And the Japanese aren't just twiddling thumbs.  So, N. Korea at a minimum is looking at taking on the US Air Force, 3 or  more Navy carriers, S.Korea Air Force and some or all of the Japanese navy and Air Force.   But I guess the N. Korean armored divisions could for a while,  clog, bumper to bumper down the south bound highways. Talk about  target rich. If they stay north, they'll be put into kill boxes and one by one, ground up from air launched anti-tank from 5 miles up and 10 miles away.  They're going to have to weld shut the crews inside the tanks.  




frank further's picture

Your last name MacArthur?  Overconfidence is dangerous. You've signed up, I trust.

Last1Out's picture

You clearly don't have a military background, or if you do at the wrong level. I used to work on that OPLAN. That scenario is a world calamity no matter how it goes.

Offthebeach's picture

Plans, not 'that plan".  

World calamity. no matter how....really?  Kind of a absolutist statement.  To think America was once a person who defeated in 7 years the worlds empire, conquered a continent on foot, horse and rail and in 1936 had the worlds 8th largest Army.

Anyway, logic, plans,  didn't stop Hitler and the General Staff, the messianic Imperial Japanese,  Saddam.   What makes you feel N. Korea is a rational state?