Riot Police Use Water Cannons, Tear Gas To Disperse G-20 Protesters

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Riot police in Hamburg used water cannons to disperse a large crowd of protesters who had gathered in the city’s parks in anticipation of the G-20 Summit, which will see world leaders – including US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan – converge on the city for a two-day summit beginning Friday.

Police are cracking down on protesters, many of whom arrived in the city last week and set up camp, Occupy Wall Street-style, in the city’s parks. While pushing protesters out of the camps, police discovered a cache of weapons carried by the far-left and anarchist demonstrators, including throwing knives, telescopic batons, precision catapults and other items that could be used to cause very serious injury to law enforcement or others.

Clashes occurred Tuesday night in the Neuer Pferdemarkt area, where thousands of activists have been rallying throughout the day, according to Russia Today. At least 15,000 police officers from all of Germany’s federal states are being deployed to ensure public security at the G20 summit.

“We have every German special unit available to the summit,” Hamburg’s police president Ralf Meyer said Tuesday.



Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office is responsible for protecting the visiting leaders. Demonstrators who arrived early had been given until the start of this week to dismantle their protest camps around the city. Most refused, prompting police to forcefully disperse them.

Police clarified that protest camps are permitted, but protesters cannot stay in them overnight.

Tens of thousands of protesters are expected to march in the city this week against globalization and what they say is corporate greed and a failure to tackle climate change, according to Reuters. German authorities believe around 8,000 demonstrators were prepared to use violence, the interior minister said on Tuesday. Some 20,000 police officers will be deployed.



According to Reuters, the Germany army fears protesters will use unarmed drones and that it has deployed a radar to locate any possible aerial intrusions. Earlier Tuesday, protesters dressed as zombies for the "1,000 Figure" march. Video is available below.




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espirit's picture

No Guillotines?

NotApplicable's picture

Precision catapults you say?

froze25's picture

Once again you have over whelming evidence that the Leftist Radicals are willing to and have used violence to further a political agenda. That is by definition called Terrorism.

NoDebt's picture

"Riot Police Use Water Cannons, Tear Gas To Disperse G-20 Protesters"

This is the same headline from every G20 meeting for the last 25 years, plus or minus a "throwing rocks and bottles at police" phrase.


Handful of Dust's picture

Looks like Portland or Berkley a few weeks ago.

Bes's picture


are zhedgers saying that fighting the oligarchy of the G20 is bad?

or good?

wait?  what?

ummmm.... i think i am missing something.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Inside the G20 conference all is well. On the menu is duck, pate de foie gras, little Haitian children, and the fate of humanity.

eforce's picture

This could be the last year if the police were more Roman in their tactics...

Osamabeentokin's picture

Don't trust those armchair pundits to have consistent political views...half of them are baby boomer hippycrites who can't shake off the acid trip that revealed to them they would be the only awesome people in the world and now that they're old, they think freedom isn't fun if the young 'uns can enjoy it too...

and the other half got their brains lobotomized by Ronald Reagan's new and improved dept. of education.


I'm just here for the financial fear porn...

UnhingedBecauseLucid's picture

I'd be surprised if even 0.5 % of them ever did acid, but I still like and agree with the general idea behind your premise.

Even though you also forgot to mention that over 80% of them don't think "carrying capacity" is a thing... since I'm feeling generous today, I still awarded you with a +1 for reminding everyone of the only valid reason for browsing this site ...

Congrats !

adanata's picture

Fighting the oligarchy is great... unfortunately, in order to be effective... you have to actually know what you're fighting for. These people are all propaganda drones who have fallen for the climate change hoax meme and all the rest of the snowflake "ideology"; they believe they are fighting against the oligarchs/corporate greed, as they are oblivious of reality. They are unwitting minions fighting for what the oligarchs want: socialism, political correctness, fake "green" tech and all the rest. They are deluded into 'fighting' for their own [and our] destruction; they are unwittingly supporting the NWO because they know ziltch. I'm sure they wish we would all embrace Islam as the religion of peace.

Richard Chesler's picture

Once leftists are in power, they just shoot to kill. See Venezuela


Ignatius's picture

The real terrorists are inside the venue.

A. Boaty's picture

Globalization, No!

Localization, Yes!

Down with the globalists!

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

'every special unit ...' to protect the summit, not the Volk.


cossack55's picture

Funny......I see no Waffen SS

Nobodys Home's picture

Ohh ee oh. Yo ho. (melodically stated in an almost chanting deep voice)
Think - The Wozard of Iz.

LA_Goldbug's picture

We would need to resurrect the Germans that are buried in the war cemeteries to get this done. I bet she would be strung up in 10 minutes after they showed up.

LA_Goldbug's picture

ZH - I am laughing for the past 15 minutes after reading about this. To enjoy myself more I am playing old 80's tunes. This Circus is just too much.

PS: To make you laugh some more check this story out,

0valueleft's picture

Those punks with michelin suits are just the babysitters, the intial welcoming for the harmless hippies. The elite guard is in the shadow, every shadow cast in every western country.

I applaud the protest of the g20, but it is feckless in result.

We are peasents, again. Doesn't matter how many Budweisers you drink labeled America.


RagaMuffin's picture

“We have every German special unit available to the summit,” If there was ever an invitation to nail some where else in  Germany..............

Blanco Diablo's picture

They have it covered!

Court in Germany authorizes group of self-appointed Sharia police to continue enforcing Islamic law

me123me's picture

Do these people have any idea what they are protesting? 

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Change one letter in your sentence.


Do these (the police) people have any idea what they are protecting?

HenryKissingerBilderberg's picture

Do these people have any idea what they are protesting?

no, they are fat jobless tattoed white dindus ON WELFARE, drunk and totally harmless... germany's own version of brainwashed snowflakes: no muscle, no brain, and no engineering basements...


THAT is something different.

LA_Goldbug's picture

But the police showed up to "clean them up". Now against warring refugees they seem to be powerless.

montresor's picture

Looks like the kind of line that the Browning Automatic Rifle was made for.. Old tools for old problems...

small axe's picture

... throwing knives, telescopic batons, precision catapults

pretty meager, but don't underestimate the catapult. Ask Goliath.

itstippy's picture

My garage is full of crowbars, circular saw blades, lathe knives, steel pipes, linoleum cutters, gallons of flammables, etc.  In the garden shed are pickaxes, pitchforks, shovels, a machete, etc.  The basement has an assortment of projectile-flingers and toxic chemicals.  I often pile a bunch of this stuff into the back of the truck, along with gloves, face masks, and hard hats, and drive around on public roads.

Then again, I probably wouldn't let the majority of the G20 protesters touch my stuff; they'd hurt themselves.  We need a more pragmatic and gritty style of protester.  The French farmers come to mind.  When the police dispersed their protest with water cannon the French farmers retreated, rearmed, and returned with giant motorized liquid-manure shit sprayers.  The second wave was huge air-powered hay flingers.  The police line crumbled as the officers were covered with liquid shit and a layer of itchy hay.  There are YouTube videos of the confrontation out there somewhere.  That's the kind of protest the G20 folks should be subjected to.

lake's picture

This isn't the 60s. Protesting doesn't work. Today's leaders are mass murderers and plan to murder many more. Why would they care about wimpy protests?

Last of the Middle Class's picture

Well, unless they organized the protests, which happens quite a bit, actually.

ConnectingTheDots's picture

You stated: "This isn't the 60s. Protesting doesn't work. Today's leaders are mass murderers and plan to murder many more. Why would they care about wimpy protests?"

So what do you suggest be done to counter the globalists?

Faeriedust's picture

They don't.  Black Bloc and the others who have been training in old-style infantry tactics as well as guerilla warfare -- THAT scares them, because they're well on the way to developing a trained operational core of revolutionaries who are the equal of Special Forces units minus the heavy backup. The more complex a society is, the easier it is to fatally disrupt.

You might not remember, but thirty years ago the only mobs these meetings had to prepare, plan, and pay for were the worshipful MSM press.  Mobilizing enough police to deal with 20,000 protesters of whom a couple thousand are prepared to inflict serious havoc, and doing it for every meeting, gets expensive at a time when all government budgets are strapped.

Krungle's picture

But they were worried about Ergodan roughing up the locals?

koan's picture

“We have every German special unit available to the summit,”

Mean while Muslims continue to rape and pillage with impunity.

LA_Goldbug's picture

German government prefers it this way,

"Mean while "unknown criminals" continue to rape and pillage with impunity."

Land Snark's picture

That's what stood out to me as well.  Perfect time for an attack or hell, get some white pussy!

DirtySanchez's picture

When the crowd becomes a threat....

-Warn them.


-Water cannon.

-Lock up anyone who does not heed these deterrants.

-Hold them for maximum time period.

-Permanent mark on record as an anarchist.

Fake Trump's picture

Trump will get a big welcome for grabbing Merkel's cunt.

youngman's picture

So what are you doing this summer???  oh gollly...there is the G-20 summit..thats a cool one...and then there is usually a nice riot in Seattle..they have nice people there....and maybe go to burning man and a Phsych concert

Faeriedust's picture

Everyone should spend a year or two having adventures before settling down to work for a living. It gives you a reason to look forward to retirement.

Vageling's picture

LoL! Antifa and co at work. Morons. Boohoo G20! Davos? Bilderburg? Huh? Wazztha? Idiots!

Guess they're extra pissed now because the police strip searched every bus and person. Thats raycist ya know. They're peaceful and shit *chuckles*.

Hope tha Polizei gets a smash a antifag day. Crack some of those coconuts. Oh yeah, schadenboner material.

They should pull these scum their welfare.


Snot Boogie's picture

Are you a real person, with actual beliefs?  Does a real person actually think with words like these?  Supposing you are real, and not some propaganda fag, I think it is just great that people who have such genuine grievances against the globalists of the world (i.e. readers of ZH and these protestors) can be split apart with such stupid little words and simple sound-bytes of ideas.  The cognitive dissonance must be strong in someone like you.  

Vageling's picture

Do you actually know how to use your brain or just plain fucking ignorant. Naive you are for sure. You have no idea who these people are. Beliefs?  You have no clue. They're demonstrating to riot. Dumb fuck. Yes, I can do ad hominem too muppet. Some ignorant moron yapping his mouth. Fucking libtard.

DrData02's picture

Crack down on proptests against the elite, but let the Muslims run wild.  I think I see the plan.

Felix da Kat's picture

Shame that far too many of the Occupy-Hamburg disrupters fail to see how Trump is their hero; that Trump's purpose is nationalistic and against a cabal of globalizing controllers pushing for an open-borders, banker nirvana. Fortunately, Steve Bannon is a close advisor to President Trump. As far as Trump's agenda is concerned, attending the summit is an unnecessary risk... it is a very high-risk trip; you know there is some crafty person or group just planning to do something stupid.