Russia, China Rule Out Military Action In North Korea, US Responds "Will Go Its Own Path" If Needed

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Russia's deputy U.N. envoy on Wednesday said military force should not be considered against North Korea and also called for a halt to the deployment of a U.S. missile defense system in South Korea. "The possibility of taking military measures to resolve the problems of the Korean peninsula should be excluded," said Deputy Russian U.N. Ambassador Vladimir Safronkov. "We express our support to the idea of North and South Korea engaging in dialogue and consultations."

"The possibility of taking military measures to resolve the problems of the Korean peninsula should be excluded," Safronkov said. "We express our support to the idea of North and South Korea engaging in dialogue and consultations."

He also said that attempts to economically strangle North Korea are "unacceptable" and that sanctions will not resolve the issue, and also called for a halt to the deployment of a U.S. missile defense system in South Korea.

China echoed Russia's quasi security council veto on any military actions or sanctions, and said military action "must not be an option" and repeated that it urges all sides to exercise restraint and called on the halting of deployment in North Korea.  Like Russia, China also called for a halt to the U.S. deployment of an missile defense system in South Korea.

That said, China's U.N. Ambassador Liu Jieyi on Wednesday concede North Korea's latest ballistic missile launch was a "flagrant violation" of U.N. resolutions and "unacceptable."

Earlier on Wednesday, the United States warned it was ready to use force "if we must" to stop North Korea's nuclear missile program but said it prefers global diplomatic action against Pyongyang for Tuesday's test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Meanwhile, responding to what appears to be a preemptive veto by Russia and China, the US said that it was prepared to ignore the UN resolution, and would go "its own path" if needed on North Korea.


Finally, the White House said on Wednesday it was exploring its options to respond to North Korea's test-firing of an intercontinental ballistic missile. "I think we've been pretty consistent that we're never going to broadcast any next steps. We're exploring those options," White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told reporters on Air Force One as President Donald Trump flew to Poland.

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BaBaBouy's picture

Thump Showing his TRUE FACE... (Remember The Election Promises pull out of M-E etc)...

Arrrrrrrrrrrr... We Need Woar...........

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Russia, China Rule Out Military Action In North Korea... unless of course it is required against US aggression...
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Lets imagine the tables were turned around. Mexico a close neighbough of the USSA with trade agreements etc. The imagined state of Mexico is vehemently anti China and has been developing missiles and firing these into the pacific ,making statements like we will soon be able to strike China. The Chinese leaders then say “well we reserve the right to attack Mexico” if we feel it is necessary.

How do you think the USSA would react to such a statement.

The Deep-state is calling the shots in this war of words. They desperately want a war to cover for the impending collapse of the global financial markets. Strange as it may be, even Chinese leaders would welcome a war to distract from their impending bankruptcy.


Give Me Some Truth's picture

I am beginning to believe that the Deep State DOES desperately want a big war, maybe more than one to distract from what's coming. They are stirring the pot in every nation/region that they can. 

The MSM is of course helping. Seventy percent of the American public simply looks up from the couch and says, "Go Team! Go War. USA! USA!"



Déjà view's picture

64 candles since 1953...or 64 Cruisin' For A Bruisin' missiles for pugsly to view through his high tech binoculars...

Time for Mr. T to put BRICS back into their CRIBS...

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Go it alone is right. South Korea really doesn't want millions of starving Norks. China will try anything to prevent Korean reunification. Russia wouldn't mind too much if we got mired in a war far from the mideast. What's our move here?

cossack55's picture

The unexpected.............surrender to the French

yomutti2's picture

Oh yeah? I wonder how quick Russia and China would be to rule out military action if it were Ukraine or Taiwan making the nuclear wepaons and the missiles?


It's simple, China and Russia enable the Norks because they know the Nork weapons won't be used on them. Well boys, fine. Maybe we'll return the favor when dealing with our clients.



07564111's picture

You know where we are ukieboi but you don't got the balls.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

So the United Nations is basically a worthless institution then.  Not that we already didn't know that around here.  The US gets to use its veto whenever it feels the need, and everyone else better damn well abide by it, but if anyone else uses their veto power, we can just extend the middle finger and tell them to fuck off.  So why are we wasting all this time and money pussyfooting around with the UN then?  Just disband it already.  We are such a nation of do as we say, not as we do dipshits, its astounding.  Politicians in our country are the epitomy of do as I say not as I do people.  Pa-fucking-thetic!!

johngaltfla's picture

Bad news for the Norks, ChiComs and Russia; Trump does not need any Congressional action or declaration of war (Unfortunately). The only thing holding the peace now is an armistice and once the Norks violate that, Trump can use whatever force is necessary in Korea and probably against China (Truman's mistake in the past).

CheapBastard's picture

My first step would be to cut Little Kim's subscription to netflix and Plaoboy.


Got The Wrong No's picture

No, No, No, don't do that. We have to keep his mind off of this Nuke Program. I'm for giving him ESPN for free and have Dennis Rodman, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan go over and play a little B Ball with his ass. He likes his B Ball. Give him lifetime tickets to any NBA Team of his Liking. 

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Really really really bad news for Sork. They are the only thing Kim can retaliate against.

BrownCoat's picture

@ Beam Me Up Scotty,

The United Nations is as useless as tits on a bull. Its predecessor, The League of Nations, did not prevent WWII. The United Nations shows how govt works, corrupt to the core and unable to perform its alleged duties.

UrbanMining's picture

Of course we get to dictate. We're the ones with the weapons and tech. The UN is basically just a representation of the countries on our team to the progress of a one world united under us. The resistance is China and Russia. Those 2 countries alone are the only reasons why we haven't invaded Iran and North Korea. I'm not saying I'm in favor with what I stated above, but that's the reality of what's going on.

BrownCoat's picture

What does 'ukieboi' mean?

NiggaPleeze's picture

"China and Russia enable the Norks because they know the Nork weapons won't be used on them."

Would that be the same reason US enables the Israelis, Indians and Pakistanis to have nukes?

Maybe China and Russia don't feel as "threated" by N. Korea b/c (1) they aren't in a state of war with N. Korea, (2) they don't refuse to end a state of war with N. Korea (that they aren't in), (3) they don't sanction N. Korea to the extent of killing 100,000s of innocents, and (4) they don't constantly threaten N. Korea with destruction?

Maybe somebody aside from the US is entitled to self-defense in the world?  Have you considered that option?

serotonindumptruck's picture

China and Russia also recognize ulterior motives by the US.

The US wants NATO military emplacements on both China and Russia's border.

Conquering North Korea would achieve that objective.

The Russians and Chinese are certainly not stupid.

Unfortunately, the US provocations won't stop until global thermonuclear warfare rages across the planet.

Volkodav's picture

       SK can become starving also

Winston Churchill's picture

They had a years long drought.Hard to grow rice in that.

That was a decade ago.

NiggaPleeze's picture


If the unsanctioned pictures I've seen are any indication, people in N. Korea are better nourished than many other parts of the planet (though, admittedly, they don't have an obesity epidemic, which is all good in my book).

Thins is, both China and Russia would likely support N. Korea again in a war with the US.  And there's not much US can do about it, US' advantage goes away, esp. if the N. Korean claim to have a "carrier destroyer" (if so, most likley provided by China, at least the blueprints) are true.

Got The Wrong No's picture

What's our move here? 

I have a call into Netanyahu but he was busy. I'll let you know when he gets back to me. 

Give Me Some Truth's picture

China and Russia should buy all the world's silver at $15.88/ounce. We would soon see how rigged and bogus that "market" is and the dominoes might start to cascade for the U.S. dollar.


Bill of Rights's picture

Trumps job is to be president what thr fuvk you want him
To do? Since your the expert run for office Dope...

NiggaPleeze's picture

The US government reminds me of my dad.  "International law" ('rules") are something he makes for others to follow.

Fortunately my dad doesn't have nukes ....  Unfortunately ....

The Management's picture

War will not stimulate the economy. US can escalate one of three fronts just because at any moment.

However... If NK explodes next to China this WILL spill over.

Hmmm who benefits...

Luc X. Ifer's picture

NK become the newest China's province, this is why China actually lets it slide slowly into war

Gardentoolnumber5's picture

NK propaganda is taking the eyes off the war crimes the US is committing in Syria and the greater ME.

xtremers9's picture

Yea... That's not happening. NK is China's turf

LetThemEatRand's picture

North Korea borders both China and Russia.   Military action against North Korea could easily start WWIII.   Maybe Trump is just blowing smoke to try to get North Korea to bend under US pressure to abide by its dictates and give up some of its sovereignty, but that's a dangerous game too because you can only cry wolf so many times and maintain credibility.   Either way, this is the kind of shit I expected from Hillary.  That Trump is playing these games is further evidence we were had.

Benito_Camela's picture

I coulda told you this in July of last year. Trump was going to accede to the deep state almost immediately. I couldn't bring myself to vote for him, so I went with Johnson/Weld knowing that it was a "wasted" vote anyway. 

Luc X. Ifer's picture

The only option US had at this election was more war, a global scale one, the war had two flavors, the preference of the left libtards - the dems, was the European style spice combo and the preference of the right nazitards was obviously as always the far East style spice medley. Without a massive, global scale war nothing can delay US social & economical collapse, exactly like the former USSR, yet another proof that market planned and manipulated solely for eternal growth is a lunacy

dirty fingernails's picture

Even war won't delay the US collapse, but it'll conceal it well for a little while

Winston Churchill's picture

Donald has painted himself into a corner.

A huuuge loss of face if he does nothing, or a very bloody nose if he does.

Both  are just fine with Russia and China, almost like they set an elephant  trap for him.

And I still think the USS Fitzgerald incident was no accident

As FDR said there are no co-incidences in (geo)politics.

Omen IV's picture

Trump is totally bluffing - this location on the border of both Russia / China is impossible quest coupled with immediate incineration of Seoul, SK

not going to happen - The Japanese need to write long term deal with China / Russia for their own safety  and abandon any military ambitions - no upside with the USA

the oil in the china sea will be split on Chinese Terms with Philippines


time to go home Yankee Doodle

keep the bastards honest's picture

Japan still has big US bases...

japanese old people have demonstrated for a decade or more every day against US bases, US personnel raping, kidnapping, killing, traffic deaths of locals, noise and occupation of large land area.

Schmuck Raker's picture
News Flash: US "Will Go Its Own Path"

Just in case the world's been asleep the last couple years.

DocBerg's picture

Once again Tom Leher's adaptation of the Marines' Hymn become increasingly relevant.

Wahooo's picture

Very drumpfian.

cherry picker's picture

Sounds like Bush and Cheney all over again.

Probably the same results

USA is not the world's policeman, cartel is more like it.

truthalwayswinsout's picture

Not a shot needs to be fired.

Organize a boycott against China by all our Asian allies and also NATO and watch how fast the Chinese revolt and put their Communist leaders against the wall and shoot them. Once the boycott is organized tell the Chinese and any NK's that there is a $1 billion bounty on the little shit's head and that all pensions in NK will be guaranteed and no reprisals taken if they surrender the North and end the Korean war.

Or course; Walmart and Apple would be against losing their slave labor source.

gregga777's picture

Yes, just close all US points of entry to anything Made In China. That should have done a long time ago anyway.

Mikeyyy's picture

what on earth would make you think that our Asian and NATO allies would, as you say, "boycott ... China"?  Because we asked them?


Most likely our Asian allies and our NATO allies would tell us to pack sand.. and now whadya got?