Blue Apron Bloodbath - 'Hottest' IPO Enters Bear Market

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Well that escalated quickly...

From 'no brainer' to 'greater fool' in 4 days...


"Buying opportunity?"

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Blue Apron going into Red Tampon real fast.

So who made money on this?

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Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC, Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC, Citigroup Global Markets Inc. and Barclays Capital Inc., that's who.

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Let me put my surprise face on 8-O

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Blue Apron should have done an ICO instead of an IPO if they really wanted to raise serious money these days.

Raffie's picture

Yup, but most peeps think cryptos are ponzi's unlike the USD.

Too-Big-to-Bail's picture

I sold when it was at $11 and I also make 7K working part-time from home

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Scammy link or it doesn't count

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Hah Hah Hah Hah!!!!!!!

edit: That's gotta be today's funniest lil comment thread....Wait...WTF has happened to my sense of humor since discovering ZH!

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Uh, uh, no golden turdball..

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I did the trial for them... was ok but totally not worth the $. So ..never using again.

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Never fear, Warren will step in and save the company in 3..... 2...... 1...... 

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Isn't she busy running for something?

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You mean Warren "I don't invest in tech, unless they are doing huge share buybacks" Buffett, AKA Warren "The Crony" Buffett

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Or were you referring to Warren "I hate nepotism in companies, unless it's my own son who sits on my board" Buffett?  There are so many to choose from.

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Who the fuck buys that shit?

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It's like Schwan's food delivery for Millenials.  Who buys this shit indeed.

quark's picture

It is a play for people with disposable income and who prefer convenient fresh food. The difference between this and Schwann is the fresh food part.

Is the stock investable at anything approaching the current price? I dunno... depends how many people are like me and are willing to pay $10/meal to have legitimately good food delivered every few days.... and what the margin is on said food and services. I'm not likely to invest, but so long as the food quality is good, the service is reasonable and the price stays around that price point, It isn't worth my time to waste the gas to go knock around the local grocery store with screaming ESL kiddos climbing on my cart and navigating the 400# welfare queens you can't pass in an aisle. I embrace the division of labor where someone else gets to do the grunt work and I add value and then enjoy a tasty meal.

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But just how long will it stay "fresh".

Not talking about stawks, by the look of it they are already past experation date.

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My idiot boss for one. He was telling me about it a few weeks ago. I just shake my head.

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Obviously the Federal Reserve's PPT is not buying stock Blue Apron. 



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they're selling mortimer. [/randolph]

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Hey speaking of worthless shit SNAP should be releasing earnings early next month. Buy puts accordingly. On second thought, that's not really fair. Blue apron has SOME value and I really shouldn't put it in the same lot with SNAP.

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BREAKING NEWS: has just announced a merger with Blue Apron.

konadog's picture

Launching operations in Vietnam, Korea, and China?

nevertheless's picture

Another on-line  company designed to kill American jobs. 

Vlad the Inhaler's picture

Um all they do is deliver groceries to your door plus a recipe on how to cook them.

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What's Blue Apron?  Why would I want to spend my "money" on this stawk?

Cozy Vanilla Sugar's picture

Most of the mutual fund managers "allocated" this stock in the IPO probably couldn't answer these questions.

With an IPO, you just buy from GS, hope it pops in public trading and sell on Day 1 to a dumber mutual fund manager. Works most of the time, but you have to sell on Day 1 of public trading!

Vlad the Inhaler's picture

That's gotta be demoralizing for all the other dumb startups that have been dreaming of cashing out in IPO glory.

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$10 per meal that I have to cook? Rather go get a pound of organic food already cooked from the Whole Foods hot bar.

APRN? Manolo, shoot that piece of shit.

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Blue Apron is adding some new menu options in honor of their IPO


Individually wrapped microwavable turds with imbedded sweet corn kernels.


Marinated unicorn anus.


Candied unicorn oysters (testicals).




Crap sandwich - big bite version.





just the tip's picture

are those anything like testicles?

SpanishGoop's picture

Just short every F* IPO and you will be rich in no time.

It is indeed a "no brainer".


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> Blue Apron: Pre-packaged food/ingredients w/cooking instructions delivered to your doorstep.


> Facebook: A smartphone application that facilitates messaging, photos and various other non-essential frivolities.


> How much does one 'need' either...?


> When does the 'other one' get the Klieglight treatment...?  


hooligan2009's picture

amazon = electronic catalog goods

uber = email cab co

snapchat = colring book

teslar = human assisted robot

dnc = libtard socialist danger to the world

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Blue Apron seems to be another Virtue Casting opportuniy. Here in San Francisco it is a cheap way to show how eco-aware and trendy you are. Afterall, think of the carbon savings having your organic vegetables locally sourced (except the items flown in from the midwest).

As others have noted, this is a scam for idiots with disposable money and are too lazy to drive all the way to Whole Foods. 

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 There has been an abundance of 'disposable' income in the Bay Area since 1997, with but a few slight pullbacks.    A behavioural modification event (from spending on whatever, to saving however and whenever one can) is on the horizon.     

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I fed 4 adults and a child on less than $12 TOTAL for a meal last weekend enjoying this:

-A giant rack of home baked  fall off the bone pork ribs (about 5lb untrimmed rack): simple garlic rub with some italian seasoning, Adobe seasoning salt and some cracked pepper.  Don't like sweet proteins much). 

-Double loaf of French bread turned garlic toast

-huge bowl of homemade cole slaw


Oh so frikin good.  I don't understand Blue Apron at all but then I actually like shopping for food (not really anything else) and I know how to cook (or...can read a recipe online since there are a million of them for anything you want to cook). 


just the tip's picture

you started that one sentence, "a giant rack" on purpose didn't you.

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Yesterday, I stopped at McDonald's for their hot fudge sundae. It is one of the two items I would ever purchase at their "restaurant".  The new price was $1.75, up $0.75 from 6 months ago.  That's was my last crappy sundae from them.  I can purchase a gallon of delicious French vanilla, real ice cream, from Trader Joes for $5.95. The McDonalds sundae is probably less than one ounce.  It would take 128 sundaes, $224.00, from McDonalds to equal on gallon of Trader Joes ice cream.  And poor people, who represent the vast majority of McD's customers, wonder why they're broke? I normally wouldn't pay $10 for a delivered meal but I believe it's a very fair price for "fresh" food delivered to your door.

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Six months ago it was January.
Surge pricing in effect's picture

"Six months ago it was January.
Surge pricing in effect"


hehehe...probably...their 20-something marketing idiots trying to be trendy.

Two years ago they had 50 cent cones during the summer.  Today the a-holes are almost at a double price increase. 


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this stawk is cratering, montana is shaking, and the latin kings are safe.  whodathoughtit?

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Looks like a recipe and all the fixins for a crap sandwich!  

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Doesn't Tyler know you can't put "Well that excelated quickly" and not put the Will Farrell video in the article? That's just the rule! XD