Is Terrorism Transforming America Into A Police State?

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Authored by Ted Galen Carpenter via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

For at least three decades, experts have noted the growing militarization of America’s police forces. The proliferation of Special Weapons and Tactics forces, or SWAT forces, is the most obvious example of that trend. Originally, such units were designed to deal with exceptionally dangerous situations (such as mass hostage incidents) in which lightly armed police would be outgunned. Not surprisingly, the first SWAT contingents originated in America’s largest and most dangerous cities.

That situation has changed dramatically. Small cities and even some modest-sized towns now have such heavily armed units utilizing military hardware and traveling in armored vehicles. They look—and act—far more like military combat units than anyone’s traditional conception of police. And the missions of SWAT forces have greatly expanded since their original formation. Increasingly, local authorities use them in routine matters that involve little or no danger of major violence from the targets of police action.

A recent incident in Hutto, Texas, a sleepy, outlying suburb of Austin, illustrates just how dangerously promiscuous the utilization of SWAT teams has become. On June 26, local police conducted a raid to implement a search warrant on a house in a low-crime, middle-class neighborhood. The alleged crime? Police suspected that some residents of the target house were involved in gambling. Investigators were backed up by a SWAT unit with nearly a dozen officers in full combat regalia pouring out of an armored vehicle.

Needless to say, the neighbors were both stunned and alarmed to see such an operation take place in their quiet community. One mother stated: “I went to my daughter’s room and looked outside their window to see if I could get a better view of what was going on, and there was a man in fatigues with a sniper rifle laying in my neighbor’s driveway.”

What was even more striking is that the police spokesman admitted to a reporter that the authorities “had no reason to believe” that the residence undergoing the search was involved in any violent activity. In other words, police were using paramilitary tactics and forces to execute a search warrant involving a nonviolent (indeed, victimless, crime) in a low-crime neighborhood. Such arrogant bullying should alarm anyone who cherishes domestic civil liberties.

Unfortunately, such incidents have become all-too-common as local authorities seek new missions to justify the existence of SWAT teams and to keep the personnel alert and well trained. The expansion of SWAT units and missions is closely correlated to the existence of federal programs making surplus military hardware available at little or no cost to local police forces.

Such deadly toys have become a prime justification for law enforcement budget increases and the receipt of federal grants in communities around the country.

The war on illegal drugs has been the primary justification that authorities use to create and expand SWAT units, and antidrug raids are their primary mission. The drug-war rationale has some plausibility, since narcotics traffickers are sometimes extremely violent criminals. As concerns about terrorism became more salient, especially after the 9/11 attacks, that mission augmented the drug-war justification. Politicians, even in small communities with virtually a nonexistent possibility of being a terrorism target, highlight the alleged danger (along with the menace of illegal drugs) to pump-up police budgets and gain the military hardware from Washington.

Thus far, efforts to rescind or even curtail the federal program have proven unsuccessful. The militarization of America’s local police proceeds unabated. That is an alarming development. General Colin Powell, at the time chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, observed that the military’s purpose is to “kill people and break things.” Military forces operate in enemy territory and tend to view all people there as potential adversaries who could prove deadly to them.

The purpose of America’s police forces is (or at least should be) totally different. Their legitimate role is to protect the life, liberty and property of people living in a free, constitutional republic. It is extremely unwise to confuse or conflate that role with the function of the U.S. military. Yet, that is what is occurring at an alarming rate.

The Posse Comitatus Act, which Congress passed in 1878, severely restricts the role of the military in domestic law enforcement. Unfortunately, that restriction has experienced significant erosion in recent decades, with some prominent political figures deriding the statute as “archaic.”

Even if the language of the act remains more or less intact, it will have little relevance if the proliferation of SWAT units continues. SWAT personnel are combat soldiers in everything but name. It matters little if they are technically police operating as part of a local government if their weapons and tactics are those of an occupying army. The old adage that if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck, applies to the SWAT phenomenon. The sight of such combat forces deployed in civilian neighborhoods in the United States is jarringly reminiscent of the images Americans once believed confined to repressive police states. It is tragic that such images are now the norm in America itself.

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Bunga Bunga's picture

It's all going according to plan.

NoDecaf's picture

remember the old 'punch buggy' game?

try it with the US flag, see how sore you are at the end of the day

or by lunch time

doctor10's picture

The oligarchy is afraid of the people-

That fear is reflected in their fear of President Trump

Memedada's picture

Trump (and his cabinet) are part of the (lesser, they have owners too) oligarchy.

BennyBoy's picture


Leagalize all drugs like booze is.

Then watch the big banks collapse from lack of money laundering fees.

Slomotrainwreck's picture

Is Terrorism Transforming America Into A Police State?

                    - or -

Is Police Transforming America Into A Terrorism State?

goober's picture

Interestingly the supposed peace president BHO ramped up all the militarization of police here in USA at least ten fold maybe 50 X ! And how many even realize that fact. BHO has been given a pass on every bad act because the magic negro was all about peace and tranquility and justice and on and on .......................according to him and PRAVDA/MSM anyway.

This explains it all as well, the police state. You cannot tell the differnce between some police and military today ! Because there is none.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"Is Terrorism Transforming America Into A Police State?"

No, but the 'war on terror' is.

Ignatius's picture

Terrorism is theatre.

...intended to terrorize those watching, not the victims.

50% of Americans sufferred clinical PTSD after 9/11.

It's Gladio with a new theme, but the same plot: The Strategy of Tension

Cui bono?  Think.

OverTheHedge's picture

"50% of Americans sufferred clinical PTSD after 9/11."

I would beg to differ. In my opinion, 100% of practicing (((therapists))) wanted to increase their clients base. The sheeple would have been fine,  except that they were told repeatedly that they wern't.

Ignatius's picture

It is/was a massive psychological operation designed to move the public mind.

Sirius Wonderblast's picture

If terrorists really wanted to overthrow their purported enemies, inevitably western nations, then they would attack infrastructure not people.

Memedada's picture

Yes, or they would target "people with power" (those responsible for the official explanation for what motivates “terrorists” = all the wars). Why not target a big bank?

Ace Ventura's picture

Careful're starting to ask the right kind of questions. Obviously you're some sort of extremist who hates freedom.

Memedada's picture

A Police State is institutionalized terrorism – a police state is based on violence/use of excessive force (or the threat of force), assassinations, torture, intimidations, verbal abuses, imprisonment etc. and its purpose is (like terrorism) to frighten/terrorize people into submission.  

logicalman's picture

Terrorism isn't transforming America into a police state...

The threat of terrorism has been used by government to transform America into a police state.

goober's picture

And how many of those events were allowed to happen ? Boston, Orlando, SanBerdoo/Riverside, Ft Hood, and many others all across USA . All of those supposed perps were interrogated/investigated and released to do their deeds under the BHO regime.

The Russians even gave us almost two years warning on the Boston brothers ? So what were FBI and other spooks doing ? It is clear all of these events were known prior and allowed to happen to include 9/11 itself !

TheSilentMajority's picture

The art of the stealth war:

- mass immigration, both illegally & legally
- breed much faster than the indigenous population
- bankrupt the state with mammoth new security costs and huge new unsustainable welfare costs
- gain overwhelming political power
- initiate blasphemony laws and sharia courts

Caliphate accompli.

charlewar's picture

don't forget to add "establish forward bases/command centers in the form of mosques.

miketv's picture

*government staged false flag terrorism

Lore's picture

Exactly. Practically all the "terror" we're fed nowadays in mainstream media is State Sponsored, the purpose being to rationalise concentration of power and chipping-away of civil liberty.  It's symptomatic of clinical psychopathy. Psychopaths are drawn to power like a magnet. It's their god. They always want MOAR. They think they can get it by making us AFRAID of various bogeymen. 

All big destructive events in history are a consequence of giving power to psychopaths. Things really only settle down at the end of a war when most of the psychopaths in charge are forcibly removed and eliminated.  At that point, the people agree that "We don't want to go through that hell again," and so a common set of ground rules is laid down in order to establish and uphold civil society and squelch future attempts at tyranny.  The right objective is to create an environment where citizens can live their lives free of manipulation and FEAR.  The right duty of a policeman is to uphold the law and serve the public trust, not project power.

A 96-year-old lady told me once that big wars are fought every 3-4 generations because the important lessons are lost.  Well, here we are, with psychopaths in charge, liberty under attack, and cops transforming back into goons.  And outside our borders, armies too have been hijacked to serve the most corrupt interests. 

Political Ponerology:  A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes

"If the many managerial positions are assumed by individuals deprived of sufficient abilities to feel and understand the majority of other people, and who also exhibit deficiencies in technical imagination and practical skills - (faculties indispensable for governing economic and political matters) - this then results in an exceptionally serious crisis in all areas, both within the country in question and with regard to international relations. Within, the situation becomes unbearable even for those citizens who were able to feather their nest into a relatively comfortable modus vivendi.  Outside, other societies start to feel the pathological quality of the phenomenon quite distinctly.  Such a state of affairs cannot last long.  One must then be prepared for ever more rapid changes, and also behave with great circumspection. (2nd. ed., p. 140)

"The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks." - Lord Acton

doctor10's picture

Until the population becomes adept at recognizing the psychosociopaths among them, and develops constructive patterns of isolating them from social and community decision-making, this cycle continues.

goober's picture

And of course the psychopaths and sociopaths are drawn to governemnt like a moth to the flame for the potential power and control mechanisms they can create !

Albertarocks's picture
"Is Terrorism Transforming America Into A Police State?"

I heard Alex Jones explain 10 years ago exactly this scenario and how it would play out, how it would be developed and the final result.

He was 100% correct on all counts.  That guy doesn't get 1% of the credit he deserves.  One of the greatest and most courageous Americans of all time.

Restless Boomers's picture

Alex Jones is just another shill for the Jews.

Albertarocks's picture

A person would have to be really low on intelligence to think a statement like that makes any sense whatsoever.  So I'm really glad you said that in jest.  Otherwise I'd have to pray for you and your family and I'm already praying for so many stupid people that I'm getting weary.

man of Wool's picture

Funny thing is you don't have a terrroism problem. Gun problem for sure but terrorism?  No way but the establishment in America loves getting its knickers in a twist. 

any_mouse's picture

The USA has a big government problem.
The USA has a Blacks with guns problem.

Otherwise the USA is a non-violent nation.

Memedada's picture

US have a big business (accumulated capital and power from the golden 1800’s, two world wars and a century of Imperialism) problem. The “big government” is their loyal servant.


+ owning the FED gives this "old money" class some power too...

lakecity55's picture

The USA has a Black Criminal problem.


css1971's picture

The "gun problem" is restricted to poor black, hispanic neighbourhoods. It's simply gang/cartel warfare. A direct result of The War On Drugs.

Exactly the same thing happened under Prohibition.


Outside those neighbourhoods, gun violence is no worse than in the EU.

Cash Is King's picture

Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

I lived thru 9-11 & I knew then albeit not to the degree of certainty today, that the East Coast woke up that day and the West Coast fell deeper asleep. Flying to AZ for the WS (NYC & Diamondbacks) weeks after the tragedy proved we (the East) quickly realized the rules changed and we were ready to defend our lives, our fortunes & our sacred honor when so challenged. The West rolled over and insisted our Govt. do everything we "couldn't" afford to protect us. We can't stop asshles from renting cars and plowing down people, we can't stop asshles from buying guns and mowing down people and we can stop people from running through a crowded space slicing people with a knife. However, we can come to terms that this world has bad people and sometimes good people die in their wake. Just as we come to terms with planes dropping outta the sky. Why? Because it's extremely rare and because sometimes things just fkn happen beyond our control. Grab a pair you pussies and quit giving away your liberties! One day you may wake up and wonder where they all went!

NuYawkFrankie's picture

re "Is Terrorism Transforming America Into A Police State?"

Nope. The 'Usual Suspects' are transforming the USA into Police-State USSA.

"Terrorism" has been their 'foil du decade' being miraculously transformed - like some operatic 'deus ex machina', with Nikki NutJob as the screeching Valkyrie - - into "OMG! Putin's on the PROWL!!!" for their USSA coup-de-grace.

After all - "When the looting's done, the lock-down's just begun" - especially if "the natives are wising-up and getting restless" .... right?

Jballsquared's picture

Does a bear shit in the woods?

Shue's picture

So, where the fuck are those people that use say, America, fuck yeah and the Land of the Brave and Free? So long as shit happens to others the majority don't give a fuck about anyone but themselves. 

GoldenDonuts's picture

Terrorism has sweet fuck all to do with America becoming a police state.   The apapthy, cowardess, stupidity, and laziness of the people of the United States has EVERYTHING to do with America becoming a police state.

ludwigvmises's picture

What terrorism? There has barely been any terrorism - compared to the last 300 years - at all while civil liberties have been under massive attack over the last 40 years. They create a police state using terrorism as an excuse.

lakecity55's picture

What? Why there has been Plenty of Terrism! Mostly by the FBI, of course.


DuneCreature's picture


I've come to the conclusion ALL acts of terrorism, mass shootings, war justifying alleged attacks and other heinous acts in history can be directly linked back to government covertly sponsored programs.

With maybe the exception of Charles Whitman in Texas I can't find a single one that didn't come from the FBI, the CIA or some bankster backed secret entity. ....... The Israelis being complicit in most of them.

I'm listening to this as I type this:

........ The same story over and over and over again.

Live Hard, Just Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due, Die Free

~ DC v7.3

European American's picture

Armed, Law-abiding Citizens and a militarized police state cannot coexist.

lakecity55's picture

Gee, we'll have to get rid of the militarized police state, then.


Tiwin's picture

The only good police are dead police.

With no surviving family to pay overbloated pensions to.

Every time a cop gets killed , an Angel gets her wings.

Tiwin's picture

The only good police are dead police.

With no surviving family to pay overbloated pensions to.

Every time a cop gets killed , an Angel gets her wings.

espirit's picture

You'll never be a 'valid person' when you're part of the problem, and not part of the solution.

Declare war on the Leo's, and they will reciprocate.


BTW - This is Fight Club, Baby, not Stormfront - so take your early morning hate (s)Troll elsewhere.

Tiwin's picture

I am valid enough, I do not need your pathetic cop-sucking validation.

"fight club"?

You sound more like a 'roll over and take it in the ass club" member.

There are far far more armed citizens then there are armed enforcers for the jewish banking cabal.

Stormfront? Are you kidding? Most likely run by the FBI and most likely dispensing tracking software to anybody stupid enough to go there.

Police act as provacatuers-if you visit the KKK every second or third sheet wearer is an FBI agent or informant.

If youre black and go visit the New Panthers-same thing.

I am up early to watch the financial markets-something this website USED to cover extensively.

Hate? Fuck yeah I hate the cops. Anyone with half a brain does too. You have been either brainwashed , or work for the State in some capacity or another.

In any event , it is clear that YOU are perfect ,  so one can only hope your children run afoul of the Law.

khnum's picture

In 2013 SOCOM had special forces advising or fighting in 134 countries with conflicts sooner or later they'll piss off the wrong guy.

Abaco's picture

And that is insane.  It is certainly not justifiable.