Artist's Impression Of Failed Socialist States

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"buh dats not WEAL Communism, WEAL communism woks bettah."

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"buh dats not WEAL Communism, WEAL communism woks bettah."

Yep, these are the same kind of people that say perpetual motion really works, it's just never been tried the correct way. 

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That's not a good example.

Perpetual motion experiments are allowed to run their course until they eventually fail. There is always intervention in socialist states, so the experiment is always tainted.

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"There is always intervention in socialist states..."

Intervention???  Socialism IS the intervention to an otherwise natural state of economy, that being capitalism.

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If capitalism were the natural state of things, tribes would never have 'evolved' to embrace it.

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Your mom and dad give you stuff for free with no labor required.  That is a form of socialism, however, that situation is not eternal.  You are expected to learn to provide for yourself while growing up.  If you expect others to continue to provide for you once your parents can no longer do so, that is socialism and you are a failed adult.

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Tribalism lasted for thousands of years under communal laws. How long before capitalism implodes?

Nobody stops a hunter from getting his own meat after the needs of the community have been met.

The two can co-exist.

Also, there are other options. Why so binary in your thinking?

Team-work is a huge part of business. It isn't being a failure.

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First it's hard to get meat sometimes so in a hunter gatherer society you must share with your clan to survive and if you get it on your own it just rots.  Capitalism is individuals cooperating willing while socialism uses violence to get you to do what you are told.  One accomplishes it and enriches society while the other fails and impoverishes everyone except the king and nobility.

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"The beginning of wisdom is to call a thing by its proper (accurate) name."

Socialism is like the spoon in the Matrix - it doesn't exist.

Capitalism is like the spoon in the Matrix - it doesn't exist.

Those two concepts have been mind controlled into the minds of the masses.

Here is the long form proper name for what actually exists in reality:

Debt-Money Monopolist Mega-Corporate Fascist Empire

Here is the short form proper name for what actually exists in reality:


The long form is the much, much, much more descriptive and accurate name, but I know some people struggle with five word descriptions - and I aim to please.

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Or ZOW - zionist occupied world.

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>>Just shorten it to jutopia<<

Only if you want to PROTECT the ROOT CAUSE.

Either you are the Money Power, align with the Money Power (through a paycheck), or you are a complete useful idiot tool.

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The truth is always found in the way the enemies describe it (i.e. the right side of the picture):

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Wait... tribalism? capitalism implodes? needs of the community have been met? binary in your thinking?

You should really read a whole lot more about the history of the world before trying to engage in an intellectual conversation.

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What are your favorite brands of non-capitalism derived products like let's say medical devices, vehicles, or just about anything you can think of?  It is not perfect, no system is, but far less people are killed when it is 'implemented'.

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Brands? You don't get it. If there weren't 2000 brands of cars in the world, we could get from NY to Tokyo in five minutes by now.

"...far less people are killed when it is 'implemented'."

Tell that to the ME where they tried to implement a different control system.

Capitalists have killed far more humans than socialists.

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Capitalists like Mao?

Pol Pot?


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No like Kerry, Sassoon, Rockefeller, Rothschild, Ford, Harriman, Churchill, Bush41, Clinton, Bush43, Obama... and on and on and on ...

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The crew you mention are still trying to catch up.

Sad fact - they ARE trying to catch up.

It is not about capitalism though. It's about the desire for power. THAT does not care about the system, be it capitalism socialism, communism, or whatever.

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"The beginning of wisdom is to call a thing by its proper (accurate) name."

Capitalism is like the spoon in the Matrix - IT DOESN'T EXIST.

Socialism is like the spoon in the Matrix - IT DOESN'T EXIST.

We live in a Debt-Money Monopolist Mega-Corporate Fascist Empire AUTHORITARIAN system.

Sure, it has been historically "velvet glove" authoritarianism, but recent trends are alarming, are they not?

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...___..., Im enjoying your exchange here, but those on your list above are not capitalists. In fact I think we have had very little capitalism here for a long time.

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Are you implying they were socialists

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Step out of the false economic dichotomy programmed into you by the Money Power Sith Lords since birth.

Reference my comment above - neither capitalism nor communism have ever existed at scale.


Those who refer to a large economy in those terms is either 1. lying, or 2. parroting what they've heard that ultimately came down from the liar social engineers.

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Surely that's obvious to most.. it's undeniable

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If by capitalists you mean jeuws, then yes.

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I would rather have a doctor that was trying to put himself out of work than a doctor that was looking for repeat customers.  You can crap on all you like about competition keeping the doctors honest except the honest doctors won't be maximizing profit, will they?  All the good ones go out of business, or they have to keep some kind of residual illness in the system.

The pro-Capitalist Propaganda went batshit crazy from the early nineties, perhaps earlier.  Yes, Capitalism is a great system.  Until you disconnect workers from customers.  People are both.  Some Capitalists have forgotten to insert that into their philosophy.  (Why bother when you can have workers in China and customers in the US?  Suddenly the workers are not the customers.  Until there are no longer any customers.  Oh gee, deary me.  How did that happen!?")  I lost interest when they started justifying built-in obsolescence and "Capitalist monopolies don't matter" and other such crap.  They went to the dark side.

Of course, Capitalism works a lot better when you have land, access to Capital, and the option to opt out of the system altogether if you choose.

"I'm a Capitalist but I have no land, no resources, no Capital and my work is replicable by everyone and obsolescent to a few Watt-hours of electricity."

And that is even before we consider George Carlin's "You are Owned.  You have Owners" speech.  All slaves to the fiat debt money system while the owners are stamped "Too Big To Fail".  If you think you are a Capitalist (or a Socialist) then you are the Patsy.  The truth is that only the little people play "Capitalist" or "Communist".  The big people do whatever the hell they like and pay a few lackeys to justify their decisions using the language of the dominant paradigm.  The truth is that all is Fascism - the merger of Corporation and State - and the only difference is the advertizing campaign currently in play.

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since when is tribalism an economic system? the proper comparison is tribalism vs. nationalism... your entire premise is rubbish

good grief, the stupid shit I read on ZH these days...

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Socialism isn't either. You may be thinking of communism, but that isn't what's written at the top of the page, is it?

You are the one conflating.

At least you were the closest. Give yourself a silver star.

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The Artist should have left an open panel for Connecticut.  Almost there.......

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"I'll take, 'Specious Leftard Red Herrings' for $1000, Alex."

- It's how Kerry, Sassoon, Rockefeller and Rothschild relate to free market economics."

"What are Crony Socialists commonly mislabeled as capitalists?"

- That's correct! Select again.


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It has been said that it is socialism for the elite and capitalism for the rest, and the other way around, but what they espouse for others does not reflect what they want for themselves. In that sense, the waters get muddy.

All of them made money for themselves on the backs of the masses. This is why I labelled them capitalists.

Why remove Ford from your original comment?

PS. I'm not a leftist. Retard is debatable.

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An amusingly sardonic portrayal of the situation, HopefulCynical!

The comments under that cartoon tend to reinforce the overall patterns regarding the routine abuse of the term "socialism." There is only one actually existing sociopolitical system, and that necessarily corresponds with organized crime. I.e., the only actually existing political economies are necessarily based on excessively successful applications of the methods of organized crime through the political processes. Using the term "socialism" is almost always an abuse of the dictionary definitions of "socialism," as well as deliberate disregard for the central social facts, regarding those who are the biggest forms of organized crime, dominated by the best organized gangs of criminals ... OF COURSE, Venezuela is dominated by its own local biggest and best organized gangsters. However, to label them as somehow being "socialist" demonstrates deliberate ignorance and/or willful blindness.

NOTHING which is commonly mislabeled as "socialist" corresponds to dictionary definition or social facts. Almost everyone using the term "socialism" is spouting political nonsense (due what may be presumed as their own beliefs in bullshit.) To accuse anyone else of being somehow a "socialist" is to continue to be willfully blind towards relatively rational evidence and logical arguments, in order to present the same basic bullshit, based on the DUALITIES of false fundamental dichotomies and related impossible ideals.


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By your definition then, it is the perpetrators of socialism that distort it's meaning, not we commenters. Socialism, regardless of your or any other's definition, is a weaponized tool of organized "crime", BUT is it a "crime" to take advantage or otherwise abuse the ignorant masses? While I believe to do so brings no honor upon one's self, the real crime is the ignorance itself, that people are so self absorbed and selfish for their most immediate desires that they will deliberately REJECT knowledge, wisdom or fact to do so. Willing and DELIBERATE ignorance is THE crime.

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I wish that I did not feel like I had to agree with you, Oldwood, but neverthelesss, I must agree.

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Yes I agree. When someone claims to implement a socialist state based on Marxist-Leninist principles, and it predictably and always degenerates into an authoritarian dictatorship, then don't call it socialism.  It's not real socialism.  Why, just look in the dictionary!  That's not what they did!  

Reality be damned.  Theory is how we judge results.  And socialism has a flawless record!!!  It's never failed once!


We don't have real capitalism either, but our failed capitalism is still a million times better than your failed socialism.  True socialism is unworkable and idiotic.  It can't exist in reality because human behavior doesn't allow it.  Nobody is going to go to work and be the best they can be for the community, nobody with actual talent anyway, only brainwashed morons with double digit IQs who can't produce anything anyway.  People work for themselves.  All of us do this.  It's not greedy or evil.  It's self-reliance and responsibility.  It's survival, and people, even as dumb as they are, very few people are really dumb enough to entrust their entire survival to communal efforts.  If you're not working to survive for yourself, you don't deserve jack shit.  If you want true socialism look at ants.  Yes the socialists think one day humans will evolve to the level of the mighty ant.  Fuck off.

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... "our failed capitalism is still a million times better than your failed socialism" ...


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The work of Karl Marx proved that Capitalism is only a transitory system. When everything is made by machines,
Capitalism fails. This is why Star Trek is set in Communism.

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IF it was practically possible to tap into using many orders of magnitude more energy, enough to be able to synthesize matter, as well as teleport material objects, then pretty well all of the previous scarcities will have (temporarily) disappeared. Therefore, continued exponential growth is possible in which energy technologies actually provide apparently endless energy increases, which are cheap enough to synthesize, and/or teleport, material.

Of course, all of that is preposterous political science fiction, which enables the presentation of more entertain science fiction, where some series of technological and political miracles had resolved the chronic political problems of current times, which are getting worse, faster, at about an exponential rate, because the apparent magical mathematics of creating public "money" supplies out of nothing as debts has become runaway criminal insanities.

The tragic trajectories are for the established systems of legalized lies, backed by legalized violence, operating through the currently existing combined money/murder systems operating as successful symbolic robberies of the few by the many due to public governments enforcing frauds by private banks, to automatically get worse, faster ... The ruling classes which dominated Civilization for thousands of years became the international bankers, as the best organized gangsters, the banksters, who dominated Civilization through successfully enforcing frauds.

Although I sympathize with the desires for some series of technological miracles, surpassed by even greater political miracles, those events are actually, by definition, extremely improbable ... Rather, the most probable futures will be due to deliberately ignorance running itself aground on the rocks of physical and biological realities, which were deliberately ignored, as much as possible, for as long as possible, due to social "realities" becoming more and more based on the abilities to enforce frauds, despite those thereby being enabled to continue to become about exponentially more fraudulent.


While the early "Marxism" was relatively scientific, during its Century of origination, the later "Marxism" became more madly messianic. In particular, the Russian Revolution would not have been the same, or even remotely possible, without the assistance of the international bankers. Most of "us" would have likely never heard of "Marxism," unless that term became drafted into the propaganda long-game of the international banksters. Similarly, most of "us" use the term "socialism" in bullshit-based ways, which are especially disturbing due to the degree that those doing so tend to not understand that, as well as to not want to understand that.


Of all the various typical kinds of bullshit published on Zero Hedge, for anyone to attempt to criticize the misuse and abuse of the label "socialism" tends to most slam dunk despairing conclusions regarding the ways that most people deliberately ignore dictionary definitions, as well as relatively objective facts, whenever they indulge in their so-called public "debates."

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"Most of "us" would have likely never heard of "Marxism," unless that term became drafted into the propaganda long-game of the international banksters."

Are you saying their that (((Karl Marx))) was separate from the people that formed what we now know as the central banking system?  Are you saying that they discovered Karl Marx's work and decided to coopt it into something evil and that it just worked out really well for them so they kept it, and if it wasn't for them it would have been a great system?


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Ms No, thank your for your insightful reply!

YES, I am saying:

"... [banksters] discovered Karl Marx's work and decided to coopt it into something evil ..."

NO, I am not suggesting:

"... if it wasn't for [banksters] [Marxism] would have been a great system ..."

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The only thing proved here is that state run education is a spectacular failure.  

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"Nobody stops a hunter from getting his own meat after the needs of the community have been met."


What it sounds like you meant is


Nobody stops a hunter from getting his meat as you would likely be shot.  And rightfully so, stay the FUCK out of other peoples business you stupid fuck.


Right?  I mean since when was the hunter concerned with others besides his family.  Yes, small tribes have the young provide for the very old.  But this is out of respect and honour, not socialism.  Within those tribes exist trade and also outside with other tribes.  That is a free market and NOT socialism.

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

I didn't say it was socialism.

I was comparing similarities between tribalism and socialism.

Within a tribe everything is shared.

Socialism is a modern construct.

Small amounts of trade with outside tribes would not feed the tribe in times of shortages.

Not really a market to speak of.

You obviously missed all that. I get it, too much to read.