"Never Been Easier" - 2017 Stock Market 'Drawdowns' Lowest On Record (For Now)

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For dip-buyers in the S&P 500, 2017 has actually been a tough year... because there hasn't been any.

As JPMorgan notes, 2017's 3% intra-year decline is the smallest since 1980 (tieing with 1995 which saw a 34% return)

This 3% drawdown (for now), continues a 6 year streak of drawdowns that are dramatically below the longer-term average of 14.1% drops intra-year.

But what happens now that Central Bank balance sheets are set to stop their expansion?

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What a beautiful environment to sell lots and lots of naked OTM puts on the SP500. 

pound the vix's picture

Nothing, The money is already sloshing around in the hands of JPM, GS, BAC, MS, WFC and hundreds of Algo hedgefunds

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If this lunatic market ever implodes, I will be cranking up the Tool song Aemina up full volume!




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... quantitatively speaking.

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Whenthe market finally falls for good no one here will know. 

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This is funny article.  The only analyst who has been calling correctlyl the buy the dip lows is SHEPWAVE.  Thanks to Zerohedge for that too. https://www.facebook.com/166578775325/photos/a.10153488951800326.1073741827.166578775325/10154415124400326/?type=3&theater 

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Their buy and sell calls have been dead on.

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well that can only mean we are due for a BIG one!  But Janet Yellen said there won't be a crisis in her lifetime.