Washington And Berlin On A Collision Course

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Authored by Pepe Escobar via Counterpunch.org,

The Russia sanctions bill that passed the US Senate by 98:2 on June 15 is a bombshell; it directly demonizes the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, under the Baltic Sea, which is bound to double Gazprom’s energy capacity to supply gas to Europe.

The 9.5 billion euro pipeline is being financed by five companies; Germany’s Uniper and Wintershall; Austria’s OMV; France’s Engie; and Anglo-Dutch Shell. All these majors operate in Russia, and have, or will establish, pipeline contracts with Gazprom.

In a joint statement, German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel and Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern stressed that, “Europe’s energy supply is a matter for Europe, not the United States of America”; “instruments for political sanctions should not be tied to economic interests”; and the whole thing heralds a “new and very negative quality in European-American relations”.

An oil trader in the Gulf bluntly told me, “the new sanctions against Russia basically amount to telling the EU to buy expensive US gas instead of cheap Russian gas. So the Germans and the Austrians basically told the Americans to buzz off.”

A top US intel source, Middle East-based and a dissident to the Beltway consensus, stresses how, “the United States Senate by a nearly unanimous vote have decided to declare war on Russia (sanctions are war) and Germany has threatened retaliation against the United States if it initiates sanctions.

Germany accused the United States of trying to stop the Nord Stream 2 pipeline of Russia to the EU so that the US can export their liquid natural gas to the EU, making the EU dependent on the United States.”
But then, there’s a possible game-changing aftermath; “That would spell the end of NATO if a trade war between the EU and the United States takes place.”

The usual Brexiteer suspects obviously are falling like a ton of bricks over the “Molotov-Ribbentrop 2 pipeline” – another trademark expression of paranoia by Poland.

They are even demonizing Germany for daring to do business with Russia, “undermining the security and economic interests of Eastern and Central Europe” and – yes, roars of laughter are in order — undermining “American emotional backing for NATO.”

So much pent-up “emotion” even leads to a nasty accusation of betrayal; “We know which side Poland is on. Which side is Germany on?”

What’s really unforgivable though is that Nord Stream 2, in practice, buries for good failed state Ukraine’s $2 billion in revenue from pipeline fees.

Nord Stream 2 is opposed by all the usual suspects; Poland; the Baltic states; Washington; but also the Nordic states. The top official argument is that it “harms EU energy security”. That in itself embeds a massive joke, as the EU has been harming itself in interminable “energy security” discussions in Brussels for over a decade.

Lucrative creative destruction, anyone?

Analyst Peter G. Spengler qualifies the US Senate bill as a “declared, but not yet executed act of warfare, an act of (sanctions) war against Germany and Austria directly, possible recipients within the EU indirectly.”

Spengler draws attention to the reminder of the FRG/USSR Agreement on Economic Cooperation of 1978 with a 25 years duration 1978 Agreement of Economic Cooperation between the then Federal Republic of Germany and the USSR, designed to last for 25 years; “This agreement together with all the foregoing treaties between West Germany and the Soviet Union were the basis on which [Helmut] Kohl could build his ‘Haus Europa’ with the Soviet Union/Russia from the summer of 1989 in Bonn onwards.”
Crucially, this agreement also included a gas transportation triangle between Moscow, Teheran and Bonn, and was “fiercely but completely clandestinely embattled by the Carter administration, among so many silent wars against the Federal Republic of Germany in those years.”

And guess who was trying to sabotage the agreement 24/7; recently deceased Polish “Grand Chessboarder” Zbigniew Brzezinski.

So nothing much changed since the late 1970s; Washington demonizing both Tehran and Moscow. The section of the US Senate bill related to Russia is some sort of after thought to yet another hardcore package against Iran, the Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act (which includes the Russia sanctions.)

It’s not an accident that the US Senate sanctions bill targets energy; this is a sub-product of a fierce energy war. But what is the US Senate really up to? Call it creative (lucrative) destruction.
The US Senate is convinced that Nord Stream 2 “would compete with US exports of liquefied natural gas to Europe”. Thus the US government “should prioritize the export of United States energy resources in order to create American jobs, help United States allies and partners, and strengthen United States foreign policy”.

Yet this has absolutely nothing to do with helping “allies and partners”; it’s rather a case of US energy majors getting a little help from their friends/puppets in the Senate. It’s in the public domain how US energy majors donated over $50 million in 2015/2016 to get these people elected.

Watch those Hamburg fireworks

Compared to the US Senate, the role of the European Commission (EC) in the saga remained somewhat murky, until it became clear it will interfere via a “mandate”. This “mandate” will have to be approved by a “reinforced qualified majority” vote by member states, a higher than usual threshold of 72 percent of EU states representing 65 per cent of the population.

Spengler observes how, “the commission’s continued attempts to get a legal foot in the contracts between European companies and Gazprom would be much more detrimental and potentially efficient than even a President’s signing of the Senate (and House) sanctions law.”

So where will this all lead? Arguably towards an extremely messy clash “between the European Commission/Court of Justice and German/Austrian (plus Russian) jurisdiction.”

The Senate bill will have to be backed by a veto-proof majority in the House; that vote won’t happen before the G-20 in Hamburg. Then it would become law – assuming President Trump won’t squash it.

The key, “nuclear” issue is a non-mandatory clause for the US Treasury to sanction those five Western firms involved in Nord Stream 2. If the law is approved, the White House better ignore it. Otherwise Germany, Austria and France will definitely interpret it as a declaration of war.

Trump and Chancellor Angela Merkel will definitely be on a collision course at the G-20, with Merkel emphasizing discussions on climate change, refugees and no trade protectionism, much to Trump’s disgust. The Russia sanctions bill just adds to the unholy mess. Expect a lot of fireworks “celebrating” those bilaterals in Hamburg.


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geeves's picture

So basically Trump can just pull back the sanctions against Russia and make Merkel accept everything else, which was probably the plan all along.

HRClinton's picture

The real motive has to do with the Petrodollar. 

With ever more countries avoiding the Dollar for oil buys, the Fed needs to ramp up the Gas-Dollar. This explains Trump's global sales tour for US LNG. Even he does not realize what he's doing. He thinks he's merely bring a good advocate for American energy, when it's more than that. 

BTW, the logical conclusion of which isn't just a Petrodollar or Gas-Dollar, but the Energy-dollar.

Follow the fiat. 

Fish Gone Bad's picture

The plan is to fill up Europe up with poor people who want to kill them.

Richard Chesler's picture

President Trump eats Mercunts for breakfast.


walküre's picture

Seems to be the plan. But whose plan is it? Trump is Europe's only chance to get rid of the nigger invasion.

The G20 protests had it all wrong. They should have burnt effigies of Merkel.

Stupid liberal leftist activist shit for brains useful idiot dicks and cunts. The rightwing response would have been to give the shoot to kill order. Thinning out the herd and the collective of useless eaters right then and there.

Fuck, we need new leadership in Europe. Leadership with balls of steel to do what is RIGHT.

shovelhead's picture

Dem Russians is stealing our Euros.

pizdowitz's picture

Energy dollar ? via selling US gas and oil to Europe? No.

The main objective is to destroy the Comm Intern in Europe, because it has grown to be a direct threat to US hegemony in Europe, while threatening the Russkies - as a good strategist would always have a second front for free.

Remember this: If US is out of Europe, then Russia and the Germans create a Holly Alliance for Permanent Peace Across Eurasia, with China merrily stuffing the Silk Road sausage. Who would need the $ then? Smoke that for a while...

The goal here justifies the means. A pissing contest of "you buy my gas", or "you pay 2% for NATO", or " no global warming", or the "SturmStaffel" in Hamburg, all work fine. If that does not work then the "oops, there is a leak in the Nord Stream, and the gas don't flow" would certainly work.

And Brzezinski? Yeah, fuck that Commie too.

BarkingCat's picture

Nothing good ever came of Russian - German alliances or Soviet - German alliances.

mary mary's picture

I'll start believing in Bitcoin when I can use it to fill my gas tank.

NickPeeMe's picture

This is what happens when you mix intelligent people with Trumps utter stupidity combined with mental illness.

Arrest Hillary's picture

This is a new mindless low .... you're on a roll ?

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Maybe after they Arrest Hillary you will be able to shit from your asshole again instead of your mouth. oh wait Hillary goes Scot Free:)

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Hillary will be sentenced to hard labor building Trump's Solar Powered Border Wall which will be financed by Trump's Goldman Sachs' Kosher Mafia.

redmudhooch's picture

Cheerleading for Hillary? Does your mom tell you that you're "special" a lot?

Lumberjack's picture

You must've visited a 3rd world country recently and suggest you really need to see a doctor asap. Smallcox is a very serious disease.

Pollygotacracker's picture

It takes one to know one. Now, go take your meds.

rwmctrofholz's picture

So deep.  Please, tell me more.....

wmbz's picture

Poor little Nicky Pee-Pee it will be okay girl.

Kayman's picture

Ah, yes, NickPissDownYerThroat, 3 week mini-Troll. Fuck off yellow poop.

Trump should buy Merkel some summer vacation property on Greenland.

1:15 PM | *Impressive cold in Greenland and near record accumulations of snow and ice*

vencoreweather.com · 1
The Wizard's picture
Climate Change: This is Why Evidence NOT FOR PUBLIC RELEASE Watch this video before it's too late Part 2


NickPeeMe's picture

Learn everything you need to know about climate change from you tube. LOL

Arrest Hillary's picture

I hope no one was under the illusion .... that Trump couldn't bitch slap .... this bitch, Merkel .... no, the word bitch doesn't become her .... it high lights her lack of youthful sexual aura .... she does have a certain moribund sexual gravitas ?

markar's picture

If Merkel promoting more refugees and climate change doesn't prove she's a Rothschild whore, I don't know does. She's the reason they should be setting Hamburg on fire.

gatorengineer's picture

While I agree with your post, the reason Hamburg is on fire, is that she isnt letting in more Muzzies, and isnt doing more about climate change (i.e. she isnt left enough).

ludwigvmises's picture

"They" is a bunch of Marxist and anarchist protesters. I hope you don't sympathize with that scum.

roisaber's picture

After putting Germany's throat under a jewish boot during the War of Allied aggression, maybe we owe the people of Europe one genuine liberation for real this time.

totenkopf88's picture

If it's going to happen it won't be under the Zio-pawn, Merkel

tuetenueggel's picture

short time only and we will ask Putin.

walküre's picture

"what used to be the greatest country on the planet" for $1000 Alex

Deepskyy's picture

Do you ever have moments of clarity where you suddenly stop and think "Jesus wept.. I am fucking insane and believe some really stupid shit..."

Jim Shoesesta's picture

Oh wait, its ok for the EU and all the morons to tell us to stop using cheap coal and that we must join their climate charade or suffer the consequences. Fuk you Europe, go to Muslim hell. 

Oh, and fuk Hillary too. 


tuetenueggel's picture

Take a look on Hamburg today and you will be shown, what criminal traitor Merkill has made out of beautiful Germoney. She should be hanged.

WTFUD's picture

Let's do, a she loves me, she loves me not with a daisy petal, for Nord Stream 2, or being a finance guru would you prefer 3 card monte?

This internal NATO bickering malarkey, i see as a good thing and Vlad can sit back, chill, and watch Vichy DC choke on it's own vomit.

messystateofaffairs's picture

Germany can just buy the Russian natgas with their repatriated US gold (if the Jews who stole it long ago will give it back) and ignore US sanctions.

CompleteAphasia's picture

How the Deutschen Volk must hate the name "Merkel" though...

walküre's picture

Merkel rhymes with Ferkel

She's got pig blood in her.

MEFOBILLS's picture

Crucially, this agreement also included a gas transportation triangle between Moscow, Teheran and Bonn, and was “fiercely but completely clandestinely embattled by the Carter administration


How about a gas transport SQUARE, which includes the U.S.?   A gas pipeline (and Oil pipleline) across Bearing Straights, which then connects to Alaska and Continential U.S.?

Moscow, Teheran, and Bonn are all Europeans - not Semite speakers.  

Moscow, Teheran, and Bonn are our NATURAL  Allies, not enemies.  America picked wrong when it picked Sunni Arabs and our closest ((friends)).  Time for a divorce and new allies.

NATURAL allies have culture, history, language and genetics in common.  


PetrusRomanus's picture

must be the "Gene Of Natural Affinty " at play here....I mean Natural allies have common denominators , but the one that stands out is Genetics.

has this been proven ?

PetrusRomanus's picture

must be the "Gene Of Natural Affinty " at play here....I mean Natural allies have common denominators , but the one that stands out is Genetics.

has this been proven ?

Freddie's picture

Boon or Berlin needs to throw Rothschilds/Soros out.  They have been murdering German goys in wars for 350 years for a profit.

Youri Carma's picture

Germany Is Addicted to Russian Gas
- New pipeline would cut costs of shipping gas to western Europe
- Hearing on local objections scheduled for later this month 

German 'hidden' energy deal with Russia
Oil's Plunge a Helping Hand as Gazprom Cements German Grip
- Russian gas exports to Germany rose to record last year
- Germany got 55% of its gas imports from Russia: Marex Spectron
Germany Proves Russia’s Most Loyal Gas Customer as Price Plunges
Russia to construct new gas pipeline to Germany, EU direct supplies to double
RWE to Proceed With Dea Sale to LetterOne - Despite British Objection, Transaction to Go Through Monday, RWE Says
RWE to close Dea sale to Russian group by March
Novo Nordisk Plans to Move Forward With Investments in Russia


Russian Sanctions Only For Europe's 'little people' Not For BP, Total and Shell
BP, Rosneft sign production, refining pacts
Russia’s Rosneft, British BP Nearing $700 Mln Deal – Reports
BP’s Latest Battle: Keeping Control of Prize Caspian Field
Total sells stake in German refinery to Rosneft
Exclusive: Gazprom building global alliance with expanded Shell
Gazprom is building a global strategic alliance with energy major Royal Dutch Shell that will include asset swaps and allow the Russian gas giant to penetrate new markets, its chief executive told Reuters. 


Russian Sanctions Only For American's 'little people' Not For Exxon, Boeing, Ford and McDonald

McDonald's signs second franchising deal in Russia
Ford opens $275 million engine plant in Russia
U.S. carmaker Ford's Russian venture, Ford Sollers, opened a $275 million engine plant on Thursday, which will help make its Russian-produced vehicles less dependent on imported components and currency fluctuations.
Ford aims to spend 60% of the cost of producing cars for the Russian market in the country itself by 2020, to qualify for benefits such as lower import duties on car components.
Smith & Nephew buys Russian manufacturing business
Boeing’s 747 Jumbo Boosted by $7.4 Billion Order From Russia
Sanctions & Saber Rattling Doesn't Stop The US From Importing Russian Petroleum
Exxon Chief Rex Tillerson to make another big bet on Russia
Exxon’s Russia Exposure Surges as Long View Outweighs Sanctions


Russian Sanctions Only For American's 'little people' Not For Goldman Sachs

Exxon is Goldman Sachs pick over Chevron, ConocoPhillips
Goldman Busts The Narrative: The New Oil Order Is “Blessing In Disguise” For Russia
Sanctions Don’t Bar Oil-Service Giants Bidding in Arctic
Schlumberger to Pay $1.7 Billion for Stake in Russia Driller

The Count's picture

Germany has become a covert real-socialist left wing nation. And the populace still did not figure this out.

gatorengineer's picture

There is nothing Covert about it....  Its in your face.

Freddie's picture

Post anything bad on social media about jews of islamic invaders and the Merkel Stasi will come to you house and arrest you.   Sat anything bad about Christians and nothing is said.

PetrusRomanus's picture

So the objective of NATO since it's inception remain true to this day.  The words of Lord Ismay, the first secretary general of NATO in 1952,   ! "keep the Russians out of Europe, Americans in and prevent the rise of Germany"------> his statement now,  is truer than ever, premised by the energy hypothesis.


Under the current admin, it reads " We must be the major Energy exporters to Europe, push Qatar, Iran, Russia and Turkey to form an alliance and supply the Asian market, and well, the middle east -ex Israel is irrelevant. This is how I read the current chessboard.

Volaille de Bresse's picture

My humble speculations :

- Merkel has been held on a leash by the US Deep State cause the NSA have her (less than stellar) Stasi dossier.

- When Obozo ws in office she behaved like a good doggy cause she knew Obozo was  "Deep State"-friendly and he was blackmailing her

- As soon as Trump was elected Merkel felt free as she (correctly) thought Trump was anti-DC anti-Deep State. Now she feels so free and cocky she's about to step on Trump's toes.


Achtung Angie! The Donald is gonna grab you by the pussy! (urgh!)