Chicago's Terrible New Plan To Force High School Kids Into The Military

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Authored by Alice Salles via,

Chicago, Illinois, has a chronic inflated state problem disguised as a schooling problem. In order to eradicate the symptom, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has decided to attack those who suffer from it and not the actual root of the problem — adopting a classic “more of the same” approach.

A plan approved in May is set to take effect soon, forcing high school seniors to either be enlisted in the military, have a job, be enrolled in a gap-year program, or have a college acceptance letter before the Chicago public schooling system will give them their diploma. The obvious consequences of this new policy are problematic. Still, Emanuel doesn’t seem to care.

In the scenario Chicago’s mayor envisions, students from the poorest areas of the city, where many parents are often absent due to their work schedules, problems with the law, or other issues, children nearing the end of their senior year will have to head to a counselor’s office for advice on which path to take if they want to obtain their high school diplomas. Unfortunately, in many of the schools in those areas, counselors often work with 400 students at a time. With few resources to offer sound advice, these students will be forced to do whatever seems easier, less complicated, and perhaps less burdensome in order to meet the new requirements. As such, many will enlist in the military while others will head to already crowded city colleges. The other obvious consequence of this policy is that many students will simply postpone graduating or completely give up on it.

In no time, Chicago, whose population already suffers due to povertyhigh crime rates worsened by a suffocating anti-gun agenda that hurts blacks more than anyone else, and the ongoing drug war will see yet another problem gradually taking over. As young high school students feel uncertain of their future, they will have no incentives to pursue their own individual paths. Instead, they will turn to those that are readily available. As a result, many of the poorest kids in the city will likely take up crime, whether on behalf of the state — by joining the military — or on behalf of a drug cartel that wouldn’t exist without the U.S. government’s war on drugs.

Inflated State, Ineffective Schools, Unhappy Kids

Illinois is mired in debt, and school teachers’ pensions are a great part of it.

In 2015, when Emanuel failed to promptly find a way to cover some of Chicago’s teacher pensions, he also struggled to find a different means to increase revenue. As a result, teachers and school staff were slashed. Unfortunately, that’s not the case only in Chicago, but where teachers unions have a great deal of power with the local and state authorities.

Thanks to the pact between teachers’ unions and public schooling systems, government-run schools have a great deal of overhead to take care of. Unfortunately, the taxpayer isn’t an endless cash supply, and at some point, the government runs out of other people’s money. Without a way to cover teachers on tenure who are often impossible to fire, these schools struggle to make changes that would actually benefit the students.

In this perverse universe, the schooling system works for the teacher, whose union-backed contract ensures his job and pension are guaranteed no matter how effective the teacher truly is. The student hoping to obtain some important skills to lead a better life outside of the schoolyard, on the other hand, gets nothing.

In Chicago, what Emanuel did was continue this tradition.

Instead of putting an end to this evil system, which allows corruption and inefficiency to remain unaddressed, he’s penalizing students — poor students, in particular — by forcing them to have it all figured out by the time they are done with their senior year. As we all know by now, this plan is sure to backfire.

But why do politicians like Emanuel continue to enable this type of behavior? What do they gain by never addressing the root causes of these issues? The short answer is: a lot. After all, many local, state, or even larger congressional races can’t be won without the support of unions. And teachers unions are some of the most powerful organizations in the country.

To many politicians, standing against teachers unions means losing — and badly.

Thankfully, however, things appear to be changing, but not enough that the mentality surrounding public schooling is also shifting.

For us to have a definitive and constructive conversation about education in the country, we must first tackle the very root of discontent: the government-run education system.

Until then, be prepared for many more Chicagos and many more Detroits to unfold across the country before average Americans finally realize they cannot rely on the state to ensure their children are properly educated.

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FlKeysFisherman's picture

Moar wars for Israel.

WTFRLY's picture

Joo-cago is the first American failed city to go international Joo World Order and lose sovereignty, wait for it

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Schvartzes are just tools for the ashkeNAZIS....

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One of the simplest sorry statements of society I can remember in a long time.  Now the system that can't eductate them is telling them what their approved limit of options is.  Someone that is confident they can do better than that crappy list is told they aren't permitted.

Yukon Cornholius's picture

Not only that, but the choices are relayed by people who suck at life so badly that they had to become unionized school counsellors. Talk about losers.

Stuck on Zero's picture

Don't refer to it as military, call it "Military University."

07564111's picture

US of Rome 2 is sinking faster than many thought possible.

I'm going to a need truck load of popcorn.

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Perhaps the teachers union can latch on to this amazing opportunity for kids soon to be residing in their parents basement. 

Muddy1's picture

Nothing but click bait with the sensational title.  First off, an article about Chicago's plan first appeared a couple of days ago.  Nothing sensational.  This headline screams sensationalism, "forced into the military".  NOT TRUE.  As the article states, there are at least four options, and the military is one of them.  Secondly, before getting into the military some tests are required, many of the students won't pass those and will NOT be eligible for military service.  Secondly, they will have to pass a physical.  With all of the obesity we read about in our kids many won't pass the physical.  I know, I know, MOOOOOOOchelle tried to give them healthy lunches but the food was thrown out.  Third, they will have to pass drug tests, enough said.

On the other hand if this sinister plan does come about the veterans will be ready for membership in the inner city gangs when they are discharged.  They can pass on their training and military experiences and the gang wars will really escalate.

Nothing to see here.

cheka's picture

skype and a lot of the better (employed) google agree with this

the kidz get no discipline at home.  and the skoolz used to be able to provide it (before dept of edu stopped them)

it's either military or prison to get it

armageddon addahere's picture

That's just THIS YEAR. What about students graduating next year or the year after? If they don't qualify on one of those 4 grounds they won't get a diploma and THEY KNOW IT NOW. So why should they stay in school? If you know you aren't going to get a diploma anyway why waste your time?

I thought a diploma proved that you had completed a certain course of study. What you plan to do next has nothing to do with it. This new policy sounds like something out of North Korea or Soviet Russia except they don't ask, they tell you where you are going.

treefeller's picture

The Chicago Board of Education decided on this misadventure despite the fact that they KNEW there was no money for this project. It's another failed policy.

With the law being passed that females are to be part of the draft pool it would be reasonable to expect that physical requirements would be reduced. Coupled with students who graduate with no skills would mean that yet again the pentagon would have to reduce the requirements needed to pass a basic test of comprehension. But, it's a deep pool and with all the wars that we continue to prosecute, we're gonna need the bodies to make it happen.

Chunga, I've read several articles where gangland is already in Iraq. Tagging areas in which they have fought. It's legit to beleive that gangland is already trained in the military arts. Couple that with the Muslims that are training up in Pa. this could be a formidable alliance.


artichoke's picture

What Muslims training in PA?  Where?

bluez's picture

Just moar right wing blue bourgism ("bourgist" rhymes with "tourist"). Disguised as "left".

Join the army and see the world. Right before you destroy it.

Vatican_cameo's picture


Maybe this Military Conscription business is a good thing.  According to all the data, none of these inner-city hoodlums can hit anything with a gun.  What better way for them to learn?

Koba the Dread's picture

Perhaps a barf bag would be a wiser choice.

max2205's picture

Rahm was beating up ROTC students when he was in college. ...Fuck him 

max_leering's picture

Rahm never beat up anyone... he may have paid someone (very little i.a.w. zionist tradition) to do the beating for him, but that punk ass bitch wouldn't get his hands dirty, only his feeble mind... oh btw, he is pretty much just a plain ol' little cocksucker

earleflorida's picture

i'm surprised that Chicago hasn't declared curfews.
sooner rather than later once a few biggy politicians in the ???? , whom could care less about the people order 'marshall law'!
got popcorn

espirit's picture

At least one false positive I saw there.

Maybe the military won't want them.

Mike2756's picture

yeah, most can't even show up and work on a regular job.

G-R-U-N-T's picture

All you have to do with this Emanuel wimp is launch him to the front lines of Afghanistan and play around in that sand pile for awhile. This piss ant would be whining and crying and begging to for his own life, just like James Cagney in 'Angels With Dirty Faces'. These arrogant bastards can lord over those creating slave labor for funding their massively unfunded pension liabilities while sending their children off to war to sacrifice their lives for wars that are manufactured for profit. Honestly we have terribly twisted minds running cities, states and nations.

The Ram's picture

Not to worry.  First, getting into the military actually means one has to pass a drug screen and physical.  This alone, will eliminate most of them.  Although it is usually thought that any moron is qualified for military service, that is not the case.  Applicants without the ability to read, comprehend, or do basic math will not pass most standard military training.  Hence, many more potential inner city kids will not make the grade.  Assuming that a few do get through, the training sequence will delete the rest.  Also, Assuming they do get through all their training, they probably deserve to be there and they will most likely be on to a better life than the ghetto.  Assuming, of course, they can avoid service in a stupid war.

Offthebeach's picture

Government plantation housing, plantation jobs, plantation skools, .........and plantation blacks....doing what the masters say.


chubbar's picture

Who gives a sweet shit whether they get a diploma or not? I've never, not once, ever had to produce that document in order to do anything in life. I don't see the point behind this new rule. Why would anyone need a diploma unless it's to get into college or the military, both of which are covered in the rule as being a precedent to getting the diploma and neither of which actually require someone to produce the document, just the transcripts. These kids can honestly say they are high school graduates regardless of the diploma issue.

Dragon HAwk's picture

Like they wish  everybody was staying in for the Diploma..  if i was back in HS  I would be like  I pass you give me the paper morons and  keep your Laws off of My Career  and Life.

zebra77a's picture

I think it's actually a GREAT idea, get motivated, or we will motivate you for you..  Missing a value system because mama is a welfare fat queen hoe! That's ok! After boot and some time in the military you'll come back with some initiative and if it's all burned down well you cannot say the government did not give you some survival skillsets... 

Better yet - wanna become a useless city government worker slug.. nope - if you don't have 5 years in the military you don't get to apply. Veterans go to the FRONT of the hiring line for ALL government jobs from local town cop to El-Presidente..

Their will be a whole subset class that is going to use this as the excuse to walk from their diploma and go gang bang the streets.. That too is ok because the ones that go into the military can have first pick for the cop job to go clean up the streets that think behaving like feral animals is ok..

lucitanian's picture

I guess an asshole like you would just love the military, and it's continuous illegal "economic hit man" wars all over the world, mainly in the service of Zionism or maybe you want to get back to Okinawa and rape a few more 16 year olds.... as some a fuckwit who can't think straight for himself and needs a superior asshole to tell him how to wipe his ass.

Generalizing and condescendingly judging people by your own base standards is the level I would expect from a ignoramus like you "mama is a welfare fat queen hoe!". Who the fuck do you think you are?

If you're an example of the mentality the military recruit and train, I'm not surprised at the knock-ups they get into. And any police department that hires an ass like you or any veterans like you is going to have problems of the kind that are already too common.

Brainless twit, Poor USA.

Arnold's picture

You might find Vagicil a helpful aid for relief.

NidStyles's picture

Stupid people don't make it far in the military.

It's a misnomer that only Jews believe that military men are "dumb-beasts". We are talking about an organization that only celebrates the best predators of the species FFS, and you borderline retards think that means stupid people.

In reality it simply means those that can't be bothered to be subservient to academics and the leftist faggots running the educational system.

Koba the Dread's picture

If you had gone to high school, perhaps you could have written two coherent sentences instead of the gibberish you did write.

SantaClaws's picture

Let's see.  Force inner city kids into the military.  Train them to use heavy weapons and high explosives, among other things.  Then send them home to Chicago.  Somehow I suspect someone hasn't considered all the possible unintended consequences.  Sort of like what happened with the Viet Nam draft.

U4 eee aaa's picture

I thought that myself. This is like a gang apprenticeship

Career training 101

techpriest's picture

My first thought, on a slightly different line, is that putting the kids in the military means that they are OUT of Chicago for their most violent years: 18-24. And maybe some of them, after being stationed elsewhere, may decide not to come back.

This would be consistent with that city's history of exporting its worst elements whenever possible.

Offthebeach's picture

I doubt 1 in 20 Chicago "graduates" would qualify for enlistment.  

From memory.....leass than half graduate.  of those that do, less than half qualify to attend the worst, easyest diploma mill.  Of those that do, half drop out there first year.  Of the rest, half don't graduate in 6 are looking at 10-15% graduation rates,from the worst, dumbest colleges in the least challenging majors.  BTW, by sex it us worse, with black males down around 7%.   Females up around high teens.

CRM114's picture

There's a song about it!

Copperhead Road by Steve Earle

"I done two tours of duty in Vi-et-nam. I came home with a brand new plan"

shovelhead's picture

I can't picture most of these kids with an ability to read and understand the principles of basic botany to grow weed.

Anyone can grow substandard schwag but few can produce top shelf connoisseur weed that maximizes it's genetic potential.

Larry Dallas's picture

I will look on the brighter side: large numbers of low IQ minorities, who shouldn't have been conceived in the first place, will get some discipline and be put to productive use for society.

Otherwise they would be in jail, on permanent government assistance or both on the taxpayer's dime.

What am I missing here?

ElHombreDeLosCielos's picture

" . . . large numbers of low IQ minorities"

Beg to differ.  Inner city kids are often extremely bright and not surprisingly very angry. 

techpriest's picture

They are bright until public schools and food-stamp-subsidized Monsanto meals beat the intelligence out of them.

Omen IV's picture

they have no productive use -when faced with $15 an hour McDonalds chose robots instead - eduction is a complete waste of time and money -spend $10,000  each for a vascetomy or tubal ligation

they have no economic or social value  - need to export them

Offthebeach's picture

Ever since the cotton gin, mecanization. and automation, white man tricks to keep blacks down.

mc888's picture

Yeah but when they came back they were doped up to hold 'em down.

new game's picture

this is what the sheep get when they allow/embrace a monoply control education.

many moar wonderfull outcomes on tap.

google is another dangerous monoply.

simple shit maynard...

end times prophet's picture

The miltary has educational standards.  Reading, writing, physical fitness.  These "graduates" are not going to make it.  Lets see how Joanisha does in boot.

vato poco's picture

"SIR, fuck you, SIR! I'ma kick yo muthafukkin ass, you ... OW! OW! OW! LET GO ME YOU RACISS MUTHA .. OW! OW! OW!"

the first-day-of-boot youtube vids will be comedy gold

CRM114's picture

I think the Marine Corps has educational maximums - that's probably their best bet ;)