CoNaN THe BaVaRiaN...

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Check out what the New York Post did to Blabbio, lol:


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He is going to get verbally whipped Monday when the Penn Station chaos hits.

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Hahaha Bavaria is the most conservative state in Germany.  We have a word or two for people like deBlowhard -- Saupreiss!  Zuagroasta!

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Hey Mr. Blase';

Maybe try to reform 'Corrupt US Systems & Systemic Abuse' before setting your fedora for 'National Seat in Washington DC, Moron!

- What happened to requirement that migrants & kids of Migrants support Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, & Bill of Rights, Follow our Laws, support the Rule of Law rather than La Raza & Aztlan?
- IF the Rich get Richer & Corporations & Lobbyist get powerful like Monopolies... THEN don't you have some work to prove you are not a Traitor to the 'Idea of America' & our founding documents?
- If the Middle Class is disappearing, Planned Inflation is killing the US Dollar & Poor/Middle Class... THEN aren't you guilty of sedition and concealing a crime?
- If USA is now Byzantium... THEN aren't you 'Felony Stupid'?

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So much winning all at once I can hardly take it. I am not forced to live in any of those English as a second language disintegrating Mad Max caged-rodent-eats-rodent cities. So please folks lets keep the Larry, Moe and Maxine three stooges party around in the zoo for comic entertainment.

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No Offense there, I'm sure you understand

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Caps got your tongue?

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In any case, it was a long time no see, therefore a stupid post. Must say, I like to make a fool out of myself. ZH might not be the exact platform to post such BS, anyhow, the good music was playing therefore, immediate post. Been following ZH for a few years. Now only logged in for te "thrill of it". Been here, been there, been everywhere, and still being. Kudos. The bitch.

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De Blasio’s Daughter Reveals Substance Abuse


Days before her father’s inauguration, the 19-year-old daughter of Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio disclosed a history of drug and alcohol abuse that his campaign had taken pains to shield throughout a candidacy that relied heavily on the image of a happy and tight-knit family from Brooklyn.


Mr. Warren Wilhelm Jr., err, De Blasio, doesn't give a shit about

anybody or anything, other than polishing his resume for his

2020 run to defeat Trump. Good luck with that.

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That looks just like my HS yearbook pitcher, Bill done hacked my Skoo.

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Great stuff William... de Blah, blah, blahzio is the one person who comes to mind when I hear "I see stupid people"... current polls show him winning next mayoral election, so many new yawkers also have their own stupid selves to blame if he wins

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"current polls" are to coerce opinion, evidently not to represent current opinion.

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When the boys came out to play, Blabbio ran away.

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It’s Time for ‘Honest’ Bill de Blasio to Tell New York the Truth As New York City’s mayor touts his ‘Progressive, Honest, Responsible Government,’ the questions and subpoenas are mounting. He should try some real honesty.

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He is honest and responsible, in the manner of Progressives.

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Remember... it's not a lie, if YOU believe it.

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Great stuff WB7.  Next time give DeBlazio his real name:  Gonad the Bavarian.

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-- Try it out #Snaptee #tshirt

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Brill T, it's gonna be a big summer seller.

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Deblazio wishes he were that buffed.

Good on ya Bill.