Europe's Liberal Elite Outraged After Renzi Says Italy Has "No Moral Duty To Take In Migrants"

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The liberal facade behind Europe's grand refugee acceptance experiment took a big hit on Friday, when Italy's Former Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, and head of the ruling Democratic Party, said his country does not have "any moral duty to take in migrants", sharply toughening his stance over surging numbers of asylum seekers.  His U-Turn follows that of Angela Merkel, who infamously accepted nearly 1 million mostly Syrian refugees in 2015, only to see a surge in terrorist attacks across Germany and Europe, and a plunge in her popularity as a result of an angry social backlash, prompting her to quietly but forcefully end Germany's "open door" policy.

Now it's Italy turn.

Recall that last week we discussed that with refugees arrivals in Italy up 20% over the same period last year, Rome threatened to close its ports to privately-funded aid boats - many of which are rumored to belong to Soros-linked organizations, or insist that funding be cut to EU countries which fail to help. Italy's interior minister Marco Minniti was angry: "They are sailing under the flags of various European countries. If the only ports where refugees are taken to are Italian, something is not working. This is the heart of the question."

One can see why Italy may be angry: with the Balkan corridor closed, Italy has emerged as the only port of entry into Europe. More than 600,000 migrants have reached Italy over the past four years, the vast majority arriving by boat from Libya. About 85,000 have come ashore this year alone, accounting for the vast majority of European migrant arrivals.

And Just like in Germany two years ago, the popular reaction is one of growing anger - especially since migrants don't get to vote. However, the question has emerged: how does a "moral", liberal Europe square up to what is a growing undercurrent of resentment toward migrants, something traditionally associated with various loathed (by the establishment) populist parties? After all, if the same establishment admitted that what the "populists" offer is the right course of action, then a political crisis would ensue. 

That did not stop Italy's former PM Matteo Renzi from saying that "we need to free ourselves from a sense of guilt. We do not have the moral duty to welcome into Italy people who are worse off than ourselves," the Democratic Party leader wrote in new book, excerpts of which were released ahead of publication on the PD website.

"There has to be a fixed number of arrivals," he said, adding that Italy should help migrants in their home countries, and sounding suspiciously close like Italy's anti-immigrant parties.

Sure enough, underscoring the sensitivity of the issue - and just how hypocritical Europe's liberal crown is - Renzi's comments were swiftly removed from the website, but not before they had generated a backlash among some PD supporters, and glee in the right-wing camp.

As Reuters reports, the biggest winner from Renzi's unexpected moments of honesty, was Matteo Salvini, leader of the anti-immigrant Northern League party, who posted the deleted text on his own Twitter account. "Thanks for all the work. We will take it," Salvini wrote. "They (the PD) chatter and get embarrassed about it, while we can't wait to actually do it."

Meanwhile, Italy has found itself boxed in, with Brussels refusing to change its migrant policies even as rising popular anger means growing support for anti-establishment parties.

The upsurge in new arrivals, most of them from sub-Saharan Africa, has unsettled the Italian government, which has urged greater help from European allies in resettling the refugees.  Its requests have fallen largely on deaf ears and Renzi warned on Friday that Rome would look to curb funding to EU nations that had refused to offer help.

"They are shutting their doors. We will block their funds," he said, sounding suspiciously like Turkey's Erdogan who has so far prevented a new refugee crisis in Europe by gating some 2 million migrants inside Turkey's borders.

Making matters worse, Italy's migrant crisis is pushing the balance of power away from establishment parties: last month, Renzi's PD party fared badly in local elections, losing control of 30 municipalities, including the traditional leftist stronghold of Genoa in northern Italy, with the migrant crisis increasingly weighing on the government.

Meanwhile, adding insult and injury to hypocrisy, Former European Commissioner for humanitarian affairs, Emma Bonino, caused embarrassment in PD ranks this week when she said that Renzi's government had requested in 2014 that all the migrants leaving Libya be brought to Italy.  "At the beginning, we didn't realize that this was a structural problem and not a passing phase. We shot ourselves in the foot," said Bonino, a former Italian foreign minister. Oops.

Renzi of course denied her assertion on Friday, but said that in future, Italy should do more to encourage migrants to stay at home and develop their own economies.

"We need to escape from our 'do gooder' mentality," Renzi said.

To which we can only add that we are almost amazed at the speed with which Renzi, Merkel, and so much of Europe's "do gooder" liberal elite flipped its outlook on the idealistic act of accepting "people who are worse off than ourselves" the second said act starting having negative consequences on Renzi, Merkel and Europe's "do gooder" liberal slite. We would almost call this reversal glaringly hypocritical, but we are confident readers can make up their own minds.

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edotabin's picture

Try sitting next to that same hippo on a seat 17 inches wide and a seat pitch of 31 inches. The hippo spills into your seat and your knees simply hurt because of the lack of space. Add to that the lines, the occassional colonoscopy going through security, ignorant and impolite passengers, the crappy service, the turbulence, the stern flight attendants etc. It doesn't take much to realize that what's going on is just wrong.It's devolved.

I'd much rather have the hippo "let one rip" 10 ft away and have some space to maneuver than being stuck in a tin (now sometimes composite) can 35k ft in the air with the attendant barking at me to not get up to go to the lavatory.


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That is why I fly Aeroflot.  They treat you nice and don't tell you who to vote for. Decent food, attractive flight attendants who smile  and you won't lose your seat or get the shit beat out of you.  Isn't that why you fly?

I Write Code's picture

Sounds like something was lost in translation there, I'm sure what he said was closer to, "Pastafazul, enough already!"

Yars Revenge's picture

Actions are louder than words.

Renzi needs to block the ships from Northern Africa .

Until then what he says is meaningless

Mountainview's picture

From time to time Renzi had an attack of common sense. The current technocrats lack this quality totally. So, Renzi come back to the top of your bunch!

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Start puncturing their rubber boats

BarnacleBill's picture

I would feel a lot sorrier for Italy if it wasn't a member of NATO and didn't back that fight-club's invasions of the countries from which the refugees come. What is wrong with Italians, that they don't kick their ruling politicians out?

Abaco's picture

A lot of the "refugees" comme from countries where there has been no war by Nato countries. Your narrative is bullshit.

BarkingCat's picture

Italians are giant pussies. Far worse than the French.

As a child in Europe I heard that Italians had 2 flags in their closet: German and American.

They pulled out the one whose army was in the area and waved it around.

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All those assholes elite... Send refugees to their house/presidential palaces in buses for a few months and see how they like it

Xena fobe's picture

And make the elite pay taxes to support their "poor refugees". A "poor refugee" surtax on the elite to stop squeezing the working native population.

adonisdemilo's picture

The Libturds are doing more damage to Europe than Hitler's attempts to get the fucking place blown to smitherines.

Hopefully they'll take a page from his book and blow their own fucking brains out.

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I have an idea... Why don't we rebuild the Coloseum and use the migrants as entertainment like in the Roman times? I would do a week in Rome to see a reenactment of the Battle of Carthage.

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Liberalism is literally a mental illness. Round them up for treatment.

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Italy is already fucked.  They imported too many simians.  This will forever change the landscape of Rome, Florence and other locales once the 80 IQ pavement apes burrow in.  They let the locusts in.  The virus has been unleashed.

MCDirtMigger's picture

Italy was overrun by 'barbarians' way back when and haven't won a war since.

Dumpster Elite's picture

Italy is turning into the real-life "Planet of the Apes".

Collectivism Killz's picture

Fuck the EU!

The only true comment to ever be made by the Obama Admin.

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I hate to mention it,  but if we stopped bombing the Middle east and stopped selling them Weapons they would have no excuse to leave, and they could live happily ever after in their Sand Box full of fleas forever.

Kaeako's picture

Yeah, except we're talking about Africa here, particularly Sub-Saharan Africa. And there's about 150 million more dreaming about moving north. Immediate fallout from killing Gaddafi was indeed temporary. Now they're finding out that Gaddafi really was holding his end of the bargain when they made a deal with him to keep the blacks out of Europe. Oops.

HowdyDoody's picture

<cough> AFRICOM <cough>

"War is our business and our business is war."

mary mary's picture

Don't feel bad, because it's been mentioned thousands of times already.

Of course, if we didn't bomb them, then (1) the Ultra Conservative Jewish Settlers who refuse to work wouldn't be able to "settle" their lands, and (2) we wouldn't have a reason to believe the Pope, who says God demands that we bring them over here to rape our daughters and stick knives into our sons and refuse to work the same way the Ultra Conservative Jewish Settlers refuse to work.

U4 eee aaa's picture

Drop goats, not bombs. It's a lot cheaper and will change the continent

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What, their full beards will change to goatees?

Xena fobe's picture

No because if a country lives above the poverty line, you will always have economic migrants

PrivetHedge's picture

They could just commit to match Israel's intake.

ThanksIwillHaveAnother's picture

After the 2008-2009 global debt bomb, only a fool liberal econ type could think the problem will be helped by letting in a material number of immigrants from an incompatible culture.

Mena Arkansas's picture

His country does not have "any moral duty to take in migrants"

Boy is this guy off the reservation. This is in direct contradiction to the authorized EU narrative.

Did he not get the fucking memo? Is wasn't like the jews didn't put it right there on YT for everybody to see.

The EU stasi need to immediately arrest Renzi and send him to re-education camp in Tel Aviv.

You vill be multi-cultural. You vill be race-mixed out of existence. You vill bow down to your zionist master.

#greaterisrael #odedyinon #kalergiplan

What part of #whitegenocide do you stupid goys not get?


mary mary's picture

He will feel the wrath of Rachel.  She is so bound and determined to help the helpless immigrants that she will turn her estate into a one-stop Mosque, breadline, forced female circumcision "hospital", and swimming pool.

MCDirtMigger's picture

Simple math tells me that shells (the kind that blow up boats full of invaders) are cheaper than social benefits.

MCDirtMigger's picture

Simple math tells me that shells (the kind that blow up boats full of invaders) are cheaper than social benefits.

chosen's picture

Some Eurotrash are finally waking up.

FoggyWorld's picture

The question is are voters going to buy these 180's?

Gab Timov's picture

Shit yo, moral always means money for someone somewhere. Financial rewards for one group is put into guilt-inducing morality terms for another group. In this case, it's the elites who benefit in different ways from the invasion of Europe (and North America)  and the average citizens who must deal with it daily. Well they ain't dealing with it anymore and they are telling the elites, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY DONE DEALING THE CARDS.

Pretty cool.

DjangoCat's picture

Got a way long way to go, Gab.  You think they will let you take the cards?  Not without a fight.  Look at the trail of dead people in the Clinton's wake.

guilty bystander's picture

Virtue signalling is great until your cushy job is threatened.

Vageling's picture

LMFAO! Let me guess... Elections coming up? It's when they start saying sane things! Muppets.

Yes, NO member state has some delusional moral obligation to take in illegal migrants. These parasites need to go through the formal process at the embassy! Point!

Figuring out once they set foot here they never leave? Gee! And Ghordious waving his papers that in THEORY they can be deported. REALITY shows us otherwise!

Shut the ports! Bring them back. Those who do not? Chain their ship in port, arrest the crew and charge them with human trafficking! Is that so hard? But, but, but... The EU? Fuck them! They're not above international law. What's so hard to grasp the CLOSEST port? It ain't Italy when they were picked up on the coast of Libya! Fucking muppets!

And Renzi... This will not stop! Heard the vice chairman (I refuse to call eurocrats with NO mandate from the people "presidents"!) Of the EC? MOAR, MOAR, MOAR!!! For decades to come! Some shit about values and death to nation states. Took the clue, eh? Asshole.

Affraid after Hamburg the right will show it's face? You should be. We will be burning down gubbie property! Smash gubbie workers, not burning down innocent civilians their property and terrorize them. We go for the jackpot! 

Somebody needs to revise the script. Mutti Merkel says, NO!!! Oops, Renzi. Fuck off. APPLY THE LAW, cocksucker! Your cry for sympathy falls on deaf ears. Only thing you can do is export the problem to, wait for it... Other NATION STATES. That will backfire.

The EU is no nation. Not even a state! Idiots! The people spoke, nobody listens. Now all sides of the people, regardless of their political color, are preparing for WOAR against their states.

Vimes's picture

It hasn't stopped because human trafficking is very fucking profitable and the Italians are as guilty as fuck. (Pardon my French). Plus our socialist government has been throwing a lot of manpower at this and if they are out of a job, how to rig the employment numbers?! They have to keep this shit show going no matter what.

DjangoCat's picture

The traffickers are getting a free ride from the NGOs, Doctors without Ethics, and those types.  I spent time with a fellow who worked for the latter .org as a bag man, smuggling suitcases of cash across African borders,  These people are criminals posing as the good guys.

A_Huxley's picture

Think about all the funding thats flowing.  A doctor, nurse, translator.  Then a bus ride to a big new home.  New beds, sheets, blankets, food. Education, books, a new TV another translator.  More 24/7 medical care.  More food.  Legal support.  Food.  Medical care.    Once one house or large building thats rented gets full, its time to create a new home.   Plumbers, electricians have to make that building ready for all kinds of different needs.  Beds found, sheets, pillows, new desks and reading lamps.  Brand new water filter will be needed.  New big new kitchen and staff to cook.  A new big TV for the new sofa in a common area and new TVs for each room.  Books and education.  Quality educational material and language support has to be written.  More products and services for the kitchen and washing machines.  An expert has to inspect the building and then report on all the quality upgrades.  Then that new building is filled up.  

Full again?  Time to offer some new real estate to upgrade.  Enjoy that "rent" thats going to have full occupancy for decades.  Food delivery and winter, summer clothing.  Hours on site for all the support services.  Support services that are needed a lot. 24/7.

Care, services and new products have to be found for every type of arrival too.  Just like fitting out a new hotel but the contracts never stop and more money flow with each new arrival.  Money never stops to support care, food, sleep.  

artichoke's picture

Yes a huge bureaucracy is created that the UN, if nobody else, will never let you dismantle.

Umh's picture

Italy or Greece are the closest to Libya depending on where they embark. That still doesn't mean Greece or Italy should take them.

U4 eee aaa's picture

I really underestimated how stupid politicians can be. Now they are getting it that this might be a problem?

Is it that they have led the sheltered lives of the rich and they only get information from biased handlers? This is mind boggling that people could be this stupid

Umh's picture

Stupid is not the word I would use. I prefer evil and sociopathic.

DeathMerchant's picture

Lake Como will never be the same without George Clooney. If you Italians ever want him to leave his secure Beverly Hills estate and grace your fucked up country again you will expel the dark hordes that you have allowed into your country. Meanwhile, George will continue to encourage them while attempting to stay relevant among the liberal leftist pukes in Hollywood.

LA_Goldbug's picture

Please check this,

" If you Italians ever want him to leave his secure Beverly Hills estate and grace your fucked up country again you will expel the dark hordes that you have allowed into your country."

After a second swig of my beer I GOT IT. But that twat likes it in Italy. He will come whether they are there or not because where he hangs out they can not get in.

Fundies's picture

The Liberal Elite. ....always good for a laugh. Plenty of space at the Vatican. 

cstu7011's picture

Uh oh.. who else thinks Italy is asking for a false flag spanking from ISISrael??

Yars Revenge's picture

(((Liberal elite)))