In Victory For Trump, Most Americans Now Support Travel Ban

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A new Politico-Morning Consult poll has found that six in 10 American voters now support the new travel ban on people from six predominantly Muslim countries.

Infographic: Most Americans Now Support Limited Travel Ban  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

As Statista's Niall McCarthy notes, the research found that 37 percent of people strongly support the State Department's guidelines while 23 percent somewhat support them.

Only 14 percent are both opposed and strongly opposed to the legislation while 11 percent said they don't know or have no opinion.

Notably this comes after a US court denies Hawaii's appeal against Trump's travel ban...

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals says it lacks jurisdiction to rule on the Trump administration’s enforcement of the travel ban a day after a Hawaii court also declined to weigh in on the president’s executive order.


Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin sought clarification on the scope of the travel ban after the Supreme Court allowed partial implementation. On Wednesday, Hawaii lost its challenge in Honolulu district court.


The federal appeals court in San Francisco says legal procedure prevents the panel from reviewing the Hawaii judge’s decision not to consider the state’s case. Three-judge panel says the state of Hawaii may return to the Honolulu court to ask for an injunction against the government’s enforcement of the Supreme Court’s order rather than to “clarify” the court’s order.


Judges on the panel are all Clinton appointees.


Chin says he “will comply” with the Ninth Circuit’s guidance and is considering options for continued litigation.

But, of course, as Bloomberg reports, Hawaii is pressing on with yet another suit...

Hawaii asked a federal judge in Honolulu to direct the Trump administration to modify its restrictions on entry for travelers and refugees that the state says violate the U.S. Supreme Court’s instructions when it partially revived the president’s immigration policy.


Hawaii’s action late Friday follows refusal of Honolulu judge and Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to clarify scope of travel ban that took effect June 30.


State is now seeking, instead of clarification, enforcement of the Honolulu judge’s original order that blocked the president’s executive order from taking effect in March.


State contends U.S. has misinterpreted Supreme Court’s June 26 directive that visa applicants from six mostly Muslim nations and refugees worldwide must be allowed entry if they have “bona fide” relationships with people or organizations in the U.S..


“This court should not permit the government to flout its directives at the expense of countless Americans and their loved ones, and it possesses the authority to prevent the government from so doing,” Hawaii Attorney General Doug Chin says in statement

Just a reminder to the Hawaiian attorneys - see the chart above.

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McRocket's picture

Anyone who is for the travel ban is a coward on this subject.

I will not debate it as it is fact.

Scrimpy's picture





Now who is the coward? 



I'm betting the real coward will down arrow my post w/o answering!!!!!

bamawatson's picture

in victory for America !
most Americans now support travel ban

booboo's picture

turn enforcement over to the department of agriculture, none of these fruits would enter and they would go to great extremes to ferret out illegal fruitcakes

cesarsp_us's picture

Most Americans are high on opiods so maybe that explains alot

yrad's picture

11% don't know? Fucking stupid Americans.

CheapBastard's picture

Depends how you word the poll.


Last month one very straight forward poll showed 87% of Americans support his travel ban and/or strict vetting.

One question i would ask on any of these poll questions is "How would you feel if your child was blown to pieces by a Muzlum pipe bomb or similar?"

Or...."How would you feel if your teen daughter was stabbed to death by a gang of Muzlums while she walked home from school?"

Maybe ask those questions before asking how they feel about the "ban?"

dirty fingernails's picture

U shud at leest mayk the efort 2 lern 2 spel Muslim. Its pretty simple.

MrFriskles's picture

Downvoted. If its a choice between muslims and israelis I choose israel. Next question please.

Akzed's picture

You mean the Synagogue of Satan, Rev. 2:9; 3:9? That "Israel"?

See also Acts 7:43, quoting Amos 5:26.

Not to mention 1 Thess. 2:14-15.

And pardon another paralipsis, but I'm not even going to bring up 1 Cor. 7:19.

Overfed's picture

I would rather have Russians, Poles, or Czechs over either.

Xena fobe's picture

It's not cowardice, you simpleton.  It's a foot in the door towards an eventual ban on all refugee migrants.  WTF do you think this is, the world's dumping ground for excess third worlders?

runswithscissors's picture

Hawaii is infested with America-hating muslims so who gives a flying fuck what Hawaii thinks!

bamawatson's picture

hot babe democommie rep certainly has been, uh, muzzled

cesarsp_us's picture

I was in Hawaii last year and don't remember seeing a single one 

But keep yapping

baghead's picture

Hawaii tries to block the travel ban,while taking in virtually no refugees.

spastic_colon's picture

have been there several time; quite honestly it is overpriced and boring; after 5 days of their liberal ad nauseum BS its time to go home; will never go back especially now that obummer is nearby; did anyone else notice how suddenly they are trying to put pressure on all of the homeless they have been subsidizing over the last 10 years?? i know exactly where this is happening and its right up the road from where obummer now has property.

MrFriskles's picture

Could not be more true. As with all laws, once precident is set, expansion follows. A migrant ban will only lead to further restrictions on immigration and we can start clawing back our country from the commies and progressive rats who want "everything for everyone."

Side note: Also why all gun grabbing bullshit must be opposed with utmost vigor. 

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

The issue is sovereignty. We have seen the fruits of those who have relinquished theirs. Why should we invite those who would be a drain on our society and pride themselves not integrating? Would they do the reverse? We have lost our basic pragmatism to PC.


nufio's picture

this whole thing is just a distratction. i think everyone agrees that USA should just get out of syria, and iraq and afghanistan and libya then there wouldnt be this whole refugree thing to deal with in the first place. 

this outrage against immigration is not seen when wars have been started in far off lands. whether you ban muslims or not, if you bomb innocent families in far off lands, there will be determined fathers and brothers with nothing to lose who will bring this to your land. maybe the right solution is not to start wars across the oceans. I dont understand why the europeans enable this nonsense when they would face the brunt of the blowback.

Ex-Oligarch's picture

"I  will not debate it as it is fact."

No.  You won't debate it because you can't articulate any sensible rationale or any factual support for your position.

Aussiekiwi's picture

lol, Mcrocket is just winding you up, pretending to be the average liberal, stating something incredibly stupid  refusing to debate it and resorting to insults, relax.

Dead Indiana Sky's picture

I bet you're a big hit at parties.

charlewar's picture

mc rocket receives

shovelhead's picture




Funny guy.

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

What is the point debating a moron


Sudden Debt's picture

spoken like an adult....

I've heard that people who say things like that got their dicks bitten of by dogs...

did it hurt?

charlewar's picture

you're too damn dumb to debate anything, asshole.

Arctic Frost's picture

"I will not debate it as it is fact"

A subjective adjective like "coward" being applied to ANY situation as a fact shows incredible ignorance of the English language. However, I absolutely agree with the "fact" that people who cannot grasp intellectual thought are incapable of debating, so you're forgiven. It's not your fault you thought a liberal college would educate you.

venturen's picture

Duh! Could they cross reference it with people that hate America...but live here?

MrFriskles's picture

Citizenship should have been required to participate as well...

new game's picture

shhhh, don't tell your neighbor either, they might turn you in. lol. 

neighborhood spy, join up today.

globalism, something i can embrace, one world cultur of misfits wondering who the fuk am i?

so non confusion S/!

kuz's picture

Travel ban was supported by majority in most of polls between 2015-2017. And I'm not talking about "limited" one.

Anteater's picture

Trump supported a xenophobic Wall and an Islamic travel ban, Rodham supported free immigration. 58 percent of eligible US voters went to the polls during the 2016 election. The MAJORITY of Americans voted for Rodham, e.g. supporting free immigration. All media polls are bollux trolls.

Xena fobe's picture

Cheer up.  This is a free country so you can donate your own funds to any charity you like.  Your donation goes further when the poor stay in their own country. 

ZD1's picture

Majority? Only if you count the millions of illegals and dead people that Democrats made sure voted at least twice for globalist open borders bullshit in states like New York and California.

any_mouse's picture

Barely a majority of all USA voters voted at all.

Therefore your "majority of Americans voted for Clinton", is a false claim.

52% of 58% is not a majority of all American voters.

The number of those who refused to participate is greater than those that voted for either candidate.

30% - Clinton, 28% - Trump, 42% - None of the Above.

Too bad that the pesky Rule of Law says POTUS is elected by the Electoral College and that the Nones cannot prevail.

IridiumRebel's picture

Bitter? Yeah fuck yourself.
You can come get all cunty here but you still don't got shit.

Eat a dick.

Ignatius's picture

What, no more Visas for Al Qaeda?

Who they gonna blame now for the phony terror?

Anteater's picture

Sample size to achieve statistical significance for a population of 350,000,000 homogenous like-minded individuals without racial or sexual identity bias: 16,587

These polls are all bollux trolls.

Xena fobe's picture

Yes, but the larger sample would still show a majority for the travel ban.

any_mouse's picture

Don't worry, the CIA handlers will still be able to walk the "terrorists" (known to the FBI) through the ban and onto the planes.

Xena fobe's picture

What a surprise Hawaiian Attorney General, Doug Chin, opposes the travel ban. Maybe Hawaii should join California and secceede.  Neither are loyal to the US. 

Anteater's picture

Vehr ahh yurr pahpahs? Antworten Sie!!! Schnell!!!! It's cling-on berries like you that made DHS-TSA into a National Police State.

Then Congress will give visa waivers to Israel, and they're fly over here to register for welfare and SS/MC auto-deposit, sell their

bootleg bling and flee back to an Israel which refuses to extradite any Israeli criminals back to the US, ...even the dancing ones.

Xena fobe's picture

Maybe if we give every nation 30 billion per year, they would promise to keep their excess population from invading?  Might be worth it. 

ZD1's picture

Meanwhile Democrats in sanctuary cities like San Francisco refuse to extradite any illegal aliens no matter how heinous the crimes they commit against US citizens.

The illegal alien who shot Kate Steinle in the back and killed her as she walked along San Francisco's Embarcadero with her family had seven previous felony convictions and been deported five times but San Francisco police had let him go and had refused to turn him over to ICE.

Ex-Oligarch's picture

No, Hawaii will never secede because the Federal government keeps the state's economy afloat, primarily through military spending, but also through huge entitlement and social service programs, not to mention the parks service spending that keeps all those beaches and volcanos nice and clean for the tourists.