US-Russian Ceasefire Deal Goes Into Effect In Southwest Syria

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A U.S.-Russian brokered ceasefire in southwest Syria was holding several hours after it took effect according to Reuters, the latest international attempt to restore peace in the six-year Syrian war. The truce, which took effect across southwest Syria on Sunday at noon Damascus time (09:00 GMT), extends to Syrian government forces and rebel groups in the provinces of Deraa, Quneitra, and Sweida where western-backed rebels control swathes of territory and form a center of the insurgency south of the capital Damascus.

Last week, shortly after the first meeting between Trump and Putin, the United States, Russia and Jordan announced they had reached a ceasefire and "de-escalation agreement" with the aim of paving the way for a robust truce to deliver aid to war-torn areas and end hostilities; it will be enforced by the three countries’ militaries.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights told Reuters that "calm was prevailing" with no air strikes or clashes in the southwest since the truce began at noon on Sunday.

"The situation is relatively calm," said Suhaib al-Ruhail, a spokesman for the Alwiyat al-Furqan rebel group in the Quneitra area. Another rebel official, in Deraa city, said there had been no significant fighting. It was quiet on the main Manshiya front near the border with Jordan, which he said had been the site of some of the heaviest army bombing in recent weeks. A witness in Deraa said he had not seen warplanes in the sky or heard any fighting since noon.

Separately, a Syrian official indicated that Damascus approved of the ceasefire deal, describing the government's silence over it as a "sign of satisfaction".

"We welcome any step that would cease the fire and pave the way for peaceful solutions," the government official told Reuters.

Free Syrian Army fighter near an anti-air craft machine gun in Quneitra, Syria July 8, 2017.

So far so good, however this won't be the first time that a Syrian ceasefire agreement was implemented, only to crumble shortly after, especially with the tide of Syria's proxy war turning in Assad's favor over the past year: with the help of Russian air power and Iranian-backed militias, Assad's government has put rebels on the back foot over the last year. Furthermore, the wide array of mostly Sunni rebels which include jihadist factions and other groups supported by Turkey, the United States and Gulf monarchies, have suffered a potentially terminal drop in support following the Qatar diplomatic scandal, which has made it virtually impossible for either Saudi Arabia or Qatar to continue providing logistical and financial support to the Syrian rebel groups.

* * *

President Vladimir Putin, who discussed the issue with Donald Trump at the G20 summit in Hamburg, called the ceasefire agreement “a breakthrough, to a certain extent,” noting that the deal was made possible by Washington’s “more pragmatic stance” on working with Russia. While little is known about how the truce will play out on the ground, it is understood that Russian, American, and Jordanian forces will be deployed to the area to stabilize the situation.

“In the first stage, Russian military police, as well as the Americans and the Jordanians, will ensure security around this de-escalation zone covered by the ceasefire,” Lavrov explained.

Trump addressed the ceasefire on Sunday, tweeting "We negotiated a ceasefire in parts of Syria which will save lives. Now it is time to move forward in working constructively with Russia!"

The deal marks the first peace-making effort in the Syrian war by the U.S. government under Trump, appearing to give him a diplomatic achievement at his first meeting with Putin. 

According to Reuters, Russia’s foreign minister Sergey Lavrov stressed that the ceasefire agreement clearly states that “Russia, Jordan, and the United States are committed to Syrian sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as UN Security Council resolutions that pave the way to political reconciliation” and added that deal includes "securing humanitarian access and setting up contacts between the opposition in the region and a monitoring center that is being established in Jordan's capital."

Free Syrian Army fighters rest inside a room in Quneitra, Syria July 8, 2017.

The United Nations, in turn, has stated that it appreciates the international effort being made to bring lasting peace to this part of Syria. “This is a step in the right direction,” UN Deputy Special Envoy for Syria Ramzy Ezzeldin Ramzy told reporters in Damascus, as cited by Reuters. “All of this leads to supporting the political process,” he added.

Under the memorandum, all hostilities between government forces and the armed opposition should cease within the safe zones. Extremist groups, including Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra  will be separated from the ‘moderate’ opposition in security zones set up in the cities of Idlib, Latakia, and Homs, as well as parts of Aleppo.  Checkpoints and observation posts will be installed along the de-escalation lines within the safe zones, which should provide free movement for unarmed civilians and humanitarian access to areas under the control of the guarantor states.

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takeaction's picture

Liberals/Dems heads explode as Trumps meeting was awesome.  They can't stand it...All they can find to spin this entire thing is "OMG Ivanka Trump may have been sitting at the table with world leaders..."

Who gives a shit....really?

Cheka_Mate's picture

Now that peace has been achieved, time to repatriate all of the Syrian refugees so they can rebuild their homeland.

07564111's picture

you should wait until we see how quickly Israel finds an excuse to break this deal.

FrozenGoodz's picture

Those barred from our country now have a moment of peace n quiet ... so so touching Easy D

HowdyDoody's picture

The Iraqi government is also buying up to 70+ T-90s to replace the T-55s, T-72s and M-1 Abrams it currently uses. A deal over S-300 systems has stalled over payment terms.

Meanwhile, a US helicopter group passes over ISIS territory in Iraq without being fired on - unlike Iraqi helicopters.

The Russians call the deal a 'de-escalation process'. The US call it a 'ceasefire'. I suspect the 'de-escalation' description is more accurate as the Russians made it clear they would respond (ie escalate) to any US-sponsored CW false flag events in this area. The Russians have given the US an opportunity to back out of the hole they were digging themselves into.

Blankone's picture

The russians call it a deescalation zone cover by the ceasefire. The russians used the same ceasefire terms as did the US.

I also cannot find any russian statements that indicate they will "respond to any US sponsored CW false flag events" as you claim.

veritas semper vinces's picture

You can not find anything good about Putin/Russia,so I am not suprised.See multiple videos where  Maria Zakharova talks about this,see MR. Putin's and Mr.Lavrov's statements(and take your head out your ass)

Blankone's picture

Have any links where Putin and Lavrov threaten to attack the US over any more false flag's or false claims?

Read the article above. In the quotes from the Russian official representative russia calls it a ceasefire.

roadhazard's picture

Because ruskies never speak with forked tongue.

TrajanOptimus's picture

You do realize that us AMERICANS (JEWS controlling America) are the biggest criminals on the world stage don't you? The CIA has been pushing destabilization operations for DECADES since Bush 1 gave them the go-ahead to do so.

So save the holier than thou BS with the Russians. Their shenanigans are 1/20 of what the US propagates.

Any peace should be welcomed. Deal with any subversive act if they come to light. For the time being this is a GOOD thing.

If you want to be pissed off at anyone, get pissed off at the Jews pulling the evil strings. Point your finger in the direction it needs to be pointed.

Blankone's picture

You do realize the bolsheviks were jews, don't you. That they controlled both Lenin and Stalin. That they murdered millions of goy in russia, right?

That they still hold the elite positions in russia and that Russia's central bank is NOT controlled by the elected officials in russia but by the same people who own the Fed..

Fisherman Blue's picture

You don't have any proof that Obama has had multipile dicks in his ass either but you kknow its true.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Exactly.See my post.It is a "save face "for Jewmerica.Lets see if Jewmerica is able to understand this.

bluez's picture

My take: This "US-Russian ceasefire deal" is pretty much symbolic. It turns out the US and Saudis just have too much economic weakness to complete the "take out 7 countries in 5 years" thing. Israel's Golan Heights aspiration is the only thing left in play. The Syria "regime change" project will simmer down into a chronic guerrilla infestation. The North Korea Apocalypse is now the real menace. God help us if that explodes.

DieselChadron's picture

this truce ain't gonna last a week.  US president don't call the shots in these sorts of things.  on the other hand, if there was unanimous support amongst all the generals that a truce should be called, then I'd be more optimistic.

dizzyfingers's picture
Quote "What Trump Can Do for Defense Posted on July 11, 2016Pentagon courtiers need to hear the magic words: “You’re fired!” Unquote
earleflorida's picture


truce, peace, and goodwill for the ME?

as, amerika has no health care,... with STDs & Syphilist & Gonorrhea blanketing the countries city, towns and villages!

drug ODs and murder rate skyrocketing with wage increases scorned by management and threatened by robotics leave[ing]s americas peasants/semi-skill'd proletarietized consumers without a [rentier]paycheck to grease the 'robots'!  what a fucking country.

jobs, jobs, jobs are plentiful now as the military is hiring full-tyme + benifits  ---- requisitioning your soul and conscious to do the devils work (the devil being our beloved bankers)

infrastructure falling apart with 2/3s ussa bridges unsafe,... with sinkholes brought about by land deals ignoring local water tables throughout americas suburbs, still going overseas, while we literally beg Taiwan to relocate one of their hundred 'Foxconn' (slave labour) tech plants to the ussa, while we sell them F-18s and other F-#s

Qatar and SA on the back burner until were finnished starting 'OUR' war with NK.

while totally ignoring america...using 24/7/365 Russian Election propaganda, and out deficit increases ~ $1.5 Trillion annually now without blinking an eyelash.

but Everything is about SYRIA, RUSSIA, and ISIS ( a home grown subsidiary of USSAISrahell)

you go Trump


there's so much moar, but i'm worn... 

Ps.   oh, and BTW, when Russia's Khrushchev said these (his) immortal words in the late 50s, slamming his shoe on the podium addressed to America :: "We will sell you the rope to hang yourself with"!      Funny thing though,...[?] It's been China selling us the ROPE!!!

tmosley's picture

Hahahaha, what was that about Trump and Putin not getting along?

HowdyDoody's picture

The Chump still tries to pull his macho BS with the Russians - here with Lavrov. To me, it looks like Putin and Lavrov are laughing at him.

OverTheHedge's picture

That's because you see what you want to see. Putin is not even looking in their direction, and despite his being shorter, does appear to a few feet behind, and not part of, the Trump/Lavrov handshake. But you keep on with making stuff up, because reality is a tricky thing, and best ignored most of the time. See CNN for further options.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Yes. I think there is a good laugh at Kremlin(like with ketch up and the Faggot -in-chief).

Mr, Putin looked very skeptical and a little ironic and our Sayanim-in-chief looked "a little constipated"(from too much chocolate cake)

Killdo's picture

macho my ass - he is just a fat loud bully (with childbearing hips and a fat ass). There is nothing manly in him - he is just a giant fat pussy. All talk and no balls whatsoever

07564111's picture

This 'deal' was going to happen regardless of trump or not. You need to read more. ;)

tmosley's picture

That's the poorest spin I have ever seen.


veritas semper vinces's picture

Astana peace talks between the REAL actors in the region: Russia,Iran,Turkey and Syria.The deal was already in place FOR some time.MR.Putin offered a "save face". YOU need to read more

Winston Churchill's picture

More about Trump facing reality.

The attempted US incurson into Syria was outflanked by the SAA and Iraqi irregulars.

More concerning is how Donald got talked into it by the neocons in the first place.

He needs to fire McMaster and Mad Dog now before those arseholes start WWIII.

War Machine's picture

The US has no intention of honoring any deal, or of doing anything other than Balkanizing Syria and further degrading its economic and mitary capacities before Israel attacked Lebanon again and/or Trump, Mattis and Kushner take us into Iran.

And Israel and Genie Energy will be grabbing more of Golan and its gas. Bank on that, even if you doubt that the sun will rise tomorrow.

I find it strange, not to insult anyone, that so many don't see that Trump, whether of his own intent or necessity, is a puppet of the MIC/Deep State/Zionist 5th Column unholy trinity.

I'd love to be wrong on this.

But don't get too excited, men.

US actions are a deep digging in. With special forces and SAD all over Syria, still hoping to choke off the border/road from Iraq to Damascus, any pause the US maintains is to replenish men and mat.

US/Israeli mil support for ISIS and Al Nusra is so absolutely obvious what one should marvel at most, besides using the Syrian Observatory as a credible source, is the way in which the media, hence your fat faggot neighbor, maintains the narrative of a barbarous Assad killing his own people who resist valiantly with benevolent US help.

And hey, the US military surely knows when it is reating rat lines for ISIS psychos to escape and regroup.

Israel's fire support for AQ/AN is open and obvious and unreported.


Pause while everyone takes a deep breath.

Syria and Russia (and Iran, Lebanese militia, and Turkey) have one move as the US/UK/Israel/Saudis rearm their takfiri death squads before, eventually, openly joining in with both feet (to Edward Longshanks their own guys in the back before hitting Syrian and Russian troops).

And only one move:

Be ready and willing to counterpunch Israel *hard*.

To be clear: I dont want to see any of this, mostly because it means lots of dead American operators and, oh yeah, lots of women and kids on top of those already killed by this Anglo-American-Salafist-Zionist alliance.

But Israeli (and Saudi, let me add) impunity *guarantees* more of the same for many years to come.

But in any case: Trump isnt getting us out of Syria... he's garrisoning it and filling it with US special forces (and contractors).

At most, they might decide to let Syria keep a Russian backed coastal rump state, then use US bases for attacking Iran. And again, unless Russia wants to involve Riyadh and Tel Aviv/Jerusalem in the party beforehand, that is absolutely what Trump's masters want.

I mean, havent these chickenhawk pukes been saying so for a very long time?

tmosley's picture

Jack off fantasy of defeatist doomers.

veritas semper vinces's picture

You have no idea about the situation in Syria.So you should STFU. These is not where the main fight is taking place. Those are in the NE: around Palmyra,Deir EZZor,Al Raqqa. The areas that are discussed here are already under a peace agreement between Turkey,Russia ,Iran and Syria,the main actors in the game and the areas are mainly controled by Syria.They have managed to conect and control the border almost completely,together with popular shia militias from Iraq(US was trying to prevent this and control the Bagdad-Damascus root and failed).This is just a "save face" for the US that Putin offered.

And regarding returning of refugee,already 500 000 returned to the areas contolled by Assad(they like to be "gased"maybe).

Now,the Syrian army and allies are liberating the NE ,toward DeirEzzor.And Jewmerica is fuming.

Thhe war is basically lost for Jewmerica,Israhell,France,Britain and Saudi Barbaria(with their ISIS/AlQaeda terrorist that they pretend to fight).

Now they changed the name of Alqaeda (was Al Nusra),now is Fatah Al Sham and is "the moderate "terrorist force ,protected by Jewmerica.



SoDamnMad's picture

She was sitting at a table discussing giving the dictators of Africa money for them to ship to their offshore accounts.  Meanwhile her husband slipped away for somethign unimportant like stopping a war or backing up the doomsday clock of the war between the two world super powers.  

radio man's picture

Trump and Putin appear to be the adults in the room. What does that make Joe and Mika?

GoingBig's picture

Putin is in it for Putin. He and his totalitarian regime will dominate that area and soon parts of eastern europe. Trump is an idiot, as are a lot on this board, that think Putin is just a misunderstood benevolent leader. Do a little reserarch... Putin is inching towards Stalinism.

veritas semper vinces's picture

Your comprehension of current events is at the level of a 10 yr old(and not too bright 10 yr old). Go the facebook

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

He lives in a hut, on the edge, watches TV and believes it.

indygo55's picture

False flag Chem Weapon attack coming from Assad reported by annonomous sources in 137 intellegence agencies from all over the world including the planet Pluto in 3,,,,,,, 2.,,,,,,, 1,,,,,,,,

Lost in translation's picture

Manufacturer's tag reads, "Made with Pride in VA"

War Machine's picture

Likely. Ivan and the Syrians have been shouting about this being an active plan, or rather set of plans..

But ZH is a rare oasis of the worldly wise. Joe Sixpack doesnt know. He just knows Assad is literally Hitler and the US is killin' terrorists.

The corporate msm is literally just the propaganda arm of Vichy DC.


eatapeach's picture

Comment threads in the Oasis get a bit crappy when Hasbara descends on them, though.

Chippewa Partners's picture

Wait for it?  Hear the sound of US taxpayers footing the bill for reconstruction?   What a beautiful racket they have going.......... 

Schmuck Raker's picture

No doubt. Hell, we're still reconstructing Germany, apparently:

markar's picture

Will there be a new Marshall Plan for Hamburg after G20?

rejected's picture

Remember the old saying.

If you break it you bought it!.

The US taxpayers sure didn't protest the destruction of the ME....

veritas semper vinces's picture

Jewmerica and the west will have NO ROLE in the reconstruction.

Librarian's picture


Do you see the US rebuilding Ukraine?

Now there's a flaming political shitbag that nobody from the US to the EU wants to notice.

Lost in translation's picture

Syrian Arab Army would have rolled that sector up by now were it not for Jordan and especially Israel backstopping the Muj.

NickPeeMe's picture

And it is gone.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

Is there any fighting going on in southwest Syria?  Though it was all in the north and east?

Inevitability's picture

This ceasefire story is literally crickets in the comments. Reddit too. Fake news outlets can't seem to spin it, lefties are uncertain what to screech at. I'm lovin' it.


P.S. If this had been under Obama's watch he'd be praised to the high heavens as the prince of peace.


Worthy of a prize I say...