In Bizarre Confrontation, Israel Calls George Soros A "Threat To Democratic Governments"

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In a bizarre diplomatic development, none other than the state of Israel has branded billionaire philanthropist George Soros, one of Hillary Clinton's most generous donors, a "threat", accusing him of "continuously undermining Israel's democratically elected governments" and saying that Soros-funded organizations "defame the Jewish state and seek to deny it the right to defend itself".

How did this escalation materialize?

It started in Hungary, where as we have repeatedly documented, Soros has emerged as one of the government's most visible adversaries. Soros, a Hungarian-born Jew who has spent a large part of his fortune funding pro-democracy and human rights groups even as he has been accused of abusing taxpayer funds to organize the overthrow of "unfriendly" regimes, has repeatedly been targeted by Hungary's right-wing government, in particular over his support for sending more migrants into Europe. Most recently, Prime Minister Viktor Orban backed a campaign in which Soros is singled out as "an enemy of the state".

"Let's not allow Soros to have the last laugh" say billboards next to a picture of the 86-year-old investor.

Soros, who rarely addresses personal attacks against him, has not commented on the billboards. But Hungarian Jewish groups and Human Rights Watch, an organization partly funded by Soros, have condemned the campaign, saying it "evokes memories of the Nazi posters during the Second World War". And, as Reuters adds, many posters have been defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti, including the words "stinking Jew" written in magic marker.

And this is where Israel's bizarre intervention takes place.

Over the weekend, Israel's ambassador to Hungary issued a statement denouncing the campaign, saying it "evokes sad memories but also sows hatred and fear", a reference to Hungary's part in the deportation of 500,000 Jews during the Holocaust. But hours after the ambassador's comments, Israel's foreign ministry issued a "clarification" saying that Soros was a legitimate target for criticism.

And, in what appears to have been an unprecedented diplomatic attack by Israel, the country's foreign ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon said that "in no way was the statement (by the ambassador) meant to delegitimize criticism of George Soros, who continuously undermines Israel's democratically elected governments," adding that Soros funded organizations "defame the Jewish state and seek to deny it the right to defend itself".

Israel's U-turn is confusing because it is normally quick to denounce anti-Semitism or threats to Jewish communities anywhere in the world. While it made that point in the statement, it chose to focus on the threat it believes Soros poses to Israeli democracy.

The foreign ministry's unusual decision to issue a statement clarifying comments by one of its ambassadors comes days before Netanyahu, who also serves as Israel's foreign minister, is scheduled to visit Orban.

According to Reuters, among the organizations Soros funds is Human Rights Watch, which is frequently critical of Israel's occupation of the West Bank and its policies toward the Palestinians. And, like Hungary, Israel has passed legislation that seeks to limit the influence of non-governmental organizations that receive a large portion of their funding from abroad. In this case from Soros and his Open Society initiative.

Just as strange as Israel's attack on Soros, is Netanyahu's surprisingly close relationship to Hungary's prime minister.

As Reuters writes, Israel and Hungary were briefly at odds last month after Orban praised Hungary's World War Two leader Miklos Horthy, calling him an "exceptional statesman". Horthy - an ally of Adolf Hitler who approved anti-Jewish legislation in the 1920s and 1930s - cooperated with the Germans in deporting Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust.

While Israel initially expressed alarm over Orban's remarks, it then quickly accepted the Hungarian government's explanation that Orban had zero tolerance for anti-Semitism and was not suggesting everything Horthy did was positive.

The strong ties between Netanyahu and Orban have raised eyebrows all the way at the European Union, where Orban is regarded as an "illiberal maverick" and populist whose party has curtailed press freedom and stymied EU efforts to tackle the migrant crisis.

Ultimately, however, the explanation for Israel's seemingly bizarre behavior may be simple: money and influence. Hungary has held discussions with Israel about purchasing high tech security fences to keep migrants out, estimated by some to cost in the hundreds of millions of dollars, while Israel has sought better ties with countries that it hopes will take its side in any EU discussions where Israel is criticized.

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Please let me awaken to the headline: SOROS KILLED BY HIS SECURITY DETAIL

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Now that's some 7-dimensional chess right there.

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I call bullshit on ZionHedge. Go fuck yourself. Stealth Jews pretending to hate eachother.... fuck right off.

All the bullshit jewmerica makes up about the apparent 'Russian meddling in US elections' with ZERO proof. I mean what the fuck did they do? Where's the proof? Nobody's very specific about this bullshit. Yet, no one will ever question every Israeli passport holder in the U.S government! All the Neocons are jews. Every president goes to AIPAC to get fucked in the ass by a chopped dick! That's not meddling in U.S elections is it. The dick choppers have been at it since before America was created. Go and read the stats on how many Americans have their dicks chopped at birth. It's the highest rate in an apparent Christian country. Well the US is a jewish nation.

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if this were true...they would have the CIA (clandestine israeli army) take him out...pure hasbara

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George's Sore Ass is going to survive us all, sigh...

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The lions start eating eachother when the zebras are all gone.

There can only be one!

I have other plans. ;)


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Soros is a Satanist,  anything remotely Jewish was lost long ago.

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Hahaha, Judaism is Satanism, for those who follow the Talmud (98.5% of Jews, excluding the Ethiopians and a small Egyptian sect).

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For those too lazy to look it up:

You people are from your father the devil, and you want to do what your father desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not uphold the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he lies, he speaks according to his own nature, because he is a liar and the father of lies.

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meaning" "for the poster who was too lazy to include a Hyper-Link"

spoiler: it's part of the Inter-Net


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Soros might, No, all the Jews do not work for Satan.   I don't know whether this is true or not, but it is interesting:

""This would include the Jewish people, who have been supernaturally blinded by God Himself until the appointed time of their redemption (Is. 6:9-10).""

SMG's picture

Nope.  The Satanists are not jews, and lets give credit where credit is due here.  And all the pedophile globalist Satanists richly deserve everything they have coming to them.

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98.5% of Jews follow the Talmud?
98.5% of Jews (including me) have never even read the Talmud, much less follow its dictates!
How do you people come up with these absurdities?!

froze25's picture

What is the Talmud? Who wrote it? When was it written? What area of the world did it originate from?

Mustafa Kemal's picture

I know quite a few jews, and few follow the Talmud

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don't knock a guy for improving himself

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His cousin, Kissinger, is doing Zumba workout lessons in LA and he is at least 100 years old. He swims around Alcatraz every January to prove it can be done but that's just the local gossip. How the hell these guys keep their show running into these grand old ages, boggles the mind.

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Weekly transfusions with the blood of children.

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It's actually grandma's Matzoh Ball soup. You should try it sometime. It adds years to your life because if you tell grandma that you won't eat her soup, she'll kill you with her ladle.

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Could we CrowdFund the Mossad to take him out?

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"Could we CrowdFund the Mossad to take him out?"

Mossad is already American Crowdfunded

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americans crowdfund the darndest things...

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Oy vey, you should read about Lakewood NJ. 50% of kids have parents on welfare; median home price is $300k. Strong Jewish community, thanks to generous involuntary contributions from Shabbos Goy taxpayers.

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I don't know if he claims ot be jewish o rnot at this point. But we all know one thing for sure; SOROS is one of the the greatest threats to Western civilization ever.

I hope Israel floats him with the fishes, cause we know Sessions is doing nothing and Trump for some reason can't and the RNC is essentially worthless. It's up to Israel.

Croesus's picture

"a reference to Hungary's part in the deportation of 500,000 Jews during the Holocaust."

The poor precious innocent Chosenites were just playing Dreidel and minding their own business, right? It's not like they had anything to do with the suffering of millions of Hungarians, or anything like that. They were just walking along the street, when suddenly...BAM, Holocaust.

froze25's picture

Do tell. I am public school educated so the only story told to me was basically what you said in jest. What were some of the things the Jews did that made them hated?  I can't believe simply being a pain in the ass to split a bill with would demand ethnic cleansing. 

Also is there some type of world Jewish register? Couldn't we all just say "hey I'm Jewish and no its a legitimate criticism". Who could prove you wrong?

curbjob's picture

In the case of Germany; badly defeated in WW1. But their defeat wasn't enough for the British and French .. they wanted to grind Germanys' face into the dirt. Versailles bankrupted Germany since it's conditions forced Germany to pick up the war tab for everyone . 

So they printed money and the whole wheelbarrow of money for a loaf of bread thingy ... and in the midst of this, one group of people had the chutzpah to come in and buy up Germany with pocket change. 

Hitler was a evil cunt, no doubt ... but think about it, how do you get a population to go along with the madness ? In 1933 Germany appeared to no longer belong to the Germans.

As to converting to Judaism; my sister converted before marriage and she will be the first to say she's not a real jew, because she's reminded of this often. Like all tribes, there's a hierarchy . 


Perhaps someone can correct me; Judaism is the only religion that doesn't actively seek to convert ? It really is a closed club and, like all closed clubs, it fosters resentment . 

HRClinton's picture

You seem to be unaware of or to overlook the fact that most European Jews were not Zionists, nor wanted to leave their 'home' country for the hot, dusty, backward Palestine.

Don't forget that Nazi Germany even tried to get Jews to move to Madagascar, but the British Zionists Rabbis of the Jewish World Congress, refused.

It was the Rothschild Zionists, who were perfectly willing to use Hitler & Co. to "teach them a lesson": "You can't count on the Goyim. You can only count on Zionists, who will protect you in American and Palestine."  Eventually that message sunk in, as ever more Jews came around to the Rothschild way of thinking.

They are less homogenous in their world views than most here realize or pretend.  Just like us Goyim are far more diverse in our views, and don't all have "White" or "American" views -- whatever those are.

p.s. FWIW, my doctor is a (non-practicing) Jew, my dentist is Palestinian, and my lawyer is... just an Anglo-German. I picked each on merit, not politics or religion.  I guess that makes me... "American", in giving people a fair chance?  :-)

BullyBearish's picture

the first shot of WWII was fired by the world jewish congress which in 1933 declared a worldwide boycott of german products with the intention of starving the nation.  Many prominent jews were vocal criticis of this boycott as they correctly forsaw the suffering that the common jews would face in germany as a result.  Of course, as always, the bankers had plenty of time to leave germany safely...

HRClinton's picture

Good points.  They do not contradict my point above, that the vast majority ("regular Jews" with jobs or shops) were not Zionists.

It was the Zionist Leadership that led the World Jewish Congress, and they decided policy.  Pretty much like our DNC or GOP leadership decide what we get to put up with.

I'm simply offering a more differentiated view, rather than a "one size fits all" model, which can be applied to all countries and cultures.  Look, even here on a libertarian site, people have different views on almost everything.  That's healthy, I think, for in that dance and debate, we hope to get closer to Truth and "...a more perfect union"?

pizdowitz's picture

You seems to have an acutely American, post 1967 view.

madagascar, ukraine, palestine, georgia and siberia were all jewish proposals. Young pre-war European Jews wanted to immigrate to a kibbutz  in "anywhere", just to have a piece of  "something" they could own. Palestine was the only one that got any legs from the British "Foreign Office".  In 1939 Hitler stopped all that. 

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HRC, I changed my mind.

I now wish you had won the election

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It's like a person who gets married and divorced 5 times and then laments "why does this always happen to me? "  They never stop to think about the common denominator: themselves.

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I agree with the sentiment but he needs to get john lennoned.  He and israhell go together like gefilta and fish.  

tmosley's picture

>I hope Israel floats him with the fishes

Could easily happen. This seems like a shot across the bow to me. Soros most assuredly remembers, even though most goyim do not, how Israel assassinated the Jew who revealed the existance of the Israeli nuclear program to the world.

earleflorida's picture

dated article 12 yrs hence 'AGO[?]' as it is today!?! and all the players still frothing at the mouth!

this is a 'Marxist' piece, that i find quite accurate summing up the reprecussions of a war that could have been avoided and since 1948 Palestine and Israel has been a nightmare, not to mention the entire arab community that will never square what 'Balfour' had created!!?!      "Israel: The 1967 War"


curbjob's picture

Yup, in some of the best public housing in Brooklyn ,  every tenant is registered as a rabbi.


Aside, I'll have to do more due diligence on Soros .. perhaps he's been a target of the media because of his views on Israel ?

Pinto Currency's picture

Soros has failed.

First Bill Gates bails.

Now Israel bails.


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Its just Israel trying to pivot.

Escape the bad PR.  It is the voluntary extradition of Meyer Lansky all over again.

Too much heat on Mr Schwartz.

gatorengineer's picture

Kabuki theater for the masses.

Omen IV's picture

and Clooney runs away from UK to LA after promoting the same thing as Soros on refugees  afraid of kidnapping  or worse-

the trend for all of them says something

veeger's picture

   italy........i think

Archibald Buttle's picture

who couldanode very old italian banks might punch above their weight? sounds like a job for the FED. or maybe krugman.

veeger's picture

  what  ?????..........i said clooney left italy for la......not the uk...............

HRClinton's picture

If you wathced last night's news, Clooney is now leaving Italy (the villa on Lake Como) and Europe, to return to the US.

He and his family fear Muslim Terrorists, it is said.

Sounds like a subtle endorsement of Trump's views?

unsafe-space-time's picture

I have a theory that circumcision encourages sodomy among other things. See evidence of it in locker room talk and movies.