JaCKaSS CoMeY...

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Jackass Infinity

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"This shit writes itself."

                         William Shakespeare

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It appears there are no 'Jackass' fans here. One of my personal favorite stunts on the show is Steevo and crew jack off a horse then they all take a swallow. Comey should be holding a dripping but otherwise empty glass. 

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These used to be funny ..... once.

A long time ago. Now it's libertardian wall to wall

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yes "he said it" rayycis . . .

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Just when I thought you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this...

and totally redeem yourself !

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Ot....Twitter fights fake news....

Looks like Podesta et.al. are getting barraged with tweets!


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legends and symbols are funny

vladimir putin is verry runny

next thing you know he'll rise from ashes like a dummy

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The salient difference between Putin the dummy and our own beloved dummies. Our dummies can't get enough of meddling in everyone else's affairs, so called nation building, a euphemism for creating more global chaos which reinforces our self assumed role of supreme globalist cop.

Fuck that shit.

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None of these criminals will ever go to prison, as they should. They all have immunity. They take care of their own. Down with the political elite. Everyone must follow the law. Will never happen as long as there is a swamp in DC.

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PERFECT capture!!

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....and it will be interesting to see what, if anything, the MSM has to report on this.....

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Whatever happens, one thing can be said about Comey: he is definitely not the kind of person you would ever want to hire as an employee.

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OT request for wb7 -

Snowflake emoticons.

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Has this comey-ass been questioned by the present FBI and a form 302 generated, which Trump can legally make available? Watch his credibility fall to zero when he refuses to answer FBI questions. Sessions needs to be replaced.

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Comey's nothing more than a one trick, Tyrannical Lawless Criminal Pony.

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Looks like the donkey is getting ready to Schlong him.

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Is Comey riding the donkey or is the donkey riding Comey ?

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The below link has been posted here in the past, but it it is absolutely worth a read for those who have yet not had access to it:

If you had an idea why COMEY was sh*tcanned, think again


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What makes this so mindboggling is that pieces of that story fit in exactly with other known events, eg: Kim Dotcom's known comments a while back. And the photo of Comey in NZ. There needs to be an investigation because this potentially goes right to the top of pre-Trump.

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As Bill would say with the Monica's soggy DNA cigar in hand, "You have to give a little head, to get ahead"! Comey's "Blue Dress" is covered with Obama DNA!

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A couple more asses and we would have an ass herd.

Look! ... There is even one they have put pants on and trained to stand up on his hind legs!

Live Hard, Hey, Boys and Girls, The Jackass Impeachment Circus Is In Town This Week! ..... Go Get Mom And Dad And Tell Them To Bring Their Sun Glasses! .. The Stupid Is Going To Get Glaring And Intense Inside The Main Event Tent!, Die Free

~ DC v7.3

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Comey got Trump elected last year and this is how you repay him?

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Take a flying leap at a rolling donut ya dildo.

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Used to be communism, now we have Comeyism

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Ooohh now which FW one is Comey? erm let me think about that for a while!

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He's the one dangling below the horse. 

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Comey Comedy Hour.

Haven't we seen this rerun between 'The Honeymooners' and the 'Dick Van Dyke' show?

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Gosh, that's a well hung horse

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There's a bigger dick on the right...

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I hear it's what you get when you cross Barack Obola with Maxine Waters!

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Comeys got that 'cheshire cat' look.

Perhaps a rat tail from a corner of the mouth?

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comey had that " look"..somewhere inside his head the child is softly crying..

"i am a good boy". his adult lizard brain..hears the clinton's singing.."you gotta go along to get along..la la"

g-d gives us windows into the sick souls of these DC monsters, for those who can see..


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The thing of it is, he would have been fine if he would have been a good little swamp creature and played it straight down the middle but he looked directly into the face of Medusa Clinton and doomed himself, just like all the others.

He should have invested in a mirror ;-)

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Comey wanted to be a player and the progressives offered him the best opportunity....shortcut. His little play on the Hillary investigation was in hopes of facilitating Hillary's evasion of the law while appearing to be fair and thorough in his investigation (while also covering Lynch and Bill's ass). He thinks he can buy his way in by helping to take out Trump, but Hillary will NEVER forget her humiliation, even though he orchestrated her prison dodge.

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certain creatures don't show their reflections.

nmewn's picture

lol...true dat.

But if we follow the slime trail we can deduce what type of creature they are  ;-)

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I feel like the scots who saw their leaders give scotland away while being paid.

"Macbeth "speaks to us today..thanks to the bard, william of yore

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Covering/Fixing, has always been his job.  Prosecuting low level morons was just cover.

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How deeply are Comey and MaCabe involved in the Seth Rich murder and coverup? The rest is spin.

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what a sorry ass sad fuck.

OTOH - the last second revival of the Hillary investigation may have swung the election, I gotta give him props for that, though it was the most confused 'law making' I have seen in a long time. This guy needs to go away, just go away, and get out of decent peoples hair and attention.

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That won't work, you have to waterboard his face.

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lol...seems like there was some random guy on the internet trying to explain how there can be no "personal memo's" when the memo originated in connection with (and about) government affairs while said memo maker (Comey) was..."on the clock"...as it were.

The government really does frown on this type of thing even to the point that...if said "memo maker" decided to include government information in his personal diary it (the government) would consider that information their property. 

The hapless Comey has now managed to ensnare his witless "Columbia law professor friend" who should have known better as well because the government considers the recievers of government information just as guilty as the givers.

And this time we have a clear "intent" to commit multiple felonies ;-)

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This is because we have people running these departments who know nothing of what their specific departments do. They are simply political appointees put in place to make sure the politics of these departments is inline with their boss. Comey had no idea what was legal or not and assumed (possibly correctly) that there would be no consequence to his actions regardless....because he is a political puppet of the progressives. And while progressives will stoop to any depth to protect or advance their cause, what Comey is mistaken about is whether they will allow him to be sacrificed. Like Islamists, they are willing to sacrifice ANYBODY to protect or advance their agenda. They will keep Comey on the string for as long as he can offer damage to Trump, but once he is more of a deficit than asset, he will be gone.....and if he is stupid enough to try on them what he did to Trump, he will end up DEAD.

Attempting to hold any of these progressive accountable in a court of law is suicide for potential witnesses....and they know it....therefore it will never happen, no matter what trump tries to do.