Obamacare Death Spiral: At Least 2 Million Adults Ditch Coverage In 2017 Amid Soaring Premiums

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As Democrats continue to defend an obviously failed Obamacare system, the effects of soaring rates and collapsing coverage options seem to be taking a toll on the number of people actually buying health insurance these days.  According to the "Gallup-Sharecare Well-Being Index," the percentage of uninsured adults in the U.S. bottomed out at 10.9% in Q4 2016 but has since increased to 11.7% in just the first two quarters of 2017. 


For those keeping track, there are roughly 250 million adults in the United States.  Therefore, a 0.8% increase in the uninsured rate implies that roughly 2 million people have decided they're simply not willing to continue absorbing Obamacare's exorbitant annual premium increases. 

Not surprisingly, the biggest increases in the uninsured rate came from 18-34 year olds...you know, the people who don't really need coverage but were forced to subsidize older, sicker people because of Obama's view that "when you spread the wealth around it's good for everybody"...apparently they're no longer convinced that it was good for them. 


Now, while Democrats will undoubtedly blame Trump for the sudden increase in the uninsured rates, we're going to go out on a limb and suggest it might just have more to do with soaring premiums that increased over 100%, on average, in just 4 years.

Per the chart below from the Department of Health and Human Services, the average individual purchaser of health insurance across the United States saw their premiums increase from $232 per month in 2013 to $476 per month in 2017, a 'modest' increase of over 100% in just a few years.  To put that into perspective, that's nearly $3,000 per year and roughly 9% of what the median American earns each year.


And while it will make zero difference to those intent upon blaming the Trump administration, recall that 2017 rates were set in the summer of 2016, a time when most viewed Trump as a long-shot for the White House.

Meanwhile, as if a 100% average increase isn't bad enough, residents of many states incurred even more devastating increases of over 200%.


But sure, it's all Trump's fault.

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Obamacare = Cloward and Piven derivatives

Managers of Obamacare exchanges pay themselves millions in salary and bonuses

When there is nothing left close up shop, leave the state and declare failure



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Call me old fashioned, but I'm just waiting for everyone to start blaming Bush again.

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The fine has not been enforcable since the beginning.  Maybe more people are learning that is true....besides really not being able to afford it.  Or the slightly different version that for many people it really isn't health insurance because there is no benefit for them based on the premium and deductable.

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In my area we have "urgent care" centers. I think they work with you when paying cash. I really don't know much about it.

The price of anything the government touches hyperinflates.

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Obama F’n Health Scam… Um Um Um.

Kim Jung-il the supreme leader… Um Um Um.


Same F’n thing.


Save your kids from the leftist system now!

AltRightGirl's picture

Everything created by the lefturds turns to shit.

Even their own business deals.

Seems that participation trophies and affirmative actions won't make lefturds successful after all.

But is good that someone out there is feeling the bern.

FBI Extends the Investigation into Jane Sanders’ College Land Deal


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Tip O'Neill-the Democrat Speaker of the House during Reagan's tenure in the White House once observed he would never bring health care to a vote because it would destroy the successful American legislative process.

Congress historically legislates to a very small minority population-wise. There is always a K St firm acting as a lobbying "buffer" between the issue and those being regulated that serves to further expands the representation of those Americans subject to the specific regulation/legislation. They have a firm on K St. in DC they can call on to help with their representation before Congress if things are going south.

Healthcare affects the entire population. There is NO specific K St.lobbying firm for patients to assist in their representation before Congress. Only the income tax is as broadly applied-and that was incrementally implemented -with the assistant of many corporate lobbying firms-over a 100 yr time span. The problem with the income tax even today is the lack of individual citizen representation. Imagine the trauma to the country if it was first enacted in its entirety in 2015.

ObamaCare has screwed the Fed.gov's carefully crafted DC legislative process, assembled over several generations. It is Ir-reparable. It cannot be tinkered with. It cannot be "mended"-there is no sufficient lobby vehicle or mechanism capable of ensuring appropriate mending for the people's benefit. The only lobby's involved in the legislation are corporate-and these only represent pharma, big hospital systems and insurance companies. All of whose interests will prevail over those needs of the people/patients. It must be ended.

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The ones in my area, have nice  ( cash ) discounts. even pharmacies and specialty medical facilities, discount for cash. great concept.


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besides really not being able to afford it

My wife and I were both self employed when the Unafordable Health Care Act took place

Our premium under this death law was to be $11,800 a year with a $12,000 dollar deductible. Insanity made her go get a traditional job for coverage.

The raping of the "former" middle class

dchang0's picture

It seems to be the self-employed or small-busienss entrepreneurs that got the hardest hit.

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Obamacare Death Spiral: At Least 2 Million Adults Ditch Coverage In 2017 Amid Soaring Premiums

My response: It is not just the SOARING PREMIUMS, but the SOARING DEDUCTIONS.

What a screwed up system.

Zorba's idea's picture

Haha! How many times did the RepubliCONS pass on the opportunity to fix HC...of course the DemocRATS couldn't pass up the big block of cheese despite the nation's burning economy in Oshitheads 1st term. Funny thing, the Repugnants didnt have the spine to sell the crock of shit big HC, Insurance, and Pharma intended and got with OhNO!care/Pelosium and her fellow rats. All the while the Repugs were shouting Foul play! Don't... stop! Don't... stop! And finally, the RepCONS capture the whole gameboard, House/Senate/Executive and they still dont have the spine to offend the same "Funders that funded Owhatshisname's faux HC plan. This IS irrefutable proof that America has become an IDIOCRACY. We are all idiots to expect the same system, politics, and minds that fucked up America's HC to fix it. The jokes on all of us folks. the Affordable Healthcare Act should be taught to future generations as a classic example of shear corruption and vice all wrapped up and codified in our former Republic's Laws. Damn it  all! With sincerest apologoes to our Founding Fathers and Mothers.

doctor10's picture

it the absence of its repeal-there won't be much left of Fed.gov by then

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Next will be filing your taxes.

Meet ya in the basement America

junction's picture

Maybe there are fewer people around to file for health insurance, as the death rates for middle aged white people is skyrocketing, helped in large part by the disastrous policies of our lying, degenerate politicians.  


lasvegaspersona's picture


I won't repeat my whiole story here but NV Health Co-Op folded and I was left unpaid for $23,000 in meds I had administered to their patients. So the government did not pay, physicians, hospitals and other providers did.

I heard the CEO, who was very well paid...was 'sorry'...

PlayMoney's picture

My sister was one. 55 now and has had insurance since she was 20. 35 years straight until they "fixed" it. Not sure of the exact deductible as i learned quickly not to bring up Obama or the ACA around her.

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And remember the 26-34 number is skewed because those who are 26 and have parents with health insurance can be covered under their parents' plans.

Also, us young people....we kinda have no money

Clock Crasher's picture

"we kinda have no money"

True, other side of that coin is the money you do have is losing its purchasing power

I recommend Ketosis, daily intermitent fasting (skipping breakfast), ionized water, etc

Tom Servo's picture

Ionized water - i thought you wanted them to not waste their money.

Your body keeps arterial ph between 7.35 and 7.45 because outside of that is incompatible with life.  

Ionized water = snake oil.


Good advice on a ketogenic diet though.


Miffed Microbiologist's picture

No problem. Just show up at any ER and call yourself Jose Garcia. They can't turn you away. Leave a fake address for the bill and your Scott free.

It's those who try to play by the rules that are screwed.


WorkingClassMan's picture

Yeah but he has to pass the brown paper bag test...

SmokeOrMirrors's picture

But... that can't even compare to the 7 billion people who will lose their health insurance because of Trump....  

peopledontwanttruth's picture

How about the 7 billion who will lose their lives because of the banksters and their whorish puppeticians who will march mankind to the grave

SmokeOrMirrors's picture

correction :   that was 700 billion,  per Maxine


peopledontwanttruth's picture

They must already have their eyes on other planetary life they don't even know of yet. LOL

coast1's picture

you got a downvote?  that was actually very humorous...good one

roddy6667's picture

They are losing their expensive policies with $8000 deductibles. They can't use the insurance, they just pay for it. To these people, they are gaining money, not losing money. People need health care, not health insurance.

What kind of insurance do you have, BTW?

Not ObmaCare, or you wouldn't be posting this insurance company propaganda.


dchang0's picture

They're being sarcastic.... "7 billion"

Catullus's picture

Monthly expiring health put options.

coast1's picture

so...my brother lost a tooth near the front...He is in Arizona, and they wanted $3500 to fix it...Instead, he went a few hours south just across the border and got it fixed for $1000.  Its not tijuana, its a nice town that looks like upscale cities in the u.S.  Most speak good english etc...Its been almost a year and his tooth is perfet..So what do I make of this?  help me...IMO its because of massive rules and regulations that the U.S. has that make health care so expensive..coments on the subject welcome....by the way, I have went to mexico for health care, and to be honest, its good and cheap. Maybe not for every ailment, but most

Haitian Snackout's picture

Heh, wait until they find out about the adhesive fillings that make most crowns unnecessary. They gonna s. a brick.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Sounds like Thailand.

The USA is fucked.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

They've banked on being the reserve currency and printing presses for so long they're infected with greed

Mini-Me's picture

Name me a single large government program that has been a resounding success story.

[crickets chirping]

But, by all means, let's turn our health care over to an entity that gave veterans that wonderful VA care!

Friedrich not Salma's picture

Sure. M.I.C.

You think the chicken feed and cages are supposed to be for the benefit of the egg layers?

Clock Crasher's picture

2 Million people decided that not starving to death took president over health care coverage.

I dont blame them.

As purchasing power of scrip continues to decline this trend will accelerate. 

Instead of paying these premiums people will opt out and leverage the savings against supplements and healthy living.

IDK maybe in the long run its a good thing.

Haitian Snackout's picture

There are many better health plan choices. United, Delta., Sourhwest, Jet Blue, etc.

roddy6667's picture

That's the option I took. China Air, Flight 983 to Beijing. I waited until I was 65 to retire so I could get Medicare. Then I retired overseas in China. Medicare has no coverage outside the US. I figgered I could fly to Guam if I needed an operation. Then I went to the doctors at a local hospital affiliated with a medical college for minor stuff. They offer first rate medical care at very cheap prices. Many of the doctors went to school in Europe and America. I found out that I could have major procedures done for about the same as the deductible on Medicare in America. NowI know that if I have a serious health problem, I can have it taken care of locally.

Thailand is like that. Americans can retire there very cheaply and use the local medical facilities for about what they would pay out of pocket in the US.

Something is very wrong in America. Very corrupt.

rickv404's picture

And these Republicans are about to rescue Obamacare, insuring if you can't afford the premiums, they're going to make you pay anyway, with inflation financed, permanent subsidies to insurance companies.

Muppet's picture

My fam of 3 pays $1500/mo ($18k/yr) for healthcare.gov (bronze) insurance.  It has  a 7k deductible thats makes it unusable beyond a catastrophic event.  We contribute and utiliize an HSA ($5k/yr) for our heathcare spending.    So overall, its $23k down the shitter every year.  


Double what we payed ten years and back then it was usable.


Whats not to love?



warpigs's picture

Same shit for me...but we pay $1,000 and not the $1,500 per month. God fucking damn it.

konadog's picture

It's called a stealth transfer of wealth. You pay and the handout crowd receives. If they sit on the couch and watch tee-vee, they get subsidized premiums and essentially free healthcare.  If the gubbermint just tried to raise your taxes to do the same thing, there would be a revolt. This way people don't realize exactly how they've been screwed. The communist Kenyan knew this all along.

PiratePiggy's picture

I disagree. I don't see anything stealth about it.


It is also not healtcare. Healthcare is when you get receive a procedure or medicine for a diagnosis - this isn't that.  This is simply socialism.

MonsterSchmuck's picture

We bailed on that Obamacare BS two years ago.
Joined a healthshare.
Obamacare had many exemptions.
Liberty Healthshare is one.
It'll save you dignity and lots of money
while covering your family health needs.

dchang0's picture

Mine doubled too. In 5 out of 6 increases, the rate increase letter specifically blamed the ACA/Obamacare for the increase.

If the Republicans can't do a full repeal, I'll be one of the ones who drops all insurance. It'll be cheaper to find cash-only doctors as several good people on here have recommended.

copernicuson's picture

If someone in government would really want to control healthcare spending, they would continue with the mandatory insurance, but allow people to purchase from any insurer.  In addition they would give, from the government, every single person, 2000 dollars in their HSA per year, and allow people to spend any money the next year, that was left over, but it be taxed, or keep it in a growing HSA account, without being taxed.