Trump: "Comey Leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION To The Media. This Is So Illegal"

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When we discussed late Sunday's blockbuster report by The Hill, according to which as part of his leak of personal recollections of his conversations with Trump in hopes of (successfully) launching a special probe into the president's alleged Russian collusion, former FBI director James Comey also allegedly disclosed classified information in direct violation of FBI rules and regulations, we said "for an appetizer of what's to come, look closely at Trump's twitter feed once the president learns the news of Comey's alleged transgressions."

Roughly 8 hours later Trump finally caught up, and around 6am slammed Comey tweeting "James Comey leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION to the media. That is so illegal!"

Trump also retweeted a Fox News report on The Hill’s article:

For those who missed it, officials familiar with the memos told The Hill that more than half of the documents contained classified information, raising the possibility that Comey broke FBI rules and ignored a security protocol in the days leading up to the 2016 presidential election. Even more ironic is that Comey allegedl violated the same protocol which Hillary Clinton was accused of breaching, and one which James Comey was tasked with investigating last summer, and ultimately found to be a non-event.

Judging by Trump's tweet, as we expected, this is just the start of the next round of recriminations between the president and Comey. We look forward to an official statement from the former FBI chief next.

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shimmy's picture

He went on about killary's actions being illegal and as we all know, nothing has come from that, so I won't hold my breath that he will go after Comey.

NidStyles's picture

Seriously, can we start seeing these people getting arrested yet? How much more evidence does the DOJ need that they should be in prison?

N0TME's picture

Oh didn't you know, when you get hired on at .gov they give you a get outa jail free card. It is also good for 

avoiding prosecution.  It's teflon coated too.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Trump firing the head of the FBI is absolutely unprecedented in American history and reeks of fascism. The accredited media is entitled to inform the public about classified information, especially when it concerns the president of the United States colluding with Russia to subvert democracy. The people have a right to know the truth!

Could California Secede From The United States?

Keyser's picture

What, MDB returns with more satire or are you doing research for you next hit-piece on ZH and it's contributors... Satire is fine, but I'm starting to think you actually believe the bullshit you post... Down voted for good measure... 

FrozenGoodz's picture

There should be a fine for every article quoting the hill and/or CNN ... another the leak is the big story, not the damning information therein, defense from the dumpster crowd


I was told there'd be winning?

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

We need a special prosecutor, again

VinceFostersGhost's picture




Gosh golly......did I do that.....I certainly didn't INTEND to do that  - Comey

Occident Mortal's picture

Can anyone find an example where someone fought Trump on any level and came away better off than before?


Trump is like a giant woodchipper and people keep lining up to throw themselves into it, in an attempt to stop it.
I've never seen anything like it.

nmewn's picture

Laws are for the leeetle people's. 

Susan Rice and/or her accomplices can leak ten years in ass pounding prison felony offenses and nothing happens but don't buy health insurance and the IRS will seize your tax overpayments  ;-)

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Yes, exactly, Laws are for the leeetle peoples.

Hillary leaks classified info.  OK

Comey leaks classified info.  OK

Snowden leaks classified info.  OFF TO PRISON!!

And Snowden actually leaks information about our very own government conducting illegal activity.  He should be the one exonerated and the other two should be OFF TO PRISON!!

bamawatson's picture

while yellen leaks 24/7

drip ..... drip ..... drip .,.,,

espirit's picture

Selective Law Enforcement.

Occident Mortal's picture


How is she better off after fighting Trump?

Kayman's picture


Yeah, she was a rabid piece of shit before and she was a rabid piece of shit later.  Point taken.

But was she jobless before also?

eclectic syncretist's picture

You antifa feminized pussy! Go take your pathetic whining about your losing ways over to the Bezos post or CNN website where you can cry and whine with like-minded overly feminized idiots who will commiserate and try to comfort you for all your "suffering".

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Nose-pickers demand sympathy. Their suffering is tangible.

Kayman's picture


Yer eatin' too many of yer own nose droppings. A western mother would have slapped you upside the head. But since yer ilk think yer mothers are cattle, I guess you can carry on pickin' guilt free.

eclectic syncretist's picture

That's because Trump, like the vast majority of people world-wide, is pissed off at politicians and banksters and their corrupt and criminal ethics.

Simplifiedfrisbee's picture

The level of stupidity from ZHers is expected.

Mr Hankey's picture

He would have to walk on water, fishes& loaves,& all that 4 me to think he is any thing  but swamp.

roadhazard's picture

Looks like Trump Jr. heard you.

PrayingMantis's picture

... tell Jeff to arrest him already, Tweety ... quit whining ...

... meanwhile, " Hundreds form SHARIA POLICE set to patrol the streets of Germany " ... >>>

FoggyWorld's picture

This time a real one and not a deep state arrogant plant as in Mueller.

TheLastTrump's picture

Find some damning information that's actually factual & you may get some listeners.


The anti Trump factions jumped the shark a loooooong time ago & have zero credibility with America.

tmosley's picture

Innuendo isn't damning.

If it was, the leaders of your party would all be in prison for child sex slavery.

Mr Hankey's picture

What party would  that be, the Republicratic party?

tmosley's picture

The Bushes no longer lead the Republican Party.

LyLo's picture


I'm so sick of this Uniparty shit.  Yes, there is a Uniparty issue.  No, it's not the be-all-end-all of fucking political conversation in the US. 

Getting rid of the Bushes and a few elections with literally no reason to be registered Democrat in a closed primary state (as the DNC only runs one person--possibly nonexistent--in the primaries in red states because they don't care) was enough for me to become a Republican.  I get somewhat offended by the ignorance when people start talking like a shitty president from a decade ago or his shitty governor from a decade ago brother run the party, when they are frequently not even invited to Republican events. 

(All while the NYT pimps Chelsea like people give a shit, tell us all about Hillary's long hikes, keeps us abreast of every speech Bill gives, and tells us all about Obama's travel schedule...  and expect me to think that Tom Perez leads the DNC.  Like, that fucker can't get a booking without having Sanders, not a democrat mind you, standing next to him--and I'm supposed to think that the Bushes lead the RNC?  The Bushes are basically pariahs at this point!  Fuck all those idiots.  Sorry--rant off.  Jesus.  Just read this again--doubly sorry as it totally is a rant.  Fucking triggered, I guess, but I'll let it stand.)

Nona Yobiznes's picture

What damning information? The only thing I got out of it was that Trump made Comey feel 'uncomfortable' through his candid approach. Given he is a slimy bureaucrat who is used to slithering around people with carefully-selected words, of course it would.

Trump asked him for his loyalty. So what? He wanted an assurance that one of his main employees could be trusted, in the face of countless leaks and subversive actions by others. That's not unreasonable in any way. Did he ask him to shut down the Russia investigation? No. Did he ask him to let Flynn go? No. He expressed hope that he would, but did not instruct him to do so. You got nothing, zip, zero. 

Trump isn't one of these slimy types. He says what he thinks. He treats other people like human beings. He doesn't dance around issues and play into political corectness. It may end up being his downfall, but I still believe that is one of his most positive traits.

FoggyWorld's picture

But Trump doesn't have a clue as to how the legal system is intended to be used.

Tweeting is not an adult approach to going after those who break the law and it makes it appear that Trump has no intention of ever seeing any of those who were so corrupt ever face true Justice.



tmosley's picture

Hold on. Do you REALLY think that Trump uses Twitter to "go after" people, rather than as a means of communication with the people?

Do you think that when you see a tweet that took 10 seconds to make, that that is all that he did that day?

Do you REALLY think there aren't multiple federal investigations going on into all these enormous criminal conspiracies?

Do you think federal investigations only last for a few weeks before there is an indictment?

Peanutz really need to get a grip.

FrozenGoodz's picture

He treats men like human beings ... women like property


He was uncomfortable because the president of the United States 'hoped' he'd find a way to let an investigation [into his campaigns potential treasonous acts] go ... but there's no point in laying out the logical arguments here as w/e Trump tweets is the lay of the land

LyLo's picture

Treason is not getting opposition research from a foreign source (and I'd be VERY FUCKING CAREFUL if I was on your side at this point, because this is now where the argument seems to be going, and GOOD LUCK with that one). *cough* piss dousier that turned out to be a written by a troll from 4chan might come back to haunt you *cough*

Sure, the UK isn't our enemy...  But neither is Russia for that matter.

But then again, at this point, what difference does it make?  (And no, I'm not done with that line.  You guys will be eating it for years, so enjoy.)


Also, as a female, I'd rather be treated like respected and treasured property than to be faced constantly with the frankly degrading deference offered to women by the men from the left, as if we're too fragile to hear a bit of nasty language or to be told that we're wrong.  Go fuck yourself, as nobody else is interested.

Mr Hankey's picture

Actually, the UK is our enemy & always was.& men are just ATMs& sperm doners so, what difference, at this point does it make?

LyLo's picture

I'm going to put my foot down:  Only one robot sock puppet per article. 

MDB is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY funnier, smarter, and better to argue with than you.  At least they get the talking points right.

So I vote either for MDB to stay and you go, or a deathmatch to see which shitty bot wins.  BATTLE!

Mr Hankey's picture

True, dat. Not 1 syllable  of MDBs shtick deviates from the boilerplate.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

Of course I believe what I post! Do you really think I'd spend 4 years building the fastest growing accredited news site on the web if I wasn't a real progressive? What kind of madman would do that?

Could California Secede From The United States?

NeedleDickTheBugFucker's picture

"...I'd spend 4 years building the fastest growing accredited news site on the web..."

According to who?

New_Meat's picture

It is the ONLY accredited news site, don't cha' know

MANvsMACHINE's picture

MDB site ->

***WARNING!!! *** You'll get herpes with extra genital warts if you click above so unless you enjoy heroes and genital warts, I suggest you move on to the next post below.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

MDB's fat wife stopped having sex with him after Hillary's loss, so he is back on here harassing us.

TheLastTrump's picture

If you guys paid him no attention he'd go away.


It doesn't work with me tho, FYI. :)

BennyBoy's picture


If by fast growing MDB means decling by 1,609,821 in Alexa rankings in the previous 3 months, all the way down to be ranked 3,010,582!

Stan522's picture

Let's hope they do... I just moved from that insanity last week along with my six figure income... Gov Brown has seen the last of my productivity and tax revenue.........

OutWithLibs's picture

Oh, now I get're a plant from CNN. Better start looking for another network. They're so far down the sewer even the rats won't sniff their ass!