Baltimore Citizens Urge "Nobody Kill Anybody" Ceasefire At The Start Of August

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Authored by Alastair Williamson via,

Breaking story out of Baltimore City, Maryland, where a citizen ceasefire is being issued by the community for August 04, 2017 through august 06, 2017.

The ‘no violence for 72-hours’ or ‘nobody kill anybody’ campaign comes at a time where the city is spiraling out of control. According to WJZ, “Baltimore struggles with a record high murder rate, and those in power are desperate for solutions”.

In April, Baltimore’s Mayor asked Federal Agencies including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and Federal Bureau of Investigation for help before entering the rough summer months.

The Federalization of Baltimore is nothing new and perhaps it’s the new trend for America’s crumbling inner cities.

Alastair Williamson describes the ceasefire in Baltimore City, Maryland, along with taking us on a journey through two recent gun violence scenes in the highest homicide rate area in the United States. The mainstream media is not allowed to show you this, because it destroys their narrative.

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Mr. Universe's picture

Who could imagine? That it could happen in Baltimore.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

I live about 50-60 minutes north of Baltimore. Had a client lose his house bc he was the district manager of Rite-Aid and 8 of his stores were either burned to the ground or destroyed they had to close them so he lost his job when that fiasco of a riot went in for 2 days. I USE to go there often but not a chance. It's a jungle down there

wee-weed up's picture

What a hoot! They sound like helpless euroweenies!

erkme73's picture

Assuming they can actually get the population to read those signs, and abide by them.  What happens at hour 73?  Is it like a Purge movie?

espirit's picture

I was wondering when 'The Purge' was going to begin.

Had to read it on ZH.


Folkvar's picture

There are two chances this will work - fat and slim. And I don't fancy slim. Should open a bookie on this. How long before this fails? I pick the first minute. Anyone want to give me odds?

Budnacho's picture

...."the New September Campaigns of This time we mean it and the Christmas special of Would you stop oppressing us with Baltimore's own Dindu Nuffin Players are already gearing up with new staff according to insider sources"...

vato poco's picture

yes, but what happens when some ghetto-ass muhhfuhha be lookin at you all funny an' shit? whatchoo apposed to do THEN, huh? CAN'T be lettin shit like THAT pass, nuh-UH, knowhumsayin?

Let Baltimore Sink. 

HamFistedIdiot's picture

Stop EBT cards now. It's the Welfare state that has made this possible. And no more deep-state-tool black messiahs for president.  

max2205's picture

60,000 heroin users say stfu and give me your wallet...

NoDebt's picture

This is the inverse of "The Purge".  In the movie it was 12 hours of anything goes.  In this case it's 72 hours of order followed by unlimited "purge".


espirit's picture

Should have titled it 'Nobody Kill None', that way the locals would understand.

Zero Point's picture

Yeah, I was going with "nobody kill nobody mang"

The Blank Stare's picture

Watched Resident Evil 1 for the first time last night. Now on #2. It's amazingly similar.

Dancing Disraeli's picture

72 hours seems a bit ambitious.  Better see if they can make it 2 hours first.

Bigly's picture

I actually would applaud if we had a purge allowed in my state, CT.

Zero Point's picture

The sex offender register would get a lot smaller, that's for sure.

NoDebt's picture

Stay the fuck out of the cities.  They are the killing fields.  They cannot be controlled even if they wanted to.  Which they don't.


peopledontwanttruth's picture

Those animals burned to the ground a large building almost completely done that was to house seniors that took 2 years to build after 5 years of getting permits. Senseless idiots who then cry about their living conditions

Bigly's picture

Avg IQ mid 50s to mid 80s depending on where in africa they originate.  Of course there are some individuals where this may not apply but is is true for the population as a whole.  It is just sad. 

But you cannot change genetics and the alleles over 100s of thousands of years' differential in just 10 generations. Impossible.

Their only and fastest hope is to interbreed. But that just dumbs down society in general.

The fact that they cannot control their impulse to kill people kind of says it all.

froze25's picture

They, the ones in the 80 iq range have a difficult time planning their next 15 minutes let alone their lives. If your average iq is let's say 75 then plenty of you have IQ's at 65, 65 is retarded.  So we have hordes of almost retarded people that have violent impulses to deal with. Oh did I forget they are ultra racist. Yet EU wants to import them. Yeah life is funny that way I suppose. 

Kidbuck's picture

Blaming race or IQ is Pure bullshit. Blacks had a lower level of crime than whites and lower unemployment than whites until white leftists started the war on poverty and destroyed all incentives to behave, stay sober, work, and support their own children. Enlightened white academics advocating free love, the beauty of dope, and attacking the black churches also speeded the decline.

mathew913's picture

you selling weak excuses. truth about blacks is in this simple site

Dancing Disraeli's picture

'Blacks had a lower level of crime than whites and lower unemployment than whites until white leftists started the war on poverty...'


Blacks in all places on earth, in all time periods have been a disaster.  Read 'Negroes in Negroland,' online, free of charge.

It is a compendium of first-person accounts from the earliest European explorers of the Dark Continent-- widespread violence, cannibalism, slavery, torture, etc.  Oh, and no wheel nor written language, anywhere.

The only situations where blacks have behaved themselves in any semblance of civility are those in which the govt has dealt with them in a draconian fashion-- like in Muslim countries or the deep South prior to 1965.


fattail's picture

Hey now.  Let's not be judgmental.  I am finding it more and more difficult to control my impulse to kill people too.  Although my impulse had been adversely affected by the government's fiscal, monetary, foreign, and immigration policy of the last 15 years.  

The Blank Stare's picture

For all my 52 years of life, my father has never liked blacks. I think it had something to do seeing a couple of them in a field fucking a cow in the mid 50's.

The Blank Stare's picture

I bet that cow didn't like them much either

The Gun Is Good's picture

“Baltimore struggles with a record high murder rate, and those in power are desperate for solutions."

Actually, for those truly in power, the record high murder rate is the solution.

Scuba Steve's picture

Where are the skinheads, KKK n Nasi's at ....

these groups are totally over-rated unless of course they can redeem themselves.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Baltimore Citizens Urge "Nobody Kill Anybody" Ceasefire At The Start Of August

My response: WHY WAIT TILL AUGUST??? Start right now!!!!!!


Bigly's picture

You really think that is the problem?

Whites are increasingly addicts and are dying quite a bit lately.  I do not see them behaving like this.  Yes, they will steal or con to get cash for drugs but whites are not acting like this.

espirit's picture

Mah name ain't 'NoBuddy', so I guess it's open season.

froze25's picture

Most Blacks are not anything like Whites. Once you have the displeasure of living in a "diverse" community you understand this.  They have zero sense of honor and live completely in the moment. #DiverstySucksBalls 

mathew913's picture

solutions for blacks here:

dont let site name fool you

mathew913's picture

REAL solutions for blacks here

not kidding

401K of Dooom's picture

You are a shill for George Soros and his minions.  Get out or the Freedom Fighters from Kekistan will troll you online.

TeamDepends's picture

So's by that "logic", we can kill somebodies?

espirit's picture

Yep, jus noone named anybody.

Crash Overide's picture

"Nobody kill anybody" sounds like a strong community message.

drgizmo's picture

what do expecpt with the good ole common core ... Idiots killing Idiots ... nothing will change 

ebworthen's picture

"Don't nobody be shootin' nobody! 

Unless of course you messin' wit my Woman, or tryin' to take my Lotto ticket, or lookin' at me funny, or selling crack on my block, or wearnin' da' wrong colors, or..."

Dancing Disraeli's picture

Or takin' that last piece of chicken.

Scuba Steve's picture

Or be grabbin my Malt Liquor ...

peopledontwanttruth's picture

You just can't make this stuff up. Like this even has a chance.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

  It ain't about stopping the violence. Somebody is making money running the 72 hr program. Success is not even a thought, it is about how much they can make and will it lead them on to bigger and better paying gigs like Al Sharpton or Rev Jessee. The dindus don't give a fuck about killing their brothers so why should anyone else.

froze25's picture

The only hope the Dindues have is if welfare gets cut off completely. I Don't See THAT Happening any time soon so....