The Center Cannot Hold – Decentralize Or Die (Part 1)

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Authored by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Turning and turning in the widening gyre
The falcon cannot hear the falconer;
Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;
Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere
The ceremony of innocence is drowned;
The best lack all conviction, while the worst
Are full of passionate intensity.


– “The Second Coming,” William Butler Yeats

Today’s release of Donald Trump Jr.’s emails with Rob Goldstone could very well represent a crucial turning point in American history. Not because I think they will lead to Trump’s impeachment, or because they represent some sort of treasonous offense, but because I think from this point forward an increasing number of us will come to the conclusion that America may no longer work as the largely centralized, semi-cohesive unit it has been for our entire lives.

In order to understand the long-term implications of these emails on the future of the nation, you need a good understanding of the primary warring factions in American politics today. We have Donald Trump supporters/voters, Hillary Clinton supporters/voters, and a resurgent left inspired and energized by the principles and ideals espoused by Bernie Sanders. The first two have absolutely zero overlap and pretty much hate each other, while the third group can sometimes identify with either camp depending on the issue, but pretty much think they’re both crazy and dangerous. The key point I’m trying to make is that there is no “center” in American politics anymore, and any discussion of this is pure fantasy. Moreover, any remaining center that still exists, is unlikely to exist at all in a year or so as more and more people feel forced to choose sides. When you create an environment as charged as this one where everyone is accusing their political opponents of treason, this is what you get; and it’s only going to get worse. A lot worse.

The reason it’s going to get worse, is because the charged environment that’s been created in which everyone is suspicious of everyone else can only lead to awful outcomes. Let’s start with Hillary supporters/voters. They will honestly see the Don Jr. emails and expect impeachment proceedings to begin tomorrow. Since they were already convinced of treason, they will see treason here. Most importantly, because they believe so passionately that Trump is the root of all evil as opposed to a symptom of a rotten, oligarch-owned empire in decline, they will expect other people to see things the same way. They will genuinely believe that America will unite against Trump’s “treason” and boot him out of office. This is not going to happen.

In order to understand why this will not happen, you need to understand the mindset and motivations of most Trump voters/supporters. I’ve talked extensively to a few here in Colorado and the message is clear. They aren’t big Trump fans, but rather voted for him since he represented a symbol to them, a vehicle by which to express their contempt and dissatisfaction with status quo politics, as well as disgust with the bias and propaganda emanating from corporate media. In other words, there are fews things team Trump could do with Russia to make Trump supporters turn on Trump. From their seat, his win was the greatest political victory of their lives; he prevented another Clinton Presidency. So what if they went to the Russians for a little dirt?

Finally, there’s the resurgent left. While they pretty much find Trump an unprincipled boor and disagree with almost everything he stands for, they by and large share Trump supporters’ disdain for the Clintons and their neoliberal cult. So while there’s very little overlap on policies between Trump people and Sanders people, there’s a degree of overlap when it comes to the driving spirit motivating both movements — which is that the political system is a corrupt cesspool which needs to be dealt with immediately. Hillary supporters and Never Trumpers are unlikely to receive the support they might otherwise expect from these leftists with their treason calls and moves toward impeachment, irrespective of what is contained in the email chain.

If what I wrote above rings true to you on any level, it has dire implications for the future of these United States. The first two groups, Trump supporters and Hillary supporters have absolutely nothing in common and that’s not going to change. In fact, it’s probably going to get much, much worse. Trump supporters think the Democrats and the media have been gunning for a way to remove him from office since the day he was elected, while Hillary supporters think he’s a treasonous puppet of Vladimir Putin. How can these two warring factions come to any sort of agreement on anything? The answer is, they can’t and they won’t. Meanwhile, Bernie supporters are likely to largely stay on the sidelines hoping these two sides destroy each other in their madness.

What this means going forward, is that national politics will become even less about actual principles and polices than it was before (and it wasn’t really to begin with). Rather, it will become more and more like two rival gangs that absolutely despise each other battling in all out war for total power of the U.S. government. This is a terrifying thought.

As bad as that sounds, tremendous opportunities to build better communities and voluntary governing structures will present themselves in the chaotic political environment that exists, and is likely stick around for the foreseeable future. In a country in which there may truly be irreconcilable differences, I think the best option is to move to decentralize decision-making and political life as much as possible, while retaining certain key connections to one another while we still can. We must do this peacefully and amicably. All the other likely roads look horrible to me.

As I tweeted earlier today:

Today’s post is the first in what is likely to be a three part series. Tomorrow’s piece will focus on why I think the current environment presents the perfect opportunity for political decentralization, and why we should agree to go down this path before we start killing each other.

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TeamDepends's picture

The time has come.  Who are you?  What do you stand for?

JSBach1's picture

Replace politicians with robots, or monkey? At the very least they can be programmed/taught to produce outcomes worthy of the effort to begin with.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Learn USSR history to umderstand where USSA is heading to.


doctor10's picture

The concept of these United States was created by the Founders in response to the European Monarchs' centralization of control. Their intent was for a to defend the Bill of Rights and the coastline-and not much else.

We have this option-to devolve power outward from DC back to the states-an "evolutionary adaptation" unavailable to most of the world.

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible
will make violent revolution inevitable."

Citxmech's picture

Fuck. How about Magic 8-Ball? . . 

Xena fobe's picture

She is "Suite Sister Mary" from Queensryche's Operation Mindcrime.  But Sister Mary was killed in the album.  So guess that's not it.

mary mary's picture

TD, nobody special, like, I think, most of the commenters here.  Not working for any political or any other group.  Just hoping the future will be one in which people can enjoy the planet they are lucky enough to be born on, and concerned about the arithmetic, which seems to me to show that human overpopulation may instead continually worsen the misery of people, and also their destruction of many other species, each of which deserves to enjoy being here on this planet, too.  Specifically, I see Welfare and Immigration as being the two covers the extremely-wealthy people who push overpopulation are hiding behind.  Donald Trump is against both, so I am for Donald Trump.

dark pools of soros's picture

Sure... no really any day now

duo's picture

So if CA wants to be a sanctuary state, can they secede?  Please please please...

Xena fobe's picture

They no longer want to secceede.  They want to rule the other 49

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture

Instead they'll be ruled by China!

tyberious's picture

Once Rome fell the "Known World" decentralized. The only people affected by Rome's collapse were those dependent on Rome!

drgizmo's picture

Oh it is going to decentralize  all right ... right down to your family... there will be no gov at any level ...that depends on the the $$$ its going to zero by 2020 ... it is a mathematical certainty...

Mzhen's picture

I had to click to see who authored this piece.  And he is just who I expected.

Rich Monk's picture

Before we can start a new form of government the previous Congress and Senate, Presidents needs to be hanged for treason, and that means any of them alive. If any of these politicans signed a pledge to Israel than you know who you can hang first as well!

Stormtrooper's picture

Nah, let's use 20mm anti-aircraft guns for more effect.

JSBach1's picture

And their ill gotten assets seized along with the other "profiteers" (money-leeches) who baskin on human misery that churns their self-indulgence into monetary gain.

Autonomous's picture

An amendment should be made to the US Constitution that enables members of Congress to be impeached or recalled by referendum. The only way members of Congress can be removed before their term has ended is by a vote of congressional members, not the people.

Xena fobe's picture

And term limits.  And publicly funded elections. And end the psrty system.

Lore's picture

Doesn't it seem outrageously naive to talk about reform from within?  The government is hijacked by people incapable of feeling guilt and for whom the rules do not apply.  The most horrendous crimes are committed without any fear of punishment. One does not 'reason' with psychopaths.  There is no 'conscience' to which one can appeal.  Historically, there is only one way to fix a pathocracy.  

"Make America great again?"  "Hope and Change?"  Campaign slogans are dark inside jokes. 

We Are The Priests's picture

Hey Krieger,

Do you ever get the feeling that you're just a little behind the curve in figuring things out?

dark pools of soros's picture

He is dying to be the smartest guy in the room but really has no fucking clue what dots to connect. What the fuck weed is he smoking with this half baked goo of a solution?

Stormtrooper's picture

In Colorado, as with most there, he has probably tried many of the thousands available.

We Are The Priests's picture

Part of what I'm saying is that so few of these idiots like Krieger are looking past the obvious--that being, the US is an empire in the seventh and final stage of empire--in order to have a conversation about what the chaos of the collapse will give birth to.

It's absolutely not a given that something good will replace the system that is presently winding down, or that those controlling it will be benevolent.  If we don't start accepting that our present system has failed, no matter how romantically we try to hold on to it, and start looking to the future, with We the People actively engaging in a process of molding the new system, history will just end up repeating itself; which is to say, the power brokers who ruled and crashed the old system will keep We the People distracted and baffled with bullshit while they position themselves to take control of the new system.

"Say hello to the new boss.  Same as the old boss."

Hail Spode's picture

Yes. It is time to talk about what America 2.0 should look like and what the Re-founders should believe about government. I agree with "decentralize" but that is just a goal, not a process. For a systematic look at HOW power has been centralized (13 doorways) and what a government built to resist centralization shoud look like see this book, Localism, A philosophy of government....

rrrr's picture

You guys are full of it. This article states the problem better than any I've seen, and I've seen more than a few. That takes real skill, something none of you have.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Simple we live in The Divided States of America

Don't need 3 parts to say it. There's no continuity anywhere as greed has taken over people's lives. Greed is not only found in the love of money.

veeger's picture

  " continuity " thats the name of that super-bunker , where the treasonous murdering theiving politicians go to hide from pitchforks and rope...........ain't it

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

It is not only greed that separates us. Our divisions will ultimately boil-down to survival of the fittest, in spite of "humanitarian" efforts to prolong the existence of parasitic elements. Nature is never deterred by the delusions of its creations.

We Are The Priests's picture

Who gives a shit if you're adept at stating the problem if you can't act as part of the solution.  Oh, and btw, decentralization is not the solution.  That ship has sailed and is really only apart of the "romantic" holding on to a failed system.  Globalization is going ahead whether you like it or not.  What we need to be talking about is 21st and 22nd century ideas of how control of a globalized system can be spread out, instead of held in the hands of a few.

In other words, is there a way to have a limited global federal government charged with maintaining the common welfare of the people on a global basis within some type of framework that, for example, might represent a global constitutional republic with global democratic representation through some type of democratic electorate?

Swedgen's picture

>Oh, and btw, decentralization is not the solution


>ideas of how control of a globalized system can be spread out, instead of held in the hands of a few.


you ain't too bright, are ya

Hail Spode's picture

I also think it does a good job of stating the problem. I just think its time to move beyond that and talk about specific policy and system solutions........

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Real solutions are too unnerving for most to contemplate.

runnymede's picture

I've followed Mike for quite some time and I do like a lot of what he writes. He does have articulation skills, I'll give him that. He seems like a genuine guy. No empirical evidence of that, it's just a feel one gets for someone over time. That being said, I do not believe that anyone knows anything what exactly the future will bring or even the general form what the organizational efforts will be undertaken by humans will look like. Do I have personal leanings of what I think will generally happen? Of course. And it does not triangulate out pleasantly. I do not believe that we are in a binary situation where the complex corrupt human-invented systems will totally go away---that decentralization is inevitable or that war is inevitable etc. There are just too many variables. We do not know what the tipping point or trigger event(s) will be. Change is the constant. I see nature at work; I see sequence. I do not believe there is even one minute of disorder in nature. Humans are supremely pretentious, and given their place they currently occupy in nature as the dominant critters at this time in history, I can see why they consider themselves that way. Their actions; collective and individual, do and will have followings according to the laws that govern here on this floating blue orb. It is interesting as hell to observe though. Hyper-cleverness, hyper self-interest, and God-like technology do not bode well given our human nature which seems not to have budged much--however nature ends up sorting that out over time. Where I do most part with Mike in this article, if I read correctly, is that I'm not convinced we individually have the wisdom/intelligence to collectively draw on to organize anything immune to Gresham's Law or Stein's Law; apart from a very small percentage of individuals, who are generally not invited to the meeting nor valued because they cannot be monetized.

I'm not a professional writer, just an amateur observer. For a more literate and enlightening read, search the following essay, which is in the public domain and readily downloadable:

Why We do Not Behave Like Human Beings by Ralph Adams Cram (1932)

It will enlighten as to why great men like Jesus and Socrates were crucified and poisoned, respectively, for simply being too embarrassing and threatening to humans' earthly interests to be allowed to live any longer, and why the mentally anthropoid which make up the vast majority of 'humans' will always choose a 'Barabbas' over a 'Jesus' when immediate expediencies are threatened.

amadeus39's picture

In all sincerity, Nature and evolutionary change is obsolete and in death throes. Human-not so-kind is now in charge of the evolutionary process whether it wants to be or not. Our clever technology has seen to that. The message IS the massage. I'm not sure we have a clue of where we want to go, but the globalist seem to ber on the right track.


Yen Cross's picture

 God is the > pendulum< when reality stops swinging.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Daniel 2:41-43
Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

41 You saw the feet and toes, partly of a potter’s fired clay and partly of iron—it will be a divided kingdom, though some of the strength of iron will be in it. You saw the iron mixed with clay, 42 and that the toes of the feet were partly iron and partly fired clay—part of the kingdom will be strong, and part will be brittle. 43 You saw the iron mixed with clay—the peoples will mix with one another but will not hold together, just as iron does not mix with fired clay.

small axe's picture

Centralization has almost as good a track record as the Federal Reserve and Keynesian economics.

Devo will be cool again in my mini-state. National anthem: Whip it, whip it good.


Cordeezy's picture

I think that people are growing tired of the media bs surrounding the Russia investigation that isn't.  The media isn't even reporting on a cease fire that was achieved in Syria or what Trump has done for the veterans.  The 220,000 jobs created.  It is getting to be a constant cycle and people see that.  This doesn't mean they are starting to like Trump.  I think they just turn to other sources that tell the truth about things like the Jimmy Dore show.  Jimmy Dore is on the left but he doesn't support the left blindly and push the narrative like others do without causation.


flaunt's picture

And let George Soros win?  That (((son of a bitch))) has been salivating over the prospect of destroying America since he set his first claw on this planet. Never give in to evil.

fleur de lis's picture

Soros/Schwarz got bit by the Israelis a few days ago.

They took a swipe at him in some newspaper article.

Maybe that was a friendly reminder that he had better watch his step, or maybe he went rogue on some issue without the knowledge and permission of his managers.


He irked somebody important.

The Israelis are not like their DC concubines.

They will destroy any threat and make it look like the fault of the target.

If Soros/Schwarz does not pipe down he's cooked.