Meanwhile In Venezuela, The Real Mad Max Emerges

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While Silicon Valley seems obsessed by 'blood boys', its another part of the world that appears to have gone full Mad Max. As the following clip shows a gang of bikers chase down and attack a truck (with molotov cocktails) to steal its sugar payload...

Not quite the "Guzzoline" or "Bullets" that Fury Road offers, but when all you have to eat is flamingoes or black stallions, sugar may be a good substitute worth risking your life over...

With each passing week, the situation in Venezuela keeps on getting worse.

Not quite the socialist utopia that Bernie Sanders longed for? Or more pointedly - this is exactly the dystopia one can expect from such policies of 'redistribution' and central planning.

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Weighing my options:

A . Quit my job

B. Drink the rest of the day away.

Fuck it! I'm doing both!

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bikers chase down and attack a truck (with molotov cocktails) to steal its sugar payload

They just wanted to make some moonshine and needed sugar.   ;-)


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Tractor trailer v bikers with molotovs:  How in the FUCK were there not some seriously flattened bikers? 

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When you're hungry, you're hungry. Who cares about the risks. 

Fat people, and those who've ever starved will know exactly what I'm talking about here. 

Speaking of Fat People, 12 more Jews got busted in Lakewood for welfare fraud:

Oy vey, they never say no to Free Pork, especially the pork provided gratis by the Shabbos Goy taxpayers. 

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One Fighter with a sharp stick and nothing left to lose can take the day...

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Addenda to my last post: 

Before anyone starts crying about "anti-semitism", and how the "poor welfare cheats deserve their day in court": 

The same assholes who were fleecing the taxpayers via social safety net programs, ARE THE SAME PEOPLE who were raising a stink about Tent City:

Yes, I know the next link is a "White Nationalist" site; so what; The TRUTH, is the TRUTH:


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This is why you can't have welfare of any kind, it will get abused. Maybe, maybe in Iceland it could work.
You are right, when people are hungry, truly hunger get the "F" away because at that point they have nothing to lose. The Romans knew this, keep the population fed other wise no amount of guards can protect you.

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@ Froze25: 

When I still lived in NJ I personally knew a man named Hermann Winklemann; he was a German butcher, and about as nice as people come (He used to give me beef bones for my wolves - yes, I actually did have "pet" wolves). Hermann spent his entire fortune building a business in Lakewood, only to be strongarmed into bankruptcy by the Lakewood "Kosher Nostra". He lost everything, and died homeless, because of these fucking leeches (and that article on the Daily Stormer about the Hasids and Tent City is the unvarnished truth).

The papers are reporting "10 people here" and "10 people there", but the reality is most of the town is on some form of public assistance. These are the SAME people who rule the diamond district in NYC, so they're not hurting for money...they're just gaming the system, at the expense of 'everyday people'. 





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@ Pladizow: 

I knew this crap was going on when I still lived at the Shore, but now that it's news, I'm not letting up on these pricks for a second. 

They bulldozed a homeless camp, because it was "an eyesore"; it was out in the fucking woods. Maybe the people who lived in it wouldn't be homeless, if these goddamned vampires weren't sponging off of the taxpayers like they are. 

They act like THEY are not "an eyesore" with their large families of retarded kids packed "high & tight" in the Jew Canoes they drive, and all of the "special perks" they DEMAND of others. 


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Very much in favor of deportation or extermination. It hardly matters to me which we do. The only Jews that deserve to live are those who reject the vile Talmud, or approximately 1.5% of religious Jews. Most of them ethiopians, who have to go right the fuck back to Africa in any case.

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The word socialism has been thrown around the world within a few years ago. We should understand what socialism meaning is. “It can be defined as an economic and political system which emphasizes on the means of production, distribution and exchange should be owned by the community as a whole.”  There are several kinds of socialism so it cannot be defined in a single definition. A true socialist government is same like a democracy where everyone has the right to raise his voice and he should be given the equal priority and weight. The good governments always provide more facilities to their nationalists.The countries that have declared them as socialists, they have number of similarities to the united states of America

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Right up there with the probability of Skittle shitting unicorns.

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“An opinion should be the result of thought, not a substitute for it. ”

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You lost me at good governments provide for their citizens.

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Yes, if only Hugo, Fidel, Lenin, Jim Jones.....were alive to show us the past.


In a free country there is nothing to prevent groups from forming socialist paradises.  Except for the almost universal free rider amongs "adherents" and leadership thieft which has been universal in the States since the first year of Plymouth Plantation.

Other than the lack of human angels, it might work, for a while.   

Socialism all coupled with state power is Facism. 

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Geez, I love uneducated people who are shouting about "socialism". This has nothing to do with it. Venezuela is under attack of international parasites. Somebody wants to personally own natural resources. Do you think it will solve the problem? LOL!!!

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If you have food

If you have cash

If you have electricity

If you have silver

If you have gold

and apparently if you have sugar...

you need to plan for the possiblity that that video could be your future.  Network and know your neighbors because alone or a small family won't be enough.

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toilet paper and tootpaste helps too

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so your ass smells good when you bend over to kiss it goodbye.....socialism is just like betting on the horses, it sounds good , until you go broke.

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Or you can don your Humungus costume, scratch up some weakminded, state-dependent animal-people as a posse, and go out and PILLAGE!


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If you cant defend it, you are just a collection depot for the guy on the block with guns.

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Interesting, thanks.  In the late '60s, I also had an old neighbor who was a butcher. He was a Ukranian, and worked in the local slaughterhouse. His son and I were close friends. In those days, I had a beard, and wore gold wire-rimmed glasses. One day he looked strangely at me and said, "You look like a chew." Suddenly, I had a cold chill go down my spine, and visions of the Allgemeine SS danced through my head.

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The Lakewood fuckshow.

Hope they all go to jail for a very long time.


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Friend of mine in NY City says the Choosenites have cornered the subsidized housing racket.  Place your friends in social services office and start paying kickbacks for handouts.  All benefits to them and taxpayers take it in the ass...f'in thieves

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According to various articles, fraud is so widespread that this area has shown up in articles about the "poorest places in America", where this area has been described as a deeply-impoverished religious ghetto.

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I looked into the information, truly saddening.  Why did he lose his business.  Was the investigations of t he dirty bank and his loan with it the cause?



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My chick wants to kill me when the fridge is empty and when my sugar level drops low my Balkan blood begins to boil as well.
Thats when i get baked

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You ever notice when you get stoned if you eat something with sugar in it, you lose your buzz?  It's goddammed tragedy is what it is.  A drug that makes you get the munchies, but when you start to munchie, you lose your buzz.

Not that I would know about such things from personal experience, of course.  Clearly not.


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You know what hunger is when you look at a live farm animal, and your mouth starts to water...

Your inner carnivore is never that far beneath the surface.

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for the life of me i can't understand why there are not fruit trees on every corner of every street. No one would starve in this world, and it is the natural food of mankind. Most easily digestible and most healthy for you because it always is cleansing out all the other things we put in our mouth that we call food that makes us sick. 

were not carnivores with an intestines being 30 feet long and meat taking days to digest also all that protein causing most of our illnesses.

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This is a good comment. But you are in the wolf pack here Triple A... the hunters, skinners...

I think if the world went vegetarian, all wars would cease..... just like that....

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You are probably right, everyone would be too weak to fight.

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You obviously haven't heard of the coconut wars.

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Well we have what amounts to Bernie Sanders free medical in Canada and I sure am not abusing it.  Keep the @#$#$ away from doctors even if it is free. lol

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Stalin had a "cure" for hungry people.

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"When people have nothing to lose - They lose it"

Gerald C.

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I guess Satan didn't care to be linked to George Bush. 

Payback is a Bitch.

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The Tent City Joe Arpaio had installed for criminals was much better suited to modify the type of abusive behavior you illustrate.

EnglishMajor's picture

Two men enter, one man leaves...


Or, more like no one here gets out alive.

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"Ride eternal - Shiny and chrome"

- Warboy

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Yeah! Fuck Bernie Sanders! You saw what he did to that sugar truck! Youth shouldn't go to college! Fuck skool too! Fuck potable drinking water! Fuck public road systems! Fuck any policy labeled liberal (even though they actually classically conservative) because I'm too damn stupid to look around.

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Yeah the hook is always good schools and infrastructure projects, jobs and security. But the statist left doesn't deliver on those promises anymore. Its just more power to bureaucrats and judges, more corruption, less freedom, more taxes, more bullsit and for some reason an endless supply angry assholes mad that anybody would question authority.

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He's forgetting the original infrastructure of those very projects were originally built up locally with local funding and massive community involvement, and than legally corralled and stolen by the feds.  There was no education department and the system actually worked unlike today.  Same thing with most of the hospitals and nursing care facilities, built by community organizations through private efforts in the 50's thru 70's, than stolen through politically forced mergers and abuse of federal/corporate law.  Now look at the costs, and service, total crap and cluster F.

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We just had 8 years of liberals spending like drunken sailors. Did schools get cheaper or better? Did health care get cheaper or better? Did transportation improve? Did water get cleaner? I swear no matter how many times you explain this shit to a leftist they refuse to listen. I'm seriously about done with this shit. Why even play the game anymore. I feel like just getting a little piece of rural land, getting fired from my job and get on the dole like the lazy ignorant 2/3 of this country.

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what has happened to this country in the last half century is not at base a liberal/conservative problem imo.  

it is what happens when the, by far, strongest, best funded, most tenacious and focused political force in the u.s.a. is likud/mossad zionism which has as its highest goal the strengthening, particularly militarily and paramilitarily, of (greater) israel and the destruction of all countries bordering it or even near it.  aipac makes the american petroleum institute or the koch brothers look like dilatory school boys with a stamp hobby.  what other "lobby" has a world class clandestine force, iron control of, nearly, world media, dual nationality citizens (!) infiltrated throughout western governments, and near mastery of world finance/central banking??

for the best part of three generations they have vetted the entire congress and most national political candidates, capturing them with campaign contributions and defeating them with primary challenges if they stray.  that is why trump scares them so much; he is unvetted.

they fucking did the greatest false flag in history, kiilled 3,000 "americans" outright then proceeded to start and lose a half dozen wars in fifteen years, piling up over a million corpses, spending trillions of the u.s. treasury (sort of), and exiling millions more to foreign lands that don't particularly want them.

bust the dnc servers, bust the seth rich murder, bust 9-11 and the world changes.