NATO Vows Support For Ukraine Against Russia's "Aggressive Actions"

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Just a few short days after President Trump's 'relative' rapprochement with Russian President Putin, his 'allies' in NATO have stepped up the rhetoric in a very sensitive area for Putin, as NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg pledged support for Ukraine during a visit to Kiev on Monday.

As reports, Ukraine and the West accuse Moscow of smuggling weapons and troops across the porous border in support of the separatists, a charge has repeatedly denied.

"Russia has maintained its aggressive actions against Ukraine, but NATO and NATO allies stand by Ukraine and stand on your side," Stoltenberg said at the NATO-Ukraine Commission session in Kiev.


"Russia must withdraw its thousands of soldiers from Ukraine and stop supporting the militants," he added during a press conference with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.


The conflict in eastern Ukraine and Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014 have driven ties between Moscow and the West to their lowest point since the Cold War.


"We are also here to demonstrate NATO's solidarity with Ukraine and our firm support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of your country," Stoltenberg said.


"NATO allies do not and will not recognize Russia's illegal and illegitimate annexation of Crimea."

The NATO chief's trip came a day after US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made a maiden visit to Kiev and urged Moscow to take the "first step" to ease the conflict in Ukraine's east.

Ukraine sees NATO accession as a way to bolster its defenses against former master Moscow. In June, Ukraine's parliament voted to back attempts by the nation to seek membership of the 29-member bloc. It approved legal amendments enshrining membership in NATO as a foreign policy priority.

Poroshenko explained that embattled Ukraine was eager to join the bloc, but painful political and economic reforms need to be implemented before the country was ready to lay out its claims on membership.


"We are determined to reforms... to meet the membership criteria," Poroshenko told journalists.


"NATO will continue to support Ukraine on the path towards closer relationships with NATO," Stoltenberg added.

But the Kremlin has long been angered by NATO expansion into what Moscow views as its sphere of influence in the former Soviet region.

"It (Ukraine's rapprochement with NATO) will not contribute to the strengthening of stability and security on the European continent," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

However, Kiev has yet to officially apply to start the lengthy and politically challenging process of joining the US-led alliance.

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Gotta’ love them Nuland/McCain Ukraine Nazis.

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Open a Russian base in Mexico and then let's see what happens.

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F’n Russians…

They keep moving their fixed borders ever closer to expansionist NATO forward bases.

Damn them.

They are interfering in Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia. Congo and all those other places, No?

Next thing you know they will try to manipulate German elections to favor Murkull.

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#MH17 fuckers.

They can look into your ass hole from space but have no idea who killed 300 people?

They know. Of course they know. But is does not fit the narrative.


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Look at the extent of the coverup - the Ukrainian government, the US, the UK, the Dutch. They are all complicit in the murder of the civilians on that aircraft.

Ghordius's picture

the Dutch complicit... in the murder?

Bendromeda Strain's picture

In the cover up, Ghordius... the cover up.

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He has for a long time had a problem with reading comprehension.

Ghordius's picture

funny that. because if I copy/paste the sentence, I get this:

"They are all complicit in the murder of the civilians on that aircraft"

meanwhile, this article's comment section is simply amazing

the purpose of the article is to paint NATO as something that is... well, monolithic. one piece, one purpose, one scope

any attempt to diverge from this view... if fought with the most extreme measures (well, for a blog)

up to a point that you could wonder if someone did not design and program an algorythm with some 50 ZH accounts that is still going after those points... well after the purpose of this piece of disinformation is long gone

well, no. NATO is not united in purpose... everywhere and in all cases and all fields

otherwise we would call both military bases in Qatar "NATO bases", instead of wondering about the new Turkish base next to the old American base

question: why is this piece of disinformation so incredibly important? I nibble at the edges... watch the reaction, laugh about it and wonder

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question: why is this piece of disinformation so incredibly important?

Very good question. I have been wondering about this too. I think the Russia/Ukraine story is simply the weakest part of the set of beliefs dominating the thinking of the current neo-populist wave. Others, like anti-immigrant stance, Gold vs Fed, Euro-bashing, hating leftist politics, even anti-semitism, are at least partly accepted in traditional conservative circles and elements of them extend even further. But conservatives drilled into an anti-Soviet position over >50 years will not easily accept a "Russia is good, America is bad" stance which in the past was limited to radical left wing parties.

So this part of belief is under high pressure, and if only one piece (like the responsibility for the MH 17 downing) breaks, it may crumble and make even more of the neo-populist "facts" implausible. Even Trump is treading very carefully here, publicly voicing support for Ukraine eg. during his Poland visit.

Of course, a conspiracy theorist would simply claim that the Russians want to keep Crimea and Donbass and therefore pay lots of money to commenters to distract public opinion in the west. But that would be too simple, wouldn't it?


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Try to improve your profile instead of writing bullshit. Geez, you must have serious mental problems.

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what's wrong w/ Ghordius profile?  

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Another answaer is that maybe their capabilities really aren't as advertized after spending

an embarassing ammount of money saying they could.

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Nah, it's a cover up.

In previous crash investigations, things like flight data recorders and air traffic control recordings have been public. In this one, they are being kept 'secret' (they've probably been destroyed, really)

And what ever happened to 'Carlos', who live-tweeted the shootdown?

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Gotta’ love them Nuland/McCain Ukraine Nazis.

Noodlewhanger is a National Socialist?

You could have fooled me. 

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Look at Nuland’s fat F squeeze.


Excuse me, I have to go vomit now.


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The likes of NoodleWhangers are the original shape-shifters. They can be any political color as long as it advances their power. They can be commie one year and nazi the next. It's all about power.

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odd that the US can arm,train,assist and support the antiGov forces in the "fake" SYRIAN civil war that the US has absolutely no ties to(aside from financial gain)

However, its wrong for Russia to support RUSSIANS in Ukraine during its so called civil war "that the US started/funded/supported" with a plan to obtain access to perfect farmland(GMOs to sell) and to Frack the crap out of there land to get around russian fuel and sell oil to europe.

Obtaining access to Crimean military base for NATO and cutting Russia out of there Black Sea access (which they RENT Yearly from Ukraine) all to isolate Russia....Too bad that plan fell apart and Ukraine is a IMF mooch at this point with the US and EU unwilling to fully fund/ bail them out (no longer profitable) but to deeply invested to sever ties financially. Now they will live off the Gov tit (the US equivilant of HUD/WIC/food stamps) forever!

The issues in Kiev are growing daily and its only a matter of time before the east of Ukraine won't be the issue, it will be the rest of the country uprising.

Lets not over look the billions owed to Russia for unpaid fuel they skipped out on and still recieved loans from IMF when they were already in default (against rules of IMF)

The Ukraine Gov (installed puppets) screwed the people and they will wake up at some point and revolt, sadly they may starve to death before that happens.

Russia is the solution, not the problem...

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Russia will be the source of the source of the problem when Ukraine slowly implodes, at least according to Washington and their stenographers (NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC and Fox).

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The bloody regime of dictator Poroshenko continues to commit mass murders of innocent people from among the representative of the democratic forces of Donbass.

Bay of Pigs's picture

NATO expansion under Clinton, Bush and Obama is directly responsible for all of this mess, not Russia.

Ghordius's picture

oh, no disagreement from me, about this

in fact, Stoltenberg can march up and down the whole day about this, I am not sure that this newest wanna-be NATO partner can be really just imposed on the others

most, here in europe, see Ukraine as "a friend of the US"... only. Poland differs, though

and this might be exactly the strategy and end-result that might make people smile in Washington as much as in Moscow: a split

but... a lot of that depends on how the pieces will move in the next years, and both the US and the UK don't look very... purposeful, lately

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"Poland"...Ukraine possess much Polish territory east of Curzon Line...
Good for Russia claiming their historical territory!

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Exactly so - the memorial to the victims of Stepan Bandera resides in Poland, not Russia. 

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Although Polish governments maintain a long and firmly established tradition of poor judgement and bad decisions, recent anti-Bandera demonstrations indicate that not all Poles are blinded by the bullshit fed to them.

malek's picture

But you would still never criticize Stoltenberg for doing so, Ghordius...

silvermail's picture

...see Ukraine as "a friend of the US"?!

The US has no friends. The US has only its own interests. And their vassals.

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If Ukraine is not yet officially a part of NATO, then what gives NATO the right to put its weapons on Ukraine territory?  This smells really fishy....

land_of_the_few's picture

Well clearly the unpopular, ultraviolent, corrupt, incompetent, lying regime gives them the right ... seems Jens loves having a cup of coffee with his BFFs there.

If he's really unlucky, one of the times he is there the masses including the long-suffering Kiev city population might finally manage to topple them. Odessa and Mariupol inhabitants are also itching to do the same.

Then he can try clinging onto helicopter landing skids with his hands as it lifts off from the roof of the last fascist-occupied building while his mates are garrotted by civilians in the streets below.


AllBentOutOfShape's picture

"Well clearly the unpopular, ultraviolent, corrupt, incompetent, lying regime gives them the right"

And that just about sums up how NATO is able to expand into all the former Soviet states right up to Russia's borders.  They install a puppet regime via election meddling or install a coup regime via armed force as with Ukraine.  Then the new puppet leaders' first order of business is to bring in the US and NATO while the US and NATO tell the world "but they want us here" even though the citizens have no say about it whatsoever because if they did allow a referendum to decide NATO membership, NATO would lose in a landslide.  It's literally a US/NATO invasion and occupation of these countries and once their puppets sign the papers, there will be no getting rid of them... ever.

FUCK US/NATO/UKROP NAZIS with a Russian bayonet!!

crazzziecanuck's picture

Situation won't happen. Washington will give Kiev the greenlight for live weapons fire and the MSM will dutifully proclaim that this wouldn't be happening if it wasn't for Russia.

Ghordius's picture

"If Ukraine is not yet officially a part of NATO, then what gives NATO the right to put its weapons on Ukraine territory?  This smells really fishy.... "

I'm not sure I can follow this line of thought. there is no such thing as "NATO troops"

NATO is an alliance, a military alliance of sovereign nation states. like Turkey, btw. the same Turkey that is sending troops to Qatar, invited by the sovereign nation state's government of Qatar

all that "down with globalism" is fine, but you have to keep an eye on reality, or you get messed up in fantasies

so whenever you read "NATO did, NATO said..." you really ought to ask: which country's troops? in which country's territory?

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"But the Kremlin has long been angered by NATO expansion into what Moscow views as its sphere of influence in the former Soviet region.

"It (Ukraine's rapprochement with NATO) will not contribute to the strengthening of stability and security on the European continent," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

However, Kiev has yet to officially apply to start the lengthy and politically challenging process of joining the US-led alliance."

So, either you didn't read the full article or something else......

Ghordius's picture

I did. but I also read your "what gives NATO the right to put its weapons on Ukraine territory?"

and, again, there is no such thing. which weapons? US weapons? British weapons? Turkish weapons?

meanwhile, Ukraine is recognized as a sovereign nation state by most other sovereign nation states

as in the case of Syria, the answer would be: "by invitation of the government", wouldn't it?

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A quick Google search yielded that NATO has been delivering arms in Ukraine since 2014.  Now, this could be under the disguise of supporting the Mickey Mouse gov't by Nuland during its civil war.  There are also foreign troops (mostly American who is NATO member and main funder), present under the pretense ongoing military drills/exercises......which we know, it's just semantics.

Remember than Russia has had a more solid relationship with Ukraine for 1,000+ years than the rest of Europe. It's plain to see that the ultimate goal is to surround Russia and possible invade it (to further steal its resources).  If we can out which group is running the whole show, then the rest is easy.

geno-econ's picture

Russia land mass is  twice the size of U.S., China or Canada.  Ukraine about the size of France. Natural resources and farmland are prizes in the eyes of western commercial interests eager to grow and expand faltering economies based on a fiat $ currency. Question is which system  of government will survive--- Globalism or Nationalism.  History is replete with Empires that have grown beyond their borders only to collapse due to overexpansion.  There are also cultural differences difficult to control beyond ones borders even after Empires dominate by military expansion.  ME is a good example.

French Bloke's picture

These weapons:

Whilst some NATO members may deny supplying weapons to Ukraine, these denials have no credibility. They are getting them from somewhere so it's easy to join the dots...

JohninMK's picture

Not quite correct. Its a pendantic point really but if you regard a E-3A Sentry AWACS aircraft as a form of weapon then there is indeed a NATO operated and owned weapon.

NATO even offers to lend them (backfill) to its members forces if necessary.

malek's picture

"there is no such thing as "NATO troops"

Hiding behind semantics again.

If the NATO can decide if and where certain troops are to be deployed, that effectively makes them NATO troops no matter how they choose to name it.

silvermail's picture

1. The United States does not have an invitation from a legitimate government in Syria. The US and the so-called "coalition" are acting illegally in Syria.
2. The dictator Poroshenko and his bloody regime did not come to power legally in a democratic way.
3. The West is afraid of the results of any democratic referendum in Syria, the Crimea and the Donbas. Therefore, such democratic referendums the West does not conduct or ignores their results.

AllBentOutOfShape's picture

If they're in Ukraine operating under the NATO banner, then they're considered "NATO forces" operating in Ukraine, not troops from sovereign nations.

Ghordius's picture

which is... a strong simplification. and... is it even true?

as a reminder, the last time this whole thing was discussed in NATO, it was April 2008. the US proposal was the same as today, and it was rejected by the others, and it's all still in discussion, while the events of 2014 make of course all this more difficult

but I see that this article is by now, in the comments, a kind of official "fact-free zone"

French Bloke's picture

You are very good at smoke and mirrors and trying your hardest to obfuscate the fact that NATO expansionism into ex Eastern block countries is ongoing. Ukraine are in NATO's sights and that is indesputable.

My bet is that if they were to incorporate Ukraine, Russia will have no choice but to uphold the ethnic Russians (in Ukraine) request to join Russia, otherwise NATO will be bound by their own rules to go to war with Russia who they say are sending troops into Eastern Ukraine. This is what the zio neocons are aiming for.

Bendromeda Strain's picture

There is only one fact-free smoke blower around here, and it is you. Many of us have been intently watching the real story ever since the Maidan, and to say that there are not Western assets operating in Ukraine is to be willfully obtuse or intentionally dishonest.

Now "outta my face!"

French Bloke's picture

They are there:

And you can bet your bottom dollar they haven't left. I think they termed them as military advisors prior to the Gulf of Tonkin incident in Vietnam.

hestroy's picture

LOL! You are as smart as radio Yerevan.