Infowars, Breitbart, Drudge Could Soon Face An FEC 'Inquisition' Over Russian "Collusion"

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Authored by Alexander Paul via,

Conservative news outlets like Infowars, Breitbart and the Drudge Report could soon be facing an inquisition from the FEC for coordinating with the Russians to blitz the realm of social media with deceptive anti-Clinton stories that effectively could have influenced the 2016 presidential election.

This could happen if top Federal Election Commission Democrat, Ellen Weintraub, is able to get her way during this Thursday’s FEC meeting.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The plan, set for discussion at Thursday’s FEC meeting, could open the door to political subpoenas targeting the websites, their editorial news decisions, and their owners, maybe even Matt Drudge and Alex Jones, according to an expert analysis.


In her effort targeting foreign influence in federal and state elections, Commissioner Ellen Weintraub would probe spending by overseas sources and even partially-foreign-owned U.S. firms on campaigns, including their media buys. Foreign influence is illegal in elections.


She said that tackling foreign influence in elections could be the FEC’s finest hour, adding, “I believe that this Commission can indeed rise to the challenge of understanding what happened in the 2016 election and plugging any legal or procedural holes that could allow foreign actors to interfere with our future elections.”


Politico recently reported that “Weintraub’s interest was piqued by an article published last week by Time magazine that revealed intelligence officials had evidence that Russian agents bought Facebook ads to disseminate election-themed stories. It also indicated that congressional investigators were examining whether Russian efforts to spread such content were boosted by two U.S. companies with deep ties to Trump — Breitbart News and Cambridge Analytica.”

The Time Magazine article which influenced Weintraub also pointed to Russian ties to conservative ownership and funding as a potential target of investigators. The report reads, citing McClatchy, “FBI counterintelligence investigators were probing whether far-right sites like Breitbart News and Infowars had coordinated with Russian botnets to blitz social media with anti-Clinton stories, mixing fact and fiction when Trump was doing poorly in the campaign.”

The FEC will decide at this Thursday’s meeting whether or not to investigate websites like the Drudge Report, Infowars, Breitbart, and others on the right for violating election spending rules by allowing advertising on their Facebook pages by Russian entities.

“It’s pretty easy to see how this quickly becomes an inquisition into conservative media outlets,” an elections laws expert and critic of the Weintraub bid told the Washington Examiner.


“Commissioner Weintraub appears to be laying the groundwork to subpoena people at Breitbart, Drudge, and Infowars – maybe even Matt Drudge and Alex Jones themselves,” he added.

Infowars founder Alex Jones responded on Tuesday to the news of Weintraub’s actions by saying that he is under a “criminal espionage investigation by the FBI,” and denied ever taken any money from Russia.

“I have never gotten one scintilla of money from Russia. I’ve never got any directives from Russia,’ Jones said. “This is outrageous! I mean, they want us shut down.”

On his Tuesday Broadcast, Jones was correct to point out that this Russian election tampering narrative that will not go away in Democratic circles has been, as CNN’s Van Jones put it so eloquently, a “nothing burger.”

According to Jones, Infowars is almost exclusively funded by sales from their online store which sells books, water filters, and nutritional supplements. The rest of the funding is transparent, according to Jones, who said his organization receives funding from third party ad generators like Google and AdBlade.

The Infowars founder said that he would be willing to testify publically before Congress.

Ellen Weintraub has been a big opponent of the Citizens United decision expanding corporate political spending and foreign ownership in politically active U.S. firms and in the past has denied claims of targeting or regulating the media or internet sites. She was part of the FEC commission who targeted Fox News in 2015.

In her proposal, she wrote, “the American public is justifiably alarmed by the reports of foreign attempts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election.” She added, “This is an all-hands-on-deck moment for our democracy.”

“It is this Commission’s duty to do respond, and to respond forcefully. Whether a hostile foreign power provided anything of value in connection with a federal, state, or local election goes to the very heart of the Federal Election Commission’s mission and jurisdiction,” the proposal continued.

The possible FEC Inquisition is coming at an interesting time, as it has been recently revealed that the U.S. actually has a big problem with foreign influence in its election; that is, in the form of noncitizen voters.

The research organization Just Facts in New Jersey has taken a fresh look at post-election polling data and concluded that the number of noncitizens voting illegally in U.S. elections is likely far greater than previous estimates.

The group found that many as 5.7 million noncitizens may have voted in the 2008 election, playing a large role in the election win of Barack Obama.

The work of professors at Old Dominion University in Virginia also found that as many as 2.8 million noncitizens could have voted in 2008.

For 2012, Just Facts said that 3.2 million to 5.6 million noncitizens were registered to vote and 1.2 million to 3.6 million of them voted.

The suspicion over illegal votes being cast in U.S. elections sparked the Trump Administration to create a commission on election fraud to investigate voter fraud and voter suppression.

Trump has alleged that some 3-5 million illegals voted in the 2016 election, robbing him of a better result in the popular vote.

The commission had given states until July 14 to provide data including names, birth dates and partial Social Security numbers of voters but has since delayed the data turnover as the Administration awaits the ruling of a lawsuit filed by the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington.

While the mainstream media railed against any claim that noncitizens voted in 2016, all it takes is a turn to the evidence in North Carolina where an independent and bipartisan agency that oversees elections in the state found hundreds of illegal votes, including votes cast by felons and non-citizens, double voting, voter impersonation, and irregularities that affected mail-in absentee ballots.

With an estimated 11-12 million illegal aliens roaming the Unites States and the lax voting controls in many areas, it seems very foolish to deny that non-citizens voted in 2016. It is even more foolish to continue to case Russian influence in the election when it is clear that the vote count in the U.S. may have been bloated due to the lack of border security and voting legitimacy.

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How come ZH is not included. Just like these outlets ZH was rooting for Trump. Still is.

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All Zionist propaganda mouthpieces.

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AKA having the wrong people saying the right things.

A discredited messenger creates the best form of cover for inconvenient truths.

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This is how the tribesters operate. 

If screaming racists, antisemites , etc doesn't work, they are calling favors from their Deep State operatives.

The Tentacles of the Leftist Power Structure that Control Western Society

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The Alt-Right Media should start its own Social Media platform.

And keep pushing their message on FB, Twitter, etc

The meme war will turn in truth vs propaganda war.

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Can't stop won't stop, can't stop won't stop, Russia Russia Russia... nothing is more important than this distraction right now.

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How about the millions of money from Saudis,  all the foreign owning the msm and movie studios, and all the foreign owned senators, supporting the fucking Clinton and the sold out "democratic" party, American is fuck  and done. And most of the "western" world with it. 

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How long will people continue to accept this fascist bullshit?  

When they start loading you on the bus to go to the FEMA camp, will you ask how long it takes to get there?

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Exactly!  Trump is surrounded by banksters 24/7.  They're infesting his cabinet.  As if they need to impeach or get rid of him, they are living in his house!

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@alt-right-girl. If you would post something without spamming your site it would be appreciated.

Sometimes you actually have something of profit to say. And then you ruin it with your spam.

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Disagree. You don't have to click it, if you know its spam. 

I see nothing wrong with a hyper-texted link. Sometimes I click on it, sometimes I don't.

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ZH does mostly commentary on other people's articles.  It's an aggregation site with a bit of brain power and sanity-filtering layered on top.  Do the Tylers have an slant on things?  Sure.  Everyone does.  Do they do investigative journalism?  No.  At least not beyond the level of dissecting economic and financial data from other sources and stitching their own conclusions together based on their analysis.


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Their work on HFT and such was unparalleled.

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Drudge is more of an aggregator than ZH. Never saw an original article there, just links.

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That may be. But to the left, he is still an aggravator.

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Why would anyone from any of these organizations NOT tell the FEC to go pound sand?


And BTW- why aren't the Washington Compost, the NYT, MSNBC and CNN being investigated for sedition?

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Aaaah, another book burner are you? You might want to note that at least you're allowed to speak here. Got a problem with that?

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 Drama queens like yourself , don't have open comment sections, for constructive thoughts.

  Hence your sub 80 iq trolling of Z/H. 

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They're starting to follow the money, tee hee. All these gaslighting rat bastards are going to get their comeuppance for being such brazen peddlers of Russian disinformation. This includes ZH and shtfplan.

Lawyer up, Putin puppets - you have an appointment with The Resistance.


Haus-Targaryen's picture

I realize you're a shill -- but I'd like to make something unequivocally clear for you: 

The "new" Left in West, which has existed here since the 60s is *SO* hated, so despised, so loathed -- many of us on here would be willing to knowingly put fourth Russian/Chinese information/disinformation if the end result is we no longer have to deal with you and people who think similarly to you.

Additionally, for the chance you are a human being and not some paid troll, let me share a little more with you.

It is natural people that think like I do, people that believe in the ZH manifesto, etc., etc., have natural allies in governments across the globe.  Out "slash and burn military spending and leave everyone else alone" foreign policy mentality is very appealing to other nations seeking to expand their influence.  Them wanting us to succeed can only benefit them as well.

Your social system only works if it constantly expands, which it has been doing since its inception at the beginning of last century in a small office building in Frankfurt am Main to 2014 in Ukraine, where it has stalled and been unable to regain its footing.  You and your ilk are facing pushback in Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and China, among the world's more developed nations.  

Your "go-to" tool to continue your expansion is being and has been quietly smothered out of existence in a few of these places, from Moscow who shut dozens of "your" organizations and jailed their founders and employees to Hungary who is suspending many of "your" organizations and expelling their founders and employees.  

Then there is Poland, its citizens who kill criminal immigrants on an almost daily basis and burn floats, flags and many of "Pride" piece of propaganda you lot send it to undermine their culture and destroy the family.  

Your time is coming to an end.  I want you to intellectually be aware of this, that way in the next few years when you turn on the news, you can see with your own eyes and come to the realization that the world you have envisioned for yourself and your LGBTQIAAA+++ POC fem*le friends will never exist.

People who think like I do simply will not comply, and as you guys get more aggressive, so do we.  

You've been put on notice.  

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Damn Haus you laid into that asshat! Way to go!


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What a bunch of made-up, sanctimonious horseshit.

Your ""slash and burn military spending and leave everyone else alone" manifesto is a hypocritical fantasy: your Cheetolini wants to increase military spending by $55 billion, has his sights on Iran, has escalated in Afghanistan, and now wants to go into Libya. How do you square that with your vaunted anti-militarism? 

I'm here to mock Twitler: his thuggishness, corruption, abuse of power, illegitimacy, willful ignorance, constant lying, cheating and whining, and just plain assholery. But thanks for admitting that you're so possessed by hatred that truth no longer matters to you; that makes you a good little trumpcuck. And perhaps an additional person of interest to the FEC.


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You'll find few here who follow Trump blindly. 

Oh, you're a real sanctimonious asshole. Just thought someone should let you know. 

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Obama is going to be real pissed that you said all those things about him. 

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Shove yourself up your fascism in the ass.

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Can't wait for everyone to realize that the liberals have gone too far, so we can start dropping your commie asses out of helicopters.

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This is utterly compelling evidence that the rats are running scared. They are thrashing about like mortally wounded beasts.

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Your post evokes images of claymation dinosaurs shrieking their last.

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Russian botnets? I thought it was those evil Macedonians?

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And Drudge and Jones just blew their respective loads thinking about their increased readership.

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In  Doctor Zhivago, there's a scene where the young revolutionary commander says soberly, "The personal life is dead in Russia."

I contend that the serious public life is dead in America -- it's become an unravelling farce.  Hedge accordingly.

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Degenerate, Gatekeeper, and Hasbara mouthpiece. I don't care about the fate of any of these saboteurs.

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Meanwhile, /pol/ is relentlessly harassing CNN reporters. They're posting dox; calling them at all hours of the day and night;making some pretty raunchy photoshops, and generally scaring the shit out of them.

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Pretty sure CNN and reporter in the same sentence defines oxymoron.

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man o man, that is some boiling pot on that link.

unbridaled'd think they been around since ww2.



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Don't post links straight to /pol/ please. Take an archive if you want to share the info.

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They pulled the trigger way too early on this one.  They will have used up every ounce of trust by the time the next election cycle comes around.  Democrats will just lose even more seats.

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My feeling too. Too early with a waaaay overplayed hand (UNLESS they find smoking gun evidence of real crimes...unlikely).They have doubled-down again and again, exponentially. By the time this inquisition is done, no one will believe them, including even those on the left that are just to the right of Bolshevism.

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Yes, but also by the time it's all done, the debt limit will have been removed permanently, the plundering of the pensions will have been completed, the Fed will own well over 60% of the markets, and COG will have been implemented.  Unless, of course, people wake the fuck up and put a stop to it all; but let's be honest, the NFL preseason starts in less than 60 days, so what are the odds of a mass awakening before the end of the year?

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What about the entire MSM's collusion with Israel?  Oh wait, that wont be reported.


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Wasn't it Oliver Stone who said that if anyone meddled in the 2016 US election it was Israel?  He said it on Conan, Right?  But then it was edited out.

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colbert is a talented comedian and actor with a sharp and brilliant wit. unfortunately, that just becomes a dulled down, boring and innefective weapon for TPTB when they co-opted it by buying him out. 

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Motor voter bitchez.....


Look into it.


Would shut the shut dnc down.

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Hillary was the wrong candidate, and a terrible candidate. Leave it at that.

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When Federal Election Commission Commissioner Ellen Weintraub scanned a wall featuring the numerous commissioners’ names, something struck her.

“I just don’t think any of them were members of the tribe,” Weintraub said.

Potentially the first Jewish commissioner at the FEC, Weintraub is used to difference.

Every. Fucking. Time.

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I thought you were joking until I clicked the link. 

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None of them... Tribe. Just too confident. I thought you were kidding. Slimy lizards they are.

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The true enemy's here folks are the Democrats... lets not forget that . The rest is just propaganda and distractions .... Right out of the Goebbels play book...