US Approves $3.9 Billion Patriot Missile System For Romania; Putin: "We Will Be Forced To Respond"

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On Tuesday the State Department approved the sale of $3.9 billion in patriot missile systems to NATO-member Romania after prior Russia warnings that such actions could be met with severe reprisals.

Photo source: Darkone/Wikimedia Commons.

The announcement, issued through the Pentagon's Defense Security Cooperation Agency, is sure to be a huge shot across the bow following on the heels of Russian President Vladimir Putin's earlier unambiguous words (issued in May) regarding further NATO build-up in the large Balkan country:

If yesterday in those areas of Romania people simply did not know what it means to be in the cross-hairs, then today we will be forced to carry out certain measures to ensure our security. We won't take any action until we see rockets in areas that neighbor us. We've been repeating like a mantra that we will be forced to respond... Nobody wants to hear us. Nobody wants to conduct negotiations with us.

Romania's US-built $800 million ballistic missile defense shield came online for the first time in May, just prior to Trump's meeting with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis early the following month, where the two discussed defense spending and other economic concerns. Romania has been a NATO member only since 2004, but has steadily attracted the attention of Western defense companies – it has increased its defense budget to equal 2% of its GDP this year (approximately 4 billion US dollars) – one of only 5 NATO members to hit that target.

The Pentagon agency's press release cast Romania as the potential victim of aggression in the region:

Romania will use the Patriot missile system to strengthen its homeland defense and deter regional threats. The proposed sale will increase the defensive capabilities of the Romanian military to guard against aggression and shield the NATO allies who often train and operate within Romania’s borders.

NATO build up encroaching Russian defenses. Photo source: The Risk Advisory Group.

The proposal now moves forward for Congressional as well as Romanian parliamentary approval, and will be delivered by Raytheon Corporation and Lockheed-Martin. Other US defense contractors are increasingly in talks with Romania to modernize its army, including General Dynamics, Bell Helicopter, and The Boeing Company. News of the Patriot missile deal was released the same day a massive Patriot missile deployment drill kicked off in Lithuania involving troops from the US, UK, Latvia, and Poland.

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mary mary's picture

So, this is basically just the MIC stealing another $3.9-billion from American citizens. 

Is that more than MIC steals on an average day?

oncemore's picture

Eu goes this year or next year bust.

Us should speed up the deal, or us will never see the money.

Vageling's picture

I wish! As I stated in my previous post. They steal too. 1 billion goes POOF. They asked for investigation, they got it. Now they burry it. Unsuccessfully ofcourse. We the peoples are being screwed! US, EU, same fucking shit when it comes to that. Pffff... 

We can't pay. Do the math! Romania is a net receiver. Again... Do the math.

roadhazard's picture

Chill out Pootin, you know they can't hit nothin' anyway, right.

Akhenaten II's picture

Someone at the Pentagram sure is bent on getting a global thermonuclear war.

sinbad2's picture
US extorts $3.9 Billion from Romania for useless Patriot Missile System;  Putin: "We Will Be Forced To laugh"
bshirley1968's picture

This is reaching a point where Putin will have to act or be surrounded to the point that the Russians have no chance.

If you use enough strands of thread you can tie down an oliphant.  Just ask Gulliver.  The MIC is slowly boiling Putin's Russia.  If they don't get the balls to act they should just surrender now.

I know it will be ugly but they are being left no choice.

sinbad2's picture

Patriots are anti aircraft missiles, and even if they worked, which they don't, Russia would have to attack Romania.

Whilst the US plans to start a limited war against Russia using British French and German troops, Russia will respond by nuking all major US cities, once all the American bankers politicians and generals are killed, the war will end.

But really this is about the US getting money out of Romania, for weapons don't want, and will never own.

This is actually good for Russia, it makes the US more hated by the rest of the world.

Blazing in BC's picture

After watching the interview with the asswipe Peters you will know why the USA is fucked

Anon2017's picture

Romania runs the risk of being destabilized, just as Ukraine was. Russia is quite capable of creating a lot of mischief in Europe if its interests are threatened. Watch Professor John Mearsheimer's speech to a Polish university student group here:

ThankUGartman's picture

3.9 Billion more we don't have but who cares when you have the world reserve currency.

CatsPaw's picture

Cuban missile crysis.

Somone is trying to start a war.