Bezos Bans WaPo Reporters From Social Media Attacks On Advertisers, Customers

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There's free-speech and there's Bezos-approved free-speech...

It seems the message is beginning to sink in that the constant liberal media attacks on Trump, 'the right', Russia, and anyone daring to not denigrate any of these - is not welcome among most Americans... (as WSJ noted this week)...

Skepticism toward the media is most often associated with conservatives in Middle America, some of whom eat something other than artisanal sandwiches.


But this week brings more evidence that investors worldwide have become very reluctant to buy what many established news organizations are selling.


How else to explain the collective shrug of the shoulders in financial markets to the latest breathless media reports about alleged collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia?

Because Jeff Bezos, owner of The Washington Post, has instituted a new policy with regard employees' social media behavior...

A new social-media policy at the Washington Post prohibits conduct on social media that “adversely affects The Post’s customers, advertisers, subscribers, vendors, suppliers or partners.”


In such cases, Post management reserves the right to take disciplinary action “up to and including termination of employment.”

As The Wall Street Journal reports, Mr. Bezos has introduced many innovations since taking over the principal newspaper of the nation’s capital, but he should rethink this one. His paper’s new social-media policy specifically lists the following among the types of communications which are now prohibited:

Disparaging the products and services of The Post’s advertisers, subscribers, competitors, business partners or vendors.

So the Post is encouraging at least minimally respectful treatment of some companies, but businesses that neither cooperate nor compete with the Post are fair game? This type of double standard is incompatible with the healthy practice of journalism.

The Post says that this new policy, which took effect on May 1 of this year, is the first formal social-media policy directed at the whole company and is meant to build on a newsroom policy from 2011. But back then, the pre-Bezos newsroom editors were not telling anyone to lay off business partners.

To say the least, it would not be easy to do journalism if reporters were barred from doing anything that adversely affects anyone with whom a news organization does business. And social media comprises increasingly important journalistic platforms, especially for the Post.

However, it seems that revenues trump freedom of speech in a Bezos world? But we thought Trump was the 'fascist'?

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Dr Evil sets the tone and the minions follow.  #OneMillionDollars

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"prohibits conduct on social media that “adversely affects The Post’s customers, advertisers, subscribers, vendors, suppliers or partners."

Well, if that doesn't restore confidence in the main stream media, I don't know what would.


Looney's picture


This is just a shakedown – if you don’t advertise with the WaPo, our “reporters” will eat you alive. If you do, you're safe!   ;-)


NotApplicable's picture

WTF is "the healthy practice of journalism?"

Shit, if that existed, I might not hang out here all day at this "fringe blog."

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I would really like to criticize this move, but muh Prime membership...can't put that at risk, ya know?

jcaz's picture

Man, this douche used to be kinda funny, but it's become pretty clear that he really is some sort of weird-ass dictator, all set up right under the noses of shit-buying 'Mericuns-


Four chan's picture

the cia pays bezos 600,000,000 dollars a year to have its voice heard.

the cia and its head, the arch criminal hillary clinton is a malignant cancer.

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Of course, what a sake mind would have expected to happen to press owned by big money interests?! Big money owned press is not free and independent by definition so it can be basically skipped and ignored by definition due to inherent bias and conflict of interest.

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Luc X. Ifer:

Everybody is reading in ZH that the Malicious Seditious Media is no longer journalism, it is propagranda marketing.

Bezos bought the WaPo for its ability to get his cultural philosophy out among the world's elite through the goose-stepping troops who will write and say anything to keep their job.

The sex workers in Times Square have more personal integrity about being whores than does the newsroom at the WaPo.

As Donna Summer memorably sang about the sex workers looking upon the elites who hire them, "Now you and me, we're both the same (both the same);

"Though you call yourself, by a different name (different name) . . ."

Yes, whores; journalists, pundits, political leaders, commentators, columnists, reporters, editors, community organizers, activists . . .

Donner Summer - Bad Girls - Official Video

Note to Disco-era Haters: E S & D.

eclectic syncretist's picture

Hey Jackass! Maybe your shit-rag excuse for a newspaper would make more money if you didn't have your economic slaves constantly invent lies to try and take down the people's choice of president, you globalist asshole.

Shitonya Serfs's picture

So...Trump should get a subscription to the paper then.

Let Bezos and the Post suck on that.

Arnold's picture

That includes The Central Intelligence Agency, Right?

factorypreset's picture

Ummmm .. I'm guessing just about every Corporation has a similar policy as regards conduct of its employees on social media platforms .. not to mention the fact that you kind of have to be an idiot to openly disparage the company you work for and its clients, etc.. on social media .. I mean if you wanna keep your job at least.

So, how is this news or unique or different?  Every company I have worked for in the last 10 years has had some type of 'compliance policy' that states that I can be disciplined, up to and including termination, for activities OUTSIDE of work that are illegal, unethical or potentially reflect badly on the company I work for.  I'm guessing just about every commenter here who is NOT self-employed is subject to similar terms they are required to sign each year when 'compliance training' comes around. 


Aside from it showing that Bezos is a hypocrite, it's a non-story otherwise.  Welcome to the company store. 

francis_the_wonder_hamster's picture

I'll respectfully disagree.  I think it's safe to assume that a similar, if unwritten, policy is already in place relating to activities INSIDE of work.  I extrapolate from that that you won't see any critical reporting on important Bezos the CIA....

Most here may be aware that the WaPo and "critical reporting" have been mutually exclusive for awhile now, but to formalize such a policy, even accidentally, might just plant the seed of doubt into those not yet fully convinced of this fish-wrap's warped priorities/principles.

waspwench's picture

But who the hell cares any more?   I haven't looked at an MSM news source in at least a couple of years.

MSM has become irrelevant for anyone with half a brain and I think Bezos will find that he has wasted his money purchasing WaPo.

ArkansasAngie's picture

There you have it.  All Trump has to do is buy advertising

MoreFreedom's picture

This is nothing new.   Ask any newspaper man, they don't bite the hand that feeds them.  The problem is that politicians have advertised in their papers; thus, to be independent and ethical, they shouldn't be reporting on politics.  Except they are free to attack the party that spends less for advertising.

Erek's picture

Hey Bezos!

Your parents said you could be anything, so you became an asshole.

NidStyles's picture

Maybe he was born that way?

Uncertain T's picture

A new gender-neutral  pronoun... asshole


GUS100CORRINA's picture

Bezos Bans WaPo Reporters From Social Media Attacks On Advertisers, Customers

My response: How about we BAN WAPO from reporting anything on anyone from anywhere? I think that would be acceptable. WAPO is just another FAKE NEWS MSM outlet meant to distort TRUTH and demonize the innocent.

NoDebt's picture

You're not entitled to your opinion, you're entitled to THEIR opinion.


Yen Cross's picture

  The tards are cannibalizing eachother.

eclectic syncretist's picture

Too insulated to tell which way the wind is blowing.

American Snipper's picture

Why the fuck is the media attacking ANYONE??? Are there any lame stream outlets that can not be biased in their hate??????

Theta_Burn's picture

Its all cow pie anyway...who cares?... untill the viewership/ad revenue dries up that is..




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This policy proves that Bezos is first and foremost a capitalist and that he bought the WaPo to make money.  These media outlets are businsses.  And they sell a product.  In the case of the WaPo they sell opinion and news coverage slanted with the leftwing bias of their customers.  It is not objective and it is nt journalism. 

BrokeMiner's picture

bozos should buy twitter, then he could really control the narrative

eclectic syncretist's picture

Bezo's employees should file a class-action lawsuit based on first-amendment rights now while they can, before he replaces them all with robots.

Syrin's picture

Bozos sure does refute the notion that liberals are fascists out to control everyone and their thoughts, doesn't he?

BrokeMiner's picture

keep an eye out for a bezos/zuckerberg political run in the future

null's picture

It's very unlikely that those two feel strongly enough about any issue to even consider it.
Their allegiance to the progressive left is probably just a "moat" to keep the peasants away; and their hints at this are just to placate the statists (who happen to be currently out of power but might come back).

jcaz's picture

Zuckerberg isn't remotely in the same zip-code as Bezos, intellectually;

Until Zuckerberg proves he's more than a one-trick pony (and he's had plenty of fails since his ONE idea),  he's just another snowflake who got lucky stealing someone else's shit.

CRM114's picture

Is it actually possible to write articles that do not adversely affect at least one of those?


Even if WaPo were nothing but kitten videos, dog owners would be adversely affected.

eclectic syncretist's picture

Since when did the Bezo's post get a paying customer??? Are there really any non-bankster globalist types stupid enough to think a malicious piece of shit rag like the post that wants to take power from the people would in any way reflect well on their company? 

Mr Perspective's picture

Wow, ain't the USA great?  Even our oligarchs are better than Russia's (were).

Felix da Kat's picture

Hey, that's great. Now all Trump has to do is subscribe to the WaPo and presto; he's got that monkey off his back. No more attacks on President Trump.


As a side note: Bezos would make for a excellent arch-villian in an upcoming Bond film. The spittin'-image of Ernst Stavro Blofeld...

As a further side note: Generally, men used to want to be Bond. No longer. Now, they want to be the Bond-villian. Mega-rich and FTW (eff the world)... How did that happen ?

cheech_wizard's picture

Jeff Bezos as Lex Luthor in an upcoming Superman movie.

Jeff Bezos as Dr. Evil and Mini-me in a remake of any of the Austin Power movies.

Feel free to add more...

Standard Disclaimer: "Democracy dies in darkness" - those words alone should stop you from ever reading a word it puts in print or digital media.

Bastiat's picture

He left out the rest of that motto:  Democracy dies in darkness . . . Lights out, bitch.

NewHugh's picture

"Bezos would make for a excellent arch-villian in an upcoming Bond film. The spittin'-image of Ernst Stavro Blofeld..."

Spider-Man got more respect from J. Jonah Jameson than Trump will ever get from Bezos...

cherry picker's picture

Being that Bezos,  the Post and are terrorist organizations, I think the government should sanction them as such.

I am calling the 800 number where you report anything unusual to the chief terrorist catcher and bl;ow up artist to set his eys on Bezos and company.

Anteater's picture

When you stop and really think about it, the only person in America

who could actually deliver on 'MAGA' is Bezos, and he has the proven

creds to do so. All Trump has is his Mexican Grade B Trump Steaks.

All the Republican Congress has is Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, lol.

Make America Greater, Amazon!!

cherry picker's picture

Bezos lucked out on the cloud.


If those people buying billions of shares through the years weren't supporting it that company wouldn't have made it on its own.

Bezos and musk play the same angle.  spend till you drop and hope something sticks.

cheech_wizard's picture

Not to mention that $600 million dollar deal with the CIA.


Got The Wrong No's picture

Yeah, let's fuck all the Mom and Pop retail stores and destroy retail employment in general so you can sell Chinese junk using robots and drones. How American of you, ass hole. Fuck you, Troll and your hero, Bezos. 

you know they are lying because they are talking's picture

Awhile back I would have agreed with you. I would eagarly join any attempt to stop the globalists as they destroy America. But that was before I seen how EVERYONE is as greedy and selfish as the worst politician they so easily denigrate here and elsewhere.

NO ONE cares or cared as policies and laws were developed over the years to hurt long as it was always someone else. No one cared about the cigarette war. No one cared as our jobs were sent overseas, and our fellow American were put out of work. You people don't care about America. Your just a bunch of selfish, greedy, arrogant, ignorant 'Capitalists'. But your only capitalists when the problem is someone elses. When it begins to affect your own lives, then suddenly you want everyone to support your cause. I you.

ummm...not you specifically. I mean I just don't care anymore. I look forward to a 'crash'.


any_mouse's picture

This. "as long as it was always someone else"

And This. "I mean I just don't care anymore. I look forward to a 'crash'"

Section 8 vouchers for Central Park East. Without separate doors. On all floors.

Use the 92nd St Y as a shelter for Syrian war refugees.

Somalians in Minnesota Governor Dayton's neighborhood.

Refugees in Michael Moore's Traverse City neighborhood with a free health care clinic. Fat fuck got rich off of his exploitation of the Flint, Michigan situation. Flint is worse off and he is long gone.

Jolt's picture

God, I hate this walking, talking penis posing as a human.

Urging everyone to curtail their spending at Amazon and to find another place to shop.

He has too much power, too much influence, and WAY too much money that gives him his predatory power.