The Striking Reason Why The US Just Spent A Record $429 Billion In One Month

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On Thursday morning the CBO released a surprisingly upbeat assessment of Donald Trump's proposed budget, calculating that it would cut the cumulative US deficit by 30% over the next decade, preventing the US debt from spiraling out of control (even further).

That however. may be an overly optimistic assessment, especially following the release of the latest monthly budget data, which showed that not only did the US deficit surge to $90 billion, far above the $38 billion consensus estimate, and a "NM" compared to the $6.3 billion budget surplus in June of last year, but the US also saw the biggest one month outlay on record, at $429 billion, 33% higher than the $323 billion in outlays one years ago.

What prompted this massive surge in outlays?

The biggest reason for the outlier print is that according to Stone McCarthy, outlays increased by roughly $60 billion in "other" items relative to baseline because the Treasury revised up its estimates of the subsidy cost of student loans, and to a lesser extent housing, it guarantees.

Here is the CBO explanation:

Outlays for the Department of Education rose by $31 billion (or 51 percent), because the department revised upward, by roughly $39 billion, the estimated net subsidy costs of loans and loan guarantees issued in prior years—a change much larger than last year’s $7 billion upward revision. If the effects of those revisions were excluded, outlays for the department for the first nine months of fiscal year 2017 would have fallen by $2 billion (or 3 percent).


Outlays for the Department of Housing and Urban Development rose by $29 billion, primarily because the department made upward revisions in June 2017, but downward revisions in April 2016, to the estimated net subsidy costs of loans and loan guarantees issued in prior years.

The cost of those loans is treated in the budget on a present value basis, not a cash basis and the Treasury periodically revises these costs. (It should be noted that the associated increase in outlays doesn't impact Treasury borrowing or debt under the debt limit.) If not for these special factors, Treasury would have reported another small surplus for June... however it did not.

On the revenue side, things were just as bad with the US Treasury collecting only $338.7BN, just 9% higher than the $330BN in June of 2016.

What makes the surge in the deficit especially surprising is that June is often a surplus month, as the Treasury receives large corporate and non-withheld individual tax payments in that month.

One theory explaining the shortfall in revenues reflects taxpayers delaying the recognition of income in 2016, anticipating tax cuts this year. That revenue should eventually be recovered. About a third of the revision was on the outlay size, with a large chunk due to changes in the estimated subsidy costs described above. Based on the CBO revisions, it appears that the deficit for the fiscal year, which has three months left, will be in the $650 billion to $700 billion range, if not even higher, mostly due to the surge in "subsidy costs of housing and student loans" guaranteed by the Treasury.

Combining these two means that YTD, the deficit jumped to $523.1BN vs $399.2BN last year.
While many analysts had a deficit base case for fiscal 2017 at roughly
$575BN (the year ends on Sept 30), the CBO recently revised its
projection for the fiscal 2017 up by $134 billion to $693 billion. Most of the CBO revision reflects weaker than expected revenues, which means it will be even more surprised when it finds out what is going on with outlays.

To summarize: what the unexpected surge in government spending means is that quietly and mostly behind the scenes, the student debt bubble has begun to burst, and the Treasury is "provisioning" for it in real time, with all US taxpayers once again on the hook.

Finally, since the $1.4 trillion and rising student debt bubble is expected to end up with discharges of 35% if not higher, it means that over the next several years, the budget deficit will be incrementally boosted by approximately $500 billion as America's taxpayers are once again taken to the cleaners, this time to bail out millions of liberal arts majors who for one reason or another just can't pay back their student loans.

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nothing a new batch of ziobucks can't take care of...

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Thank god for the security those DeVry degrees provide!

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>On the revenue side, things were just as bad with the US Treasury collecting only $338.7BN, just 9% higher than the $330BN in June of 2016.

Might want to check your math there, Tyler

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

>YTD, the deficit jumped to $523.1BN vs $399.2BN last year.

Ok, so let's look at the total national debt from 1/4/16 to 6/30/16

1/4/16 total national debt = 18,900,932,690,017.04

6/30/16 total national debt = 19,381,591,140,792.22

19,381,591,140,792.22 minus 18,900,932,690,017.04 equals $480,658,451,775.18

In other words, the deficit numbers that Obama was using are bullshit, he was undercounting the deficit by 20%, just like Bill Clinton did back in the late 90s. Assuming Trump starts using more accurate accounting, you can expect the deficits to "increase" substantially. Presumably everyone here knows about the Myth of the Clinton Budget Surplus, but if you don't just do an internet search on that term and you'll be illuminated.

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Are you suggesting that Obama lied.

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Oh, no, Obama did not lie. Simply, Russian hackers imperceptibly changed the data on budget expenditures.'s picture

Nothing new to see here, just business as usual in the old USA.

Now don't be bigots and go blaming the tribesters, they just want to make an honest shekel, you know.

Is This the Generation that is Going to Financially Destroy America?

krispkritter's picture

It was the teleprompter's fault.

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Barack Insane Obamao == the Prevaricator in Chief

I've been using that term for more than eight years now!

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

Exactly right - there WAS NO SURPLUS under Clinton.  It was all an accounting gimmick - one that if it was used in the private sector, people would have been thrown in prison!

lasvegaspersona's picture

Feds don't need no stinkin revenues.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Re: "Feds don't need no stinkin revenues."

Exactly. They just need the printing press. Protect the printing press and everything they want and need is possible.

BTW, "protecting the printing press" means attacking gold and silver (real money), which would do quite well if people ever rejected printing paper money/digits. Anyway, it's very important to the status quo that the masses keep rejecting gold and silver and keep embracing the fiat U.S. dollar. God bless it!

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And they don't even need a printing press any more. They use just 1s and 0s in a computer at the Fed office to create digital money out of thin air! 

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Someone tell me again why there exists a department of education. 

new game's picture

to program future genrations that is good for the country and will be there to solve every problem known to mericans.

that is until the full faith is not "faithfull"...

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The "other" category is really getting some serious usage.

Since QE ended, according to the US Treasury, the primary buyer of US Treasury debt has been a domestic category typically so small it is only called out as "other"...Except since QE ended, it has now purchased over $800 billion of our debt.

And funny enough, the primary buyer wiithin the Intragovernmental trust fund...also "other" to the tune of a half trillion.

Since the Fed officially stopped adding to it's balance sheet via QE...essentially no one but "other" is saving America from interest rate-mageddon.  Foreigners have turned to sellers, the Fed hasn't "officially" bought any, and the IG is only pushed higher by "other" buying...leaving vague domestic sources only identified as "other" left as America's final remaining creditor.

So, the domestic public is supposedly performing the new QE buying on par what the Fed was buying...and not even causing the slightest of decelerations in the rise of the equity market.

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The department of education exists to support those people too lazy or incompetent to land a do-nothing gubmint job.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

"department of education"

How about "department of brainwashing?"  It would be more appropriate.

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So retards like you can post on ZH.

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So dum-fuks lik U can spel!     WTF?

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The Striking Reason Why The US Just Spent A Record $429 Billion In One Month

My response: I would characterize this as the OBAMA ECONOMIC HANGOVER from failed corrupt ECONOMIC policy actions that were some of the most irresponsible actions by any sitting leader on the PLANET for the last 100 years!

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A story last week mentioned that the U.S. government would spend more than $4 trillion this fiscal year, a record of course. Extrapolating this month's expenditures over next 15 months, looks like the government might reach $5 trillion in expenditures by next year. 

I think it will if truth be told. Student loans, yes, but Medicaid is going to blow all of this up.  Throw in just one war (of the three or four that are possible) and $5 trillion will be met easily.

So that printing press is as important as ever. God Bless the Fiat Bugs.

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One way to control medicaid is to require a small deductible so the patient has some skin in the game.

Require $15-$25 as a co-pay for the viswit at least. Most of these medicaid people blow $25 or more eating BBQ or a rack of pork ribs for lunch, or a carton of cigs,  so they should not gripe at that small amount.

I read somewhere when there is no cost for a good or service, there will be an infinite demand for it...or something like that. That's what's happening now.

Give Me Some Truth's picture

If the "news" wasn't fake this would be the lead story on all of tonight's newscasts. 

Question: Where is all this "money" coming from?

Out of thin air. Which is the way we are told things should be.

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The interest due on the capital is 'real' though, or so the (((banksters))) would have us believe.

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Seems like our previous administration valued the costs downward inJune 2016 and now we value them up, closer to the actual obligation.  Couldn't we deduct this from Obama's compensation? Not all at once of course, just a little at a time until he, Michael, and the two dwarfs croak.

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Upvote for Fifth Element reference and because, well...Cog

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First it was subprime home lending now it's subprime education lending.  At least the home lending had something tangible associated with it.

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I would suggest that the "Gender Studies" degrees will be more useful. Proponents will be able to create cartoons showing zombies how to behave PC-wise after the apocalypse.


In fact, that would be a great Meme to spread. Use Zombies in pictures about Islam. It's fitting somehow.

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I don't need sex. The government fucks me every day.

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When are you going to get tired of taking it?


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If someone, or something, continuously makes itself available for abuse, the supposition can be drawn that the abuse is filling a need they have.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Perhaps 'satisfy' is a more suitable term?

Ever wonder why some people constantly have drama in their lives even though they claim it's unwelcome?

That's because they consciously and unconsciously create the drama because it 'satisfies' an un-sated psychological need.

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"1% control almost all the wealth and power... the other 99% are so brainwashed they fight to vigorously to keep it that way"

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Indeed so. People are drawn to what they believe they deserve.

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When United States Of Venezuela tunrs belly up.

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Moar free crap needed.  Moar classes on rainbows needed.

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Never. All these dumb fucks are ready to vote for Drumpf again, 'because it's entertaining.'

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The Federal Reserve can "lend into existence" all the money the Federal Government needs.  It does not need to tax me.  I was never consented about these "obligations", I have no responsibility to fulfill them.

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It doesn't tax you to get the money it needs to spend, it taxes you to pay the interest on the money the fed loaned into existance for the government to spend.

BullyBearish's picture taxes us to make sure we have LESS than they do...period

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The real tax comes from devaluing the dollar.

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Explain it to them, I'm sure they will agree. After all, they are rational men and women, no?

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It's a Jew Confetti Parade!

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With super squids running the treasury and presumably the fed we should be alright, right ? #foxesinhenhouses 

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Patience grasshoppers....this shall pass...(in the most fugly way, but it will pass.

The Fed is almost out of miracles....I don't think the gods do refills on those either.