Industrial Production Growth Slows For First Time Since January

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Following May's disappointing MoM collapse in industrial production growth, economists had hoped for a modest 0.3% rebound and were pleasantly surprised with 0.4% gain in June (and upward revision for May).

  • Factory production rose 0.2% in June after falling 0.4% in May
  • Utilities unchanged in June after rising 0.8% in May
  • Mining rose 1.6% in June after rising 1.9% in May

However, year-over-year growth in industrial production slowed from +2.1% to +2.0% YoY - its first slowdown since January.


Industrial Production remains 1.4% below its Nov 2014 peak, but the Dow Jones "Industrial" Average is up 21% since then...

"New Economy"

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If economy is so stale and retail sales so weak, why is amzn trading so high

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Because amzn is amzn.  What other reason needed?

espirit's picture

Meh. It's the weather.

(add space weather to the mix)

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More Bull shit reports now considered real lol

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Great Scott Robin---these markets aren't markets at...all!

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holy volatility suppression Batman!

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The data 'deluge' overall bearish (non-dramatic nevertheless bearish), the banks this morning not too bad but look at them now: Citigroup C, -0.90% J.P. Morgan JPM, -1.62%  Wells Fargo WFC, -2.38%  .

oil up on jawboning and weaker $ index.

But the market:

                  Dow 30  21,574.24 +21.15 +0.10%     S&P 500 2,451.45 +3.62 +0.15%     Nasdaq 6,286.24 +11.81 +0.19%     SmallCap 2000 1,426.82 +1.15 +0.08%  


More distribution?


P.S. In any case, there appears to be a credibility issue: the data or the market?



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The slump in industrial production since 2011 is actually the longest outside a recession since 1919