London Transport Employees Instructed to Not Use Phrase "Ladies and Gentlemen" Anymore

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The London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, in conjunction with the gay rights group, Stonewall, scored a major victory today by banning the phrase "ladies and gentlemen" from the vernacular used by London Transport employees. It's simply not in touch with the times, as genders defined by the DNA helix are old hat, worn, and not the reality that is supported by the far left -- which is filled with hermaphrodites who can literally copulate with themselves.

More on this important, groundbreaking, civil rights victory for the gay class.

The phrase "ladies and gentleman" is to be scrapped from announcements on the Tube in a bid to make them gender-neutral.
London Underground staff have been told to instead use greetings such as "good morning everyone" to ensure that all passengers feel "welcome".
All new pre-recorded announcements will also be changed to use the new phrases, Transport for London (TfL) said.
Campaigners had said the phrase "ladies and gentleman" - which is commonly used by drivers - was “outdated”, adding that it is“polite, but really belonging to yesterday”.
Stonewall, the LGBT campaign group, welcomed the decision, which comes after months of campaigning and was supported by London mayor Sadiq Khan.
The change of phrases follows similar moves in other companies, universities and schools across the country to use gender-neutral language.
"We want everyone to feel welcome on our transport network," said Mark Evers, director of customer strategy at TfL.
"We have reviewed the language that we use in announcements and elsewhere and will make sure that it is fully inclusive, reflecting the great diversity of London."
Mr Khan said he was "keen" that TfL speak in a "more neutral way".
He added: "TfL serves a vibrant, diverse and multicultural city, and provision of an inclusive transport service is at the heart of TfL's purpose.
"I am aware however, that some customers may not relate to or feel comfortable with the way that certain station announcements are made."
TfL said it had told staff about the use of the new phrases, but that "from time-to-time, well-meaning staff may still use the term 'ladies and gentlemen".
"If this happens frequently, we will issue reminders to staff," it added.
Stonewall said in a statement: "Language is extremely important to the lesbian, gay, bi and trans community, and the way we use it can help ensure all people feel included.

"We welcome gender neutral announcements to be rolled out across TfL as it will ensure that everyone - no matter who they identify as - feels accounted for."

When I say 'they' are trying to control language, indoctrinate your children through the schools, and through pop culture, I mean it. The very best thing you can do, providing you have a little money, is to send your children to good private schools and explain to them that policies like this are wrong and there is nothing improper with being polite and addressing people as 'ladies' or 'gentlemen.' Take it from me, a parent who has sent his children to both public and private schools -- it's not even comparable. Two different worlds.

This is a key pillar in the establishment's plot to destroy the nuclear family, neuter the male gender, and corral the lower classes into group think slave camps of thought, and then have them become loyal serfs --  broken spiritually and physically.

Society is more augmented than you know.

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How about "Brits and non-Brits"...

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English and German are one thing.  But how are they going to deal with romance languages like Spanish and Portuguese - where literally the entire language is organized around male and female sex discriminators  ??  

Just outlaw the languages? 

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Instead of “Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Have a great day.”


It will now be:


Good morning boys, girls, women, men, hermaphrodites, transsexuals, pre-op transgender, cross-dressers, gays, straights, lesbians, bi-sexual, omnisexuals, undecideds and others including but not limited to non-binary gender identification protocols amongst generally recognized and also hitherto unrecognized mammalian humanoid life forms.  Have a great day”


HamFistedIdiot's picture

It is demeaning to have the entirety of the focus in terms of who we are as human beings be our sexual orientation or gender. But then that is the point.

Yars Revenge's picture

England has sadly fallen to cultural Marxism. They no longer have free speech.

Calling somebody a racial epithet there will literally get you put in prison for YEARS.

The USA has it's problems, granted (ie, the war on drugs and alcohol), but at least we still have free speech.


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Absolute self-absorbed decadent shite from a bunch of truly useless tossers who are "nor fit to shovel shit from one place to another". Khan has to be one of the most morally bankrupt politicians to draw breath, and the pack he runs with are so appalling that one of them, Lutfur Rahman actually managed to get thrown out of office as Mayor of Tower Hamlets for election corruption despite playing the race card. He is, I am sure, a 5th columnist for Islam, and specialises in sounding so plausible while everything he says and does is corrosive. No wonder (People's Republic of) London is despised throughout the rest of Britain.

Safelyundergroundlul's picture

The future is here. And it ain't pretty. 

Caleb Abell's picture

While I'm not a fan of Islam, they may have a point about how to take care of these freaks.

Caleb Abell's picture

How about "Dudes and their bitches?"

Herdee's picture

Just include women as "guys"?

NeedleDickTheBugFucker's picture

I guess Cousin It was way, way ahead of it's time.

cheech_wizard's picture

They shoot faceless bureaucrats, don't they?


Sirius Wonderblast's picture

You could only hope, and Sadiq Khan too.

DC Beastie Boy's picture

I'm guessing "bulldikes" and "faggots" is off the table, too?

aloha_snakbar's picture

How about, "Goats and Goat Fuckers"....

mary mary's picture

Y'all sounds better.

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

Newspeak is real. 

Fight back.  Be a loud reactionary.  Ladies and gentleman is among forbidden or discouraged terms that should now be used publicly, loudly, and at every linguistically appropriate opportunity. 

If they want us not to use it, you KNOW that it is for a REALLY bad reason. 

PT's picture

Well I, for one, am a Gentleman and will be thoroughly offended if they fail to greet me as such.  Lucky for them I don't live over there so it won't affect me.  Yet.

Thom Paine's picture

The sheep will now board from platform 3

Silver Savior's picture

Well yeah the phrase is not fair to  people who do not identif y with either gender and it's an arrogant statement to make. Also being called a gentleman is an insult and who are these ladies they speak of? That was a different time. 

oncemore's picture

Stupido moslem as a. Hief of moslem city.

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Why would you use Ladies and Gentlemen, when nobody is one anymore. Or maybe it was just Victorian fakery, in which case I say bravo. But it seems like a breakdown in the English language is occurring, where we cannot communicate anymore with each other. George Orwell articulated it well enough, "War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength." Whose quote was putting "lipstick on a pig"?

OverTheHedge's picture

As I mentioned above, it is about equality. If I have to treat you wi th deference and respect, you are victimising me, by forcing me to take a subservient position. So fuck you, you arrogant, racist, sexist cunt.

At least, that seems to be the logical endpoint of this nonsense. I'm sure that there is a Monty Python sketch about this sort of thing.

Silver Savior's picture

Correct. I don't like the word gentleman. That is not what gets the women anymore. Women like to be with jerks. I want to be called asshole. lol.

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Truest comment in this entire thread.

techpriest's picture

Personally, I compare this to something on the order of Mao re-writing the Chinese language to make all previous documents unreadable to the average citizen.

The same is happening here - all history will now be "racist and sexist," so don't you dare question anything put out by the regime. We are still at the moral level of book-burning warlords.

HamFistedIdiot's picture

Cultural Marxism at work, destroying language, history, meaning, and identity. The Masonic code for the 33rd degree: "Order out of chaos"


hooligan2009's picture

hARD TO SAY. mAYBE IT WAS FROM 1985, when the Washington Post quoted a San Francisco radio host from KNBR-AM on plans for renovating Candlestick Park who said "That would be like putting lipstick on a pig."


Glyndwr will return's picture

Peak self destruction via the promotion of the myth that there is some meaningful "we" in all this. London no more represents the UK than a rabid dog does. Should be interesting to see how it all pans out post reset when a chicken costs £50 and the regions are calling for independence from the arse that is London .

hooligan2009's picture

ywp, when it becomes too obvios that London produces zero of value, contains more than half the wlefare frauds in the UK, plus half the illegal immigrants and is, in fact, sucking in 3/4 of food, energy and health that should be distributed across the country at half the price THEN we might see common sense applied so that people get what their taxes pay for - rather than the creation of a london welfare depnedent immigrant population that speaks swahili, irdu, arabic, bengali etc...

Glyndwr will return's picture

It's all about oil, especially in a large city , at $44 a barrel its way below profitable and that means investment and maintenance fall off a cliff which it already is. The lag time is around 18 months . Expect $200 oil and for it to stay there. Normalized interest rates kill shale which is the swing supplier dependent on price of oil to exist or not exist. They will need that $200. Oh, and forget about any foodstuff being wrapped in plastic, which is most things today. The last thing they will be worrying about is the message on the Tube, although idiots, fools or monkeys might feel about right given the circumstances they will find themselves in.

OverTheHedge's picture

The Gail Tverberg theory is that oil will fall to $5 a barrel, but NO ONE WILL HAVE $5 to buy any. Either way, it's not going to be fun.

I grow Olive oil - will be interesting to see if it is more cost-effective to run my truck on salad or diesel.

Glyndwr will return's picture

Thanks for the link. Just read the salient article.

I use The Automatic Earth - worth a read - start with the Primers section for context.

Both agree on some things.

You can see the price of oil dropping when we have a reset, which will be based on the credit contraction that is starting right now. Demand will fall off a cliff as people discover their pensions and properties are both worth far far less. So they will change their behaviour, start saving more and spending less. However the price of oil extraction breakeven will still be where it was - $100 or more, which will change the way we live. TAE talks about EROEI - energy return on energy invested. It took Rockefeller 1 barrel of oil to extract 100 barrels a century ago. Now we are extracting less than 10 barrels for one. Our society depends on a ratio of c.15 to 1 so we are on borrowed time and literally all that is keeping it up is borrowed money at ZIRP.

adonisdemilo's picture

Political Correctness progressing from stupid to disaster.

Fucking idiots, don't you think boys and girls.


gmak's picture

I for one welcome our next-gen cockroach and twinky overlords. The species is dead, long live the next.

ThorAss's picture

Welll... I don't want to be the wet blanket but Ladies and Gentleman is a bit passe and this from a binary-genderist (if that's a word). How about "Customers"? It carries no baggage after all.

Leotardo's picture

Hahaha - "customers " is good. I also like "partners".

"Hey dad, look at that lady there!" Lady? where?

MaxThrust's picture

Women Men Fags Dikes Kikes Jihadis Darkies should fit the bill.

shutterbug's picture

Gender nutered instead of neutral...

This world has become totally fucked when genders are a bad thing.... THEN just self-destruct and give some space for the next species....

hooligan2009's picture

Station announcment:

"welcome to the 5% of you that are LBGTQ. To those 95% that are straight ladies and gentleman, thank you for paying three times the fari rate of travel so that the LBGTQ community can travel free.. To the LBGTQ, have another day of excited misery, to the 95%, YOU ARE ALL GUILTY OF SOMETHING, so pay up"

PT's picture

Scoundrels and Whores?

HamFistedIdiot's picture

"Scoundrels and Whores"

I think that is the subtext, the degrading subliminal takeaway here. 

Thom Paine's picture

Persons with vaginas, penises, both, or neither - please board from platform 3

land_of_the_few's picture

Doesn't have to be their own. They could be Croatians or ISIS, remember.

OverTheHedge's picture

"Mind the gap"

That has to be sexist, non-inclusive and generally anti bacon sandwiches. I hope that they will be changing it to "Mind the orifice, protrusion or irrelevance". Or how about "Mind the, er, um...,thingy"?

What this is really about is to remove politeness. Everyone is equal, which means never treating others with deference, which means not being empathetic. You reap what you sow.