Can't Afford A Shanghai Apartment? Try Sleeping In A "Shared Compartment"

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Shanghai’s status as an emerging tech hub is bringing with it problems related to overcrowding experienced by US cities like San Francisco and certain parts of New York City – namely out-of-control rents and home prices.

But now, the cities’ mid-tier office drones, some of whom may not have enough cash saved to “commit” to an apartment, have a new low-cost housing alternative. They're called shared compartments, and they're are popping up in office buildings around Shanghai. Users pay to sleep in the compartments for a set amount of time. They’re given disposable bedding to make sleeping more comfortable, and the compartments are disinfected automatically by ultraviolet light after each use.

Photos of these compartments have been circulating on Chinese media:

People can enjoy a rest in the compartment by scanning the QR codes for payment.

A man experiences a shared compartment in Shanghai...

The inside of a shared compartment...

The disposable bedding...

They have been rising precipitously now for at least a decade, with an average 1,000 square foot apartment in Shanghai going for $725,000, or around five million yuan. Shanghai's average salary per month is 7,108 yuan ($1,135) or 85,300 yuan a year. That puts local property in Shanghai at about 50 times median salaries in the city, according to Forbes. By comparison, housing prices in New York City are 32 times salaries of average New Yorkers.

With those figures in mind, showering at the company gym doesn’t sound so bad.

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jaap's picture

The Matrix is really here...

Kotzbomber747's picture

Nothing new, these things already exist for years in Japan and HongKong.

Is it 'cucumber season' on ZH?

NoDecaf's picture

UV light for disinfecting? yeah I'm sure they smell great too.

NoDecaf's picture

wait a minute, can they be sub-letted? I'm sure you can fit two people in a cube, maybe three.

Or, why not just scalp the whole section and front run all your coworkers?

You'll have your own pad in no time.

robertsgt40's picture

There's always the Soylent Green option to reduce overcrowding. 

Hongcha's picture

And don't put that past China either.  If we ever see subcutaneous RFID chips or the Soylent option, it will be the PRC leading the way.

bloostar's picture

Pretty sure JPM is on the case with OTC derivatives on this.. Give it a few years and a stock offering will appear.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Do they have to look like futuristic cryo-coffins or does somebody just have an appreciation for scifi?

Be great if they came with Alien plush toys. The wake up alarm could feature Ripley shouting ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS!

JLee2027's picture

China has Ghost cities but people live in shared compartments?

exi1ed0ne's picture

Location, location, location.

JuliaS's picture

"That means that anyone we haven't unplugged is potentially an Asian."

- Morpheus

ikhan's picture

at some point humans need to take the hint. have a 'falling down' moment and go live off the land somewhere in the country. 

Hongcha's picture

Have you been to China? The very great majority have no way out of their situation. It's a technocratic slave state.

ikhan's picture

have you seen the move Falling down? 

Hongcha's picture

Yes.  Just stating it's not a simile here.

DrZipp's picture

Luxury.  Growing up we had to live 6 of us in a shoebox in the middle of the road.

Pumpkin's picture

You had a shoebox?


No shit!  Not nice to brag.

medium giraffe's picture

We lived in 'ole int ground!

mantrid's picture

the bought them from Hollywod?

JuliaS's picture

That's the first thing I noticed. What's with the Ridley Scott panel design?

Vimes's picture

As a kid I wanted one, hell I still do! To be honest my fantasy included "seven-of-nine" as well....

Bam_Man's picture

Like sleeping in a clothes dryer or a torpedo tube.

Sounds like fun - if you're six years old.

For an adult, not so much.

Hongcha's picture

The Japanese were doing this at least forty years ago.

SilverRoofer's picture

I don't really care what is going on in china

stacking12321's picture

I don't really care whether you care about it or not.

Rick Cerone's picture

Why doesn't Facebook build an office building next to its HQ with crypt looking bunks with glowing blue lights for their employees? I think it would be very convenient. If you need to terminate their employment, just flush them out of their bunk at night, like a turd. A building that functions like a colon.


JuliaS's picture

And if you're successful, you can climb your way up the corporate ladder... I mean, float all the way to the top, like uncle Zuck.

Rick Cerone's picture

Zuck, the floating Hun turd.

Bam_Man's picture

.245 lifetime batting average.

RabbiWood's picture

I was in that town once.  Dinner for 3 at what seemed to me as a mid level resturant was close to $1000 US.  A little ways away from town, you could get all you wanted to eat at the farmers market for 25 cents.  That was 20 years ago.

techpriest's picture

Its still similar. At a nice restaurant in Beijing we would pay equivalent American prices or maybe a bit more. But if you drive ~50 miles to the countryside, just north of the Great Wall, we went to a town where you can get a full meal of the local delicacy (some kind of tofu and bacon dish) with all of the sides for 3 bucks a head. You need someone to translate though, definitely not a tourist area.

Even inside the city, the best breakfast I ever had in Beijing was 80 cents.

EHM's picture

Reminds me of an episode of black mirror.

Greenspazm's picture

Guy in the second photo down doesn't look Asian.
But as long as there is a hooker built into each sliding door.

Azannoth's picture

No hookers but you get to pet a Tamagotchi for 5min free of charge

Bam_Man's picture

There isn't even enough room in there to get laid without getting bumps and bruises on half your body.

Maybe that's why they only need UV light to  "disinfect".

There's picture

Like space travel spaces.

You have nothing of your own, just a worker and a debt slave, controled and ignored.

small axe's picture

... disinfected automatically by ultraviolet light

sparkling clean until the first drunk evokes post modernist imagery within his cubicle (aka blows chunks)

Greenspazm's picture

they can't afford to get drunk

Mr Perspective's picture

Why would you want to be in Shanghai if you can't afford to be there? You will be working for nothing my little slaves..........

williambanzai7's picture

Somehow they are convinced that it allows them to live a better lifestyle where they don't live.

A good hooker can count on sleeping in someone else's hotel room every night and commuting home once a month.

vato poco's picture

say what you will about whores, but they provide a tangible service and leave satisfied customers. as opposed to lawyers, bankers, politicians, bureaucrats, ...

divingengineer's picture

Yeah, a two fingered blow job by a bitch that's checking her watch every 20 seconds. Only thing less satisfying would be paying for that in a plastic igloo cooler for an apartment.

Greenspazm's picture

They omitted to explain that your balls get UV- irradiated to alleviate the overpoulation.

Cordeezy's picture

Instead of fixing the problems we just make the living spaces smaller so the everyday person suffers.  It is worse in China because they don't have a choice where to live really.  In America there are at least smaller cities to migrate to and still make money.  In China, if you live in a smaller town you are likely not going to be making anything.


Azannoth's picture

I'd rather be living in a shack by my rice field than in that shoe-box