"Shocking" Before And After Satellite Photos From Mosul

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It used to be Iraq's second largest and most vibrant city; now Mosul - which was recently recaptured from the Islamic State - lies under a pile of rubble.

As Foreign Policy magazine writes, "raging for nine months, the street-by-street fight to retake Mosul from the Islamic State outlasted the Battle of Verdun — the longest and largest conflict of World War I. As Iraqi forces won back the city this week, death, destruction, and dust are all that’s left in Iraq’s second-largest metropolis. Satellite images provided to Foreign Policy by DigitalGlobe vividly illustrate this shocking transformation."

Here is the "before and after":

Overview of Mosul's Old City and east Mosul in November 2015, left, and July 2017, right

The Islamic State's main hospital in Mosul and the Mosul Hotel in November 2015, left, and July 2017, right.

The Fifth Bridge north of the Old City in November 2015, left, and July 2017, right.

Mosul's historic Al-Nuri mosque in November 2015, left, and July 2017, right.

The bridge into Mosul's Old City in November 2015, left, and July 2017, right.

Southeast of the Islamic State's main hospital in Mosul in November 2015, left, and July 2017, right.

A sports complex in Mosul in November 2015, left, and July 2017, right.

For the full before and after photos, please go to Foreign Policy.

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One of We's picture

Liberated=bombed to the stone age?

Before/after pics of Gaza are equally sad....

vato poco's picture

aaaaaaand the difference between the followers of the pedophile goatherd and termites are ... ???

A: minimal

Creative_Destruct's picture

"We have destroyed the village in order to save it" - SE Asia, Circa 1967

Art Van Delay's picture

I say it looks better now.

More artistical.

Can we do the same with all sunni nations?

Please !

Would be doing them a favor, sending them to their 72 virgins.

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Paging Bechtel.


JohninMK's picture

Mission accomplished said the USAF General as he took up his new appointment as a Director in a smart bomb manufacturer.

What you are seeing in those photos was a huge, and now booked in the MIC's accounts, profit earning opportunity that was cashed in.

This operation has moved and is now in action in Raqqa, Syria where, on a smaller scale, another old town is being flattened. Its all part of the economic destruction of potential adversaries to Israel, this is tourism going down the tubes.


Never One Roach's picture

The "after" photo shows all those minds and hearts Bush and Soweeto bin Bama won.

Rumsfled, Bremmer, Pearlman, Hussein Obama et al must feel pretty happy with themselves (and their fat bank accounts).

eatthebanksters's picture

What's shocking...there's been a war going on.  

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83_vf_1100_c's picture

  You were making 14k just last week. Bitcoin shilling ain't what used to be huh?

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

A clear picture of what liberation looks like. Bet countries will line up for the experience.

DieselChadron's picture

more will be destroyed at vatican's discretion

DontGive's picture

This is porn to Krugman.

So many broken windows.

nixy's picture

Yes.... has he shares in 'defence' (attack) companies ...... and construction companies?


new game's picture

for the dumbest of dumb fuks, maybe they can link the euro and merican inflow of migrants with these pics. maybe..

GUS100CORRINA's picture

"Shocking" Before And After Satellite Photos From Mosul

My response: FRUIT from the OBAMA/CLINTON reign of terror. BUSH probably also involved to a minor extent. Truly sad.

You shall know them by their FRUIT.

earleflorida's picture

the 'bush's are and were the cogenitor of the whole fucking mess`pot--- obama's pulling troops prematurely was to provide a designated vacuum trap --- it worked perfectly --- [and], thats when [we] got a toe-hold in eastern syria via the pissed-off western-region sunnis that were getting hammer (for saddam's sins!) fucked by al` Maliki's Iraq's (shia) PM 2004-14!

Next, it was a toss-up between nk (but china would have objected having just signed onto the WTO with favored nation status three months to the day on 12/11/01---what fucking timing when america is at war to take out tme to sign up with a bonafide communist country) and iran --- so bush baby chose iran as next in line in his ' ME? triangle of evil' and mandate`dated all for stone`age destruction and genocide!!!!

but, the zionist`jews said no as did the wahhabi`saudis whom with turkey salvitating over the conquest of nothern syria and the innocent (semi-quasi-terrorist state) qatar all wanted syria next for their own purposes!

to many hands in the pot... with to many chiefs?

it backfired!!!

 and this europe`thingy, because of the [clinton vagina itch] interloping with gaddafi's libya [ war 2015] turning civil with another vacuum to be energised sometime in the future when we decide tunisia, morocco, algeria ... or even egypt --- are [misbehaving] and syria alone killed millions,... with western/eastern europe having a 'semiti`brown-people' anti?problemo ` islamic style with 1.5 billion adherents!!!

what a country

PhattyBuoy's picture

Drop McStain into Mosul ... with a liter of water ...


Someone will patch his eye up real quick !

Mustafa Kemal's picture

"Can we do the same with all sunni nations?

Please !"

We already have to many/

Are you happy with the peace and prosperity that this program has brought us? Are you ready for more of it?

Galahad Threepwood's picture

"We're working on it"



Gead's picture

My first thought is "wow, I like what you did to the place!!". Followed by, "too bad you ain't got no fag interior decorators to figure how to match all the grey tones".

tmosley's picture

Jews don't send termites to undermine the west.

farflungstar's picture

Jewish & Shabbos cuck govts invite them in. Jewish activists push to deny Muslim bans.

Jewish "aid" groups facilitate their transport. They don't want these people in israel for obvious reasons. Why do they assum we want them here?




curbjob's picture


"We armed some moderates under the condition that they practice moderation." hugs, Christopher Stevens.


AmadausVoltaire's picture

Maybe Gazan's should fix their sh't up instead of being r-tards.

Peter Royce Clayon da Turd's picture

Shi'ite happens. Bet they won't laugh so hard when they see old videos of planes flying into American buildings again.

JuliaS's picture

I think the only way to defeat ISIS is to defund the CIA.

Peak ISIS.

EuroPox's picture

Yeah but the RUSSIANS were responsible for civilian casulaties in Aleppo and it is right to call that a war crime ... oh, wait...

FiatFapper's picture

Mesopotamia, the cradle of civilization; the first place where complex urban centers grew. Along comes American military might, stomping their way through oil rich nations in the name of democracy.

JethroBodien's picture

But but they hate us for our freedoms....

Galahad Threepwood's picture

"They hate us for our freedom", said GWB in a rare moment of honesty.

Of course, he didn't exactly say who (((they))) were


Txpl9421's picture

At least they can get jobs in construction.

fleur de lis's picture

And now all the ISIS serial killers are unemployed.

Will their DC Swampite employers retrain them at Langley for something else, like .gov narcotics runs?

Or maybe send them unemployment checks just to buy them off and shut them up?

That will only last for a while until they start looking for action.

Then they will become loose ends.

shovelhead's picture

Merkle hired them. Now they're rapeologists working for Germany.

11th_Harmonic's picture

Izrahell and Uncle Slam's Democracy! Liberating human and natural resources. For the children, or course.

HRClinton's picture

WHOSE children?  That's the 6,000,000 × $1,000,000 question. 

11th_Harmonic's picture

Um, I'll take "MENA Migrants to the EU" for $300 jewbucks, Alex.

I need Another Beer's picture

Yeehaaww!! It must of been those Jewish Muslims. Total dumbass

Galahad Threepwood's picture

It must of been those Jewish Muslims


"Wage war by deception" - Mossad 

max_leering's picture

controlled CIA/Joo demolition... rubble reminds me of 3 towers and a pentagram almost 2 decades ago, except of longer duration... what? there were aircraft involved?... perhaps over Mosul

VWAndy's picture

 Think their plans for the good ol USA are any better?

Animal Mother's picture

Whose got the best snackbar around? Sure as fuck aint that Allah dude, his shit got blown up. 

I Write Code's picture

I can make no sense out of the pictures posted here.

skunzie's picture

Agreed.  None of the before and after photos appear to show the same areas, even remotely.

max_leering's picture

seems ez to me... left side- not blown up, people out and about, babies in strollers etc, etc... right side- fucking demolished, dead bodies, animal carcasses, wasteland