Blue Apron Battered Down 40% From IPO-Day As Amazon Files Meal-Kit Trademark

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Who could have seen this coming?

The latest hot tech IPO just went from bad to worse to worserer as Blue Apron tumbled over 10% in the pre-market (down over 40% from its IPO-day highs) after Amazon filed a trademark for a meal-kit service.

As MarketWatch's Tonya Garcia notes, the filing has the word mark "We do the prep. You be the chef."

And it describes the service as "Prepared food kits composed of meat, poultry, fish, seafood, fruit and/or and vegetables and also including sauces or seasonings, ready for cooking and assembly as a meal."


The description also includes "frozen, prepared, and packaged meals," soup and salad ingredients, advertising and "business management for others of retail and online retail stores and supermarkets," customer loyalty programs and other services. anyone?

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scattered smothered n covered

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

Amazon is Godzilla rampaging through Wall Street.

Run for your lives!

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Amazon is on the fast path to company break up. This perpetual reach inton new segments is not sustainable. With that being said, and as much as I cannot stand Bezos -  Amazon has turned into one hell of a company that can influence nearly everything at this point. From data storage/processing/analytics, all consumer products including food, global shipping, and the media (Wapo). A Vampire Squid would be proud....

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1. Pick the leader of a retail sector--any sector-- and short its stock.
2. Hack the news/PR portion of Amazon's website.
3. Release news of Amazon's impending entry into that sector.
4. Profit.

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The effects of QE radiation for over a decade.

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If I can insert my two cents: when I eat vegetables, the frozen ones are just bland compared to fresh (much more flavor). So, I don't really understand what this Blue Apron really has to offer???

chumbawamba's picture

Redemption for a fast food nation.

At least it's a start.

I am Chumbawamba.

Delving Eye's picture

Hate the name Meal-Kit. MealTicket would have been better. (Then again, Meal-Kit sort of sounds like "milk it," so that works for Amazon.)

Shitonya Serfs's picture

MEal-Kit is going to be more like Food-Rations.

Once Amazon has been allowed to destroy all other businesses, it will become the Government Store to all.

Hungry? Here is your weekly rations. Back to your living compartment.

Need new shoes? Here are your shoes. You get brown or black.

Want to watch a movie? Here's your Fire Tablet. You get to chose from only what is deemed appropriate by Jeff.

Enjoy comrades.

NEOCON1's picture

Freedom wet-dream:  Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffoon and George Soros in a deadly plane crash.

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

At some point in the future when Amazon starts to face Anti Trust issues this stock will take a rocket launch.  Just not any time soon.

BarkingCat's picture

"Freedom wet-dream:  Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffoon and George Soros in a deadly plane crash"


And leave Zuckerburglar alone to wonder the planet??

Honus's picture

"Meal-Kit" reminds me of C-Rations. I like it!

Luckhasit's picture

Wow, it feels like i just spotted bigfoot!

meditate_vigorously's picture

I tried it. They use really innovative shipping and packaging and it is just as fresh (if not more so) than what you can get at the grocery store.

It is expensive, but we still cook some of the recipes from them using stuff we buy ourselves.

Anopheles's picture

There are some really great frozen veggies.  Look for organic frozen.  Also, DON'T OVERCOOK frozen veggies.  A minute or so at the most.  Steaming is even better. 

It's not about being organic (I don't by the organic hype, I know how much "organic" pesticide gets used on organic produce), but organic foods get less fertilizer, so they don't grow as "plump" and flavors tend to be more intense.   

NotApplicable's picture

I was watching some cooking show not long ago and they were talking about frozen vegetables actually being superior in taste to what you can buy in a store, as they are picked/processed at their peak, while fresh produce is not.

Of course, this doesn't apply to locally grown food, Nothing beats standing in my tomato patch with a salt shaker and a garden hose.

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I think there's a mad downvoter on the loose.

I am Jobe's picture

How about bringing back Pet Rock ?

Postal's picture

Us ZH'ers tend to lose our pet rocks in "tragic boating accidents."

Global Douche's picture

Or in Midnight Gardening Club meetings?

Son of Loki's picture

"meal kit" or "survival kit?"


Who would pay $5 for a carrot at Whole Paycheck (for example) when i can get 5 delicious frozen healthy wholesome dinners for $5.00?

Plus, if I want carrots I can buy an entire healthful carrot cake for $5 bucks!

I'm so health-conscious I am even on the lookout for a brussells sprout cake.

syzygysus's picture

Amazon Prime Kale Burgers.  Yummy yum.

robertocarlos's picture

Is a fozen dinner only one dollar? Best we can do is Stouffer's for $2.50

BarkingCat's picture

A Amazon have you ever heard of frozen dinners? I think Swanson has got you beat by a few decades you fucking morons.


So does Papa Murphy's wood their take home and bake pizzas.

Bezos should trademark his ugly bald head

BarkingCat's picture

Damn speech recognition... my post should have said:


So does Papa Murphy's with their take home and bake pizzas.

richsob's picture

I'm having a hard time trying to feel sorry for all the bigger companies Amazon is supposedly deep-sixing.  It was just fine and dandy when Wal-Mart and Costco were destroying small town retails stores and even small mom and pop stores in larger urban areas.  After all, that was just "progress".  But when Amazon starts doing a job on larger companies that is supposed to be bad?  Hell no.  What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

BarkingCat's picture

Who Says we're feeling sorry for the other companies?

We just hate Amazon more.

We want Amazon to fail first then the other guys.


However given the choice between having only Walmart survive or Amazon survive, I will pick Walmart.

At least when I need toilet paper to wipe my ass at 10pm, I can still drive to Walmart and get it. If Amazon is all that is left then I would have to go Saudi Arabian Style and forever forsake my right hand.

allgoodmen's picture

At least Wal-Mart expanded on the back of actual profits. Unlike Amazon which is wiping out all other normal businesses on the back of Wal-Street fueled by hot Fed money and a very near future taxpayer funded bailout.

garypaul's picture


Actually I think Amazon could succeed in the long run, but it would do so by having brick-and-mortar stores. But then, how's it different from the existing stores?

cstu7011's picture

The finest CIA inspired GMO cuisine ..

spanish inquisition's picture

TV dinners delivered to your door by a drone. You get to cut a carrot so you feel like you are part of the process.

Update: So the benefit from Amazon, is that by shopping at home you can go from your work assignment <> home cage more efficiently, allowing you to work more hours to make ends meet.

Global Douche's picture

Maybe there's an extra charge to have the drone cut up the carrots for you at the front door?

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Amazon has grilled egg patties.


I guess ya just toss them in a toaster.


Sunny Fresh Grilled Egg Patty, 1.5 Ounce -- 260 per case.


Osmium's picture

Not a very appetizing picture on the website.  

OverTheHedge's picture

Damn! They won't ship to Greece! Why can't I partake, too?

No sign of any contents - do I assume that this will contain only egg, and nothing else? $145.90 for 260 eggs - is that a bargain in US terms? Looks delicious. Will they last forever? Probably: I can see me taking out the packet, and then putting it back in the cupboard unused for year after year.

Vardaman's picture

Millenials waiting for "sex kit." As it will come from silly con valley, it will only come in two flavors - hipster gay and insipid fat dyke...

artvandalai's picture

What's everybody moaning about? The underwriters got their fees. The brokers got their concessions. All for shoveling shit out the door before the market fell apart.

Congratulations to all!

Who's next?

logicalman's picture

How can 'meal-kit' be trademarked FFS???

Not exactly new or innovative.

I think I'm going to trademark 'water's wet' and see if I can come up with some creative lawsuits.


adr's picture

Trademark "Oh, god" or "yes" during sex. Sue every woman on the planet.

Dsyno's picture

"Trademark 'Oh, god' or 'yes' during sex. Sue every woman on the planet."

Problem is, none of your women say that during sex.

Too-Big-to-Bail's picture

Maybe they'll have better luck with the green apron or red apron IPOs

Friedrich not Salma's picture

I don't understand. Seems everything should be fine.
Co-Founder, CEO, Pres & Director: Mr. Matthew Salzberg

BarkingCat's picture

Wrong branch of the tribe?


Actually,  is it berg or burg that indicates a tribe member??


Consuelo's picture



Sorry, but every time I see such nonsense like this for prepared food being delivered to your door, it reminds me of the oft-used quip which got its legs in the late 90's as 'rightsizing' (the precursor to 'outsourcing'), was simultaneously ramping to the sky:

'We're a knowledge-based economy now'...

Meaning: We're so busy writing 'apps' and other serious pursuits, that we simply have no time to prepare our own meals - the lower classes can fuss about with those menial tasks...  

adr's picture

Amazon wants everyone to sell through Amazon. If you have a company, you almost have to.

Problem is meeting Amazon's strict requirements. For a company the initial numbers don't look too bad. You sell at full retail and Amazon takes 20%. Considering selling to most stores today would take 60%+, Amazon looks like a good deal, but you need to hold and ship inventory, which you might not really be set up to do. No more pallets and container trucks. Now you have hundreds to thousands of little boxes being packed and shipped out by UPS or Fedex every day.

Amazon doesn't respect retail prices either and won't abide by MAP pricing. If the Amazon algos decide to drop prices to get inventory sold, you might be fucked. Your $39.99 might drop to $25. With the 20% to Amazon and the added costs you are incurring with shipping, you might be sending thousands of products out the door, losing money on every single one. If you don't ship, Amazon cancels your product and good luck getting it back on their site.

Amazon is the biggest pain in the ass to deal with. Wal-Mart is child's play compared to Bezos.