'Boomerangski' Returns To Bite The Clintons

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Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

The strenuous effort of “Resistance” passengers in the Limousine-of-State to shove Donald Trump out of the driver’s seat continues into what would normally be the news-wasteland of midsummer. Last week it was the smoking popgun of Trump Junior’s meeting with a Russian lawyer purported (by British music promoter Rob Goldstein) to be associated with the “Russian Crown Prosecutor” (no such office in a country without a monarch).

The news caused the usual commotion among the very media mouthpieces who publish anti-Trump allegations as a staple for their “Resistance” readerships. By the way, this blog might be described as anti-Trump, too, in the sense that I did not vote for him and regularly inveigh against his antics as President - but neither is Clusterfuck Nation a friend of the Hillary-haunted Dem-Prog “Resistance,” in case there’s any confusion about where we stand. If anything, we oppose the entirety of the current political regime in our nation’s capital, the matrix of rackets that is driving the aforementioned Limousine-of-State off the cliff of economic collapse. Just sayin’.

“Resistance” law professors, such as Lawrence Tribe at Harvard, were quick to holler “treason” over Junior’s meet-up with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and Russian-American lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin. Well, first of all, and not to put too fine a point on it, don’t you have to be at war with another nation to regard any kind of consort as “treason?” Last time I checked, we were not at war with Russia - though it sure seems like persons and parties inside the Beltway would dearly like to make that happen. You can’t call it espionage either, of course, because that would purport the giving of secret information, not the receiving of political gossip.

Remember, the “Resistance” is not going for impeachment, but rather Section 4 of the 25th Amendment. That legal nicety makes for a very neat-and-clean surgical removal of a whack-job president, without all the cumbrous evidentiary baggage and pain-in-ass due process required by impeachment. All it requires is a consensus among a very small number of high officials, who then send a note to the leaders in both houses of congress stating that said whack-job president is a menace to the polity — and out he goes, snippety-snip like a colorectal polyp, into the hazardous waste bag of history. And you’re left with a nice clean asshole, namely Vice President Mike Pence.

Insofar as Pence appears to be a kind of booby-prize for the “Resistance,” that fateful reach for the 25th Amendment hasn’t happened quite yet. It is hoped, I’m sure, that the incessant piling on of new allegations about “collusion” with the Russians will get the 25thers over the finish line and into the longed-for end zone dance.

More interestingly, though, the meme that has led people to believe that any contact between Russians and Americans is ipso facto nefarious vectors into the very beating heart of the “Resistance” itself: the Clintons.

How come the Clintons have not been asked to explain why — as reported on The Hill blog — Bill Clinton was paid half a million dollars to give speech in Russia (surely he offered them something of value in exchange, pending the sure thing Hillary inaugural) ...

or what about the $2.35 million “contribution” that the Clinton Foundation received after Secretary of State Hillary allowed the Russians to buy a controlling stake in the Uranium One company, which owns 20 percent of US uranium supplies, with mines and refineries in Wyoming, Utah, and other states, as well as assets in Kazakhstan, the world’s largest uranium producer?

Incidentally, the Clinton Foundation did not “shut down,” as erroneously reported early this year. It was only its Global Initiative program that got shuttered. The $2.35 million is probably still rattling around in the Clinton Foundation’s bank account.

Don’t you kind of wonder what they did with it? I hope Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller wants to know.


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FrozenGoodz's picture

Still with the Clinton thing ...

Fox News regurgitating points:

1) Donald do no wrong

2) We ALL would've taken the meeting

3) What about Hillary

4) Obama did it

5) Back to 1)


Did I miss any?

kernel_panic's picture

Seems like you hit them all.

Jim in MN's picture

His Name Was Seth Rich.

You forgot him.

Looney's picture


I wonder why Vlad’s and Cankles’ hands are not shown in the picture. I betcha, there's somepin' kinky going on.... ;-)


nope-1004's picture

Criminals belong in prison.  Clintons should be no different.

I'd actually prefer if the masses took to the streets and rounded these a-holes up for a public hanging.  Under those conditions, I respectfully recant my prison request.  :-)

38BWD22's picture



When, oh when, is Trump (or Sessions) going to go after the felonious criminals of the Clinton Crime Cartel?  I have not heard even a whisper of a counter-attack by the R-Team.

Something stinks...

J S Bach's picture

You sons and daughters of bitches who defend and enable demonic persons of the Clinton ilk are as culpable and detestable as your false idols.  May the day of retribution for these hellish creatures drag your sorry asses into the pit along with them.

El Vaquero's picture

and out he goes, snippety-snip like a colorectal polyp, into the hazardous waste bag of history. And you’re left with a nice clean asshole, namely Vice President Mike Pence.

Say what you want about Kuntsler, but the guy knows how to punch a point home in writing.  

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Yes, I too was struck by the imagery and accuracy of that exemplary metaphor.

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rado_watching's picture

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The Alarmist's picture

Are those blue lines behind Hillary her strings?

TheReplacement's picture

Do you remember during the primaries and the general election when I was posting on here about how suspicious it was that Trump was getting ALL of the FREE MAINSTREAM MEDIA press anyone could ever dream of getting in his "outsider" attack on the status quo?  Yeah you do?  Good.

I told you so.

nmewn's picture

Patience Mr.Bearing, patience. 

Susan Rice has implicated herself (and by extension Obama) in a felony. Comey has lied under oath and stolen government property. Lowrenta has commited obstruction of justice and the world now knows that Natalia V was given "a special visa" by the State Department...in June of 2016!...in order to even be present at a meeting with Jr set up by an associate of FusionGPS one Ron Goldstone in which, a "former Soviet counter-intelligence officer" was present who also was allowed (even though the Alinsky press won't report it) to roam freely around the Obama WH in a group tour...cuz...RUSSIAN SPIES!...lol.

Patience ;-)

Gardentoolnumber5's picture

"Something stinks..." Neocons

TuPhat's picture

No one in DC attacks their friends.  Trump is no different.  R team, D team, same team.

Miner's picture

The problem is that there have been almost a dozen investigations into the CCC and they keep coming up with smoke but no fire.  Is adding one more to that list likely to change it?.

drendebe10's picture

Hell, yea. And take their money & dustribute it to all US citizens who work & pay taxes. Fukem.

blown income's picture

Vlad wouldn't have sex with that skank

Professor Fate's picture

I've known some decent looking skanks in my time.  Hillary is more of a skink!  Kind of a smaller, modern version of a prehistoric cankleosaurus.  

Fate the Magnificent
"Push the Button, Max"

83_vf_1100_c's picture

Maybe some payola passing hands. No pussy grabbing. Vlad has more class than that. Then again, maybe he just wants to be able to fuck with Bill and tell him I banger your ole lady. Her pussy smells bad. Bill likely would agree.

greenskeeper carl's picture

I highly doubt bill has any idea what her pussy smells like, nor do I think he would care if someone banged her.

Peacefulwarrior's picture

Aside from the Obligatory Child for proper marketing to masses, I would imagine he doesn't much look between those legs.

Bigly's picture

C'mon, dude.

She is Webb Hubbell's. Look at that slack jaw. Identical....

Bill rapes women in his orbit and i guarantee he hasn't gone near cankles since the 70's....

Dovda Wimar's picture

@william_Bonzai, please complete the bottom half of this picture!!!!

Anne_of_Green_Gables's picture

Yeah, Vlad's tickling her coochie, trying to get her to have one of those eye-rolling seizures.

chiswickcat's picture

Men don't 'do it' for her.

Zorba's idea's picture

Vlad can have any voluptuous Russian women he wants...no way he reaches for the toxic nether region...ILLary is on CDC's s grope ban. You must be on your second bottle of vodka!

floridasandy's picture


and benghazi.

and Arkancide.

and Vince Foster.


Feel free to add, there are plenty more.

Jim in MN's picture

Fusion GPS, Lynch and McCain appear to have set this all up, with Team Hill, including FBI cash from McCabe.  Forgot that too.

froze25's picture

Globalist are scum and have no party loyalty.

Chupacabra-322's picture

LEt me repeat that.

Fusion GPS.

StarGate's picture

OBAMA White House played HOST to RUSSIAN associate of Russian Atty Natalia the same day as the Trump Tower meeting June 9, 2016 - according to Obama's White House log. Natalia's translator, Samochornov was a contractor with Obama's State Dept.
Per FBI insider Obama speaks Russian.

White House visitor log:

MarsInScorpio's picture

To All:

Well, check that out - FrozenGoodz has a second handle called kernel-panic!

And just when you thought whale poop couldn't sink any deeper into the ocean . . .

How else do you explain the 1-minute gap between their posts at the beginning of the thread?

What I'm really curious about is what do these people who post within seconds of a new article going up do all day except endlessly refresh the ZH site to be first in-line to start the thread?

They couldn't have a job, because it's a day and night thing. They don't have any meaningful family because their home partners would never let them just vegetate in front of the computer. They demonstrate they are as ignorant as a stick because they never say anything of substance - just short, snarky, remarks on the level of a kindergärtner.

Oh well, let the Devil have his due . . . but I'm still of the opinion that handles such as these two are really AI released into the field for fine tuning.

Regardless, FrozenGoodz and kernel_panic - addressing your programmers through your handles: E S & D.

gilhgvc's picture

deflect much? idiot troll. Just ignore anything to do with liberal crimes. we have seen the enemy and he is asshats like you.

FrozenGoodz's picture

The whole defense of this admin here is deflection atm ... the admin's own defense of this admin is deflection ... 


Hence the embarassing 36% approval ... until they show an ounce of accountability this will be four years of debacles, nothingness, and tweets ... summed up in years to come by great historians as: 'WTF'

just the tip's picture

in the mean time, we can sum up your comments  as : 'WTF'

RiverDrifter's picture

36% from a skewed poll that counted just 22% Republicans and 39% independents, as if that's a fair representation of the American electorate.  Just as during the election of President Trump, polls are crap.  You'd think people would have learned by now that polls are FAKE NEWS...check out the methodology and you'll see how they come up with such a bogus number like 36% when an unskewed polling has him right at 50% or more.  


Either way, polls are for chumps...they're devices used by MSM to control opinion and sheep like you eat them up hook, line and sinker.  Take your polls and STFU troll.

booboo's picture

I love how they keep biting on lamestream fake polls, they keep falling for them time and time again.
Hey I got a poll for you and pass it on the your handlers. 110% of likely others want a openly Homo president. No really, run with that one.

Zorba's idea's picture

36%!!! Ha fucking HA! Where did you get that? Todd, Tapper, Cooper or the lap licker. You are officially promoted from Captain Cuck to Major Cuck! IDIOT Asshat.

garcam123's picture

Yea........what are those wear marks on your knees? And that white creamy stuff on your mouth?  Did you blow a Clinton?

drstrangelove73's picture

Yeah,you missed 'The Russians are coming the Russians are coming'24/7 7 days a week for 8 months now and counting,with no proof yet of any wrongdoing whatsoever nor any explanation in concrete terms of exactly how those pesky Rooskies could possibly have 'meddled in our elections' let alone any proof of same.
No,just morning 'til night 'the russians are coming the Russians are coming.The left has collectively lost its mind in a very public way.How any sentient being could any longer pay them any mind is a mystery to me

luckylogger's picture

True look of a faggot queer fuking tranny if I ever saw one...

Fuking faggots go fuk yourself.

Abaco's picture

You missed the part about offering a cogent thought.

null's picture

I wish that was FoxNews.
But if you mean to ask if that's what the talking points should be ... like duh.

Non-Corporate Entity's picture

How are they paying you trolls now? Food stamps? Free coffee?