Israel Rejects Cease-fire Deal Between U.S. And Russia In South Syria

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One month after the WSJ reported that Israel had been secretly funding the Syrian rebel opposition to Assad's regime for years in hopes of keeping the Syrian political situation unstable and preventing the Syrian - and Iranian - regime's military from becoming a substantial threat, overnight Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters after his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday that Israel opposes the cease-fire agreement in southern Syria that the United States and Russia reached "because it perpetuates the Iranian presence in the country."

Quoted by Haaretz, a senior Israeli official said Israel "is aware of Iranian intentions to substantially expand its presence in Syria", and added that Iran is not only interested in sending advisers to Syria but also in dispatching extensive military forces including the establishment of an airbase for Iranian aircraft and a naval base. "This already changes the picture in the region from what it has been up to now," the official said.

Which considering that most if not all of Syria's victories in the ongoing parallel proxy wars with both ISIS and the various "moderate" and not so "moderate" rebel groups were courtesy of Iran and specifically the IRGC, is to be expected. Still, by openly voicing his opposition to one of the most significant moves the United States and Russia have made in Syria in recent months, Netanyahu made public a major disagreement between Israel and the two great powers that had until now been kept under wraps and expressed only through quiet diplomatic channels. Netanyahu said he had discussed the cease-fire deal with U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson by phone Sunday night.

As a reminder, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin agreed on the cease-fire on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Hamburg last week. In a tweet published shortly after the truce came into effect last week, Trump tweeted: "We negotiated a ceasefire in parts of Syria which will save lives. Now it is time to move forward in working constructively with Russia!" 

One week later, however, the truce faces the daunting hurdle of Trump's biggest ally in the region openly opposing what may be the US president's biggest diplomatic achievement to date.

In addition to the ceasefire, the U.S.-Russian deal included establishing de-escalation zones, otherwise known as safe zones, along Syria’s borders with both Jordan and Israel.

According to Haaretz, over the past month, Israel had held talks on this agreement with senior American officials, including Brett McGurk, America’s special envoy for the battle against ISIS, and Michael Ratney, the special envoy for Syria, both of whom visited Israel several times. During these talks, Israel presented a list of demands and voiced several reservations about the emerging agreement. Among others, Israel said that the de-escalation zones must keep Iran, Hezbollah and other Shi’ite militias away from the Israeli and Jordanian borders and must not enable Iran to consolidate its presence in Syria. Israel also told the Americans it objected to having Russian troops policing the cease-fire in the safe zones near its border.

Curiously, Haaretz notes that Israel was a vocal member of the negotiations that took place over the Syrian ceasefire, and in the days before the United States and Russia announced the cease-fire deal for southern Syria, Netanyahu spoke by telephone with both Tillerson and Russian President Vladimir Putin to reiterate Israel’s positions on the agreement. At the start of the cabinet meeting on July 9, Netanyahu said that both Putin and Tillerson had told him they understand Israel’s position and will take its requirements into account.  However, when Jerusalem obtained the text of the deal, it discovered to its surprise that the Americans and Russians "had ignored Israel’s positions almost completely."

 “The agreement as it is now is very bad” one senior Israeli official said. “It doesn't take almost any of Israel's security interests and it creates a disturbing reality in southern Syria. The agreement doesn’t include a single explicit word about Iran, Hezbollah or the Shi’ite militias in Syria.”

* *  *

What Israel's opposition to the Syrian ceasefire means, is unclear. While the deal is surprisingly still holding one week after its implementation, perhaps the longest period of time a Syrian ceasefire has held for the duration of the country's 6-year war, with Israel voicing its non-compliance, it is possible that it will be none other than Netanyahu who breaches the terms of the agreement should Israel feel "threatened" by Hezbollah, or other Shi'ite militias.

Whether that will force Trump to choose between Putin and Netanyahu is open to debate.  However, it likely means that now that the Syrian war is slowly fading away, the region's longest-simmering, dominant conflict, that between Iran and Israel, is about to retake its rightful place.

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King of Ruperts Land's picture

So much for "Trump is Israels Puppet". Or perhaps the tinfoil headed jew haters can explain this one?

Robert Trip's picture

Who gives a fuck whether they approve of the deal or not?

The deal is done.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Nothing to do with the Israelis. If they cause trouble just terminate the US taxpayers' annual $4 billion gift.

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As if the US has the balls to say no to Israel.

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No offense,  but you and what army? The sensible place to start is The Fed, which leads to the power to buy and blackmail the congress critters, and  hover up the media.

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Ever since they created that country, it seems to have been nothing but trouble for the world.

Never mind all those inhabitants that were forcibly removed from their homes because Israel wanted the land.


Rich Monk's picture

The real threat to America is Israel and the dual-citizenship Zionist Jews in our government at all levels!

Vuke's picture

The real threat is Amerika allows this to happen.

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If Zionists are not expansionist regarding Israel in the ME and not working close with the US and GB to divide and conquer resource rich nations in the area, then they will have to do a better job showing they do not control every major aspect of the finances of those nation, the MEC, and the MSM.  The fact is have not and they cannot.  When you are essentially tribal or imperialistic then the Silver Rule to regard all other tribes and nations is not in any way binding.  This is why we get so much BS with the MSM (MSMBS). Despite what the US agrees at this stage, this three nations axis will continue to destabilize nations in the Levant. Any nation in the area which has not already conquered by them is in their cross hairs and the more the ME nations attempt to become more democratic then more this axis systematically exploits such freedom with CIA, MI6, and Mossad type corruption, blackmail, agitation, intimidation false flag terrorist attacks, etc., etc. until there is another coup, proxy war or major conflict.  For the promised spoils of occupancy and control of the Levant and its resources most our hypocritical Western nations are complicit in the evils being perpetrated, and there is no reason to blame Israel alone.   One thing is certain is that the US sucks and if we give it more power with a NWO government it will suck even more at the financial teat which feeds it. 

Rick Cerone's picture

Ivan the Terrible taught the Huns a lesson.

Rick Cerone's picture

The Hun is a breed apart.

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Well let them go fight in Syria.

Neochrome's picture

If they tried they couldn't find a better way to raise Iran and Hezbollah's stock in the eyes of the Muslim world.

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Ah, so Israel IS the aggressor in the Syrian war. Shouldn't there be some penalty for murdering a peaceful people and stealing their stuff (lest we forget the looted oil through the Rothschild cronies)? Israel should be punished ... but then again, Isael has committed so many crimes against humanity, including 9/11, apparently.

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So will it be MAGA or MIGA? FFS.......

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Bravo President Trump! This is the non-interventionalist policy of peace we deplorables elected you to enact. Russia is our logical ally and together we can overcome (((those))) who seek war and debt. Now that we have secured Syria's borders against the foreign jihadist invaders, we can turn our attention to securing our own southern borders as ICE is already doing so well under your orders. So fellow Americans, report and deport. We don't need welfare moochers carrying communicable diseases like TB.

And let's continue the good fight against the "moderate" Marxists in our own country who control the MSM propaganda machine.

Winning, it's so SWEET!

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Hey Isreal.....



Fuck off jew.



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This is Putin being a bitch again.

The only way it makes sense is if Putin thinks he can push Iran into annoying (at least) the US, via Israel.

Yes, the US gives him reasons now and again, but Putin is still the biggest bitch around.

Old Poor Richard's picture

Why would a cease fire agreement stipulate where government-allied forces could or could not station themselves?  What is wrong with Russian forces being near the Israeli border?  Since when is Russia at war with Israel?  It's a bunch of nonsense designed to scuttle the deal so their moderate terrorists can continue to bomb Damascus suburbs.

iconic's picture

Funny, since 19?? the USA has blown at least a cool trillion on the zionist state over there in Palestine, but I can't recall a single benefit received to the American taxpayer for that investment. Can anyone think of anything? Strategic ally? For what? Seems to me the USA, if it were not so jew/zionist biased (controlled), it could make a 'strategic ally' with anybody over there, so long as the terms were reasonable.

But the jews control the money, and they can thereby pull the plug, and given the position of the blackmailer thereby they can dictate terms all day long. Even though it should be completely obvious that the payouts in American blood and treasure only benefit zionists and feed their insane ambitions, every American politician, especially on the federal level, sells out the American people, forcing all of us to pay for something that not only is of no benefit, but a curse. There has been nothing but trouble for America because of the zionist initiative in Palestine. A pure, 100% takeaway.

Naturally, the jew, like Netanyahu, would strenuously object to anything that puts a crimp on Israel's expansion plans. I hope I live to see the day where America no longer pays the jews their dirty money to underwrite Israel's existence. You can be sure that without it, Israel would collapse almost overnight, as any dependent parasite would.

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Zactly. Nothing will change for the better in this country as long as the ZIONIST parasite is attached to it. Start with the Federal Reserve which feeds it. Everything else will fall in place.

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Well , I gotta say the level of overt  jew hatred on this board is on par with the nazi propagada of ww2. Well done eh! 

So, if I am gonna be the forum's punching bag of the week so be it. 

i might as well call all of you out at once, it's the only way you'll ever get a chance to knock me down.

Gutless fucks always attack in packs because y'all  have nothing solid backing your shit show kiddie racist retorts.

It's a shame you are all too busy sucking Gartman's tiny little dick and eating up all the partisan propaganda your oversized mouths can cram down your gluttonous throats to realize that you have been sold out by your own.

I've seen better responses on 4Chan.

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Cry me a river.  You are shocked that the cattle are catching on?  Instead of the standard hasbra ad homenim, how about explaining your objection?  If you have an actual argument to make then spit it out. If not ... go clog up some other board. I'm sure the heavily CENSORED NYT crowd can't wait to hear from you.

Ink Pusher's picture

The "cattle" are not catching on, in fact their self-destructive programming is almost complete.  

I have as much right to defend my view as you do, I censored nobody.

You jumped on the bandwagon 24 hours too late to even be relevant to the Ink Pusher bashing party , go buy some oil and real estate !

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So people in the US blame the Jews because they appear to being wielding most of the power. So what? They miss the point and so do you. What about what the US power is up to and Israel doing everything it can to escalate the war in Syria. Why not try to justify that without a lot of bullshit.  If there are real problems why not facts and reasons.

Ink Pusher's picture

Ha, none of these fucks want the truth. They are perfectly happy living in their little delusional nazi supremacy propaganda dreamworlds while the enemy within destroys their freedoms from the inside out.

I frankly couldn't care less about how anyone feels about Jews or Israel. The problem lies with the repetitive touted nazi propaganda from the willfully ignorant racist support base.

Syria is not even a real player in this scenario. 

The main players are Saudi Arabia and Iran 

The supporting cast is made up of oil conglomerates and arms dealers. 

Everyone here claims to 'follow the money' eh? Yet not a single one will dare question their own country's involvement  on a government or corporate level.

*If the Jews are really that powerful, then Americans must be the biggest dupe nation on the planet. Not much of a claim to fame eh?

Whom is funding proposed THE PIPELINES?

Whom are the biggest ARMS DEALERS?  

veritas semper vinces's picture

You are confusing FACTS with hate.Try to refute what was said here if you can.But you can not,and then you use the old zionist trick of crying "hate,antisemitism" blah,blah,blah

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You don't even have a clue what Zionism is.

Here's a hint; 'HERZL's brand of zionism ' is NOT from Israel and is NOT Zionism.

It's Hungarian Fascism.

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It's simple ,you've all been duped either way it goes. 

The reason? Collective willful ignorance brought about by insatiable greed and a need to perpetuate unending war for profit.

I follow the money from arms sales and who spends it.

Funny how Israel is all the way back in #10  eh?

World's largest arms exporters

Units are in Trend Indicator Values expressed as millions of U.S. dollars at 1990s prices. These numbers may not represent real financial flows as prices for the underlying arms can be as low as zero in the case of military aid.

The following are estimates from Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.


Rank Supplier Arms Exp 1  United States 47,169 2  Russia 33,186 3  China 8,768 4  France 8,561 5  Germany 7,912 6  United Kingdom 6,586 7  Spain 3,958 8  Italy 3,823 9  Ukraine 3,677 10  Israel 3,233




World's Largest Exporters Of Arms

The United States and Russia are together responsible for over 50% of the global export of arms.

A T-45 Goshawk on the assembly line at a major American defense factory, McDonnell Douglas.

The global arms industry is a massive business with trillions of dollars being traded annually. In 2015, global expenditure on weapons was estimated at $1.68 trillion. Emerging economies and territorial disputes have largely influenced the increase in trade of arms over the years. Industrialized nations have been on the forefront of exportation of weapons. Improved technologies have led to the innovation of hi-tech arsenals for sale to countries lacking the resources and capabilities to manufacture their own. The US and Russia are together responsible for over 50% of the world’s export of arms.

World's Largest Exporters Of Arms The US

The US is the world’s top exporter of arms and assumed a market share of 33% between 2011 and 2015. With factors such as size and capabilities to its advantage, the US is home to some of the top arms manufacturing companies. The top two defense contractors in the US are ranked top in the world. They are Lockheed Martin Corp. and Boeing Company. The sales generated from the exportation of arms from the US were $36.2 billion.

Saudi Arabia (10%) was the top customer of US arsenals followed by the UAE (9.1%). The US is increasingly facing competition especially from Russia and China, who through diffused technology are increasing their capacity to develop hi-tech arsenals.


Russia is the second largest exporter of arms taking up 25% of the global market. Russia embarked on improving its military strength after the fall of the Soviet Union and invested heavily in military defense. The top manufacturing companies in Russia are Almaz-Antey, United Aircraft, and Tactical Missiles Corporation. The industry employs 20% of the manufacturing sector’s workforce. Russia’s arms sales in 2014 amount to $8.84 billion. Russia has exerted its place in the global market through affordable hi-tech arsenals. The largest importers of Russia’s arms were IndiaChina, and Vietnam. India alone imported weapons worth $14.3 billion between 2012 and 2015.


China has experienced tremendous economic growth in the recent years and has invested heavily to boost its military defense capabilities. Most of China’s companies are state owned. China North Industries Corp. is China’s most prolific manufacturer of arsenals while Aviation Industry Corp. is the second largest company. Countries without the spending power to buy sophisticated weapons from US and Russia are turning to China as an alternative. China offers advanced weapons for a lower price, attracting poorer nations. Pakistan imports the most arms from China accounting for nearly 35% of the exported arms followed by BangladeshMyanmar, and Algeria.


France's export of arms was 5.6% of the world’s total exports between 2011 and 2015. It sold $18 billion worth of defense equipment in 2015, an increase from $9.1 billion in 2014. The French government has shares in top companies such as Airbus and Thales group. These companies have the advantage of diversity in capabilities. They can manufacture weapons for use in air, sea, and land. This fact has established France as a manufacturer of highly specialized equipment. The main destinations for its exports are Saudi Arabia, UAE, Singapore, and Australia.

Other top countries claiming a market share of the global arms exports are Germany (4.7%), UK (4.5%),Spain (3.50%) and Italy (2.7%). These countries have domestic laws governing the export of arms. 

Regulation of The Industry

Germany has a legal imposition against weapons shipped with the likelihood that they will be used for human rights abuses. The US requires potential exporters to apply for exporting licenses through the Departments of State, Commerce, and Treasury. International treaties such as the Arms Trade Treaty have been made in efforts to control the exportation of arms. The European Union, through the EU Common Position on arms export control, has established regulations to govern the countries in its region. There has been call, however, for an International golden rule to ban the export of arms that may be used to violate human rights.

World's Largest Exporters Of Arms Rank Country Share of Arms Exports (%), 2011-2015 1 United States 33.00 2 Russia 25.00 3 China 5.90 4 France 5.60 5 Germany 4.70 6 United Kingdom 4.50 7 Spain 3.50 8 Italy 2.70


VW Nerd's picture

"Israel also told the Americans it objected to having Russian troops policing the cease-fire in the safe zones near its border."


Putin to Bibi--"Get Nato's troops and missile installations off my borders and I will get my troops off yours!"

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Vatican banker/FedScammer Rothschilds' "State of Israel" was founded as an atheist state.

One of Isaiah's several given signs for "Israel Restored" is that God Almighty will be its Sovereign. Ring a bell? Viz. Declaration of American Independence

Of the many given signs by the Hebrew prophets for "Zion" not one of them is met by tribal racist "State of Israel"; each and every one of them is met by America "into which all nations of the world flow." Viz. Isaiah 2:2. False-Zion even persecutes the cousins of we Celts who founded America, the Sephards, who actually share our Hebrew blood. Wales was a Hebrew mining colony and Gaelic, Mr. Trump's mother's first language, is from Hebrew.

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Satan's Deep State is after him and us all.

Thankfully America is God's and God wins.

Death for Treason 

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A Russian's response to Israel's hissy fit...


“Israel’s motives are not concealed: it fears the strengthening of Iran’s position in the region, and also, it appears, limited possibilities for Tel Aviv itself to act against [Syrian President Bashar al-Assad]. However, nobody will be revoking such an important document that gives hopes for a breakthrough in the Syrian situation only because of Israel’s guesses about Iran’s hypothetical intentions,” the chairman of the Federation Council’s committee for international affairs Konstantin Kosachev posted on Facebook.

“That is why, it would be more reasonable for Tel Aviv not to come down on the already reached agreement between Russia and the US, but instead find ways how to live with this and reap benefits from victory over Islamic State (a terrorist group outlawed in Russia) which are clear for all countries of the region,” Kosachev said.





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Yeah, f*ck Israel and the Christ-killers.

TeraByte's picture

Putting an end to the state of the God´s chosen people would be a great favour for all mankind. Thereafter the entire ME region could live in a perfect harmony neighbours killing each others on daily basis as it has been the tradition since the dawn of the religion of peace and obviously some time before too. We outsiders however did have to waste our energies to Abrahamic religions´ tri-partisan civil wars.

NumbersUsa's picture

Yes so-called israel is certainly a racist state. The dumbed down Christians in this country support a self proclaimed marxist zionist kabalistic monster called israel, while at the same time a Christian who tries to share the gospel with a citizen of israel runs the serious risk of being arrested fined and jailed for up to 5 years (israels anti-Christian law). Look it up you dumb Christians and wake your selves up out of your zionist brainwashed ( jews are the chosen people) stupor. God divorced them, because of their continued whoring after idols like the star of david & rempham. Jesus said to the jews " you are of your father the devil and where I go you can NOT come. St Paul said of the jews " they are your enemy for the Gospels sake" He said again that "they are contrary to all men".Jesus again said of the jews " you cross land & seas to convert one and when you do you make him two fold more the child of hell than ye yourselves" and on and on. Any one who practices judaism is an anti-Christ period end of story. Its talmudic teachings are so bereft of God and righteousness that Jesus said they were the synagogue of satan. You dumb Christians better start reading the Bible you claim to believe in and recognize that the jews are you enemies. They created fund and man such organizations as AIPAC, ACLU, ADL SPLC, JWC, CFR, & NAACP, and many many other anti-American and Anti-Christ organizations that have been sytematically destroying our country from the inside while you dump Christians wave your star of rempham... oh star of david flags like a bunch of anti-Christ hugging zombies. Wake up you deceived Christians, Actually read your Bibles and search your history for the truth & not what the jewish media machine pumps down your throats. You probably don't even know that most all your so-called Christian publishing houses are owned by the jews, why do you think the NIV Bible strikes out the "Blood" of Christ in 10 plus verses, because rupert murdoch owns it that's why

Minburi's picture

Hey, Israel.  Please give the Golan Heights and oil thereumder back to tne rightful owner, Syria.


And then just die and go away.