"Is The Left F**king Nuts?" Brett Easton Ellis Slams Hollywood Libs After Dinner Confrontation

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American Psycho author Brett Easton Ellis launched into a twitter rant over the weekend about Hollywood’s liberal intolerance of any viewpoints that can vaguely be considered pro-Trump, complaining that he’s “done” discussing politics at industry dinners because it creates “too much insanity.”

In a series of tweets, Ellis said he was called a "Trump apologist" and accused of colluding with Russia while leaving the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles. Ellis — who has been open about his thoughts on Hollywood liberals who continue to denounce Trump and not accept his presidency — also questioned whether the left is "nuts" on Twitter, as the Hollywood Reporter pointed out.

"Defending the American voter I'm yelled at in Sunset Tower for being a Trump apologist and colluding with Russia. Is the Left fucking NUTS?" Ellis tweeted Saturday night.

Prior to this outburst, he shared that he was at "another dinner with the Hollywood liberal establishment defending HRC, fake news, intersectionality, identity politics, PC virtue signaling."

Ellis has repeatedly criticized liberals who launch into histrionics over every Trump-related headline, saying recently on his podcast that lefties who won’t stop kvetching about Trump are letting his presidency define them.

“You can dislike the fact that Trump was elected, yes, definitely, and yet still understand and accept ultimately that he was elected this time around. Or you can have a complete mental and emotional collapse and let the Trump presidency define you, which I think is absurd," said Ellis on one of his podcasts.”

Easton dedicated a whole podcast to criticizing what he calls the “moral superiority movement” in Hollywood:

You can listen below:

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totenkopf88's picture

Hollywood=liberal jews, but you can't point that out- just ask Marlon Brando or Mel Gibson

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Wer nicht links ist, ist automatisch rechts!




J S Bach's picture

If you have to ask, "Is the Left wing nuts?"... then you must be nuts yourself.

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jew comment brought to mind lovely jew princess whoopi goldberg. Was sitting in a panhandle bar one day, and a guy mentioned he liked ted danson. I said, man he fucked whoopi goldberg ! Guy looked at me; i nodded emphatically affirmative; he pondered his drink a while; then said "I didn't know a man could get that drunk"

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Shut it down! The goyim know!

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Yes, what we call the left these days has gone totally nuts.  Have a conversation with one of them, and you can see the irrationality in their eyes.  A survey was done where they gave people who identified as left or right a poll to gauge political beliefs, and then it was given again, but participants were told to answer it how they though the opposite side of the political spectrum would answer.  It turns out that moderates and the "right" understand the "left" much better than vise versa.  


You should start thinking about that in the context of Sun Tsu.  

AVmaster's picture

Of course they are nuts, dumbnuts...


wee-weed up's picture



Yep, Simple answer - YES!

They're bat-shit howling-at-the-moon crazy!

Whoa Dammit's picture

If the author of American Psycho called me crazy & told me to get a grip, you best believe I would be re-thinking my behavior. Just sayin'.

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TahoeBilly2012's picture

I dunno, let's ask Anderson Pooper and Wolf Buttzer.

Manthong's picture


“Is the Left fucking NUTS?”


.. sounds right to me.

FrozenGoodz's picture

The President and his minions could help by not lying daily

jcaz's picture

HRC?  I thought that even the lefttards had bailed on this bitch- she's the STD that just won't go away.......

They would change their tune if she sat on any of their furniture, tho- she lives only in their minds.

FrozenGoodz's picture

Nobody gives a shit about Hillary but ZH and the President ... defend your mans 6 months of nothing without mentioning DNC, HRC, or Obama ... just once

tmosley's picture



Too many to even fit on a single page now. Read em and weep, you weepy bitch.

Pickleton's picture

"defend your mans 6 months of nothing without mentioning DNC, HRC, or Obama ... just once"


Mmm, because his "6 months of nothing" isn't entirely due to you lunatics, subversives and outright terrorists losing your stupid minds at literally EVERYTHING the man says and does.


There, I did it.  But you're still an imbecile.

gilhgvc's picture

Neil Gorsuch, bitch. Illegal immigration plunging,self deportation at record highs...stick that up your ass.

besnook's picture

lol. name a politician who doesn't lie.

All Risk No Reward's picture

They are Debt-Money Monopolist quislings. Yes, an inordinate amount of Debt-Money Monopolist quislings in high positions in debt-money control and propaganda control are Jewish (or claim to be, who knows in this Empire of Lies).

But that groups is only a tiny fraction of 1% of all Jewish people, the vast majority of which are just ordinary people debt-serfs like the rest of us.

Israel: 18 families control 60% corporate equity (2:00m in)

Israeli economy is ready to COLLAPSE, MASS PANIC IN ISRAEL

Israelis rally for better economic conditions

Israel mass protests over rising living costs | Aug 2011 | BBC News

This is why the word "Jew" applied to the power structure ruling the world is deceptive... it is the wrong word. Then again, a lot of you guys know that and use it anyway, right?

Why work on behalf of occulting the Debt-Money Monopolist Big Bad?

BTW, aren't libertarians supposed to be all about the INDIVIDUAL and over-generalizating the individual into false groupings?

All Risk No Reward's picture

The Debt-Money Monopolists sell government as "mommy" to the left (enablers).

They sells government as "daddy" to the right (tough lovers).

The government is really Ted Bundy helping you into his VW Bug... seems awful nice at first and talks a good game...

But when he ties you down with all that inextinguishable debt, the government will do to your assets, on behalf of the Debt-Money Supremacists, what Ted Bundy did to the co-eds that were duped by his image and Machiavellian rhetoric.

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American Psycho's picture

Brett, take a scene from your book and just "kill a lot of people!"

"I killed Paul Allen with an axe to the face."


Moustache Rides's picture

Try getting a reservation at Dorsia now, you stupid bastard!!! 



American Psycho's picture

^^ Yes!! 

The book is more amazing than the movie.  I think I laughed the whole way through it.

Moustache Rides's picture

I'll pick it up.  A friend of mine read it when we were in high school.  He said the same thing.  I've started reading constantly, television is utter garbage any more. 

Creative_Destruct's picture

"... the Hollywood Moral Superiority Movement" is revealing itself to be intolerant, morally bankrupt, cultural and political Marxists.

And Ellis is just one of many who are calling them out on this.

warpigs's picture

I had a miserable day arguing with my future ex and this comment made me chuckle. Thanks, I needed that!

Chandos's picture

Let me guess...Your common sense and good education is bringing you gradually to the Right side of the political spectrum, while she, on the other hand is......a woman.  ;)

Whatever it is, I sympathize.

Manthong's picture

"future ex"

gotta love the high expectaions.

Kidbuck's picture

Kidbuck, during his aborted career with the US Postal Service, was once told that he must control his emotions, by a male manager who wore bright red lipstick, a training bra, was getting female hormone shots, and was saving up to go to Thiland to get his nuts cut off. Guess which one of us was fired for being crazy.

wcole225's picture

Is nuts short for blinded by their own depravity and wickedness?

Son of Loki's picture

U.S. Army To Female Soldiers: Be Prepared To Shower With 'Women With Male Genitalia'


Late in former President Barack Obama's second term in office, then-Secretary of Defense Ash Carter issued a "transgender inclusive" military policy set to be put into effect on July 1, 2017, (though it's been delayed by the Trump Administration for six months). In accordance with the initiative, which bypassed Congress, the Army is providing new training material for biologically female soldiers, who will now encounter "women with genitalia," otherwise known as men, in women's bathrooms, barracks, and shower facilities.

"The U.S. Army is telling women soldiers that they need to accept gender-confused, biological men in their showers, bathrooms, and barracks as part of a controversial policy to build 'dignity and respect' for 'transgender Soldiers,'" notes Life Site News. "The guidance is part of the Pentagon’s new 'transgender inclusion' agenda launched by Obama and gaining ground in the Armed Services."


jimmy c korn's picture

So that's why they have installed Condom Machines in those showers.

waspwench's picture

How about a little respect for single gender, female soldiers?

East Indian's picture

They can get out of the shower

froze25's picture

"Normal" people need to just shut up and except mental illness and perversion these days. Haven't you gotten the memo. If you don't you are a bigot. 

psychobilly's picture

Yeah, as heart-breaking as it might be for some, a "chick with a dick" is really just a dude with tits.

dark pools of soros's picture

Trannies are great... they're the hump the shark moment for Progressives. No turning back, they hitched their fanny wagon to the drag queers and can never get out of their ass now.. they will never win shit again until they pull out of their causes

fattail's picture

Trannies humping a shark.  I feel bad for the shark.  What the hell did the shark do to deserve that.  I think the worst part about being humped by a tranny would be not knowing whether I could enjoy it or not.  Eaten by a sharl not so bad, at least you make the news and get a wikipedia page.

You are correct though.  If I was running against someone supporting the tranny agenda I would make every debate about the ridiculousness of that position.

Akzed's picture

And the Senate just voted not to reverse this insanity.

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I'm making over $8k a month declaring in the ZH comments section that everyone I don't like is either overtly or secretly Jewish.

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Fucking Jewish Mexican here peddling some bulll

jimmy c korn's picture

We know you make $7k a month, but how much of it do you give your Pimp?

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