New Study Finds U.S. Healthcare System Ranks Dead Last Compared To Other Developed Nations

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As Republicans sit on the precipice of fumbling what will likely be their one opportunity to repeal and replace America's failed Obamacare experiment, a new study just released by The Commonwealth Fund found that the U.S., despite spending more money per capita than any other country on the planet, has the worst healthcare system in the developed world.

The Commonwealth Fund focused on evaluating five main areas of the healthcare system, including care process, access, administrative efficiency, equity and health care outcomes and analyzed 72 indicators within those fields.  Of the 11 countries included in the study, the U.S. ranked dead last by a fairly staggering margin.

The United States spends far more on health care than other high-income countries, with spending levels that rose continuously over the past three decades (Exhibit 1). Yet the U.S. population has poorer health than other countries.


Timely and accessible health care could mitigate many of these challenges, but the U.S. health care system falls short, failing to deliver indicated services reliably to all who could benefit. In particular, poor access to primary care has contributed to inadequate prevention and management of chronic diseases, delayed diagnoses, incomplete adherence to treatments, wasteful overuse of drugs and technologies, and coordination and safety problems.


Even worse, aside from "care process," which tracks metrics related to preventative care and consistent engagement with the same family doctor over long periods of time, the U.S. scored last (or thereabouts) in every single category of the study.


Adding insult to injury, these poor results come despite the fact that America spends roughly 60% more on healthcare, as a percentage of GDP, than the other countries in the study...


...a metric that will only get worse when the study is updated again in 3 years as we've recently shown that healthcare premiums have surge roughly 100% since 2013 (note that the cost portion of this latest study ended with data collected in 2014).



Can anyone spot the outlier?


But sure, we should probably just leave everything as is...Obamacare seems to be working just fine.

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Tallest Skil's picture

I guess ethnically heterogenous societies DON’T work well, do they? Our GINI coefficient is the laughingstock of the developed world, too. Until you only measure it with whites.

Also, you're welcome again, Europe, for being your subsidizer and letting you pretend that socialism works.

Bes's picture

genocide as usual

yeah, whites hearts cost way less than latino hearts

and those asian hearts are ridiculous

you sound desperate and pathetic

sad white man

Future Jim's picture

"Republicans sit on the precipice of fumbling what will likely be their one opportunity to repeal and replace America's failed Obamacare"

This author sounds like an agent provocateur because if Republicans change anything, then when it collapses, they will get all of the blame.

Bes's picture

costs will never fucking go down as long as they can charge whatever the fuck want for as much fucking profit as the want.

we are all a captive market in an oligopoly

and trump and his gop have not made any fucking indications of changing that fundamental structure

over the cliff bitchez


BigCumulusClouds's picture

Yep. When you have to pay the fuckers even when they make your child autistic, and you can't sue them to get your money back, you know the system is fucked.

hoist the bs flag's picture

do you remember polio?


neither do I. 


Delving Eye's picture

Healthcare and Education in the U.S. cost the most and yield the worst.

hibou-Owl's picture

I would also add the defense forces

Son of Loki's picture

Don't even get me started on the health care system in USA.


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edotabin's picture

Which should be proof that throwing money at problems is a politician's wet dream. They increase their influence and control, they milk you of your money, they put everyone in debt and they make sure your kids are too damn stupid to know the difference. Win-win-win-win-win for them. What motivation do they have to stop?

. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

I didn't say they don't work. It's just that other methods work better, and that vaccines can be dangerous. All this needs to be factored into the decision to vaccinate, or not. Sometimes (war zones etc.) vaccines are all we have. Sometimes we can do better.

Read the insert.

MrBoompi's picture

Some people could use a dose of truth when it comes to the polio vaccine.  




logicalman's picture

For me, polio is close to home.

My dad was badly damaged by it.

When the option of a jab in the arm came up, it definitely made sense from my parents' point of view.

The thing that gets me is the measles, mumps thing.

Back in the 60s, kids got both and I never ran across anyone who had anything 'worse' than a couple of weeks home from school.

Mumps parties were a thing. I was the first of my friends to get mumps. I was about 10. Every one of my male friends was sent over to visit me, so they'd catch it before it was likely to be a serious problem. Not one of them will ever need a booser jab.

But then, nobody made a profit.

Look at the stats on deaths from measles and deaths from the vaccine if you are trying to make a choice.

Governments have no right to force me to put anything into my body (or deny me the choice to do so)

As in all things on planet earth, follow the money.


Son of Loki's picture

My uncle caught Guillian Barre from the polio vaccine and it almost killed him. Vaccines have risks they seldom inform the victim about.

land_of_the_few's picture

Roald Dahl's daughter Olivia died from measles in 1962 at the age of 7.

There is a dedication to her inside the front cover of the book "The BFG".


Carpe Tutti Bastardi's picture

That was then.......this is NOW!

When polio was cured by a vaccine developed by Dr. Salk and the drug companies

et al, in the health industry discovered that curing diseases doesn't put any recurring

profits in their collective pockets they now can hardly find cures to anything anymore;

only costly slow maintenance deaths.

Bigly's picture

Thank RayGun for that one.

They need to be able to be sued. Right now, they act with impunity 

edotabin's picture

The bigger issue here is to do the right thing regardless of whether or not you have the threat of lawsuits handing over you.

TeamDepends's picture

If you like your doctor, well, he said, "fuck this shit."

seek's picture

They really did. I've had three retire on me and #4 isn't far behind.

I've started to look for docs not long out of school because it's gotten so bad, but most of those guys don't do independent practices like the old ones do.

Son of Loki's picture

It's very hard finding a good doctor these days. Most of the traditional ones who actually listen to your history and actually examine you are retired or dead. It's a sad state of affairs. Plus, the recent flood of foreign doctors is not helping imo. They tend to charge even more then American born ones for some reason and spend less time examining you. My former internist was from India many years ago but he was excellent. Thorough exam and history and always got it right. Too bad he retired. Said it was the electronic medical records that simply cost too much money and time away from patients.

wcole225's picture

It's whiteys fault as usual. You're too stupid to realize you'd be boiling your own kids for dinner if the world you dream about ever came to fruition.

Tallest Skil's picture

1. No one said anything about white genocide (which is a proven fact by the definition of the word genocide).

2. No one said anything about the genetic differences between the five species commonly called 'humanity'.

3. No one said anything about differing healthcare costs between the races.

4. Are you physically incapable of replying to the content of the post, or are you just admitting that nothing I said is incorrect?

Bes's picture

sorry.  i must have moved too fast for you.

i suppose from your argument ethnically homogenous societies work better

then let's do it, work towards it

wait, there is a word for that, i've heard it somewhere...

ethnically cleanse america

hey we did it once, let's do it again! 

it is our destiny, a manifest destiny if you will

it has a nice ring to it, i wish it could be boiled down to one word.....   something catchy.   a slogan.

a final solution perhaps....


Tallest Skil's picture

>i must have moved too fast for you.

Don't let your ass write checks your brain can't cash.

>i suppose from your argument ethnically homogenous societies work better

Given that they're the only sane societies, you have no arguemnt against them. Educate yourself on the concept of race and do not post again on the subject until you do.





>ethnically cleanse america

 Nope. That's genocide. Not what I said. Learn how to read English (or get out of America).

 >hey we did it once

This did not happen. You are shitposting a hoax. There was no indio genocide. They were also not the first settlers of the Americas. Europeans came here first and DID have a genocide committed on THEM, just as is being done today.

>a final solution perhaps...

You mean the original Final Solution to the German Question created by a JEW who said that all Germans should be sterilized? 


Bes's picture


so desperate

so cognitively dissonant

so pathetic

your ludicrous concept of race was a creation of anglo/euro elites to divide the common man against each other and fight each other over crumbs and not against them.

euros were enslaving euros, peasants were revolting, euros have few natural resources

so they needed to go out and steal, murder, and take from the others as an escape valve, and they convinced their former slaves to go along with them

they needed something easy to use, something an idiot would fall for, color and religion, they mixed the two

and it appears to be working like a fucking charm

you are the equivalent of a flat earther


Tallest Skil's picture

>so cognitively dissonant

Yes, you are. Where's your refutation to my scientifcally proven statements?

>your ludicrous concept of race was a creation

No, DNA wasn't created by anyone.

>divide the common man

Kill yourself, you fucking marxist. You have no argument.

>euros were enslaving euros

>peasants were revolting, euros have few natural resources

What on God's green earth are you smoking?

>you are the equivalent of a flat earther

Said the mentally defective pile of shit who thinks race doesn't exist. Reported.

doctor10's picture

Tip O'Neill-the Democrat Speaker of the House during Reagan's tenure in the White House once observed he would never bring health care to a vote because it would destroy the successful American legislative process.

Congress historically legislates to a very small minority population-wise. There is always a K St firm acting as a lobbying "buffer" between the issue and those being regulated that serves to further expands the representation of those Americans subject to the specific regulation/legislation. They have a firm on K St. in DC they can call on to help with their representation before Congress if things are going south.

Healthcare affects the entire population. There is NO specific K St.lobbying firm for patients to assist in their representation before Congress. Only the income tax is as broadly applied-and that was incrementally implemented -with the assistant of many corporate lobbying firms-over a 100 yr time span. The problem with the income tax even today is the lack of individual citizen representation. Imagine the trauma to the country if it was first enacted in its entirety in 2015.

ObamaCare has screwed the's carefully crafted DC legislative process, assembled over several generations. It is Ir-reparable. It cannot be tinkered with. It cannot be "mended"-there is no sufficient lobby vehicle or mechanism capable of ensuring appropriate mending for the people's benefit. The only lobby's involved in the legislation are corporate-and these only represent pharma, big hospital systems and insurance companies. All of whose interests will prevail over those needs of the people/patients. It must be ended.

Mr. Universe's picture

I guess that is what you get when you let the foxes design the chicken coop.

halcyon's picture

And the countries that performed the best?

Those with free, universal and fully socialised health-care, like UK, France and the Nordics. 

Ah well, must be those evil commies and fake Statistics. 

Amurikkah, fuck yeah! 

land_of_the_few's picture

Surprising how well Australia did. Maybe something to learn from there.

Tallest Skil's picture

>>Those with free, universal and fully socialised health-care

1. Subsidized by the United States. You're welcome.

2. Didn't perform the best. Your governments tell children when they can live and when they can die. Try harder.

3. You have no argument whatsoever. We're still going to lynch all communists. Nothing you can do to stop it.

Bigly's picture

UK wants to kill baby charlie...they are #1? I call BS

seek's picture

That's why they're #1. In the US they'd happily burn $20M on the kid and amortize it across the other plan participants who'd all pay an extra $100/mo because of it.

Few may like it but if you want lower cost healthcare, there's lots of people to be denied. Pharma has to be denied some profits (look at Merck, with nearly a 70% GPM!), hospitals need to be denied some beds (seriously, 5% GPM and 50% bed occupancy, who runs a fucking business like that?), and hyper-expensive patients need to be denied care (remember in the US at least, 5% patients drive 50% of the cost.)

The "healthcare crisis" could be fixed relatively easily, but a bunch of protected classes would be very, very pissed off about the fix.

Son of Loki's picture

The UK system in my experience is one of the worst in the world. Much better are taiwan (which is excellent), japan and Singapore are also tops...... germany used to be good before refugees flooded their clinincs and hospitals for free care that merkel gave them. Same with Switzerland. Italy sucks and Spain is so-so.

Actually, China is gettin gbetter and better esp in Beijing and Shanghai. I have been to a big one in Beijing where the top government officials go and the care was superb there. My friend was in there and got excellent care. The equipment was all super modern and not broken down like many places in the states.

NoWayJose's picture

Bullshit - we still have the best medical equipment, best pharmaceutical companies, and best doctors - even if we have an over-regulated and over-priced mess. You just need to find the 'right' doctor in the right setting - there is a large pool of quality to choose from -- and avoid the equally large pool of worthless doctors.

Winston Churchill's picture

You need to get  out more.

I've been saying it on this board forever.The US sickcare system sucks dick in comparison

to other countries, which I have used.It is better than the Indian public hospitals,just, but thats

no reference..

OpenThePodBayDoorHAL's picture

40 years in the US, family of four. Then the last 10 here in Australia. Result? There's no comparison. The US is so fucked. Care here is better, faster, cheaper, and less hassle. SINGLE PAYER so every little doctor's office doesn't need 4 gals in the back with stacks of paperwork. We've used everything from the little stuff all the way to major surgery. Again: the US is so fucked. Don't listen to the trolls, they don't know shit.

rejected's picture

You just need to find the 'right' doctor in the right setting

I knew five people that would agree with you.

They're dead.

NoWayJose's picture

Hey down voters - don't confuse the healthcare system with the health insurance system - which is a tangled mess. Also, remember why this article was written - to 'dis' the current US system and replace it with - national socialized medicine! Do not for a minute think the US will ever go to a free market system - at least while Congress writes the laws.

Drater's picture

In Thailand, a Total Knee Replacement is about $6000 USD in a private hospital that caters to foreignors and only $2000 in a governent's rare to wait longer than two days to have any type of surgery. Don't even get me started on how much better dental care is over here compared to the US

TBT or not TBT's picture

Ah, but can you use them if it goes wrong?   

Ghost who Walks's picture

You did not mention of the quality of the medical and dental care in Thailand, but it is pretty good and I'm used to health care in Australia. I've had both dental and facial surgery in Thailand with great outcomes. Lovely caring people as well.

Cabreado's picture

Denninger is correct, simply and absolutely so.