Poll Shows Americans' Massive Disapproval Of Both Parties: "Now It's Just An Oligarchy"

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Authored by Eric Zuesse via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

The «Monthly Harvard-Harris Poll: June 2017» is the latest poll in that series, and it scientifically sampled 2,258 U.S. registered voters, of whom (as shown on page 30) 35% were «Democrat», 29% were «Republican», and 30% were «independent»).

It indicates (page 24) that 37% «approve» and 63% «disapprove» of «the way the Republican Party is handling its job».


It also indicates (page 25) that 38% «approve», and 62% «disapprove», of «the way the Democratic Party is handling its job».

So: despite there being 6% more self-described «Democrat»s than «Republican»s, there was only 1% more disapproval of the Republican Party than of the Democratic Party; and, this indicates that there was a substantial disapproval of «the Democratic Party» by Democratic voters (more disaffection by them for ‘their’ Party, than Republicans have for theirs).

The answers to other questions in the poll also help to provide an answer as to why this is so, and why the voting public don’t hold either Party in high regard - why America’s supposedly ‘democratic’ (small-«D») politics is currently a contest between uglies, with neither Party offering anything like what the U.S. voting public want their government to do (i.e., it fits what this scientific study found actually to control U.S. politics): 

(Page 27) 41% think «President Trump should be impeached and removed from office», and 45% think «no action should be taken» against him.


(Page 28) 36% think «the investigations into Russia and President Trump» are «helping the country», and 64% think they’re «hurting the country».


(Page 39) Of listed U.S. government officials, the highest percentage-favorable ratings were: Bernie Sanders (52%), Mike Pence (47%), Donald Trump (45%), Hillary Clinton (39%), Paul Ryan (38%), Elizabeth Warren (37%), Jim Comey (36%), Robert Mueller (34%), Nancy Pelosi (31%), Jeff Sessions (28%), and Rex Tillerson (28%).


(Page 40) The highest percentage-unfavorable ratings were: Hillary Clinton (56%), Nancy Pelosi (51%), Donald Trump (50%), Paul Ryan (45%), Mitch McConnell (42%), Jeff Sessions (41%), Mike Pence (40%), Jared Kushner (39%), Bernie Sanders (38%), Jim Comey (36%), and Elizabeth Warren (36%).


(Page 72) 48% think «President Trump colluded with the Russians during the election over the hacking of the Democratic National Committee and John Podesta’s emails». 52% say «No» — Trump did not do that.


(Page 73) 54% say «associates of President Trump» did it; 46% say «No» to that.


(Page 74) 38% say «There is evidence» of such «collusion» by Trump; 62% say «No».


(Page 75) 54% say this is a «legitimate investigation»; 46% say it’s «fueled to create a cloud over the Trump administration».


(Page 79) 44% say «Keep the focus on the Russia investigation»; 56% say «Move on to other issues».


(Page 83) 73% say they are «concerned» that there has been «lost focus and energy by the administration and Congress because of the Russia investigation». 67% say they’re «concerned» about «future interference by Russia in U.S. elections».


(Page 95) 54% say «Yes» and 46% say «No» to «Do you think the so called ‘Deep State’ — the collection of intelligence agencies and holdover government workers from the Obama administration — is trying to unseat President Trump?»


(Page 96) When asked «Who do you think is more to blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss of the election?» 67% choose «Hillary Clinton and her campaign team for running a weak campaign» and 33% choose «Forces like the Russians, former FBI director Comey, and the Democratic National Committee not having reliable voter data».


(Page 124) 74% «Favor» «Offering incentives for electric cars and renewable energy such as wind and solar». 62% «Favor» Setting much tougher emission standards for cars and other vehicles». 34% «Favor» «Putting coal, and all coal and clean coal plants, out of business». Today’s American public take global warming seriously — or at least more seriously than Republican public officials do..


(Page 133) 47% think it was «Right» and 53% think it was «Wrong» for Trump «to pull the United States out of the current version of the Paris Climate Agreement."


(Page 151) 49% think «the media is being fair» to President Trump; 51% say «Unfair».


(Page 154) 21% «Favor «raising the U.S. government’s debt ceiling». 69% «Oppose».


(Page 155) 36% «Favor» «a government shut down» over the issue; 64% «Oppose».

What this poll found is basically the same thing that has been shown in many different polls. So: former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who was the last person who was able to win the White House without needing to rely upon billionaires in order to do it, was correct when he said that, «Now it's just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or being elected president. And the same thing applies to governors, and U.S. Senators and congress members». Anybody who refers to this government as being a ‘democracy’ is way behind the times, because it has been, ever since 1980, controlled by its aristocracy; it is an «oligarchy» instead of a democracy; it is a «regime» instead of a government that represents its public. This regime represents its aristocrats. And that is why the public’s disapproval of this country’s leaders is so high. That happens in a regime, not in a democracy. Both of America’s Parties represent this country’s aristocracy, not America’s public. The latest Harvard-Harris poll simply adds to the already-overwhelming evidence of this. But the basic evidence on the matter was the Gilens-Page study. In their section «American Democracy?» they said:

What do our findings say about democracy in America? They certainly constitute troubling news for advocates of «populistic» democracy, who want governments to respond primarily or exclusively to the policy preferences of their citizens. In the United States, our findings indicate, the majority does not rule — at least not in the causal sense of actually determining policy outcomes. When a majority of citizens disagrees with economic elites or with organized interests, they generally lose. Moreover, because of the strong status quo bias built into the U.S. political system, even when fairly large majorities of Americans favor policy change, they generally do not get it.

One of the aristocracy’s many magazines, The Atlantic, headlined on June 21st, «Is American Democracy Really Under Threat?» and tried to fool their readers to think the answer is no; but, of course, they were pointing, as ‘evidence’, merely to nominal adherence to ‘democratic’ forms, and ignored the actual evidence on the matter, such as Gilens and Page examined in depth, and such as the many polls that have also been referred to in the links here have additionally reinforced. None of this actual evidence was even so much as mentioned. The honest answer to the article’s title-question is not just «Yes» but more than that: their question itself is more like their having asked «Is there a danger of the horse being stolen?» after the horse was already stolen, and has for decades (since at least 1980) already been absent from the barn; so, that article’s very title is a deception, even without its text (which is written for outright fools who can’t recognize what constitutes «evidence» that is suitable for a given allegation). A better question would therefore be: Why do people still subscribe to vapid propaganda-magazines like that? All propaganda should be free of charge.

But, of course, in a dictatorship like this, people pay even for the right to be deceived. It’s no longer free-of-charge. That’s just the way things are — really are. It’s shown in the data — not in anybody’s mere platitudes about the matter. People pay to embellish the lies that they already believe. Most people want that, more than they want to come to know the truth. The worse the truth is, the more that people crave the myth which contradicts it — they’ll pay good money to mainline that into themselves: evidenceless reassurances, such as that article. But anyone who takes that type of pap seriously, won’t be able sensibly to understand such findings as were reported in the latest Harvard-Harris poll.

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Bigly's picture

I do not trust polls' accuracy and bias,  but it is about time this happened.

J S Bach's picture

In all honesty, there is no "left" and "right".  There is only "truth" and "falsehood"... "right" and "wrong".  These are easily distinguishable to people of conscience.

wee-weed up's picture



The election of Trump validates this.

And it's not disapproval...


Future Jim's picture

Half want more government, and half want less, so half are kind of getting what they want.

uhland62's picture

The prevailing ideology of 'liberate and dominate' has the stronger impact than either of the halves, because it is more costly and more destructive.. 

DownWithYogaPants's picture

This is Trump's signature accomplishment.  It is no small deal.  Now the people need to understand private central banking and fractional reserve lending.

hedgeless_horseman's picture



As NFL owners, they accept that with each game there must be a winner and a loser on the field, to the point that they openly promote the concept of parity, the state where all teams are equal in terms of talent.  The best teams get the lower draft picks for new talent, etc.  But the League's owners also understand that regardless of who wins the game on the field, what really matters is that they are all financial winners every year, and that they protect The League monopoly at all costs.

The owners don't really care if we cheer for the black and gold team, or the blue and silver team, as long as you do cheer, do watch the games on TV, and do purchase their League's tickets and paraphernalia. 

In politics and sociology, divide and rule (or divide and conquer) is gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. The concept refers to a strategy that breaks up existing power structures and prevents smaller power groups from linking up.

Stuck on Zero's picture

As the Princeton Professor found ... 95% of legislation passed by Congress runs against the wishes of the American people. Our Constitution needs another amendment.  A vote will be conducted every two years and if fewer than 40% of Americans approave of the job performed by Congress they will all be thrown out and all political parties will be dissolved.

slyder wood's picture

The tribe has pretty much infiltrated professional sports, even the last true sport , hockey (((Bettman))). My sports entertainment is going to the local ice rink and watching the kids and adult leagues play, all for free. Go to an Avalanche game once a year. Don't watch any nigger or spic ball.

Embers Oaken's picture

And the end game of Socialism...

Teamtc321's picture

Does anyone really care what a POS Libtard thinks at this point? If you do then stick the rest of your kneck up your ass..........

rado_watching's picture

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Barney Fife's picture

You, and tens of millions like you, are so deeply enamored in your black hat, white hat theology, that I fear that the strategy of the East India Trading Company now has an irreversible stranglehold on the public conscious, and hence our great grandchildren are doomed to a life of bondage because their ancestors -people like you- embraced with all their hearts the bitter divisions whispered in their ears.  You cling to the anger that has been manufactured for your purpose  and are hence denied eyes to see and ears to hear.

Memedada's picture

The problem in US is that there is no truth – just massive corporate propaganda, misinformation, indoctrination and obfuscation. US only have servants of the oligarchs – it is a country of sycophants. That both parties serves the oligarchy is old news for an outside observer of US (as old as the constitution itself that initially only allowed rich white men to participate in government – that is basically also what you have today).

I just don’t understand why the disapproval rating towards the DEM isn’t bigger – they’re more sellouts than the REP. DEM pretends to be for the little man but are a servant of the oligarchs – the REP are much more honest in their fascistic ideology.

what happened's picture

The dems loyalty is bought by nifty union packages that are crippling state budgets and the creation of a welfare state that has in reality worked against its base.


doctor10's picture

The oligarchy put it in everybody's face 11/22/63.

Their "fear" of Trump is a proxy for their fear of the American people.

As long as things went reasonably well-the American people have turned the other way. That's about to come to an end

Memedada's picture

Damn, are you serious? Trump is part of the (lesser) oligarchy. He is a FIAT-billionaire/personally dependent on the Ponzi. That you (and so many others on ZH) think he is not controlled is telling of the power of the US-indoctrination machine. Just like Obama. US-tards are easily fooled.

HRClinton's picture

We need a poll that shows the favorability of a "Giant Meteor" wiping out NY, DC, SF and Hollywood. 

And a few places in the ME.

Failing that, go for a full Global EMP.

Secret Weapon's picture

The "Parties" are nothing more than two organized crime families arguing over who gets to shake us down.

uhland62's picture

It's called the Two-Party-System where both are controlled by the military industrial complex which needs new wars to survive. A change in which party is in Congress or in the WH is only ever cosmetic so the minions have the feeling there can be 'change we can believe in'. That's why third parties are always being knobbled. Ha, ha, ha!!! 

HRClinton's picture

Got that right. They are private political cartels, owned by Deep State and Special interests. 

You're supposed to buy into your life on the Plantation. 

Now slavery encompasses all skin colors. 

Politicians are mere front-men for the true owners, the (((Overlords))). And you're supposed to stop at be venting at them, not the (((Overlords))).

Memedada's picture

Only partial true. The parties are like two middle-management teams fighting over who gets to serve the crime families. The crime families are older than any of the current political actors in both parties. They capitalists who gained their capital power doing the “first round of Monopoly/Capitalism” (the 1800’s oil barons, rail-road tycoons and banksters). They’re still in power to this day. That’s the way the game of Monopoly/capitalism works – fewer and fewer players owning everything.

GoldHermit's picture

Count me in - I can't stand politicians period. I sit back and laugh at people supporting one group of assholes or another. They're all assholes - just in different ways.

new game's picture

if they stood at a street corner pandering for votes i'd spit a luggy on them any chance i could get.

or piss on them. or shit on their face, and that me friend is being nice...

tribune's picture

its the people at the top who have first access to newly printed fiat money, before inflation works its way down. bring on crypto currency and gold. honest money will distribute wealth more equitably. honest money will reward people who do the real work and will dismantle the misallocation of wealth

Fartboxbuffet's picture

Who controls money.  Gold and crypto curreinces you nephron only freedom we got is being serfs but if you decide to fly outside usa be clean shavin for you biometric id all we are is slaves bring on that métal astéroïde wipe this shit out

Gardentoolnumber5's picture

(Page 156) <Are stupid enough to answer a 155 page poll?> 100% said they were.

Xena fobe's picture

Even if over half can read and understand the questions, the questions are still subject to individual interpretation.  What it really tells me is Americans are brainwashed by the MSM and most don't think about politics or economics because they prefer to watch Dancing With the Stars. 

my new username's picture

"scientific" as in global warming.

They polled just 1% of people of whom 65% are Democrat or left-leaning.

We had the election - the only poll that counts, rigged in favor of Clinton and Dems as it was.

Everyone who voted Trump knew that Congress & the media is part of the problem.

Everyone who voted Clinton knew that the electorate is part of the problem (except themselves).

joego1's picture

Case in point- Obamacare lives on. I just paid my fucking outrageous insurance payment. Fuck the swamp!

NoWayJose's picture

2018 - good year to run in primaries against incumbent Republicans. They better start getting things done or it will be an electoral wipe out.

Carpe Tutti Bastardi's picture

Should the 'repubs' manage to let anything that was 'promised' by candidate Trump

be made into law, it will be in the 2018 election year so as to be fresh in the voters' minds. 

ISEEIT's picture

I personally suspect they intentionally insure that dissidents be subjected to nearly intolerable cognitive dissonance.


Intelligence beyond that which is human runs this.


I increasingly suspect that this entire shitshow is being manufactured, simply following a highly detailed and diabolical scrip.


Went into high gear with GHW.


johand inmywallet's picture

So does this mean were NOT a Constitutional Republic?


Falcon49's picture

Haven't you heard....the Constitution is a living document that must be reinterpreted to maintain relevance in our modern times.  So a Constitutional Republic that is founded on a meaningless document.....can be reinterpreted to just about any form of government the system wants.     

Lost in translation's picture

Dear Americans,

You're at least 25 years behind the curve, and arguably 114. I will endeavor to assist.

1. There is only ONE political party in US.

2. It doesn't care about you at all, except in the abstract: as tools of policy, and as a revenue stream.

3. It serves the global banking cartel, and the Vatican.

4. See #3. Those are your real Masters.

Take care,


. . . _ _ _ . . .'s picture

"...the so called ‘Deep State’ — the collection of intelligence agencies and holdover government workers from the Obama administration..."

This is not the 'deep state', not all of it anyhow, not by a long shot.

Cabreado's picture

I believe We're following the natural process when Rule of Law is given a back seat.

Green2Delta's picture

Far too many people always say this same shit. Yet every election they're out there voting for their favorite party. They'll say shit like "term limits" or "vote them all out" as if there's a plethora of awesome people standing by to replace them. 

The simple truth is that it doesn't matter who you vote for. You relegated yourself to slave status the second you got the mindset that other people, in fact complete strangers, have the right to rule you. 

I'm in my 4th decade on this planet and I've voted once. In '08 I voted for Ron Paul, my brother and myself. Unfortunately I was the only person to win. Once I got to the Indiana Republican State Convention I immediately realized voting was a complete waste of time. 



Hammer of Light's picture

Left.... Right....

Blue.... Red....

= false paradigm ~

Welcome to America... where the Oligarchy rules and


the slave to the system are getting


All you poor bastards out there that still think for a tenth of a second there is an American US Government left that is of, by and for the people...

CHUMPS getting sucker-fucked... Welcome to your oblivion!


Soon... VERY SOON... the real handlers....

are pulling the plug! You best not be ANYWHERE NEAR A MAJOR CITY

when this goes down. You need to be OUT of the US before this goes down as they are preparing to LOCK IN the US SLAVE contingent.

Oh yeah... did I tell you that those of you who still think there is anything to do with a REPUBLIC are nothing but CHUMPS getting sucker-fucked?

There is us... and them... and there's nothing more to it than that.

Best all be gone and take your stashes with you, you're all about to get looted and raped while being mass murdered in a mass democide. Head that warning or enjoy the reeeeeealy deep sucker-fucking you're going to get DEEEEEP in that ass!

99% of you people have no concept of about what's to hit and your Flag waving lyin ass ruinous pathetic diseased US Government is gonna fuck you people the likes of which you never knew possible. SOOO glad I'm out of all this pathetic crapola with all these UN-WIPED ASSES of politicos.

Best make a move if you can, you're been warned by the obvious. 

Déjà view's picture

'Doc' will hand out a new prescription...up to 'doc' to decide whether RED or BLUE pill. Must monitor interaction with opioids...

Hammer of Light's picture

Def an up-vote to that! It's mind blowing watching history unfold into the chaos of oblivion. The question for everyone... can you see it?

More importantly... if you can see it unfolding, if you have relatives alive in the future after you're dead... will they say did you? Let that bake your noodle!

When Rome died... there was a thousand years of darkness, pain and extreme evil. Our crash that's on our doorstep NOW, is a hundred-fold that of Romes end... what are your chances if you stay in Rome as it burns?

The opiates will help only to sooth you into the darkness where it waits for you... your end of the suffering?

The the question you must truly ask yourself... do you take the blue pill, go back to sleep and hope for the best? Or do you take the Red pill, stay in wonderland and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes?

P.S. Hint... the rabbit hole is the way out.

EndOfDayExit's picture

Well, it is because enough members of both parties have by now been bought by the corporate  / bank / pharma / MIC interests, and so they no longer care about we-the-people. Such as human nature though - politicians become corruptable the moment they're elected.

Dg4884's picture

And the sheep will do nothing. Too fat, lazy, well fed, and constantly entertained. In another article, a college graduate said "I didn't know anything about interest rates when I took out the loan." A college graduate. We reap what we sow.

Iskiab's picture

Someone famous once said, 'people get the government they deserve'. People like to bitch, but when election time comes they don't vote independent.

silverer's picture

My economics teacher once said: "Just be thankful you don't get all the government you pay for."

gregga777's picture

American elections are rigged by and for the financiers who provide all the bribe money to the political parasites.