Turkey Begins Bombing US-Backed YPG Positions In Syria

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It started two weeks ago, when Turkey warned publicly it was preparing for military intervention in Syria, while accusing the US of creating a "terrorist army" (it wasn't referring to ISIS, but US-backed Syrian Kurdish militia YPG). As a reminder, YPG forms a major part of the U.S.-backed campaign to capture Islamic State's stronghold of Raqqa, and whose forces are seen as a terrorist organization by Turkey. The group currently controls a pocket of territory in Afrin, about 200 km (125 miles) west of Raqqa.

Tensions between Turkish forces and the YPG have been mounting in the Afrin region in recent weeks: Turkey's military, which launched an incursion last August into part of northern Syria which lies between Afrin and a larger Kurdish-controlled area further east, has said that it has returned fire against members of YPG militia near Afrin several times in the last few weeks.

Furthermore, last month the Turkish defence ministry slammed the Pentagon decision to arm theYPF, and mocking Washington's assurances that it would retrieve weapons provided to the YPG after Islamic State fighters were defeated: "There has never been an incident where a group in the Middle East has been armed, and they returned the weapons," Kurtulmus said. The United States "have formed more than a terrorist organisation there, they formed a small-scale army." 

Then overnight, Ilnur Cevik, a senior adviser to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, spoke to Bloomberg and said that while Turkey has no immediate plans for an operation in the Syrian Kurdish-run region of Afrin, its army is preparing for action and the military buildup on the border is “serious." 

 “PYD militants are also harassing the people of Idlib to the south and the people in the areas which Turkey liberated from Daesh,” Cevik says and alleged that PYD’s goal is to “dislodge Turkey from areas that the Free Syrian Army and Turkey liberated,” making their actions “an elevated threat.”

“They want to create a string of cantons in northern Syria and they feel the areas that were liberated with the Euphrates Shield operation should be theirs”; says group wants to “throw Turkey out of there and connect all their cantons in northern Syria and create a mini state. It’s not only Afrin, the threat comes from Kobani, the threat comes from Qamishli, the areas to the east of the Euphrates river until the Iraqi border from areas controlled by the PYD/YPG. Turkey feels threatened from that area as well but the immediate concern is Afrin.”

He concluded by cryptically saing that while “Turkey does not have immediate plans to enter Afrin but Turkey feels that sooner or later we have to do something. This buildup is necessary. And the president said that we are not going give a date or anything, but suddenly one night we may do something there.”

Or perhaps during the day, because according to Rudaw, just hours after Celik's interview, Turkey commenced bombing YPG positions in Azaz, roughly 5 miles northeast of Afrin in north east Syria, and in immediate proximity to the Turkish border.

Separately Conflict News reported that on Monday morning there has been heavy Turkish artillery shelling of US-backed Syrian YPG/SDF forces in the region:

So far there has been no response from either the US or NATO, to what appears to be increasing hostilities between NATO member Turkey and US-ally YPG.

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Ghost of PartysOver's picture

This is like Free Agency Season.  Who is going to be on what team when the SHTF.  Gonna need to print some new programs. 

WTFRLY's picture

Turkey is still doing the work of Islamic State

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Sometime before I die of old age, I'd love to see one of these war videos from the middle east without "Allahu Akbar" being said at least once.  

evoila's picture

And guess who is trying to give the Kurds a state? Israel - so they can park planes and soldiers on the borders of Turkey, Iraq, Syria, and Iran.

Israel making a bad bet again. Poor Kurds are also betting on the wrong jockey.

hedgeless_horseman's picture


Make Kurdistan Great Again!

peddling-fiction's picture

Afrin is very close to Dabiq.  And then Megiddo for a final showdown.

eforce's picture

Looks like Assad is more likely to get the land back this way, Turkey clears out YPG and hands it back, but that leaves the big question of Iraqi Kurdistan, how far east would Turkey go? If they don't take it all the YPG will keep fighting them.

waterwitch's picture

I thought Afrin was something you put up your nose.

Yog Soggoth's picture

Thats kind of the idea. The Kurds have always felt themselves a separate people in Syria, Turkey, and Iraq. Now that we have armed the Peshmerga and Abadi has solidified the HCL they are OK with being Iraq citizens. Turkey would like to ethnically cleanse them. That could set all the Kurds against Turkey.

tongue.stan's picture

Make Dick Pics Great Again!


goober's picture

The Turks have been bombing my brother Kurds for at least two years. Hopefully this is not a sign of major escalation in Rojava against the Kurds. Turkey was helpng ISIS with supplies and medcial care for their wounded ever since BHO told everybody what his plans were some years back in Iraq and Afghan. In affect he helped create ISIS in his dealings with Turkey in secret. The majority of the American public do not have a clue what has happened and what is happening in Rojava and Kurdistan/N Iraq.  


caconhma's picture

Kurds are deserved to be wiped out.

Blankone's picture

It is not to be Israeli troops but US/NATO with their Kurd puppets. The US special forces are already there.

Erdogan is late starting so he better accelerate this. Another planned job for the Kurds is creating a no-go zone for the Turks, for the zone to become recognized as legit through the typical ploys in the UN, to activate Kurds beyond the immediate border and so on. Most leaders just put their heads in the sand and try to get the US to limit future events by compromise after compromise.

And this idea of poor "Kurd" is false, the regions Kurds are controlled by a few warlords. Yes, some of the Kurd population participates in the hopes for an independent Kurd region that is then made a new country by the UN - but they do so under the warlords. And those warlords also skim the cream off the top from the regions economy and run the typical corruption/murder/mafia type system.

goober's picture

Utter fucking nonsense , you have it all exactly backasswards ! The Kurds are some of the only good guys in the region and even further. They were not fighting Assad, only the criminals of ISIS or any who aligned with them and raped and pilaged their people in the region. The Kurds have protected every sect including Muslims, Christians and Jews in the region. They are not about forcing such things on anybody. Wake the fuck up and quit spreading vile ignorance that can kill  or harm innocent people  ! 

The Ram's picture

Isreal making a bad bet again and will want the US to cover their loses!

Nobody For President's picture

You know the Kurds are involved in this? 

The Kurds have been trying to get themselves their own state for awhile now, and they will take help from whomever - Isrealhell, US of A - whomever. 

And who the fuck would like to be governed by rising-to-dictatorship Erdogan? after years of being fucked over by whoever the hell was the 'democratically elected' leader of Turkey? 

Just for fun, if you want a 5 minute history, try this:


The Kurds have been fucked over by the Turks for a long time.

And given their history, they are not gonna quit trying for independence in any or our lifetimes.

BarkingCat's picture

If it wasn't for the disgusting child fucking Brits this would not be a problem today and Byzantium would be in European hands.

But no, the Brits had to get involved in the Ottoman-Russian was at the end of the 19th century. ....must be because it was happening right on the British border. 

Maybe that is where their supply of little boys came from....pedo pervs.

goober's picture

Not to mention Saddam who gassed them with CIA supplied gas !

Some of the comments her are as ignorant as it ever gets. Americans are very slow to grasp much of anything since they have become fat, dumb and lazy !

fel.temp.reparatio's picture

...you've posted this image a few times now.

here's the original image, without the fake bumper sticker.

yes, we live in the age of lies, eh horseman?

mary mary's picture

Well, then, how about "Hallelulah!"?

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

They want to MAKE QUITE SURE YOU KNOW WHO TO HATE, hence the constantly shouting 'Allah Hu Ahkbar' as their sponsors, the CIA, have taught them.

HowdyDoody's picture

"Turkey is still doing the work of Islamic State"

You haven't got the message. The ISIS brand has been rendered toxic following the action of 'Evil Dictator' Putin, so the SDF/Kurds are running an takeover and rebranding exercise. They are rapidly acquiring all ISIS assets. The marketing slogan is 'Last Desperate Attempt To Partition Syria for Israel'.

goober's picture

Again, utter fucking nonsense. You have no idea what you are talking about. The Kurds are and have been simply practicing self defense for a long while because they have been forced to do so. I wish the American people were even 1/2 as courageous and genuine as the Kurds are. We would be rid of the control freaks who have ruined this nation and all of their tentacles in DC. 

The ignorance here really pisses me off because I know these people are standing up for what they believe in. Unlike most Americans who are NOT willing or capable to do such. Just a lot of ignorant comments and complaining with no relation to reality or facts ! Your fucked up conspiracy shit has contaminated many of you. Please, wake the fuck up on every level before you are the one brutalized and we all go down in flames from the deep state control freaks. If anything the Kurds have been victimized and they still fight back ! So I say good on them and many Kudos.

Ignatius's picture

"Program!  Get your program!"

I do know that the coalition of the willing only does good things 'cause I saw that on CNN.  Always remember, when 'we' kill a million Iraqis it's because we love 'em so much.  Yeah, we love 'em to death.

Countrybunkererd's picture

Pogrom!  Get your Pogrom!  Many to choose from!

Mango327's picture

So many 'terrorist armies'... perhaps Erdogan is still butt-hurt that his own just got fucking routed. Long live the blunt-puffing Kurdish resistance! If anybody deserves to win a nation-state to call their own in exchange for rolling back CIA-Saud-Turk-Israeli terrorist militia in Syria and Iraq, it's the Kurds.

WHY TRUMP ISN'T STARTING WW3 - #FreeKurdistan #WhoAreTheMedia


garcam123's picture

Trust US! The Kurds are like Mexicans who work their ass off all day and then the owner diosn't pay. Typical American whore business.  You die for me, honey and I promise I'll fuck you real good when the time comes....in that special dark place.....TOO!  They will get the same fucking they have gotten for 100 years......they need to turn on their handlers and dirt nap Erdowan DePoser to boot!


DeathMerchant's picture

Sounds like YPG could use some Stingers

zeroboris's picture

Stingers could be effective only against ancient low flying jets, like Assad's MiG-21 or something like that.

gatorengineer's picture

Lets give them something that can at least hit an El Al airbus.....

goober's picture

The Turks are bombing at low altitude not high altitude, under 10K with small aircraft not heavy bombers, so yeh any shoulder fired would work and there are quite a few floating around in ME from Libya and the infamous Benghazi deals. That is what Benghazi was all about, gathering up weapons that were funneled thru Turkey into Syria and nearly all ended up with ISIS eventually via Hillary/BHO schemes ! Who knows the where abouts of the stingers ? somebody has them and I suspect they are in Jordan for safe keeping, if there is such a thing.

logicalman's picture

Hard to see who's side anyone's really on, except for Syria & Russia.

NATO's starting to look rather disfunctional.

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Hmmm, I think I have heard that many months ago.  Some guy named Trump maybe.

garcam123's picture

If NATO was a person.....they would be restrained and sedated to keep them from harming themselves or OTHERS.........Meaning me and you and THEM...whoever-the-fuck-they-are!



goober's picture

Actaully it is all quite clear if you have been paying attention for a long while. What you are distracted with is the sectarian junk. The Kurds are NOT part of that mania at all. They stand for anyone who shows human decency no matter what religious bent. To call them terrorist as BHO and crew did, is not only the absloute worse insult, it is also 100% incorrect. BHO and crew were some of the worse terrorist's ! Look at what they did to USA alone, much less fuck up even more what Bush did in ME  !

XqWretch's picture

Turkey has completely lost its way

mary mary's picture

Kind of like England and Scotland.  They'll probably be fighting forever.

silverer's picture

Birds use flip flop to fly.

gatorengineer's picture

Turkey wants to be the seat of the Caliphate, I think they have been clear on this since the arrival of Erdogan.....  What am I missing?

goober's picture

Just another control freak tyrrant, nothing new under the sun. We have them here in USA as well in spades !

roadhazard's picture

Trump has his own problems.

mary mary's picture

Takes a bit longer to get things done when all the roads are full of roadhazard.

goober's picture

We all do , you and me included. Ever think much or just throw stones ?

Trump has accomplished a lot given the alligators of the beastly monster against him. You do realize they do not want to be exposed, right ? and that is his main crime, exposing the many illusions and the cock roaches who created them to contol you !

BritBob's picture

'Sometimes' the Turks support the correct side - Argentina–Turkey relations are foreign relations between Argentina and Turkey. Argentina has an embassy in Ankara and Turkey has an embassy in Buenos Aires. Turkey's staunch support for fellow NATO member United Kingdom during the Falklands War and the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the Argentine parliament have soured relations between the two countries.

Makes no sense to support a myth - Falklands- Never Belonged to Argentina (1 page):